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          Friday, October 29, 1999

Server Stuff
- 9:22:54 PM - Saam
Well, the forum problem is still there- I have received over 150 emails the past 2 days from people who can't access the site. I thank you all. However, I still haven't figured out what the problem is, so for the time being, I changed the IP address of the forums to Tomorrow, if you still can't access the site via http://forums.ttlg.com, please let me know.

Once again, I apologize for the major inconvenience, and I know that a lot of forum readers/posters have left, perhaps temporarily or maybe even permanently, but these are the risks one has to take in order to have something on their own 'property'. Thank you, and goodnight.

          Thursday, October 28, 1999

Thief Gold - 3rd Briefing
- 8:50:32 PM - Dan
Apparently the eidos site has posted up the third and final new mission briefing for Thief Gold. You can grab it here.

Conversations Tutorial in HTML
- 8:45:51 PM - Dan
Glen Sawyer was good enough to run the Conversations Tutorial Document through the Word 97 (I only have 95) doc -> html converter. It's now viewable by everyone. Thanks, Glen!

'Death of Garrett' Steals TEG's Highest Score!
- 6:49:43 PM - Dan
It had to happen eventually. First Circle of Strain was king, and then Edmund came along and took the lead. Now Death of Garrett is on the scene, and it's clamed its place as TEG's highest rated fan mission yet. It was reviewed by CEC UA. Here's a glympse at what he had to say:
I am always slightly apprehensive when i get emails from people telling me that this or that level was a gold, or whatever. I am also aprehensive when i see a title that means a assasination. I opened the email, pulled out the fairly hefty zip and threw it into my missions folder. Open it up with Thief Loader and prepare myself to start nitpicking. But wait. What can this be? Wow. Wow Wow. Death of Garrett (DoG) had me, i was a mere pawn in it's captivating grasp, and i was there to stay. I couldn't stop, I was having fun in this one.
I'm forced to agree - this mission is very fun! Congratualtions, Chris Patterson, for making such an outstanding mission! The full review can be read here, and the mission text file can be read here.

Conversations Tutorial by Deep Qantas
- 5:48:28 PM - Dan
Datoyminaytah showed us some advanced conversations in his mission, The Gem. Now Deep Qantas has come along to show everyone how it's done. DQ has written an extensive tutorial on creating conversations between NPCs, and between Garrett and an NPC. It's very detailed, and covers many bases. Thanks, DQ!

Unfortunetly it's in Word 95 format, and due to its complexity, would take a good hour or so to convert to HTML by hand (that's the only way I do HTML). If anyone has a good doc -> html converter, please lend a hand!

Still Having Trouble w/Forums?
- 12:43:04 PM - Saam
Hey everyone, if you are still having trouble accessing the discussion forums, please email me so I can get a general idea of how many people still can't access the site. Thank you!

Walkthrough for KFG's 'The Library'
- 12:01:02 PM - Dan
An extensive walkthrough for KFGecko's The Library has been written. Although it wasn't made clear, I will guess that it was written by KFG himself.

'Ramirez's Revenge' Updated to 1.1
- 11:44:00 AM - Dan
Apache's mission, Ramirez's Revenge has been updated to version 1.1. Several major and minor bugs have been corrected.

I'd also like to publiclly apologize for how late the review is. It seems that my review staff has taken a vacation. KFGecko, Greyhawk, Goit, where have you guys gone?

          Wednesday, October 27, 1999

Chapter 3 of "Keeper"
- 11:59:11 PM - Dan
The third chapter to Kyle 'Keeper' Mallinson's tale, "Keeper" has been uploaded. It continues the story of young Garrett and the Keepers. Enjoy!

Info on Thief Gold Rebate and Non-downloadability
- 6:50:17 PM - Dan
Kasakitis has pointed out a very useful Thief Gold article on DailyRadar.com. In a nutshell, I can tell you that Thief Gold has much fewer zombies, some of the maze-like missions have been simplified, and most importantly, this:
Some Thief owners have wondered on the newsgroups while Looking Glass doesn't simply post the new levels to the web. Pearsall explains that the new material is a little over 300 megabytes of new data. Even zipped up at 200 megs, and attached to an original Thief install, the update would produce a hard drive footprint of more than a gigabyte. So Looking Glass and Eidos have decided to release the game to retailers with a significant rebate so that players only have to cover materials and distribution. And to get the rebate, Pearsall explains that all you have to do is "take your Thief 1 CD, photocopy the silkscreen side, and send us the photocopy and there's your proof of purchase"
That little paragraph was badly needed some months ago... :) In the recent eidos newsletter, the word is now that Thief Gold will hit the US on the 28th. Thief Gold is already out in some parts of the world, like Singapore and Australia.

