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          Wednesday, February 28, 2001

Several New Dromed Tutorials
- 7:21:20 PM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
Hello again. Been a while since I last posted anything here, but hopefully you'll like what I've brought along. I have for you several new DromEd tutorials that were written to accompany my latest effort at an FM, Curse of the Carnival (currently in early beta). These tutorials were written for the T2 version of DromEd and may or may not work in T1/G. The tutorials are:

All of these tutorials form part of the update to the Ranstall site, hosted by TTLG.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to bring you Dromed/FM related news as well as information about the latest Darkloader release and anything else interesting I turn up in TEG's forum.

How to make start-up & shutdown logos:
- 7:15:10 PM - Oisín

A tutorial which gives you a method of changing the start-up and shutdown logos for Win9x, written by John Doe aka (prot3us)_x1 has been added to the Themes area of the website.

The tutorial is written assuming that you have Corel Photo-Paint 8 (or equivalent) and Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 installed.

The Taffer's Post - 'It has never been easy'
- 5:13:22 AM - Dan
Here is the situation as it stands:

The FM archive is still down. We're working on a PERMANENT solution to make sure that our own bandwidth does not almost kill us ever again, and naturally this is taking longer then a quick fix would. Please bear with us, the FM archive -will- be back again. If you have send me new FMs or FM reviews, please be patient, these will go up as soon as I am able once the FM archive is back online. The solution I have planned involves several mirrors and bandwidth caps. Hopefully it will work out better for everyone involved. You can also count on the new ASP FM archive launching when the FM archive does go back online. What this means is that you will now be able to sort and browse the archive using several different options, rather then just a huge chunk of FMs all on one page listed by order of release date. Bronze/Silver hammer distinctions will also be a thing of the past (though the hammers themselves will still be bronze/silver in coloration).

Things are getting stretched pretty thin for me these days as I try to manage large staffs for two major projects (TTLG as a whole and CoSaS for Thief 2) as well as my personal life outside of it all. In case you are curious, CoSaS is currently in the "lets get these bloody maps ready to be scripted pronto" phase as well as the "lets get these bloody cinematics put together yesterday" phase. We're making great progress every day, but as they say, the last 10% of the project always takes 90% of the time. Egads, Gad Zooks, and Zoiks of all things!

I never really have made much of an official announcement about it, so this is as good a time as any. The TTLG Staff has grown by leaps and bounds. As many of you already know, Hanse and Gingerbread Man are now Admins of our forums. DeusEx-Machina.com is currently being mastered by James Webb and Eberon, and they've been doing a fantastic job. SShock2.com is being kicked back to life like a drunk horse by BigDave, Undert0w, and Fat-Burrick. The thriving but temporarily crippled Circle is in the capable hands of Oisin Rood as well as Jyre "Dashjianta" (we're glad to have you back, old friend!). Sneaking around in the shadows, much like his mentor Saam, is Cratus, who has done a handsome amount of work making the ASP FM archive I talked about a reality. A huge hand of thanks goes to MsLedd, our new server admin. She's done an insane amount of work helping us with server-related issues, and is certainly one of the most valuable members of the new team. It would be sinfull to forget Hanse and Gingerbread Man, our new Forum Admins. They have both served above and beyond their titles to do far more then we've asked of them.

And in case you have forgotten about our two planned new sites, Stygian Abyss and Citadel Station, we have not. These sites will not be opening until TTLG is back running full force (the bandwidth monster has not been killed completely yet... not by a longshot). When they do open, I hope that everyone will be as enthusiastic as I am about the newly expanded and ambitious TTLG.

Oh, and by the way... these days, if someone asks me how I am doing, I always have the same answer: Fantastic. That answer is totally the truth. I has never been easy, but the rewards are more then I dreamed possible. A huge thanks to everyone who have made this state of being a reality. You know who you are. :)

Thief Multiplayer Mod?
- 3:32:19 AM - Dan
From Garet Jax:
Thief Multiplayer in Development. Only for the extreme thief fan. and not for the faint of heart. Progress moving smoothly. nearly 50% complete. Any ideas or help, contact Garet Jax at Malikisto@hotmail.com
Good luck, Garet!

          Tuesday, February 27, 2001

New Thievery Screenshots
- 12:06:19 AM - Saam
oRGy let me know that they have updated their Thievery UT website with some new screenshots of their upcoming mod, and man does it look nice! In case you haven't heard of Thievery, here is a blurb from their FAQ introduction:

Thievery is the name of the project that hopes to bring the award-winning gameplay and style of Thief: The Dark Project and Thief II: The Metal Age to an Unreal Tournament based multi-player and single-player format, that does justice to Looking Glass Software's artistic vision for a Thief Multi-player game that was planned before they sadly closed due to financial problems.

Be sure to check out those new screenshots. Thanks!

