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          Monday, April 30, 2001

Steve Russell in Arx Fatalis
- 5:01:12 PM - Dan
I was given word that Steve Russell, voice of Garrett, Karras, Benny, and many more, will be doing voce acting work for Arx Fatalis, the 1st person fantasy RPG from Arkane Studios. Ah, such good news!

          Monday, April 23, 2001

Art: "Hiding in the Shadows"
- 4:19:47 PM - Oisin
There is one new update to the Fan Art area of the website:

Fanworks Art Updates:
"Hiding in the Shadows" - by Tazio Bettin aka KANEDA

FM Archive Down / Up
- 10:18:28 AM - Dan
Sorry folks, the FM Archive is going to be done for a bit while we fix some errors in the code. No frets, this shouldn't take long.

Update: Okay, all green. :) Get yer fix.

          Sunday, April 22, 2001

New FMs
- 8:37:17 PM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
There have been two recent additions to the Thief 2 collection of FMs now available. (well one's not so new as I've been a bit slack with things).

The first of these is Durant by Mazur.

This mission occurs right before Casing The Joint. Victoria and her agents haven't a clue afterall about Gervasius's art exhibition. So you must gather info as to when and where Gervasius will be having his exhibition. May as well check the Antiquities and Fine Relics in East New Market. Grimworth and de Perrin are his main dealers...Mani Rammstein the importer has now taken over many vacant Warden's positions, may as well check on his Manor as well, he may have some information. The Mechanist's have a small facility in town, why not have a look around?
The second FM is undead based. The Inverted Manse was made by Sledge.
After Garrett steals the Spirit Stone from the hideout of the Resurrection, the Hammers, in need of all the help they can get with the Mechanists, demand it back. Likewise, the Keepers are interested in protecting it themselves, since they were the ones who told Garrett about the job in the first place. However, before Garrett gives it to either, he is interested in finding out exactly what the Spirit Stone is and what its powers are...
Both of these missions are from The Undergound archive of missions and should also be available from The Keep

Poem: The Path
- 8:20:03 PM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
Hypnos has submitted a poem he has written for your entertainment. It ahs been added to the archive for future visitors and is also available to read below:
For life is a woodsie in which we traverse
Full of evil who is willing to curse
But the blade of the goodsie will surely prevail
And the evil in the woodsie,
Will crumble and fail.

The Fan Mission Database is here.
- 2:57:24 PM - Dan
Master Nightfall calmly walks to the podium.

tap tap tap

He clears his throat


The Fan Mission Archive is opening.

Wait! Slow down, I need to tell you some things first.

1) Consider this a public beta test of the Fan Mission Database (FMDB). All of the missions are not yet in the FMDB. Only about 70 out of the 120 or so Fan Missions there are can be found in the FMDB. This will change in time, I assure you. None of the demo missions are currently in the FMDB.

2) As a beta test, we expect there to be bugs and errors. Please report all bugs and errors to Saam and I. It is very important that you explain in your email how to re-create the error. Your bug report is an utter waste of our time unless you tell us how to recreate the error. We are aware that some links to some reviews will create an error. I know how to fix this, it will just take some time.

3) This is also a bandwidth test. Many of the Fan Missions you'll be able to download from here link to that mission's location on fileplanet. However, there are still over half of the missions which are downloaded from us. From this, we will determine if it's safe to host the missions ourselves, or if we need to find a totally remote host to put them all on, and let no Fan Missions be downloaded from the TTLG server.

4) I am also aware that the new hammer score graphics are not the best. It's very hard to see, at a glance, how many hammers there are. I intend to re-do the graphics again. If anyone would like to take a shot at creating the new Hammer Score Graphics, get in touch with me. If someone else does them, then they'll get done alot quicker (since I have so much other work that is more urgent).

5) The user rating poll currently does not work. Opening the archive did not depend on getting the poll finished, so we're not holding back the opening until the poll gets done. They will be done. That's next on the to-do list after we get all the bugs worked out.

6) Try to break the interface all you want, but please only download one Fan Mission at a time, or we may have to shut the archive down all over again.

7) I'll properly give credit to everyone who worked on this damn thing when it's all fixed and finished. ;)

          Tuesday, April 10, 2001

Fanworks Update x3
- 11:19:49 AM - Oisin
There have been many updates to the Fanworks area of the website, including a Library of Poetry:

Novels in development

"Still blinking thirty seconds later, Hagan eventually managed to dispel the bright white light from before his eyes. Staring around, he saw a scene of destruction. One guard lay unconscious, the other nowhere to be seen. The bar tender had made a quick exit, as had most of the other patrons, though some still lingered, finishing up the remaining alcohol in the dented steel beer mugs."

"Thief II: The Mental Age" - by Seamus Sullivan

A Thief II Parody currently in development.

"If you can hear me, I just want to say that I'm really sorry about all the trouble with your religion, and for letting "The Nose" out upon an unshielded world, and for all those the times I desecrated the burial grounds where your disciples were housed, and that business with the burrick stables right near that temple of yours. But I was only seven then. Look, if you can find it in your heart to forgive me and let the dumbwaiter start again, I swear I'll...er...do lots of good deeds..."

Short Tales

"The next night I went into the Crippled Burrick to see if I could hear anyone talking about our job last night. And sure enough they did. They talked about how the place was totally cleared out. I smiled a bit, and then they went on about how everyone in the entire place had been killed, even the servants and Lady Halius herself."

"Lord Bafford stared out his carriage window at the bustling city as he headed home. He had a very long night of fancy meals and live entertainment. After a few minutes of passing through the city, he finally arrived at his home. He gave a smile as Cedric stood at the front gate. Cedric was always a loyal guard to Bafford. Bafford's smile immediately tuned to a frown when he saw Cedric having a distressed face."

"Dissuasion" - by Aaron Graham

"Garrett watched with silent amusement - and a hint of contempt - as the desperate watchman wrenched the door open and ran from the room. Footsteps echoed as the man hurried along the hallway and down the stairs. When they died away, Garrett stirred, and walked to the open door. He blew out the candle and closed the door, then addressed the shadow in the hallway."

"THIEFSIE" - by Andrei Dineev
"Trickster's Song" - by Jeni Gibbs

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