DromEd Euphoria Is Being Re-Designed
- 6:39:03 PM - Dan
Shizknits, of DromEd Euphoria has stepped out of the sewers... er.. shadows, to bring you the following message:
DromEd Euphoria is no longer a place of peace, but of havoc, so I've placed a keen interest on making it as conducive to the veterans as it is to the newbies.

The site is being basically stripped down to nothing and then remodelled by hand, I'll be typing the code straight out as opposed to using front page. It will be a true test of my programming skills but I am happy with the results thus far.

Before I had modelled after other sites, stealing info, pestering around in the source code, trying to 'gain the feel of thief'. Well, I've since stoped relying on that and have moved on to bigger things.....better things.....a revolution...

Good luck with the site, Mr Shiz!

          Tuesday, October 26, 1999

Forums - Please Bear With Us
- 11:17:30 PM - Dan
Yes, many of you still cannot access the new forums. Please be patient, we are doing our best here.

TTLG's New Forums!
- 2:00:36 PM - Saam
Thanks to our new server, we have now opened up our own set of discussion forums, located at http://forums.ttlg.com. While you can still browse all the old threads at our former discussion forum, it has been locked to prevent any further posting.

We need you, the readers, to help jump-start the new forums, so go and post now! Many thanks goes to the people at GameForum for allowing us to use their server for so many months! We thank you!

Update: I think I'm having DNS troubles again, so for those of you who can't access the forums via http://forums.ttlg.com, use the ip address If anyone is familiar with the DNS server on an NT 4.0, please email me so you can help us out. Thanks. :)

          Monday, October 25, 1999

New Thief Gold Screenshots
- 3:06:59 PM - Dan
LGS's Thief Gold site has been updated with a pile of new screenshots. Although the architecture doesn't look as advanced as what we are used to, in my opinion the atmosphere of these areas still looks pretty thick!

Thief Editing Site Spotlights
- 2:39:02 PM - Dan
And now for the second installment of the Thief Editing Website Spotlights

Gonchong.net This site showcases the author's released missions Shunned and The Docks, current projects, links, and more.

The Fallen Database (by Cratus) This site looks to be a me-too site, in direct competition with us... :)

Trimfect: The Thief Project The home base of one of our staff, Toni Hollming. It contains reviews, tutorials, and info on past and present projects, including something which shall be announced in a very big way on this site very soon.. :)

Thief: In Shambles - DromED (by Jayle) It looks like this site is set up to compete with TEG... :) It's set up to hold everything TEG has, but is empty at the moment.

New Thief Gold Artwork - Good Stuff!
- 2:18:41 PM - Dan
Eidos finally uploaded the 1024x768 versions of the new Thief Gold Backgrounds, so I've stuck them in the media gallery!

The first image is just a close-up of the first Thief Gold image. Note that Garrett doesn't look nearly as ugly up close!

The second image, a very cool one I might add, is of Garrett hiding behind a wall, gas arrow in hand.

Download Thief Gold Briefings
- 1:47:44 PM - Dan
I did not mention this before, simply because I disagree with the release. The Eidos Thief Gold site offers two of the three new mission briefings in Thief Gold for download. In the event that you want to make even less new for yourself when you finally play it. If, like me, you would rather wait and see (I only just glanced at the demo), then feel free to ignore this... :)

Walkthroughs for 'Shunned' and 'The Docks'
- 1:42:17 PM - Dan
In response to my request, Gonchong has responded.

Walkthroughs for the missions Shunned and The Docks have been added to TEG. Links to these walkthrough are right next to the download link, in the missions archive.

Mokkis also has a walkthrough for his mission, Circle of Strain 2, which is included in the download. When the mission is reviewed, we will also release the walkthrough online.

Thief Gold Out in Singapore?
- 12:45:29 PM - Dan
I've checked with LGS about this, and they don't know what's up. We can only conclude that Eidos is really odd. We can't accuse them of always releasing games in the US first now, can we?
Hii, I go by 'Rolander' on ttlg.gameforum. I'm a Lglass fan living in Singapore, who caught on too slow to Thief before it sold out here. Hence, I had been waiting for Thief Gold ever since...

I stumbled up Thief Gold right here in Singapore (exact location, Challenger Superstore at Funan Centre; believe that other venders have started getting their hands on it by now) on Sunday afternoon local time.... The place I bought it from was fairly pricy, but I didn't wait to shop around for a lesser price and bought it at just under Singapore $40 (probably translate into US $25 or so).

