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          Monday, March 31, 2003

Five New Fan Missions
- 8:33:40 PM - Dan
The following five missions were all released during the past month. It's quite an assortment. Enjoy them!

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Two Fathers

 Filesize: 4.7 MB
 Released: 3/31/2003

By: Uncadonego (Don Adam)

Plot Description: Your job tonight is to help out an old friend. For details, read the letter in your inventory. Sorry to those who don't like long readables. You have to read at least this one.

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Keeper's Betrayal v2

 Filesize: 2.3 MB
 Released: 3/31/2003

  • Author's Homepage

  • By: The Immortal Thief

    Plot Description: Two nights ago, You were supposed to meet Keeper Troy at the docks. He was going to give you some important information about a problem regarding the First Keeper. When you got there, you saw that the City Watch had gotten there first. It seems that they had arrested Keeper Troy, so pay a visit to the local watch station and find out what happened to him.

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Relic - Left for Dead

     Filesize: 23.8 MB
     Released: 3/31/2003

  • Author's Website

  • By: Schwaa (J. Knez)

    Plot Description: You awake from a shallow grave, you have foggy memories at best but it seems as though somebody has tried to do you in but failed. You're in a strange swamp with no idea of how you got here or where "here" is. Just vague memories that came rushing back before you awoke. First things first, find out where you are and who did this to you. then take your revenge.

    Additional Comments: This level is VERY non-linear in nature. You have many paths to choose from, and there are quite a few hidden objectives. This helps the story open up as you go, it also means that you can finish the mission without getting the full experience. If you want more play time, read books. None of them are very long but they all contain parts of the story that open up new objectives and give you more playtime. They will also give you a better ending. I have done the most basic requirements on easy in about 20 minutes, but it takes about 2 hours to complete all of the goals, find all of the secrets and to get all of the loot. My Beta testers have played from about 2 hours to 7 hours looking for everything so it really depends on what you want to do. Loot hunters will have tons of exploring to do.

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Bluecoat's Training Facility

     Filesize: 2 MB
     Released: 3/31/2003

    By: Thief13x aka Timmy (Dave Heitzer)

    Plot Description: The following takes place shortly after the events of Thief2

    (Garrett's voice)-My experiences with the bluecoats have left some fond memories of prison life, along with some scars to back it up. My first encounter with Sheriff Gorman Truart almost ended my Thieving career, nearly taking my life along with it. Fortunately I had some wits back then and turned the tables around, getting him eliminated swiftly and quietly from my life. Anyway, the bluecoats have been under a new management for some time now, a fellow by the name of Grillard Mckay took charge shortly after Truart's death. Well, it wasn't until recently that my good ole friend "Grillard" struck it rich and added some nice new fancies to the Training facility which he arrogantly holds under his command. The Bluecoat's Training Facility, located to the far north of the city is where new recruits go to train, too bad im not stopping by for that reason. The facility has always been open to the public and tours were even conducted to try and convince people to submit their lives to the miserable existence of guard life, a shame they still haven't persuaded me. However, a few months ago, their fearless leader decided to have gates installed and the place was permanently cut off from the rest of the city, and the public. Rumor has it on the streets that McKay didn't inherit his wealth lawfully, that he is earning his wealth through some kind of "illegal trade", and installed the gates to keep people from finding out what was going on. Personally, I don't like running on rumors, and seeing the unsuspecting captain is out of town tonight I am going to stop by to take a little "tour" of my own and hopefully dig up some useful information against McKay, ultimately eliminating the bluecoats from my life.... (more)

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Library Part 1: The Town

     Filesize: 1.4 MB
     Released: 3/31/2003

    By: Wizard

    Plot Description: After many nights of long travel you find your self in the City of Nashvargas. You've come to find the lost books of Tragus an ancient writer of Magic Mastery. They are believed to be kept in the New Library. You must find a way in! The Keepers have also asked that you retrieve the lost talisman (Can you believe they lost all of them again) Along the way you will have chance to pickup some very nice loot after all the rent is due again. A few quest items for your fence would also be good for your retirement package.

