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          Monday, September 27, 2004

New DromEd Tools from Shadowspawn.
- 1:19:08 PM - Dave

Shadowspan has created a couple of new cool tools for you Fan Mission makers out there!

I'll let him explain about them:

MeshUp - (because I figured I'd mess up the files ) converts any Rev 1 AI mesh (from TDP or TG or custom AI) into Rev 2 format. This allows, among other things, to use the Renderer -> Mesh Textures to change the skin of the AI. And it also allows you to use the next tool:

MatTweak - Lets you play with Transparency and Illumination directly in the Rev 2 mesh binary file. It's based on a per material basis, so you have to UV map your materials properly. But, it would allow us to create a translucent veil over an AI's face. Glowing eyes on custom AI. Garrett's sword (or laser rapier) glowing brightly. Lots of new ideas possible.

There is a readme file included in the zip package. Basic instructions on how to use each tool.

You can grab the 44KB file here
Great work Shadowspawn!

Shadowspawn has a thread running on our forums, check it out!

          Sunday, September 19, 2004

A Personal Post
- 3:11:15 PM - Dan
Some gaming sites feature personal posts from the news authors every day, but I've never really considered this the place for that. However, in light of the way this post can give our readers some insight into some things they may be concerned with, I decided to post a link to a personal forum post I made. It explains why you haven't seen any news posts by me for a long, long time. Thank you.

          Thursday, September 16, 2004

Two FMs Updated
- 7:01:50 PM - Jenesis
Two revised releases have appeared; one for Dark Ghost Lord's "The Trickster's Castle" which is both an improvement and a bug-fixing release, and one for Bronze Griffin's "Borrington's Castle" which fixes objective and loot issues.

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Trickster's Castle, The (v1.07)

 Filesize: 11.3 MB
 Released: 9/16/2004

By: Dark Ghost Lord

Plot Description: A week ago some Keepers paid a visit to me and told me a story about an old castle in the forbidden forest that was once run by the Hammers as catacombs. The Trickster put a spell on all the dead in the castle, changing them to undead who then rose up from their caskets and attacked the Hammerites. The Hammers that were not killed were chased away, knowing that they could never return to the castle because there was just too much evil in it...(more)

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Borrington's Castle (v3)

 Filesize: 0.47 MB
 Released: 9/16/2004

By: Bronze Griffin

Plot Description: Lord Borrington lives near the coast to the west of the City. He recently aquired a mask, a precursor mask. Nothing special you thought until a local in the tavern you where staying in mentioned how much it was worth. Not prepared to leave with nothing you set off up to Lord Borrington's Castle.

Additional Comments: This is the third and final version. This mission was first released with objectives that didn't work, a save/load that crashed to desktop and you couldn't die. Thanks to John that is no longer a problem and I can live happily ever after! Plus! A new note for V3, the loot problem is no longer a problem. ALL objectives now work.

Inspired by 'Stowaway' by Finial

Thanks to both of you for supporting your missions post-release.

          Friday, September 10, 2004

FM Inundation!
- 8:40:44 PM - Jenesis
You wait two weeks for an FM, and then five turn up at once. This batch contains four FMs, and a demo mission that shows off various tricks. Also, two recent FMs have been updated. First, the new missions, in which rescuing Garrett from somee incarceration or other seems to be a popular theme.

"Bafford's Last Stand" is a mission by John Denison, set in a recreation of Beaumaris Castle in Wales, where Garrett must sow dissent between Bafford and the Thieves' Guild. "A Debt Repaid", by Ottoj55 (Jason Otto), sets you up as Garrett's rescuer in an FM weighing in at a fairly chunky 13.8MB. "The Korrigans" is Gaëtane's continuation of the "L'Arsene's" and "Emilie Victor" series. The mysterious Korrigans make an appearance. This mission is a hefty 20.3MB. In "Old Bad Fellows", by Yohny C. Liar (Jan Hladík), Garrett's son must rescue him from his imprisonment, hoping that an excommunicated Mechanist's promise of information is not a trap.

The demo mission, which is by Nameless Voice, is simply named NVGizmos, and contains such features as frog-racing (with betting!) and a working catapult.

Lastly the updates. Rostvogel's "Konkurrenten" has been updated to fix some bugs, whilst Louve's "Visite nocturne au Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle" has been updated with more complete English support.