I thought it was announced that Thief Gold would debut on the 29th, so maybe the rescind order didn't reach here in time... or maybe this is a pirated copy (but then it shouldn't be selling in a very nice box with an small but proper manuel, and displayed prominantly on a legitimate PC outlet locally)

Anyway, I think I'll mentioned, just as an appetiser, that some kind soul in Lglass has added a new sound file for eating bread and cheese (dunno if the sound's accurate, but IMO sounds like Garrett's chewing paper LOL)... said this cos heard that Thief original had only the 'crunchy' sound for eating anything and a few taffers griped about it...

I'm sure there will be many pathe-...err.. happy taffers because of this new wave... :)

          Saturday, October 23, 1999

Thief: The Dark Site - Old Name, Same Person, New Site
- 11:49:03 PM - Dan
David Hirtle Thief: The Dark Site is in the middle of a complete makeover - and it looks very impressive thus far. I'll let him describe it:
Thief: The Dark Site has been totally re-done. New design, new lay-out, new content... The only thing that remains the same is, in effect, the title. There are still some sections of the site yet unfinished, but I will be completing them as often as possible. Happy thieving everyone and hope the site is helpful.
The site is vastly graphics intence, and as a result, looks quite good. Bravo, David!

Call to Authors of Fan-Missions - Make Walkthroughs!
- 11:27:13 PM - Dan
If any authors of fan-missions have made walkthroughs for your missions, please mail me to let me know, so I can provide a link to the walkthrough next to the place where your mission is downloaded from.

Furthermore, I would like to encourage you all to do walkthroughs of your missions, either with the release or afterwards. It would encourage people to download it if they knew they would have help when stuck, and also make it more enjoyable, removing the frustrations of getting stuck.

'How tweq moves the dial' - by Steven Hindley
- 11:18:19 PM - Dan
This is something we haven't seen in ages - a dromed tutorial. Steven Hindley has written a short tutorial called 'How tweq moves the dial'. I really have no idea what it's about... :)

Shunned Version 1.003 Released - Water Bug Fixed
- 10:53:01 PM - Dan
Gonchong has released a version of his love/hate mission (most people either love it or hate it... :) Shunned. This update contains a fix to the score-pounding water bug that kept TEG's entire review staff from completing the mission. In light of this correction, I have raised the score to 3 silver hammers. Seeing as some of us would like to see this mission bronzed, and other golden, I think that the middle score is most fitting.

Anoying CD Read Problem Solved!
- 2:25:39 PM - Dan
Glen Sawyer has figured out a solution to a problem that everyone who plays the fan-missions has-even if you don't realize it. I'll let him explane:
I have a big hard drive but a slow CD drive, so I _did_ a full install when I bought the game lo these many months ago. I played through the whole thing multiple times without any problems.

The problem arises with fan-made missions with custom textures, sounds, etc.

Here's the crux:

If a sub-folder exists in the Thief folder, then Thief WILL NOT look at the corresponding .crf file in the Thief folder.

For a specific example (in fact, the whole reason I figured this out), I used ThiefLoader and installed "Information." ThiefLoader happily created a folder named "snd" in my Thief folder. Suddenly, the game was accessing the CD _every time_ a sound occured for the first time. Here's how "trickster" described it on the thread:

> Trickster swings his blackjack. There is a pause while his
> computer loads the 'blackjack hit' sound from his CD-ROM.
> During this time, Trickster enjoys a Samuel Adams Boston Lager,
> posts several messages on the forum, and learns calligraphy. Shortly
> after he finishes, the blackjack goes 'thunk!' and a Hammerite falls
> to the ground.

After a bit of thinking and experimenting, I discovered (restating once again) that when the game sees a "snd" folder in the Thief folder, the game IGNORES "snd.crf" in the Thief folder.

So when I swing a blackjack, the game thinks to itself, "Hmm... I haven't used the blackjack sound yet, so I need to load it. Let's see... ah, there's a folder named 'snd' in the game folder. ...oh, dear. I can't seem to find the blackjack sound in that folder. Where else can I look?" At this point, I scream at the game, "Look in the 'snd.crf' file, you fool! It's right there in the game folder!" The game looks back at me quizzically and replies, "But I just looked in the game folder! I found the 'snd' folder, but the sound I need wasn't there. Sorry, but I'm going to have to look in another folder. Hmm... according to the install.cfg file, I can look either in the game folder or in the Thief folder on the CD. I guess I'll just have to go to the CD."

One more restate:
Even with a full installation, the presence of a "snd" sub-folder in the game folder will cause Thief to completely ignore the file "snd.crf" in the game folder. Likewise with "obj," "mesh," "intrface," etc. This causes unnecessary CD accesses, most notably with non-cached game items (such as sounds).

