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          Thursday, November 29, 2001

Stowaway Reviewed
- 4:36:42 AM - Elenkis
Schwaa has reviewed Finial's Stowaway and given the mission a very respectable 7.5 hammers.

Hammer Score: 7.5 of 10
Comments by Reviewer:
Review by Schwaa
  • Pros: Once again, the archetecture was beautiful.
  • Cons: No difficulty settings, lack of AI activity.
  • Bottom Line: If this mission ever gets updated, I will be the first to play. I think the setting is great and the only reason I'm dissapointed is because I think this mission has such a great base, it just seems unfinished to me. Its worth playing if you haven't done so.

- Full Review & Screenshots

Keeper Theses Update
- 3:09:38 AM - Elenkis
Sneaksie Thiefsie has completely rewritten and improved the History of the Order of the Hammer section of the Keeper Theses. He's put a huge amount of work into his vision of Hammerite history and it's a great read, so be sure to check it out (along with the other sections of his Keeper Theses, if you haven't already)!

Great work!

          Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Fanfic: A Thief in the 30's
- 4:10:02 PM - Elenkis
Antonio Salazar has sent us the first four chapters of A Thief in the 30's, his novel in development.
Mercury had seen everything. He was tired of lawful life. Living by the law had killed his wife and his only child. 1,476 miles they had traveled, just to get work. And when they arrived, all they found was misery in their own people and hate in the residents. They had moved from job to job, barely getting enough money to survive. Finally, the winter months had come, and jobs disappeared. He watched as his wife was consumed by fever while he could do nothing. When she had died, he found work again. But malnutrition had taken his only son's strength. And when he caught a cold, his small ten-year-old body could do nothing against it, and so Mercury's son died as well, leaving him utterly alone.

Fanfic: The Night Before Buildermas
- 3:27:13 PM - Elenkis
To help get some of you taffers into the Christmas spirit; The Night Before Buildermas is a new poem brought to you by CelticThief.
'Twas the night before Buildermas, and all through the yard
Not a creature was stirring, not even a guard
In the mansion all the riches were laid in plain sight
No one knowing I was coming that night.
The nobles asleep, snuggled in their beds
As dreams of gold danced in their heads

          Thursday, November 15, 2001

Crom's Blade
- 5:53:23 PM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
Schwaa has recently released a Thief 2 FM, Crom's Blade. Here's all the details for you FM craving taffers:

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Crom's Blade

 Filesize: 12.6 MB
 Released: 11/15/2001

By: Schwaa

Plot Description: Your friend Roland, the one you served time with, that got you a map to escape jail in the past has given you an ancient map and scroll to help you find Crom's Blade. The map is very crude and in terrible shape so use it only as a reference, the scroll was being translated by the Mechanists priest Father Lucas. Lucas didn't finish translating it before Roland stole it but it should come in handy. You hopped a Mechanist train for a free ride to the excavation site and jumped out before it came to a complete stop. You found an ice cave that looks like it goes in the right direction, now you must get into the castle.

Don't forget, if you're finding it hard to access The Circle due to our current bandwidth limits, you can grab all your FM's direct from Jason's Website. Thanks go once again to Jason for hosting for us!

FM Updates
- 5:43:47 PM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
Two recent FMs have recieved upgrades.

Lord Lomat's Flute by Murray Lorden was upgraded on the 13th to fix the bug that prevented save games from working.

And The Seventh Crystal was also updated, with fixes including one that prevents a stall during the first mission. For those of you who downloaded this FM before the 11th, there is also a patch available.

          Thursday, November 08, 2001

Cry Havok! N' Stuff. :)
- 11:34:47 PM - Dan
w00t ... Lots of Thief 3 & Dues Ex 2 love on the Havok Official Site.

Thanks all. :)

Thanks, Nuno!

New Thief Web Site
- 6:37:36 PM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
Darkwarrior has been bevering away on his new website and has asked if he could say a word to you taffers out there. So, without further ado, I give you Darkwarrior...

I know you all probably already seen this on the forums, but I just wanted to make sure.

I have just finished uploading my new Thief site. It isn't quite finished yet, but will be by the end of the week. It also looks pretty boring, but I will transload the images tommorrow to spruce it up. Anyway, my website is soley for FMs, Fanworks and DromEders. It will have Thief and FM-related news that DromEders who join the Old Quarter Guild (I created it. Its absolutely free). They will be able to post screenshots, updates, and profiles of their missions and fanworks all through a form submission system. I hope it will become a hub of information for those waiting for info on Thief missions. I hope it will also allow those FM authors who want information published about their missions but can't get a website. I suggest all you DromEders and Fanworks creators (this includes poems, music and movies) will visit my site, especially once I finish it.