          Saturday, February 24, 2001

Get Your FM Fix
- 9:51:58 PM - Dan
I am very sorry about the time it is taking to get the Fan Mission archive back up. We're trying to be very careful about these tests, to make sure that what happened earlier this month (TTLG nearly was shut down due to extreme bandwidth use) never happens again. The FM archive WILL be returning to TTLG in time. Please bear with us.

Until then, you can get your FM downloads fix at The Keep of Metal and Gold. Props to Ben Ramsey for setting up off-server archives so that FM downloads may once again resume without the danger of overloading our server.

T2X and CoSaS covered at DXM.com
- 9:46:11 PM - Dan
It's quite flattering to see the enthisiasm presented by the DeusEx-Machina.com team over CoSaS and T2X. They've posted part one of an extremely long interview. (hey, they said there is no limit to the length of our answers... ;) on their site.

I think I speak for both teams when I say, Thanks DXM.com!

Now, I suggest you hop over to the interview right away to see what Avalon and I have to say about our respective projects. Enjoy!

          Thursday, February 22, 2001

Short Tale: Descending the Stairs
- 7:34:05 PM - Oisín
Another welcome addition to the Library of Short Tales:
  • Descending the Stairs, by Zac Lucas.

  • 2 New Fan Artworks
    - 7:19:25 PM - Oisín
    Matthew Almand has contributed some fantastic fan artwork, these two new additions have been added to the Fan-Art area of the website.

              Sunday, February 18, 2001

    New Fan-Mission Website
    - 10:44:43 AM - Oisín

    A new Fan campaign site: The Red Nightfall: Coloza's Pain is now up and running. Right now, there are a few screenshots, a list of the people working on the project and a brief plot synopsis.

              Wednesday, February 14, 2001

    Short-Tale: Balance
    - 6:03:49 PM - Oisín
    A new short-tale has been contributed by Matthew Kagle. "Balance" can be accessed at the Short-Tales area of the website. Balance is an electric tale, drawing you into Garrett's early life with the Keepers.

    Darkloader v3.06
    - 4:51:18 PM - Oisín
  • Darkloader v3.06 (darkloader.zip) - (359 K)
    Based upon Thief Loader v1.5, DarkLoader is a Fan Mission loader for Thief, Thief Gold and Thief 2, allowing you to play missions for all versions from a single DarkLoader install. Click here for more information. Made by Björn Henke.

    1. Fixed a problem with the version detection algorithm which prevented stripped Thief 2 missions to be recognized correctly.
    2. Improved multi language interface of DarkLoader and added norwegian translation (thanks to Jarod_24).
    3. The ZipMaster's garbage warnings are now suppressed.
    4. DarkLoader now uses the latest version of the ZipMaster VCL and DLLs.
    5. Internal error messages are now completely english.
    6. Some minor changes.

  • Glory to the Fan Mission Developers
    - 3:03:29 PM - Dan
    The online magazine FEED has posted an article by Wagner James Au, starring the Fan Mission Community. The article briefly interviews both Silent Sleep of the CoSaS team:
    Equilibrium, an FM involving the Keepers, the games' elusive scholastic guild. A former acolyte himself, Garrett abandoned the Keepers in anger (or shattered idealism?), to exploit their quasi-ninjitsu skills for personal profit. It's a tantalizing back-story, which was scheduled to be told in Thief III. But after Looking Glass's unexpected bankruptcy last May, the title was cancelled in mid-production. Armstrong considered scrapping his project, too: "It felt a little cruel to swoop in and release rough, fan-made Keepers that would only make players realize how much they were missing." Pressing on, he rejiggered DromEd to create Keeper AIs with stealth abilities like Garrett's.
    And Gingerbread Man of the T2X team:
    Perhaps the most successful on that score, Benny's Dead, in which Garrett is hired to penetrate (and loot) a well-guarded crime scene, is the work of Alex, a cognitive scientist/researcher based in Canada. Keen awareness of the environment is essential to Thief game-play-- it enables Garrett to avoid detection by keeping silent and hidden in shadows -- and the Gingerbread Man (Alex's Circle name) says his vocation was integral to its design. "When the study of unconscious influences on perception and behavior is a focal point of your research," he says, it's inevitable.
    Thanks again, Wagner, and congrats to everyone who was mentioned in the article! (Including, though not by name, Jyre & Twisty).

              Tuesday, February 13, 2001

    Salting the Fries
    - 12:45:14 AM - Saam
    Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a good week so far. Okay, so here's an update on the whole hosting issue:

    We are still in process of finding out what exactly we can host and what we cannot (in order to save on the bandwidth usage), but for the time being, the following sites are now back online:

    -Thievery UT
    -T2X Site
    -TTLG Jukebox

    We'll see how much bandwidth these sites pull in and assess everything from there. For now though, enjoy visiting those places once again. Thanks!