In the main Thief installation directory, create a subdirectory named "crfs" (or whatever you want to call it) and put all your .crf files in there. Then edit your install.cfg so that the line which reads

resname_base [installation directory]+[CD directory]

now reads

resname_base [installation directory]\crfs+[CD directory]

Like I said, my explanation in the thread is a little more thorough, but that's the basics. Disseminate this information as you see fit.

Wow. Thanks, Glen. We should tell Bed to make the next version of Thief Loader do this automatically. Are you reading this, Bed?... :)

Preview Screens for Dock Land, by Steven Hindly
- 2:13:47 PM - Dan
Steven Hindly, author of Garrett's Revenge, is hard at work on his next mission, Dock Land. He says to expect the mission in about a month's time. In order to generate a bit of anticipation, he sent me a collection of screens from the mission to show off to everyone. The screens are zipped up into a neat package, and available for download here, and only here.

          Thursday, October 21, 1999

Thief 2 Preview at IGN!
- 7:37:35 PM - Dan
We have activity to report on T2-ma.com! IGN has posted up a rather large preview of Thief 2, and our sister site is on top of it. Grab all the details, and the new very cool screenshots, right here.

          Tuesday, October 19, 1999

Thief Gold Shelf Date Pushed Back to the 29th.
- 6:04:00 PM - Dan
I just found out today that the shelf-date for Thief Gold has been pushed back to the 29th of this month. I've not heard any reason for it, I just know that it's true. Hopefully it's due to a last minute bug fix. Also note that I have heard from various sources that it can indeed be purchased for $20. If you can find it at that price without shipping, and cash in on the rebates on T1 & T2, then you've got yourself a free game, taffer... :)

'Circle of Strain 2' Released! - Fan Mission by Mokkis
- 5:53:21 PM - Dan
Mokkis has released his second, and from what I hear, maybe last :( mission, Circle of Strain 2. CoS2 is not really the sequel to CoS1. I think he just called it that for name recognition, since CoS was such a well-liked mission. At any rate, here's the descript from the readme:
Dear Garrett:

I got yesterday a letter from Lord Jacob. He have got somehow my scroll to you. I think by stealing... That scroll contains very sensitive material of our work and Lord Jacob have find a good tightenway. He lay claim to him self 9000 loot! And if I don't pay, he will going to give that evidence scroll to the Sheriff! That would lead us in HANG. Your job is quite simple, but very important. KILL the Lord and get the scroll back.

- Felix

I checked out the mission, of course, and saw the same level of professional design we can expect from Mokkis. It ran a tad slow on my system, however, so like CoS1, low-end users beware.

Dromed & Thief Editing Site Showcase
- 3:47:16 PM - Dan
The other day I posted in the TEG forum, asking for links to all the Dromed Sites out there. I had intented to grab links to any sites that I am not currently listing. A few of you responded, so I'm treating you all to a nice T-dp.com showcaseing. Here's the sites, folks. Enjoy! I know that there are many more sites out there, so please list yourself in this thread. Thanks!

TheTels: Here is the site belonging to the renounced author of many Dromed demo missions. You can get them all here!
The Keeper's Archive

Totality: The main feature of this site has got to be the section which explains how to import your own 3D Objects into Thief!
Totality's Site

JD Smith: This site has some links, displays some scrapped Dromed projects, and the author's current project(s).
JD Smith's Dromed Site

Wrichards: If you've never been to this site before, where have you been? This site showcases Wrichards many missions, and offers teasers on his future projects.
Wrichard's Realm

Wyclef: This is a small site, describing the author's projects, and offering some tutorials and links.
A Dromed Site

Bed: The famous author or ThiefLoader, and other thief editing utilities proudly presents his site, which proudly presents his wares.
Bed's Thief Page

Shizknit: In spite of the name, this page is not affiliated with TEG or TTLG. It's a fully featured Thief Editing resource site, well worth a look.
Dromed Euphoria: TEG Member Headquarters

MaD-SaM: Co-author of 'Thief - Once...' This site is a promo-page for the mission.

Kung Fu Gecko: TEG Mission Reviewer, and Author of 'The Library' This site showcases his projects.
Gecko Beach: Thief- The Dark Project

Silver: This is a small site, describing the author's projects, and offering some tutorials and links. Silver's Dromed Site

          Saturday, October 16, 1999

Dromed Automap Tools
- 8:02:25 PM - Jyre
I'll let the provider explain:
These are the tools we use to make automaps in thief. Here's the basic process

1) make a file P001ra.pcx that is the automap page one with all the annotations
2) Draw bounding boxes around the annotations in color 254
3) From a DOS box, run "cutout p001ra.pcx" to generate the p001rXXX.pcx files
4) Run "makerect p001ra.pcx" to generate the p001ra.bin file

If you have annotations that overlap, you can spread them over multiple files, just feed all the files into both tools on the command line in the same order (e.g. "makerect p001ra.pcx p001rb.pcx" etc).