The BurgoMaster
- 4:19:03 PM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
We have a second new Fan Mission to delight all you starving Thief fanatics out there. This one is for Thief 1 and comes courtesy of David Webb aka Hengist.

Thief 1 / Gold Fan Mission
BurgoMaster, The

 Filesize: 3.4 MB
 Released: 11/8/2001

By: David Webb aka Hengist

Plot Description: The local BurgoMaster has become paranoid... he believes someone is out to assassinate him. He has thus ordered all unsavory characters be locked-up... this included you! Now your stuck in a Hammer prison awaiting interrogation and public execution. Get out of this predicament and teach the BurgoMaster a lesson by ending his miserable life!

Keep the FMs rolling guys!

The 7th Crystal
- 4:13:25 PM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
Staurine's mission, The 7th Crystal, mentioned by Dan in an early post, is now part of the missions databse. Here be the full details:

Thief 2 Fan Mission
7th Crystal, The

 Filesize: 24 MB
 Released: 11/8/2001

By: Saturnine

Plot Description: Purah here, that's Pur (like a cat) ah! (like a good idea). I'm at the Saturnine Mansion this evening and let me tell you, the circumstances of my inevitable leaving are indeed bittersweet.I'm afraid I've just run through the place and made quite a mess (boots tracking snowmelt and such)—and its probably best if I'm not here when the lord of the house gets home. Hence I'm going to be quick about this here introduction. The Seventh Crystal has finally arrived. And yes, I'm a happy beta tester.I won't be giving much away if I say its a cold winter's night in the city. And I'll only be telling the truth if I say you haven't played a dark and forbidding mission until you've played the 7th Crystal.


Additional Comments: IMPORTANT! Replaces dark.cfg - back up first.

Thief 3 - Randy Speaks!
- 12:39:51 PM - Dan
I'll let the man do the talking. ;)
Randy here. We've made a lot of progress on T3 in the last few months, and we're hoping to give you guys another update soon. We really appreciate all the enthusiasm, and we'll try to put something together as soon as we get a chance! In reference to that PC Zone article - it looks to me like they put it together from my public statement of a few months ago. You guys have already heard everything that PC Zone has heard. I think the 3rd person bit in their article was just a fairly liberal interpretation of "Furthermore, you can be Garrett in the game already; you can sneak him around, hide in shadows, and even shoot arrows."

Thanks as always for your continued interest! Stay tuned!

Thanks Randy! :)

Updated Keeper Thesis
- 10:29:03 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
Aaron Graham AKA Sneaksie Thiefsie has updated his Thesis 'Life in the City'. The newly renamed The State of the City, can be found in the guides area of the site.

Thanks for the update Aaron!

          Wednesday, November 07, 2001

Get Your 7th Crystal
- 11:48:15 PM - Dan
I thought people would like to know, that the Fan Mission 'The 7th Crystal' by Saturnine has been released, and can be gotten from this forum post, along with some opinions of the mission. Look for it in our Missions Database soon. :)

Havok Physics in Thief 3 - Update
- 11:13:31 PM - Dan
In a brief and to the point blurb on The Adrenaline vault, they say:
Havok has signed a deal with Eidos Interactive's Ion Storm Austin studio to provide real time physics. Ion Storm will be building on the go-anywhere, do-anything theme of Deus Ex and Thief in their next releases to allow even greater interactivity with all objects in a scene. Havok physics will work alongside the ISA-modified Unreal engine in both titles.

Havok 1.5 has just been released. Added features to the physics SDK include fast character cloth, enhanced deformable object physics, and a car dynamics tool for real-time changes. The Havok Car Tuning Tool is the first application that facilitates real-time tuning of vehicle SDK parameters via a graphical user interface.

Niiiice. The rest of the blurb is right here. (Uhm, about one sentence more.) Finally, if you want to know more about this Havok stuff, then take a look at some of their demos right here.

Thank you, Orgy and Dalai. :)

You can read more about this here on Gamespot! Thanks, Riddler!

DromEd Hosted
- 3:04:56 PM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
Jason Tibbitts has continued to provide support for The Circle by hosting both Dromed for Thief 1 and the Dromed 1.18 patch for Thief 2. Thank you Jason!

Lord Lomat's Flute for Thief 2
- 2:50:09 PM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
We have another new Thief 2 mission for you today. This little devil comes from Murray Lorden.

Thief 2 Fan Mission
L o r d L o m a t ' s F l u t e

 Filesize: 0.5 MB
 Released: 11/1/2001

By: Murray Lorden

Plot Description: "Lord Lomat Bafford's mansion sits proudly amongst the other houses of the wealthy and noble, sorrounded by its very own moat and gardens.

It is well known that Lomat Bafford has a love of antiques, so you've decided to take a stroll across town tonight to visit his manor, as you've heard he will be out tonight on the town...