    Additional Comments: This is planed as the First of a 5 part quest to find the books of Targus

    Two Updated FMs
    - 8:11:07 PM - Dan
    Before I get on to the rest of the new missions, I'd like to point out that both Silent Nightmare and The Item have been updated.

    Silent Nightmare's new version fixes the objective problem and several other minor bugs, and was contributed by Adam Prenosil (Preno) with permission of the original author.

    There is no word on what the update to The Item contains. (Maybe because I can't read the readme, which isn't in english.)

    Fanfic: Metal Twilight
    - 5:41:39 PM - Elenkis
    Ross McLennan has added a new chapter to Metal Twilight, his on going novel in development. Here's a snip:
    Lord Aquitane slowly lifted his head from the soup it had been lying in, his head aching as though the master builder had been creating a weapon, with his skull as the anvil. The other lords were slowly waking in a similar fashion, to the accompaniment of winces and groans. Aquitane ran in his mind what had occurred over the past few hours. The lords had met in this hall for a feast when a messenger came to inform them of a black army that threatened the city. After a bout of debating and heavy drinking, the lords all agreed to send their armies forth before falling into a drunken stupor. However, this memory seemed a bit garbled to Aquitane, some of the details were blurred and there was a man, or men, rather, dressed in hooded robes, speaking harshly to him. Aquitane shook his head, must be a drunken dream. As the realisation of the threat to the City dawned on him, and obviously to the other Lords by the look on their faces, Aquitane made a hurry for the door to get ready for the battle that was to come…
    Thanks Ross!

    Artwork from John Castiello
    - 5:22:50 PM - Elenkis
    Trickster Defeat is another fantastic drawing from John Castiello, with thanks as always to Todd Schneider for the great touch up.

    Thanks John!

    Fanfic: Interlude
    - 5:02:28 PM - Elenkis
    Caer O’Laine has sent us the second chapter of novel in development, Interlude. Here's a peek at this latest chapter:
    The man bowed with respect and went to the counter – at least he should be grateful for all the money I left in his cash desk. The girl smiled at me and turned to the door. I watched her for a while when she was walking away. Weird, she didn’t make the most of my goodness and didn’t ask for money, now she was moving in an odd way, as if she’d been carrying something heavy under her arm. I looked at the table and suddenly everything was clear – she didn’t come here to beg.

    Before the girl managed to get to the door, I made a short gesture with my hand. Nobody noticed anything and the girl tumbled down spilling my notes over the floor. She turned immediately, trying to get up but, to her surprise, she couldn’t; she also didn’t know why nobody had noticed her fall. I slowly walked to her and pointed at the sheets of paper.

    Thanks Caer!

    Fanfic: The Artistry of Theft
    - 4:43:09 PM - Elenkis
    The Artistry of Theft is a new short story submitted to us by Ben Hodges. Here's a snippet:
    My informant had told me that there was a back way into the mansion, a servants entrance to the grounds that was virtually unguarded due to its location. Handy for my purposes if somewhat difficult to reach. I slipped through the shadows in the street, before I came to a sewer grate. Entering the system brought me into pitch blackness before I drew a fire arrow, its glow casting enough light for me to navigate by. Following the compass I continued along, heading towards the sewer grate just around the corner from the entrance. A couple of times I could have sworn I heard a burrick calling, but hopefully it was merely an echo from the stabled ones within the city as wild ones could well prove a problem. No such problems presented themselves as I trudged through the sewers, silently thanking the cobblers for their wonderful, waterproof boots, and making a mental note to return and pay for them someday.
    Thanks Ben!

    Two new FMs and an update
    - 4:21:50 PM - Dan
    Alright, three more. One is a new small FM, another is both sequal and prequil by an author who has already made many FMs, and the third is something I was sure we had in our database already (it's almost a year old) but it seems we do not. It was just updated a few days ago, at any rate.