If you have problems getting these to work, let me know. Though, like all of dromed, they are unsupported.

Get the files here: Makerect, Cutout Or at the Tools Section

Two silver Hammers for 'Shunned'
- 7:59:09 PM - Lytha
It seems that the reviewer of Shunned by Gonchong (see the info text for the mission here) did not like the mission as much as I did, but I am not a member of the review staff. Before I start complaining about the well-known "Undead vs. Human" controversy, again, I should just announce that the review is now available.

The reviewers gave 'Shunned' two silver hammers. The cons against the mission were some technical flaws (one known as the "water bug") and the raw architecture in some areas. The pros were the very nice indoor atmosphere, and the customization.

Read the full review here.

(I've heard there is a version of this mission with the water-bug fixed. Gonchong, can you tell me where I can grab it? - MN)

Thief Gold Demo Reviewed
- 6:09:35 PM - Jyre
3dGaming.net's Ilya Popov has reviewed the demo of Thief Gold and it would seem, was rather unimpressed, having given it an overall score of just 2/5. (download 1/5, fun 3/5) But then, with the reviewer thinking this:

Let's get one thing out of the way: Gold versions exist to drain a series of all it's monetary value and sap the life out it. Just ask Lara.

did it ever stand a chance of getting more?

You can read the full review here

"Ramirez's Revenge' - a new mission by Apache
- 5:36:59 PM - Lytha
Apache released his first mission 'Ramirez's Revenge'. Let the author describe it himself:
My first atempt this DromEd. A med-sized level with lots of secrets to find. You have found yourself in the clutches of the Hammers. (Thanks to the help of Ramirez).You think he may still be alittle sore about the trip to his house. And has seen to it that you won't be bothering him anymore. Setting up a local merchant. He played you into picking his pocket. While counting your loot, his guards hit you when you won't looking. And deposited your body at the Hammerite Outpost's doorstep. Like an unwanted baby being left at the wicked new parents house. But since your here, might as well make the best if it. Rescue a few artifacts and get out alive.
This is a escape-style mission with Hammerites as enemies.. as far as I played the mission. :) Good thing is that the player is able to find the blackjack very quick. It seems to be a nice medium sized mission, and the first impression was good. Download it now.

PCG UK Top Ten: Vote For Thief
- 11:05:17 AM - Jyre
PC Gamer UK have finally put up a site and part of their reviews section allows you to give the game a rating (out of 5). Placing in the top 10 is dependent on the number of votes for a particular star rating it gets. 12 5-star votes will currently put it 2nd. But it'd need 109 to go first. The place to go vote is here.

The current top 10 can be found here.

Vote for the Hammerite Haunt at the Best Monster!!
- 1:44:00 AM - Dan
I should have noticed this before: Gamespot is doing a top 10 monsters thing, and the Hammerite Haunt from Thief NEEDS to be on the list! If we all vote for the haunt, then it stands a chance of placing. Come on and vote!

Go Vote!!

          Thursday, October 14, 1999

Bad News: Server Trouble
- 11:11:30 PM - Dan
We're having some major server trouble, as anyone who's tried to visit SShock2.com may have seen. We may go down in the next few days. Hopefully it won't be for long.

          Tuesday, October 12, 1999

Thief Editing Site Spotlight: Totality's 3D Object Importing Site
- 2:09:37 AM - Dan
Not long ago, it was learnt how to import new 3D objects into Thief missions. Totality was good enough to construct a small site dedicated to the proccess of doing this, and now I'm spreading the word.

Check it out if you are interested, and good luck!

'The Keeper' Updated - a Thief Story in Development by Keeper Mallinson
- 1:51:40 AM - Dan
'The Keeper,' a Thief fan-story by Keeper Mallinson has been updated with a little section which he calls 'interlude.'

It's short, but fans of Constantine & Viktoria should enjoy it, though as in his previous chapters, he again draws some conclusions some of us may disagree with.

Check it out!

'N'lahotep's Tomb' and 'Conversation at the Gate'
- 1:19:58 AM - Dan
We have two releases tonight. One is 'N'lahotep's Tomb', and is the first mission to kick off the 'unreviewed' category at TEG. This is the fist mission by Fafhrd, and promises to not be the last.

The other is 'Conversation at the Gate,' a demo mission by Teemu Salmela, which demonstrates some scripted events, like conversation.