              Thursday, February 08, 2001

    Detective Work
    - 1:45:39 AM - Dan
    We're getting to the bottom of where the bandwidth is going. So for now, the following areas have been cut off. You won't be able to visit/download from the following areas:

  • fan misssions
  • jukebox
  • ttlg.com/keep
  • ttlg.com/thievery
  • ttlg.com/fmp

    This is temp of course. Please bear with us. I expect things to be getting better very soon.

  •           Wednesday, February 07, 2001

    Another Hosting Update
    - 8:13:37 PM - Saam
    Okay, I just got off the phone with our hosts, and I am finally glad to open up a line of communication with the technical manager over there. Things are looking a lot better, and it seems that we will not be going down for the time being. Right now, we are all concentrating our efforts on trimming the bandwidth usage, which is why I have disabled FTP. I will keep you posted on other changes I will make that will affect you great readers.

    I will let you all know of what happens, but rest assured that TTLG will definitely not go out of business anytime soon -- thanks to all you out there who have took some time out of your lives to help us out, I think we have some good 'backup' plans in case something goes wrong, so I really thing we are in great hands with you all. Again, I will keep you posted day-by-day on the happenings on this hosting issue. For now though, I need some rest after calling and emailing so many people. :) Thanks!

              Tuesday, February 06, 2001

    Hosting Update
    - 6:09:02 PM - Saam
    Hey folks, sorry to scare you all today with news of us being unplugged. As of right now, we still don't have a set solution yet, but don't worry, I think things will turn out just fine. I apologize for getting you all panicked or whatnot, but with all these emails and support that you have given us, it makes me feel proud to do what we have been doing all these years. :)

    At any rate though, we are still looking at the options, but things are looking on the bright side, fortunate for us. I will keep everyone posted. Thanks for all your kind support!

    TTLG is in danger of shutting down indefinitely
    - 10:27:53 AM - Dan
    This is for real. Today our current hosts let us know that they can no longer host us unless we can pay $1200 a month for a hosting fee. Saam and I have nowhere else to go. There is no way we could afford that.

    The only solution I can see is for us to find someplace willing to host our server for a reasonable price, with unlimited bandwidth... or..

    Cut the forums in half... cut the fan mission archive in half... close down some daughter sites... basically, amputation.

    We need help! anyone? please? this thread is open for community discussion of this dire situation.

    Life in the Old Quarter Update:
    - 2:09:04 AM - Oisín

    The fanfic Life in the Old Quarter has been updated with three new acts!

  • Act V, Act VI and Act VII
    "Welcome back taffers, for another dose of undead comic relief! This update will contain all you've come to expect from a "Life in the Old Quarter Update: Haunts, zombies, craymen and of course...burricks in their hundreds! As well as this, we have also been able to welcome two new writers to the team. Firstly, Sharga, our resident DromED master and picture master, and secondly Zantie, an already established writer. And now that that's over..on with the show!

    -MrDuck, Naartjie, Marecki, Sharga and Zantie"

  •           Sunday, February 04, 2001

    Thief 2 Texture Index
    - 9:40:36 PM - Oisín
    Thief 2 Texture Index

    (16 Megs)

    Thief 2 Texture Index

    By Wes Morrison:

    Contributed by Wes Morrison, this 16 Meg ZIP contains the textures from Thief 2, including some HTML documents which categorize the textures to their relevant associations.

    Thief Objective Wizard v1.01
    - 5:04:58 PM - Oisín

    This update fixes some minor bugs, more information can be viewed here: Readme.txt

  • Thief Objective Wizard v1.01 (Tow101.zip) - (169 K) - Readme.txt
    The purpose of Thief Objective Wizard is to simplify the process of creating objectives for your mission, both for Thief 1 and Thief 2. Instead of spending an hour typing your objectives into the Dromed Console, you can spend a minute hitting buttons and be done with it. Made by Avalon

  • New Art-Fanwork by Hanna
    - 4:08:03 PM - Oisín

    Hanna has provided a new Art Fanwork, which can be accessed at the Artworks area of the website.

  • "Thief"

  •           Saturday, February 03, 2001

    Thief 1 Modifications Package
    - 9:58:51 PM - Oisín

    A Thief 1 modifications package has been added to the Editor's Guild

    (T2models16Bit.ZIP) was contributed by Sailor Thief, more information can be accessed here Readme.txt

    Knife Throwing Characture Model:
    - 8:49:52 PM - Oisín

    A new characture model has been added to the Editor's Guild

    Knife Thrower
      (41.7 K)
      Open in Dromed

    Knife Throwing Characture Model

    By The_Thief:

    A Demo Mission (the_thief.zip) (65.1 K) has also been provided by The_Thief and can be accessed at the Demo Missions webpage.

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