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          Friday, February 29, 2008

All for a Night's Sleep by Morrgan Released
- 5:45:25 PM - pavlovscat
New Mission
February 28, 2008 - All for a Night's Sleep v1.1 a mission for T2 by Morrgan
Mission Update:
Version 1.1 released March 10

The Mission:
Your neighbor has acquired a very noisy windchime. This dratted thing has kept you awake for a week. Do something about it because everyone needs his sleep...even a Master Thief!

Welcome back, Morrgan, and what a beautiful return mission. This small mission has a surprising amount of action packed into it. There are rooftop areas & climbing, sneaking, loot hunting, secrets & bonus objectives. It is an enjoyable mission that will leave you wishing it wasn't over!

My first time through, playing on Normal, I finished in 31 minutes. I ended with 942/1002 loot, all secrets & 2 extra objectives.


Need a hint? Just want to say, "Welcome Back, Morrgan!"? Head to the Forum Discussion Thread. Want more screenshots? Check Morrgan's All for a Night's Sleep Mission Page.

          Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Six cardia1 Missions Updated in February
- 2:51:53 PM - pavlovscat
Mission Updates
Cardia1 has been very busy updating many of his previously released missions. I have provided a list of all his missions which have been updated this month & released in their final versions. There are some very creative and original missions here. Make sure you didn't miss one.

Released February 23, 2008

  • Citadel of Douro
    Douro, Portugal is a lovely place for a vacation. Too bad you've come here on business. Search the city and find the Hand of Dreams. Find hints & tips for this mission in the Forum Discussion Thread.
  • Pereira's Mansion
    You are in pursuit of the Battle Horn of Saint Miguel. It is supposed to be located somewhere at Pereira's Mansion, so you start there. The Horn won't be laying around on a shelf somewhere, so you're going to have to find its hiding place. Find hints & tips for this mission in the Forum Discussion Thread.
  • Teddy Bear's Curse
    Mr. Ascenso has hired you to investigate his mansion to find the reason behind the flying teddy bears made by his wife, Gloria Creep. He is concerned for her safety and sanity. Find out what is really making these bears fly. Find hints & tips for this mission in the Forum Discussion Thread.
  • Time for Culture
    You need to find your way into the art museum to help your friend, Miss Broken Arts save her job. Be ready to spend some time just wandering around appreciating all the artwork. Find hints & tips for this mission in the Forum Discussion Thread.

    Released February 19, 2008

  • Vadrigar's Prison
    You must find your way into this escape-proof prison, kill Vadrigar's 4 Generals, recover the Eye so that Vadrigar can no longer create his undead minions, and finally defeat Vadrigar himself. Find hints & tips for this mission in the Forum Discussion Thread.

    Released February 18, 2008

  • Broken Heart
    You were once a noble King; however, your most trusted servant fell in love with your Queen. He then murdered her when she refused his attentions. You have haunted your castle for almost 300 years waiting for the chance to take your revenge. That time has finally come. Find hints & tips for this mission in the Forum Discussion Thread.

  •           Monday, February 25, 2008

    Dark Beginnings by Dark Assassin Released
    - 10:32:27 PM - pavlovscat
    Updated Missions
    Released February 20, 2008 - Dark Beginnings for T2 by Dark Assassin

    The Missions:
    This is Dark Assasin's second remix re-release based on three of John D's original missions: Burglary in Blackbrook, Shadows of the Past and Quick Cash. In Burglary in Blackbrook, your old friend Brenner has convinced you the time is right to loot the Blackbrook Hammerite Temple. You must find your way into the Hammer temple, break into the Hammer jail, explore some haunted crypts & escape through the sewers with several valuable items the Hammers won't appreciate you taking. A Spooky Interlude, formerly titled Shadows of the Past, is my favorite 10 minute mission, and the new title is perfect. You are off to liberate some treasures from the dead and find the Bloodstar Gem. Then, you must escape with your life. The final mission in this campaign is Quick Cash which is another great 10 minute mission. Sneak into a small Hammerite complex and get out with all the loot.