          Monday, October 11, 1999

Screenshots of 'Circle of Strain 2'!
- 11:14:43 PM - Dan
Mokkis has, in the style of excitement one has come to expect from this usually ecstatic individual, submitted a collection of screenshots from his soon-to-be-released mission, Circle of Strain 2. In case it wasn't blindingly obvious, Mokkis is author of the high-ranking mission "Circle of Strain," and while CoS2 isn't really a sequel, we can expect the same level of high quality design as demonstrated before. But don't just take my word for it, take a look at these shots!

Thief Owners Get a Discount on Thief Gold
- 5:10:02 PM - Dan
In case there is anyone who has not heard yet, Eidos will be giving a discount on Thief Gold to Thief owners.

According to the Eidos Thief Gold site, it comes with a "$10 rebate for Thief: The Dark Project owners, and $10 coupon on Thief II: The Metal Age!"

When you consider the fact that Thief Gold is at a SRP of $30, and you get $20 off if you have Thief & plan on getting Thief 2, I think that it should be affordable... at least I hope so!

New Thief Gold Promo Images
- 4:56:48 PM - Dan
The first time I checked these, they wouldn't download, so there are most likely some of you who have already seen them on Eidos's official Thief Gold site.

The first image is a painting of Garrett Looking over his domain, The City, with a massive Hammerite Temple the main point of interest. I have named this image City-scape.

The second image is a rough sketch of Garrett in an action pose, getting ready to shoot an arrow over the artist's head. I have named this image Rough Sketch.

Coincidentally, two new images have been posted up on the eidos site, but they don't seem to be up for download yet, just viewing. Check 'em out!

The @thief-darkproject.com Email Addresses are Down
- 4:12:07 PM - Dan
If you try to email nightfall@thief-darproject.com, you will find that it no longer exsists. We still haven't gotten the email on this new server totally operational, so just bear with us.

Item number 4,504 on the glitch list...

'The Death of Garrett' - Bug Fix Update
- 3:59:38 PM - Dan
The mission The Death of Garrett' has been updated to version 1.01. Here's a list of the bugs fixed:
This is version 1.01 of DoG, revised 10-7-99. It is a very minor revision. If you have already downloaded the mission, there's really no reason to download this revision, unless one of the problems I list below is really plaguing you.

The revision contains exactly three changes:

Many players have had problems turning the pages in one of the books, and worse, they generally could not tell that there is more than one page. In this revision I've changed the book model so that it's obvious that there are multiple pages, and turning the pages is easier.

I have realigned some of the doors to better fit the doorways. However, the player will still sometimes get stuck in a doorway. Unfortunate, but I've aligned the doors exactly (by the numbers) and I'm not sure what else to do.

I have made a trivial change in the text of one of the books.

Thanks for fixing these problems, Chris. It's the mark of a good mission builder to fix problems until all is right!

          Sunday, October 10, 1999

Keeper's Tale Chapter Ten
- 2:03:59 PM - Mishkal
It pleases me to report that the tenth chapter of my story is now available for viewing. For those interested in my tale, please see the notice in the new table of contents. Here you go!

          Tuesday, October 05, 1999

'The Death of Garrett' - A New Mission From Chris Patterson
- 9:40:51 PM - Dan
Chris Patterson, possibly more commonly known in TEG as "trickster," has released his mission: "The Death of Garrett." Here's the description:
"I was approached by a thief named Bok who wanted to work with me on a job he said was too tough to pull off by himself. I usually work alone, but I wanted to find out what kind of work my competitors were up to, so I agreed to give him a listen. He handed me a map that he said showed the location of some hidden treasure...and that was when I made my mistake. As I looked down at the map, I saw a flash of movement behind me. Too late, I found myself on the wrong end of Bok's blackjack.

Now I've woken up in this god-forsaken place with no weapons and no idea of how to get out of here. But I've promised myself that if I do make it out of here alive, I'll make Bok pay for what he did to me."

This mission is a standard human sneaker. Actually, that is not a standard sneaker, this is a very good one. You are deprived of your gear for a good portion of the beginning, so it really puts your sneaking skills to the test. I found it quite enjoyable! Download it now!

          Monday, October 04, 1999

This was a test
- 9:32:26 PM - Dan
This was a test of some updates to the news script. Pay it no mind!

