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          Friday, November 22, 2002

Ultimate Difficulty Update
- 11:14:36 PM - Elenkis
James Martens has released version 1.1 of his Ultimate Difficulty mod for Thief 1/G. For those who don't already know, the Ultimate Difficulty mod is a rather cool custom gamesys for Thief that increases the difficulty and realism in the game. It can be found along with all the other neat 3rd party mods in our Thief Patches section.

The updated version includes the following changes:

-Fixed a bug that sometimes made moving up stairs unrealistically loud in some cases
-The "alerting others behavior" will now also occur in situations where a guard finds a dead body
Thanks James!

FM: Iron Man
- 10:58:04 PM - Elenkis
Iron Man is the latest fan mission to be released and is the follow-up to Paul D Rotter's well received Thief 2 mission Best Defense.

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Iron Man

 Filesize: 4.3 MB
 Released: 11/22/2002

By: Paul D Rotter (eepcat)

Plot Description: After cutting a deal with Sheriff Winters, you are sent to the mansion of a wealthy iron-works tycoon known as "Iron Man". Retrieve the Mask of Triton and the Horn of Quintus for the sheriff...the rest is yours. This is part 2 of my series...the first is named "Best Defense".

          Sunday, November 17, 2002

Poem: Lord of the Earth
- 11:20:23 PM - Elenkis
Lord of the Earth is an ominous piece of woodsie poetry written and submitted to us by M. Braun (aka MauSTuS FauSTuS). It starts like this...
Bringsie – you ending to the world.
Floodsie with knowledge that you learns.
Sands flowsie and here I sits.
Holdsie the edges of my tomb.

Seasonsie past: seeks – you refuge by fires you made.
Fearsie – you creatures that creepsie and crawlsie in shades.
Servants of mine huntsie all for the taste of your meat.
Panicky flesh huddle close ‘till the shadows retreat.

Thanks M!

          Wednesday, November 13, 2002

A Great Thief Info Site
- 8:32:09 AM - Dan
I'd like to take a moment and point everyone to a great Thief series info site. Perviously, Sneaksie Thiefsie's work has been scattered hither and yonder througout The Circle. Now he's collected it all onto one site, but added so much more. Clicketh:

The Keeper's Library

Thank you, Sneaksie, for all of your dedication and work.

          Sunday, November 10, 2002

FM: Ruins of Originia
- 5:37:50 PM - Elenkis
Ruins of Originia is a four mission campaign for Thief 2 that comes to a huge 201MB in size and is the result of over 3 years of work by Terry Head (aka YcatX). For your convenience you may also download the campaign in six seperate chunks (about 35MB each).

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Ruins of Originia

 Filesize: 201.4 MB
 Released: 11/10/2002

By: YcatX (Terry Head)

Plot Description: Events take place after Thief2.

Additional Comments: Campaign comprising of 4 missions, split download available here.

FM: In Search of Leon
- 5:05:04 PM - Elenkis
In Search of Leon is the 5th in Christine Schneider's popular series of missions for Thief 2. Previous missions in the series include A Visit to Lord Ashton's, A Night's Stroll, Escape and Revenge. All of which can of course be found in the missions section right here :)

Thief 2 Fan Mission
In Search of Leon

 Filesize: 6.9 MB
 Released: 11/10/2002

By: Christine Schneider

Plot Description: The fifth mission from my series of FMs for Thief II.

After an extensive vacation, you find a message from Madame Kira on your return. You are to steal a valuable book, currently owned by Sir Hrothgar von Hagen. Also, it looks like your buddy Leon is in trouble...

Additional Comments: English and German multi language support.

FM: Garrett's Nightmare
- 4:44:02 PM - Elenkis
Congratulations to Deadwrite who has created his first ever fan mission. Garrett's Nightmare is a rather spooky sounding mission for Thief 2 and is now in our database!

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Garrett's Nightmare

 Filesize: 1 MB
 Released: 11/10/2002

By: Deadwrite

Plot Description: The idea here is you, (Garrett), (after years of becoming the best dang thief in the world), has had to do many many things that you wished you didn't have to in order to survive and succeed in many of your missions. You have hurt many people, not just physically but personally as well. Making them look bad, hurting their pride, stealing their most prized possessions right out from under their noses...(more)

          Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Senior Designer Leaves Ion Storm
- 4:43:13 PM - Dave
Emil Pagliarulo, a designer on Thief I & II at Looking Glass and had started work on the third installment at Ion Storm has resigned.
Emil, responsible for some of the best gaming maps ever has left to work for Bethesda Softworks on Elder Scrolls "stuff".
Here's what the man had to say here on our forums.
Hey all,

Well, this isn't REALLY a farewell, since I'll still be floating around the Thief forums. But I just wanted to let you guys know that my time with the Thief series has officially ended. It was a great run, and I had a blast, but in the end I decided it was time for a change.

I'm now at Bethesda, working as a designer on the Elder Scrolls series (you know, Morrowind-type goodness). I've always loved Bethesda's games, and have always wanted to help make them. Now's my chance.

Rest assured, Thief 3 is in great hands! I like to think I did some good work on the project before I left, and you can be sure that everyone else is producing great stuff as well.

Well, anyway, stay Thiefy, and I'll see you in the Bethesda forums!

Well, there you have it. Good luck to Emil in his new job and thanks for some great gaming moments!

          Monday, November 04, 2002

Fan Mission News
- 8:16:13 AM - Dan
We should really do this kind of thing more often. This is the kind of stuff I love. But who has the time? :( I'll stop whining and get on with it. :)

I saw Saturnine admit that he will be working on The 7th Crystal, Chapter 2. 7th Crystal is a very highly proclaimed 2-mission pack Saturnine released earlier this year. Naturally, news of this has gotten people very excited. No screenshots yet, however. Read and Discuss

Christine has released some breathtaking screenshots from her 6th fan mission. She doesn't give away much info, only that there will also be a 7th mission in this campaign. You can find Christine's other missions in The Circle's FM Database. Just do a search for FM Author "Christine."Read, view, and Discuss

The Watcher has posted screenshots featuring his FM, The Mages of Drom's Head (which seems to me to be a pun on the word Drom-ed, the Dark Engine mission builder). This mission will feature a splinter group of the mages introduced (and then forgotten about) in Thief Gold. Read, view, and Discuss

Optimus Prime (who hasn't been seen since before Thief 2 came out!) has begun work on a Thief 2 mission, and I am glad he has! His talent is clear from the amazing screenshot's he's posted. Optimus is looking for any "script ninjas" who may be interested in helping out with some of the finer technical points. Read, view, and Discuss

Master of Stealth has posted some screenshots of his current FM on his personal website. Looks like he also needs some tech help. :) Read, view, and Discuss

Ghandaiah has posted great-looking screenshots about an FM he wants us to know nothing about! Though, he does admit that the mission has only just started development. Read, view, and Discuss

And finally, this isn't forum based, but I was sent word that the Restored Cathedral v1.1 (there has been previous releases) has been uploaded and is ready. Download from this page, and view screenshots on this one. Zaccheus (the author) declares the following improvements:

  • Much much dimmer lighting than before. The rooms are now nice and mellow, with plenty of shadows to hide in.
  • Far more guards. On maximum difficulty, you will be hard pressed to get by without killing anyone, but it can be done.
  • A lot more loot. Now you can collect over 2000g.
  • A completely new ending.
  • And ... the cloister area has been transformed into a vast open garden area.
    Sounds good. We'll get this into the FM database shortly.

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