    Dark Assassin has taken three classic missions and given them a tune up. Burglary in Blackbrook is a fantastic mission which needed only a minor upgrade. A Spooky Interlude received a new and very suitable title. You will see the most changes in the final mission, Quick Cash, so I have given before & after screenshots only from that mission. The first two missions are not significantly changed from the previous versions; however, I am very excited to see all three of these missions back out there in the community where they belong. Thanks again to Dark Assassin for the remix magic.

    If you have never played these original missions, download this campaign now and get busy. Don't let the undead scare you away from these missions. The first mission should take 60-75 minutes with only a small portion of that time spent with the undead, most of which you can avoid. Hint: Undeads and Hammers don't play well together. The second two missions are short & sweet. In A Spooky Interlude, you can ghost past any undeads you may see. In Quick Cash, see my previous hint and check your weapons.

    These shots are from Burglary in Blackbrook:

    Here are a few shots from A Spooky Interlude:

    Here are a few before & after shots from Quick Cash.


    Have questions about this campaign? Check out the Forum Discussion Thread for answers.

              Sunday, February 17, 2008

    Dark Project / Gold Soundtrack by Child of Karras
    - 10:55:20 PM - Dan
    Exciting news for Thief music lovers or fans of Eric Brosius's work. The Thief: The Dark Project & Gold "Official" Soundtrack by Child of Karras a.k.a. JayB has been finished.
    We're done with "The Golden Soundtrack", as I called the album we made during the last weeks. Almost the entire work (including: flying through the missions with DromEd, searching and arranging all the audio files, removing the noise without making it sound like an underwater radio, extracting Garrett and some SFX from a couple of cutscenes etc. etc.) was done by Child of Karras aka JayB (the guy responsible for the sounds enhancement pack). To avoid too much text without pretty little pictures:

    This 110MB file contains our soundtrack for Thief: The Dark Project Gold. It is app. 81 minutes long and so barely fits on a CD (but it works for sure; I have one on my bedside table). It contains tracks for all the missions (except for the Keeper training which features no interesting music) plus a few tracks from the cutscenes where there was interesting music and we (which always means: Child of Karras; in fact I merely gave intelligent advice ) were/was able to extract Garrett's voice from. That means if there is still someone out there who can deliver some usable material, we would of course re-work this big thing and then split it into two CDs. But for now it means that you have a whole CD full of good old Thief soundtrack (I recommend listening to it in the dark ). It also includes two pdf files for the German and English covers, inlays and CD labels, if you'd like to use them.

    You can head on over to his original post for more or you can go to the top of the thread and get the whole story from the beginning. Of course, you can also just download the music directly. I've already put in a request to get a track by track version of the soundtrack, but if others want to see that happen adding your voices in may speed things up.

    I have of course listened to the whole thing through and can easily vouch for its quality. It's safe to say that this is a must-have for Thief fans.

    A Brawl in the Tombs Remix by Dark Assassin
    - 12:50:55 AM - pavlovscat
    Updated Mission
    Released February 11, 2008 - A Brawl in the Tombs v2c for T2 Remix by Dark Assassin

    The Mission:
    This is the first re-release of one of John D's original missions. Dark Assassin has taken the classic underground adventure, A Brawl in the Tombs, and given it a major facelift. There are still lots of undead, Hammers & Mechanists to avoid, as well as friendly thieves & Keepers. Your is mission is to find information about the Mechanists.

    I was sad to see John D's missions taken out of circulation, but, having seen this remix, I must admit that I am looking forward to the next one. Dark Assassin has breathed new life into an old classic. The Keeper's enclave received a remodel, and the catacombs have been improved. You will find more potions & weapons are available. There are many custom objects used which play a large part in modernizing the look of the mission.

    Here are a few before & after shots, so you can see the type of changes made. My favorite is the new Planetarium.


    Here are some other interesting shots:

    Go to the Forum Discussion Thread if you have any questions or comments about this mission.