"The Gem" - Prolog to a New Thief Campaign, by Datoyminaytah
- 8:41:49 PM - Dan
Wes Morrison (Datoyminaytah) has finally released the first mission in his highly anticipated (to me anyway) Thief campaign. This series of mission feature storytelling via scripted events as a higher priority then architecture, which was taken mostly from the Dark Project mission "Assassins" Here's the author's description of the prolog mission, called "The Gem":
This mission is a prequel to the missions in "Thief: The Dark Project", and is set just after Garrett has left the Keepers. (Between the training mission and Bafford's.) Garrett has found out about a gem owned by a town merchant and has decided it will make a good target for his first night out after leaving the Keepers. This is not a typical Thief mission. There is not a lot to steal, not a lot of guards to evade, just a story to follow, some complex conversations, a puzzle or two, and a few surprises. This mission is in fact a setup for a sequel, which will happen the next morning.
The mission contains a small briefing. A higher bandwidth version of this briefing will be available from this site in a few days.

Chapter 2 of "The Keeper," a Thief Fan-novel, Released
- 7:50:59 PM - Dan
"The Keeper" a Thief fan-novel in progress by Keeper Mallinson was updated to chapter 2, with part 1 & the prolog refreshed & revised. This story tells the story of young Garrett before and among the Keepers. It is also unique in that it places the Thief universe into ours, with a great deal of reference to both the Romans and the British. This story has a perminant residence in The Collection of Short Thief Tales.

2nd Review of 'Lord Edmund Entertains' - Written by Greyhawk
- 2:13:47 PM - Dan
See what happens when a mission is really good? You have two of the reviewers doing reviews on it! Actually, we decided to have another one of us review "Lord Edmund Entertains" to even out the score in case KFGecko was a little too generous with his. Well, low and behold, Greyhawk actually rated the mission -higher- than KFG did. Interested in seeing more praise for this excellent mission? Here's the review!. It's posted below the original one.

"Prisoner's Revenge" Reviewed by Goit - 2 Silver Hammers!
- 1:26:51 PM - Dan
I had to delay the release of this review because of the server move, but I don't think the author will mind too much, since it's such a good review... :)

Goit Awarded "Prisoner's Revenge," the newest mission by Jan "Vitus" Vitek, two silver hammers and a rather positive review (as one expects from a two silver hammer mission). Some of his comments were as follows:

This is a classical level, there's no innovation to speak of, no real gimmicks - a straightforward Thief mission. What impressed me most was the use of architectural features to create good shadows that are on a par with the shadowing in the prison section of "Cragscleft". Oftentimes I found myself sneaking down a razor thin shadow line, hugging walls and dashing shadow to shadow behind the guards' backs. Superb. No other fan-mission has implemented this critical element of gameplay so well. "Prisoner's Revenge" ought to do for the standard of shadow creation what "The Library" did for standards of architecture some months ago.
Congratulations, Vitus! The full review & screenshots can be seen here. The mission readme can be viewed here. Enjoy!

Two New Demo & Fun Stuff Maps:
- 12:22:58 PM - Dan
These are not new, actually, but I've finally gotten the chance to put them online. Both are arena missions, and both are rather silly.

Creature Clash is a map for those of us who enjoy examining the way AIs react to eachother, the different mo-caps, and evaluate strengths and weaknesses of enemies in different types of combat. Er, it's also for sadistic basterds who love to watch things kill eachother in a mindless melee.... :)

Smackdown is a silly little map based on a pro-wrestling arena, with you as the hero another thief as the bad guy. The real point of the mission was to demo custom skins on objects, like benches.

The Circle Welcomes 'A Novice Keeper's Lexicon' to its Halls
- 12:06:46 AM - Nightfall
Many of you who have been loyal patrons to this circle may remember that the editors' guild, labeled Dromed, was once designed to be a Story wing, with all sorts of lore related to this universe, especially the Hammerites, The Pagans, and The Keepers. Unfortunately, when working on The Circle, necessity & demand preceded completeness, and this wing was never finished. When The Editors Guild came into being, it was placed where this Story area would have gone.

Why do I speak of this? During the move, I happened to discover a collection of content which I had planned to feature in this canceled wing. One of which, a notebook confiscated from a Keeper Novice, was quite worthy to put on display as a stand alone exhibit.

Deciding that it was now or never, I took this tome to the Strategy wing, and while giving the entire area a facelift, constructed a small display for this collection of knowledge.

The Novice Keeper's Lexicon, as I have named it, was written by Larris the Magpie. It lists all people, places, things, and organizations which were made known to us through the telling of The Dark Project, organized in alphabetical order, with internal links connecting related topics. It is a wealth of knowledge, which I am happy to finally share with one and all.