    Thief Gold Only Fan Mission
    Mr Chuz

     Filesize: 2 MB
     Released: 3/31/2003

    By: Azrarhn alias Karakaz

    Plot Description: Things are getting tied up around here. Best to stay low for a while. And the best way to do that is with some pocketmoney.

    Additional Comments: These events take place before the events in Thief 1.

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Island of Iron 1: Fortress of Steel

     Filesize: 8.7 MB
     Released: 3/31/2003
     readme.txt (English)
     readme.txt (German)

  • German Version

  • By: John D. Head

    Plot Description: Damn! What a wild night! Passing through the Thieves Hideout, and making my exit by way of the river valley, I soon snuck back into town and met with my contact in the area. The thieves whose base their Chief, a man named Willy, allowed me support and safe passage through were there too. To put it mildly, they were pissed off. When they had raided the tombs, they found that I already cleaned the place out! All their growling about having taken so many risks for nothing quickly faded when I gave the their cut of the profits that I had promised Willy in order to work with them. (Actually I let them have a bigger percentage than I originally planned, but I have enough enemies already so I wanted to keep those guys happy for safety's sake) I gave the Dark Sword I had found in the tomb of Lysander to Willy as well as the Gold Skull I found in the Hammer tombs, to thank him for his support. After that, everyone was satisfied and I make a quick exit with my health intact. (and still enough gold to make a nice contribution to my retirement fund.) Making my way back to the city, I thought about the terrifying things I had witnessed. ... (more)

    Additional Comments: This mission is sequel to A Brawl in the Tombs.

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Osama Bites the Dust (v1.1)

     Filesize: 2.1 MB
     Released: 3/23/2002
     Re-released: 3/31/2003

    By: William the Taffer

    Plot Description: Mission1: Garrett is in Afgahnastan. Find bin laden and release your barrel of Hammerites on him. Be careful of the mine fields and bombing missions.
    Mission2: Enjoy testing new weapons on Osama.

    Additional Comments: This is really more of a demo/funstuff mission, but I think it deserves to be a little more front and center... just cuz. - Digi

    Our Thief III FAQ
    - 4:05:25 PM - Dave
    Our Thief III site has just been updated with an FAQ by our forum moderator Azal
    Entitled What's What and What's Not the FAQ will tell you which rumours are true, and which are downright lies!

    If you spy and Thief III news we haven't posted you can email me and I'll get it up on site asap!

    Two new FMs and a Translation
    - 2:21:07 PM - Dan
    We're getting our FM archive up to date. I have time to do them in short bursts, so that's what I am going to do.

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Timoteus (v1.1)

     Filesize: 5.5 MB
     Released: 3/31/2003
     readme.txt (English)
     readme.txt (French)

  • French Version (Tymoteusz)

  • By: Timon

    Plot Description: These days, you can only be safe if you are dead. The almighty hand of the Capitula will reach everyone, everywhere, even the smallest and the best hidden. In fact, a huge part of the city starts begging in the streets as a way to survive. They are not considered citizens, but they live with us and they let us realize how rich and happy we are. Yet sometimes their existance does not suit to the city's image and its might. The meeting held by the Capitula was finally decisive. It was decided that the beggars will be shown the place where they belong - the dungeons and the worst parts of the city... (more)

    Additional Comments: The author wishes to thank the translators (Jericho Barimen and Long Finger) for their work and efforts with the English translation of Timoteus FM.

    Thief Gold Only Fan Mission
    Burlgary in Blackbrook

     Filesize: 4.9 MB
     Released: 3/31/2003

    By: John D. Head

    Plot Description: You've decided to make a quick little trip to the rival City of Blackbrook after being invited to do a special job for an old friend, Julian Brenner. As a boy before you met the Keepers, Brenner was the closest thing to a friend you had. He disappeared one day while the two of you were scouting for food in the streets. Years later the two of you were reunited, ironically he too had become a Master Thief in his own right, apparently that day so long ago Brenner had got caught stealing food ended up being sent a Hammer reformatory. His experiences in that place has left him with a major contempt for their vision of law and order and ever since, he's made the Hammers special targets in his nightime grabs for treasure. Now settled in Blackbrook where he works with the ShadowMasters Thieves Guild. Brenner's been after me for a while to pay him a visit in Blackbrook, "There's plenty of stuff up for the taking, especially from those scum Hammers." he said "and best of all NO METAL FACES in this town!" ... (more)

    Additional Comments: This is just a little side project I did while working on my T2 FM's. Hope you like it!