              Friday, February 15, 2008

    Silence Pt 1 for T3 Update Released
    - 5:07:23 PM - pavlovscat
    Updated Fan Mission

    Re-released February 7, 2008 - Silence Part 1 v1.1 for T3 by CrackedGear

    The Mission:
    The setting for this mission is far in the future from TDS. You are playing a pagan who needs to cross the city to reach your contact at the shaman house. You do not have a blackjack, only a dagger and a few of the standard arrows. You must rely on sneaking to get around. You are allowed to kill AI, but this will often alert others and result in an untimely death. Sneaking is usually your best route, so Ghosters should enjoy this one.

    If you played the previous version of Silence, forget all about it. This new, revamped version is something all together better. CrackedGear has made an amazing transformation in this new release with most of the previous problems corrected. The result is a beatiful mission I thouroughly enjoyed playing. This is not an easy mission. The lack of a blackjack makes many normally easy situations into ones where you must really think about a solution. You can kill AI, but everyone seems to have very good hearing. If you kill, be prepared to hide really well or run away because you will be eliminated. Experienced Ghosters should have few problems. The rest of us will be depending on the quick-save!

    For those who like a little humor, I thouroughly enjoyed the various AI comments. Here are a few that made me chuckle: "I'm a merchant you know, a very dangerous merchant." "If you come out, I'll give you a big surprise!" "Stop hiding now. Hiding never solved anything." "I heard IT. I bet IT can hear me, too."

    Given the many advances made for this update, I am really looking forward to what new things CrackedGear will have for us when Part 2 is released.

    This is a large, complex FM, so it will be choppy on older systems. There is only one game play issue that bothered me. The character is obviously not Garrett but speaks in Garrett's voice, is called Garrett by the pagans, and is refered to as "Thief" throughout the mission. This was an immersion-breaker. CrackedGear has made an amazing transformation with the look of the character, including the unforgettable, eerie, glowing-green eyes. Unfortunately, the transformation did not extend to the spoken parts. Hopefully, CrackedGear will have much luck in finding a fix for this issue in time for the release of Part 2.

    Have questions about this mission or want to comment? Check out the Forum Discussion Thread.

              Thursday, February 14, 2008

    List of Upcoming Fanmissions
    - 9:00:40 AM - The Phantom
    Latest news report from the thread List of Upcoming and Abandoned Fanmissions on the TTLG forums.

    The author 'MH.TheFreak' is new in the list. He is working on the sequel to "Ultima Ratio", one of his earlier missions. It should be ready in a few months.

    And, Catman, dyald, jesps and Sensut are the other authors who make an appearance. All have a sequel mission in the works. Further data will be added when their mission is at 50% completion.

    Time for culture, cardia1's latest mission, has been released to the public. It can grabbed from the usual FM archives.

    Further, GORT's "The Rebellion of the Builder 2" and Sliptip's "Kill Factory 3" are added to the list. Both of them are in an early state of construction, don't expect them to be released any time soon.

    Schattengilde's mission, The Book op Prophecy part 1, is now available in english and has been removed. Part 2 took it's place in the list. Because of it's early state, no info except screenshots are available at the moment.

    Nielsen74 has revealed the name of one of his mission: UnMasked. Furthermore he posted several new screens of this small mission, and indicated that it's close to beta testing.

    Splashcup's upcoming FM, Perilous Perforation, has been renamed into "Cold Silence". He also posted many new screens of his WIP (follow the links under his information).

    Other taffers who revealed new screenshots are Sliptip (high quality detail and texturing in "The First Project") and Yandros (another scarry image from "Deceptive Perception 2").

    Short News:

  • Ermana seems to have continued working on his/her old mission
  • Gaetane's five mission set (The Black Frog) is close to completion
  • the release of Shadows of Eidolon 2 has slipped to july/august of this year
  • R Soul created some Youtube video's that show what can be expected in his upcoming mission
  • theImmortalThief started a blog several months ago to keep us up-to-date about his progress of the Elemental Bane Series.
  • Yandros fixed his old mission "The Olde Castle" and put it up as abandoned. A few screens show us what it could have become.

    It was already unlikely that BlackThief's mission, A Deadly Trail, would be completed, but now it's official. It is abandoned, after being on hold for years. Therefore it is moved to the List of Abandoned Fanmissions. An explanation from the author can be read when clicking the latest news link.

    The full list of changes is posted here.

    Until next update,

    The Phantom

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