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          Friday, October 27, 2006

CoSaS MX: Help Wanted
- 12:45:46 AM - Dan
Dear dromeders. This is a rather urgent plea from Master Nightfall for anyone of capable hand and mind to assist with the development of CoSaS Mission X. We are in need of one with free time and positive attitude to continue work on the epic mission until the core team is capable of resuming production at the termination of the current university semester. Please see this thread for what we ask of you and contact me immediately if you believe you could possibly help. I thank you.

Position has been filled!

Kanditter's Screenshots
- 12:39:26 AM - Archaeon
Kanditter has been kind enough to post some screenshots of his current mission. Check them out here. This mission is for Thief 2 and boasts some custom objects. Welcome to the Circle Kanditter, and we look forward to seeing your mission completed!

Water FM Contest Update
- 12:38:21 AM - Archaeon
For all of our faithful level designers and voters who have participated in the Water Contest, you will be happy to hear that the results will be in soon! Check here for updates on the contest. Interested in playing some of the missions? You can find them all here. Or, to make life easy, you can download all 7 missions here. The rules for the contest were quite simple: Designers had to use a LOT of water. Building area was restricted to 512,000 DromEd units. Deadline was June 9, 2006 through September 15, 2006. Good luck to all who entered!

Sorting out Dromed's Evil
- 12:37:30 AM - Archaeon
A list of maximums and minimums for working with DromEd can be found here. Here you can find lists of the safe maxs and mins, like polycounts, cylinder brushes, textures, hitpoints inflicted, concrete brushes, ambient sounds, lights rendered, etc. Feel free to post your mins and maxs, and hopefully we will see a list compiled of all our maximums and minimums :D

Low Poly Guild - Moved & Renewed
- 12:35:02 AM - Archaeon
Our friends at the Low Poly Guild have gifted us all with an update! The site has a new host now. Also, if you've got any custom objects, feel free to send them in. Once you do, your page will be updated or a new one added for you. There have been a few new submissions, so check them out! Want to discuss it? Click here.

Help Write the Dromed Manual
- 12:33:18 AM - Archaeon
Anyone ever notice that it's nearly impossible to find a full, all out manual for working with DromEd? Or even sufficient documentation? Well, here's to the end of that. If you can find any documentation or helpful writing about DromEd by October 31st, make sure you pm Telliamed with your findings. We'll see an anouncement around then about what's going on.

DarkMOD Editor in Development
- 12:31:31 AM - Archaeon
Anyone familiar with DarkMOD, a conversion from Doom 3 into a thief - like environment, will be glad to see that DarkMOD has made a recent update! They're currently working on their very own custom level editor, DarkRadiant. You can view the model viewer interface here. Interested in having a say about the editor? You can apply to become a beta mapper, and get a chance to try it out for yourself.

Sluggs Abandoned Work
- 12:30:32 AM - Archaeon
Another gracious member of the forums, sluggs, has released an abandoned mission for any aspiring level designers to continue! Read more about it here, or download the content here. And may thanks go to our friend sluggs!

PinkDot's Resources Release
- 12:24:33 AM - Archaeon
To all of our T2 level designers out there: PinkDot, a gracious member of the forums, has formally released over 22MB of textures, objects, bitmaps, etc. You can read more about it here. There are some jaw dropping screenshots there, too. You'll find a beautiful monastery setting, a realistically yet magnificent library, and some videos detailing the scenes of these abandoned missions. You can download the full 22.6MB file here and explore the 200 textures, 140 objects, and 80 object skins. And may we say thank you to PinkDot for your contribution!

          Thursday, October 26, 2006

Fanfic - Delirium Echo by Yoyamime
- 6:53:04 PM - Dan
Chapter 1 of Delirium Echo by Yoyamime has been added to our Library of short tales.
Betrayal. I know that word well. Thoughts come and go in this dreamlike state but I know this suffering will stay with me until the day I die. If I ever get out of here, I must remember never to trust another human being again.

--- King No One

Forever the sleep was intended, and forever it should have been.

There was no sunlight that far down, nor streetlamps to illuminate the dank, subterranean shadow, but the candles still burned. Clustered about each other like tiny beads of iridescence, they defiantly stood their ground against the never-ending legions of blackness. Those who had left them there were long dead, and many of their secrets taken along with them. However, the candles survived, burning tirelessly, not a moment older than the day their wicks had been set ablaze and small rectilinear marks had been scratched into their sides. It was as if some ancient and powerful magic were keeping them alive long after they should have expired.

Thank you for your work, Yoyamime, and good luck on chapter 2!

The Thief (French) Dimension Invites you!
- 6:30:42 PM - Dan
French fansite Thief Dimension invites you to come peruse their collection of internet'd readables from all Thief Games; well, the French versions anyway. Of course, it doesn't do us non-french speaking folk any good, so I tried to run the site through the babel fish to see what I got...
"One should not fly in the house that I built, nor to commit crimes or injustices, if not you will be embanked and inserted in the ground and the country of Pagan will consume you." -- the Book of Pierre
Maybe not such a good idea... :) On the other hand, if you are a french reader, enjoy!

          Monday, October 23, 2006

Fan Art Gallery Update
- 7:08:35 PM - Dan
I am very pleased to announce the latest entrants into our Fan Art Gallery. We've accepted five more pieces of work done by taffers and submitted to the Taffer Art thread on our Thief Forums. As always, which works to accept is a tough call and the result of much discussion between staff members here, so those who find their work present should certanly feel proud.

Today we see new artwork from old gallery members Clockwork Mifune, Lady Taffer, Redface, and Silmuen. Additionally, we are pleased to accept two new artists into the gallery, Morrgan and Sneaksie Feet. Congratulations to you all.

Additionally, there's plenty more in the Taffer Art thread on our forum, so if you haven't already stop by to peruse all of the other Thief Fan-art, and maybe even submitt some of your own. Thank you, and keep them coming!

          Saturday, October 21, 2006

Thief Series Music Additions
- 3:01:02 AM - Archaeon
Hi guys, I'm Gail, also known as Archaeon...I'll be posting news and such about the Thief community. Previously I helped out with bringing the Dark Project website back to the internet. There's alot of new Thief stuff going on, everyone. We have new MUSIC!! Check out the new fanmixes by Gecko: Thief - Intro 2006, Thief - Credits 2006, and Thief - Catch The Thief. Also, the entire TDS soundtrack is now available to you! Purely amazing, I say. And last, but by far not least, we have the DarkMOD soundtrack. It's amazing, a masterpiece.

Edit: Well, the darkmod links have now been fixed so that they actually work ... so happy downloading! And if you want to know more about the Dark Mod ... well, clicketh!

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