The finer details:

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Bafford's Last Stand (v1.2)

 Filesize: 6.55 MB
 Released: 9/10/2004

By: John Denison

Plot Description: Tonight you have your work cut out for you. During your last redevous with the Mechanists you overheard a conversation aobut a summit meeting between the Mechanists, the Thieves Guild, and Lord Bafford. Lord Bafford was kind enough to host the meeting at his recently acquired castle. You've never been a favorite of your thieving commrades. If this summit meeting occurs the Thieves' Guild will completely alienate you. Tonight you must gain access to the castle and break the trust that Bafford has gained with the thieves. Lord Bafford cherishes his Traditional War Hammer. Get it and put it in the thieves' lounge locker. (more)

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Debt Repaid, A

 Filesize: 13.8 MB
 Released: 9/10/2004

By: Ottoj55 (Jason Otto)

Plot Description: A few years ago Garrett broke me out of Cragscleft Prison, a couple years after that he helped me break Jenivere out of a rich noble's manor. Tonight Garrett is the one in need of a rescue. A job he was on didn't go to well and now the City Watch has him locked up. An average housebreaker would get a long stay in their dungeons for this, if they figure out that this is Garrett they'll execute him for sure. (more)

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Korrigans, The

 Filesize: 20.3 MB
 Released: 9/10/2004

By: Gaëtane

Plot Description: Panic in the city! L'Arsene, master thief of this town, who has defied Garrett in the past, has escaped from prison! It's a really bad day to be a taffer: patrols everywhere, curfew at sunset! It's time to leave here and fast: L'Arsene has a quick and violent temper! The easiest way would be to flee by boat but, regrettably, access to the port is closed because of the invasion of the Korrigans, who appear to have arrived by sea. (more)

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Old Bad Fellows

 Filesize: 2.06 MB
 Released: 9/10/2004

By: Yohny C. Liar (Jan Hladík)

Plot Description: Garrett is kept in Fortress and his son "Earl Moon Garrett Junior" is searching for him. The first station of his searching is in local monastery, where he has to steal some things for one excommunicated Mechanist. It may be a trap, but it may be the way to find some information about father...

The demo mission:

Thief 2 Fan Mission

 Filesize: 1.97 MB
 Released: 9/10/2004

By: Nameless Voice

Plot Description: This is a short example mission demonstrating various gizmos and technical effects. (more)

And lastly the updated missions:

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Konkurrenten (v1.1)

 Filesize: 4.71 MB
 Released: 8/12/2004

By: Rostvogel (Igor Smikalla)

Plot Description: Again I was sitting in the local tavern having a nice and cool beer, as from a dark corner an old mate came over and sat next to me. Sniff is well known by people of my profession for bringing the latest news. Also he had message for me from a colleague: Troy, he told me for paying his services with a pint (and even some more...), is on the track of something interesting and wants me to come to him to Boulders Quartier. As I have to stay out of sight around here Troy's invitation suited me fine. Besides my last operations weren't that successfull and my landlord will show up again soon. Therefore I went to the gate of Boulders Quartier at first dawn. I waited for the gate being unwatched and hid myself in a dark corner and waited for the guard taking turns.

Additional Comments: English and German supported.

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Visite au Muséum

 Filesize: 4.84 MB
 Released: 8/27/2004

By: Louve

Plot Description: Vous avez appris, en recoupant des informations, qu'il existe sans doute un moyen de rejoindre les réserves du Musée des Beaux Arts en passant par celles du Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle. Les réserves du musée d'art contiennent quantité d'oeuvres d'art qui ne sont pas exposées en ce moment. Cela devrait vous permettre de prendre des vacances pendant un certain temps, une fois revendues. (more)

Additional Comments: English and French supported.

Phew! Many thanks to all of you for your myriad and varied efforts!

          Monday, September 06, 2004

Important: Your letters are needed NOW
- 10:27:02 PM - Elenkis
I'm going to copy this news directly from Thiefpetition.com and implore every one of you who visits the Circle to read it and give the little effort required for you to help make Thief 3 fan missions a real possibility:
7000 signatures on the online petition is a great response. The letter campaign had to drive home the size and determination of our efforts. Scott at Eidos received only 24 letters.

It's hardly surprising, therefore, that Eidos chose not to react.

Letters carry more weight than the online petition. 7000 letters would really have been somthing. This is our last letter drive. Come on people - if you are serious post a letter, a postcard, a handwritten note. Show Eidos and Ion Storm that you really want the editor, that it would be worth their while to release it.

The fans know that it would be popular. We know that great things would be made. But they need to be convinced. They need to be shown. Null's recent posts at the ISA forum ("don't uncross those appendages yet") show that hope is NOT lost. The start date is Monday September the 6th, 2004 - please send your letters that week if possible.

We'd emphasise the importance of taking a few minutes to write out your own letter, postcard or message. However, if you really can't do this then stock letters can be found here(.txt) and here(.rtf).

Here is the address:
Eidos Interactive
Attn: Scott Holbert/Customer Support
651 Brannan St. 4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94107

This may be our last chance to make a difference - it's all in your hands now.

24 letters?! Come on, the Thief community has always been known as one of the most dedicated fanbases on the internet; it's time to show Eidos that this is still true. I know for a fact that there's a lot more than 24 of you out there who want to see fan missions for Thief 3, so start sending those letters!

There are even stock letters provided for you at the links above if you can't write your own. So the effort involved in doing this one thing really is minimal, while the benefits it could bring to Thief fans everywhere would be massive. It's all down to you.

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