    Additionaly, there is a French translation of an FM classic.

    Thief 1 / Gold Fan Mission
    Events in Highrock

     Filesize: 8 MB
     Released: 6/1/2000

  • French Version

  • By: Pershin Sergey V. "mad god"

    Plot Description: "All the mess has began when I escaped from the City to the HighRock town. City's major has organized a big round-up, all my hideout were revealed and I barely escaped his guards. All my stuff remained there, but this is not important for now, because I'm just mad of what was happened recently... I met another thief in Highrock one night. He was almost catched by local guard when I black- jacked the second and such saved thief's freedom. His name was Switcher. He was very grateful and offered his services. Soon I got the rich information about locals nobles and goldbags. Switcher became my friend. I liked that fellow. He was honest and straight-forward guy. Of course all this made bad thief from him....(more)

    Watch for more updates as the day goes on.

              Friday, March 28, 2003

    FM Update: L'Arsene
    - 1:45:26 PM - Dave
    Gaëtane has re-released her great mission, L'Arsene today which now has an english translation!

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    L'Arsene (v1.1)

     Filesize: 3.1 MB
     Released: 6/22/2002
     Re-released: 3/28/2003

    By: Gaëtane

    Plot Description: After many disheartening misadventures, our friend Garrett sought to be forgotten and needed a change of scene. He packed his possessions, took his savings, his water arrows and other equipment, then he left his city for a charming, quiet little town. Rumour says... The humble inn seemed to be a restful spot, where he could take his marks in this unknown city. Yet, the next morning, what an awful surprise when he realized that someone hand dared to burgle him... Garrett... BURGLED ! ! ! The story begins here.

    Additional Comments: This mission has both french and english languages with the translations into english provided by Tinuviel & Stefan Key.

    ThiefMissions.com Site
    - 1:28:50 PM - Dave
    Jason Tibbit's, the amazing guy who hosts all the Thief FMs for us posted this tidbit on his site yesterday:
    The site is now available at http://thiefmissions.com and the missions archive is at http://thiefmissions.com/missions/. These are now the preferred URLs for this site; the others (especially the lserv00 name) will not work indefinitely.
    Wow, a great resource and a fancy domain name! Thanks Jason!

    Thief III FanArt!
    - 12:16:59 PM - Dave
    Tim cook has sent in a great piece of art entitled Thief III Dream Screenshot
    It is rendered in POV-Ray 3.5 and modelled in Moray 3.5 beta 6.

    Thanks Tim!

    Thievery 1.3 released!
    - 12:02:38 PM - Dave
    Thanks to the numerous people who have dropped us a line to say that Thievery has been updated to version 1.3! There are a huge list of changes, take a look!

              Tuesday, March 25, 2003

    New DromEd Tutorial
    - 7:44:55 PM - Darkwarrior
    Spike14 has been hard at work on what he calls a Complete DromEd Tutorial--and at 52 pages long, he just might be right. I haven't been able to read it all, but it looks to be very helpful and can be used by both beginners and intermediate DromEders. Check out the new, easy-to-use tutorial here.

    Discuss the new tutorial in TTLG's Editor's Guild.

    Thanks for the hard work, Spike!

              Tuesday, March 18, 2003

    Thief III Concept Art!
    - 3:56:48 PM - Dave
    Fresh from this year's Game Developers Conference comes a great piece of Thief III concept art.
    The concept art by Frank Teran is featured as August on the 2003 IGDA calendar!

    That URL again:click

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