He has just left in his carriage, and now's your chance to sneak in! You'll have to get over the moat and sneak inside the mansion.

Once inside, pilfer Lord Lomat's rare Silver Flute! It should fetch quite a sum on the markets."

New Updates E-Mail
- 10:02:06 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
For those of you submitting anything to The Circle you should be aware that we have set up a new e-mail address: thiefnews@ttlg.com to allow you to e-mail all staff members in a single e-mail. Hopefully this will speed up operation of the site.

Just for Show Preview
- 8:59:33 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
Tumbleweed has released promotional shots of his mission-in-the-make Just for Show. The full promo can be found right here. Here's a couple of peeks to wet your appetite.

T2 FM: Karrassinian Threat
- 8:09:08 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
The newest FM to hit The Circle's shelves is Karrassinian Threat, by Paul Buckley. Full mission details follow:

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Karrassinian Threat, The

 Filesize: 11.3 MB
 Released: 11/7/2001

 No briefing version (5.6 MB)

By: Paul Buckley

Plot Description: Letter from Layne to Garrett, To my friend Garrett, There is a general feeling of unrest in Karrassina, the unified factions are at breaking point as each tries to obtain their share of control in the city, a civil war is not out of the question. Amidst all the political unrest there are rumours tearing through the underground regarding a new unknown force, a new threat that has been brewing in recent times. It surely not the Mechanists as they are but all gone, those that remain are now part of the unified coalition of Karrassina along with the Hammerites and the City Watchmen. No coalition members claim to know or admit to knowledge of who or what is behind these rumours or if they are true. (more)

Destiny of the Eye
- 7:20:58 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
Sion Phillpott has become the latest contributor to the fanworks section with the start of his novel Destiny of the Eye. Here's the introduction to it:-


First of all, to anyone who hasn't played Thief II, I strongly recommend that you play it before reading this story. You probably will have, or your interests in this book might not have been as enthusiastic as someone who is a huge fan of one of these games. But even if you haven't, and respectably enough don't intend to, then I will try my best to simplify the way that Garrett, the game (and novel's) hero is portrayed.

This book is set during the period when the Mechanists are coming to power. Garrett has stolen the Mechanist Schematics of their major plan, forcing a setback on his enemies, and secondly, the sheriff (Gormon Truat) wants him dead. As you can imagine, Garrett isn't exactly a happy chap about all this, and he goes to explore why his head is wanted on a platter. One thing leads to the next, and Garrett soon finds himself caught up in a trail of rivalry between the three major governments in the city, the mysterious Keepers with who Garrett was once allied with, the Pagans who Garrett stopped from ruling the city last year, and of course, the technological group who call themselves the Mechanists.

The plot runs deep through the roots of Garrett's personality. While in his personal battle with the Mechanists, he meets someone who already has, and will, change his life forever. But before I go further into that, I would be spoiling the story before it has even started. So I will stop blabbering, get out of your way, and let you start. That's just about it, so happy reading!

Sion Phillpott

Chapter One

He still hasn't seen me. Here I am, out in the open, and he can't see me. He's looking. His slow heavy footsteps on the wooden balcony, as he searches, shouting absurdities at me. He is trying to intimidate me, trying to make me give myself in. But it has never worked before and it won't work tonight.

The Haunting of St.Belen
- 7:07:36 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
Scott McCarty has released the second chapter of his growing tale, The Haunting of St.Belen. Here's a peek!

Natalie was breathless as the idea of the Mechanist right beneath them suddenly stirred in her gut. She had no time to act when suddenly there was a yell outside, and an odd tapping/clicking noise. Mace raised high, the Mechanist quickly departed the Chapel. And only the sound of their breath could be heard along with the chirping of the crickets.

"Damnit" whispered Garrett. Natalie jumped down and stood waiting for Garrett, at the entrance. Garrett jumped down without any type of hassle and slipped into the shadows before the Mechanist could return. Natalie sat down in a nearby seat, to catch her breath. Her heart was pounding. Garrett walked up to the alter to see if there was anything valuable on the alter, Garrett looked at the stone alter. It was large, shaped with Hammer's marked with decades of abuse. Then he noticed something odd. One of the small hammer's stood out from the rest. It looked like stone; odd he thought, but he looked closer. The stone was lose, and he pressed it. He heard something open from across the room, he turned and saw that a small hatch had opened.

CD Case Art
- 6:53:07 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
Hanse has sent in scans of the CD box art for Thief Gold and Thief 2. That's the American card cases, for those of you wondering why your case looks different. You can find the scans in the paintings section of our multimedia archive.