So without further stalling, allow me to point you towards, The Novice Keeper's Lexicon

          Sunday, October 03, 1999

Thief-Darkproject.com is Once Again Totally Operational
- 11:54:18 PM - Dan
The overview is complete, and I am happy to say that Thief-Darkproject.com is once again totally operational, now on its new home on the dedicated TTLG server. I managed to check every internal link and every file, and everything seems rock solid. All of the ads have been replaced with new code, for improved looks, and the 'back buttons' at the bottom of each page re-designed for maximum user friendliness.

In the odd chance that I did indeed miss something, feel free to contact me at the usual address: detodd@rwtodd.com

Keeper's Tale Chapter 9
- 9:51:27 PM - Mishkal
Greetings. It is with great pleasure that I bring you Chapter 9 of my story. Delays both on my part and the renovations here had previously caused this to be pushed back. Also, I'd like to say that Chapter 10 is nearing completion, mostly requiring polishing and editing, and should be available shortly. Thank you for your continued interest. Here it is... Chapter 9

Thief Gold Promo Art Added to Media Section
- 2:45:21 PM - Dan
Another note, I added the two pieces of Thief Gold promotional artwork, from the Eidos Thief Gold Site, to our Media section, under the images category.

Thief Gold Sites Added to Links page
- 1:21:27 PM - Dan
This is a small note to mention that the Thief Gold official sites have been added to our links page.

Thief Gold has Gone Gold!
- 12:04:48 AM - Dan
Good News, Taffers! Thief Gold has Gone Gold. I just received the official press release from Eidos. Iíve posted this information on the site before, in bits and pieces. Since Iíve been getting a few emails from people asking about TG, I thought I may as well re-post it all:

Thief Gold officially went gold. It will be available in stores on October 19th

There are 3 new levels included with Thief Gold:

Thieves' Guild
Garrett has heard that the Downwind Thieves' Guild has pulled off a daring heist, stealing Lord Randall's Sapphire Vase. However, they are now squabbling among themselves about how to share the loot. Garrett decides to go in and steal it himself: because of their internal arguments, they won't blame him. He intends to break in through a gambling den they operate, the Overlord's Fancy.

Mages' Tower
In the ruined city of Thief: The Dark Project, the Keeper Chapel revealed that the Mage's Tower was the hiding place for the Talisman of Earth. Garrett breaks into the Mage Towers to steal the Earth Talisman. The Talisman is being held in the Central Tower of the Mage Towers, secured by spells. To free the Talisman, Garrett must find his way through each of the Towers to find the keys that will unlock the Talisman Room.

Song of the Caverns
Garrett searches for the Talisman of Water, which has been hidden in an underground cavern deep below the city. However, he soon learns that someone else has already stolen the Talisman and his only clues as to who has beaten him to it are the ravings of a lunatic hermit.

All of the levels in the original game have had a beautification pass run through -- torches, textures, room brushes, better EAX support, fixes for mildly annoying problems etc.

In the original Thief spec, each talisman was supposed to be in its own mission. In Thief Gold, we have restored the two talisman missions that were cut from the original Thief game, and have given each talisman its own mission as originally intended (Mages' Tower & Song of the Caverns).

Also, we had intended to create some direct competition for the talisman for Garrett in the form of the Mages; there are 4 kinds of Mages, just as there are 4 types of talismans. The Mages only have the Earth Talisman now and so the air, water, and fire mages want to get their talisman back from where the keepers hid them. So they are also searching for them, in direct competition with Garrett. We have added mages to Lost City, who are searching for the Fire Talisman there.

Mission numbers refer to the original Thief numbers:

Mission 4 - Catacombs: Cavern system simplified, textures in the catacombs themselves given more variety, insertion of a new monster type. Player can now get more fire arrows if they run out before they discover that they are necessary to light all of the torches in a puzzle room.

Mission 6 - The Sword - new terrain added, modified objectives on expert difficulty level.

Mission 7 - The Ruined Cathedral: A new monster type inserted to prevent the player from ever running out of fire arrows; keeper map updated to reflect the new mission structure.

Mission 9 - Lost City: Any and all references to the Water Talisman removed (placed back in original spot in new mission that was cut from the original game). Added a tunnel to get back from the bridge for people who make the Crazed Jump. Redistribute loot, books, resources. Removed craymen and replaced with Mages. Many books changed to reflect the change.

Mission 10 - Undercover: Any and all references to Earth Talisman is removed (placed back in new mission that was cut from the original game).

For more information on Thief Gold, check out the LGS Thief Gold Site or the Eidos Thief Gold Page. These sites contain the new artwork & screenshots from the game.

I just hope that they found it possible to make mention of Thief-Darkproject.com somewhere... :)

          Saturday, October 02, 1999

It's Almost Ready....
- 4:53:14 PM - Dan
If you see this news post, then the site automation refit is nearly complete...

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