          Sunday, November 04, 2001

Thievery UT Update
- 3:54:28 PM - Dan
If they keep pulling these updates, we may start to think they are almost done. ;)

The Thievery UT site has been updated with information on the types of weapons which will be avaliable to the players - both Guards and Thieves. It also points to a place where you can discuss it. :) I won't give you the discussion link, because you're supposed to read the summary before you go barging in trying to discuss something. ;)

Thanks Dalai!

New Thief Desktop Themes
- 10:37:59 AM - James
Andy Lindemann has posted up some new Thief desktop themes, using both original and borrowed elements. Note that it's eating up nearly half of his "teensy webspace", so this set will only be on offer until January 1, 2002.

UPDATE: The files are now hosted in a more permanent location, so there's no longer an expiry date.

          Friday, November 02, 2001

Durant Finally Finished!
- 11:09:28 PM - Dan
Durant has been a beta mission in our archive for ... uhm ... a long time. Well not any more! Yes. Mazur has released the final version of this Fan Mission. It's right here.

Oie ... there has got to be a better way of doing that ...

So yes, enjoy, and congrats Maz, for a finished FM. :)

Oh Goodie! More Thief for WAP!
- 4:12:00 PM - Dan
Those wacky boys at Iomo have put up a website for their mobile phone game, Thief: Constantine's Sword. This website features screenshots of both gameplay and cinematics (*snickers*) all presented at maximum resolution (those aren't thumbnails, kids).

And I am sure that this game's resemblance to the old Infiltrator game, by the same company, is totally a coincidence. ;)

Updated Texture Indices
- 12:57:18 AM - James
Omega informs us he has updated his texture indices, which can be found: here for Thief 1 (updated), and here for Thief Gold (new), and last but not least, here for Thief 2.

          Thursday, November 01, 2001

Taffer's Post - Rough, Rough Time ... Ugh
- 11:36:33 PM - Dan
I'm not having an easy time here, so please bear with me. There are updates all piled up, and I'm going to get to them, but I need to pull back and regroup for a bit.

Ever try running an extremely active website, writing a novel, designing a computer game, having a day job, and a social life, all at once? Thank god I am not going to school right now. But hey, I am not complaining.

Digi drops to his knees and thanks God, and begs for mercy ... please, don't make these projects kill me!

Urg. By the way, my PC is still screwed up. So that, + life = stress. I don't need a vacation. I need a crackshake.

Shoalsgate Mp3
- 11:27:16 PM - Dan
Shoalsgate is an mp3 created by a fellow named Calvin. He claims that it is the background music to Shoalsgate station, the featured location of Framed from Thief 2. But I seem to think that it sounds a good bit like the music from the Thief 2 German credits.

Thanks, Calvin! :)

Spooky Door Demo!
- 11:11:03 PM - Dan
You want a spooky door in your Fan Mission? We've got your spooky door right here. William the Taffer will teach you, yes he will. ;)

Check it out at the top of the Demo Mission Archive.

Darkloader 3.08 Again
- 10:50:55 PM - Dan
A quick note to say that Darkloader 3.08 is now being mirrored, and download links for it are now avaliable on this page's side menu, the Fan Mission Archive (in two places), as well as the TEG area.

And if you can't find it, then one of us has problems. ;)

The source code has also been released. But if you are smart enough to use it, and not so lazy that you actually have a reason to, then I bet you can find the download link all by yourself. ;)

A Path Not Taken - Chapter 2
- 10:18:19 PM - Dan
Additionally, Aaron Graham's novel in development, A Path Not Taken, a tale which experiments with what may have happened has Garrett refused Constantine's offer, has entered into its second chapter. Expect the same studious attention to detail (and conjecture) seen in Aaron's Theses to be present in this fan fic. Enjoy!
The guard walked silently past the shadowed alcove, neither looking right nor left as he murmured to himself. On his head was a dull metal helmet, while under his surcoat he wore a tunic of rusty chain mail that clinked and shook as he walked. He was armed with a sword.

Garrett waited until the man had reached the end of the carpeted corridor and turned right before moving from his hiding place. He silently walked down the carpeted runner in the centre of the corridor, senses alert for any sign of danger. He eventually reached the end of the corridor, and there slid into a patch of shadow, in order to watch both ways down the corridor. He snorted softly in mild disgust. The guards that defended this place were pathetic. As an institution of learning the University had no security force of its own. It contracted in a private company of guards. Garrett had scouted out the library the day earlier, and seen how ineffectual and amateur the guards were. All they needed to do was patrol around and frighten academics with their swords.

Continue the tale or start from the beginning.

History of The City, by Aaron Graham
- 10:04:29 PM - Dan
Aaron Graham has returned to present an updated version of his Keeper Thesis, History of The City. This document has been updated to include new conjectures, additional information, and altogether a new level of polish.

If you are unfamiliar with the Keeper Theses, Aaron suggests you read his FAQ on that very topic, and don't forget to read the rest, here.

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