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          Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Seven Sisters Review
- 12:23:13 AM - pavlovscat
I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday full of joy & fun & good food! As Dan guessed, I wouldn't miss Lady Rowena's masterpiece for all the Christmas pie (or peanut butter fudge!) in the world! I couldn't wait to get back home and start playing this one.

New Mission
December 23, 2007 - The Seven Sisters a mission for T2 by Lady Rowena
UPDATED: Version 2 released January 11, 2008

The Mission:
After helping Jenivere and Basso escape, you have decided to visit the happy couple for a peaceful vacation. Your visit comes during the Carnival, so you are sure to have some fun. That pesky little plague Basso mentioned in his note shouldn't put too much of a damper on your relaxation, right?

Some things are worth the wait. This is definitely one of them. These missions are made in the best Thief tradition. You must take your time, explore everywhere and read everything to complete your quests. If you rush through, you will miss important clues and much of the loot. If you see somewhere you think you might be able to reach, then try it. You will likely find weapons or loot. Rope arrows are very important to help you find all the goodies. While you are searching for hidden loot, you will notice that the architecture is beautiful. You may want to stand around and just look at the city. I know I did!

The pacing of the missions is superb. This was originally meant to be one big mission, but I think it works perfectly as a campaign. Nights One & Two take place in the city. However, this does not feel repetitive, because until Night Two, you have only one lockpick. For Night Two, many different areas become accessible with your second pick & new keys which you will find. Many things are altered between the first & second nights, so you feel as if you are exploring a whole new place.

Night Three is the climax of the story. You start outside the city at the end of the sewer from Night Two. From here, you will find just about every environment represented: water, abandoned building, pagan forest, tunnels & caves, lost city and the unknown. There are many new, dangerous creatures and a few old, familiar enemies. The suspense and weirdness of the unknown build up to the climactic final fight where you receive help from an unexpected direction.

There are so many things to see and do. I have more loot & secrets to find. I will play this over many times. Lady Rowena has given us an excellent campaign that definitely makes my personal favorites list. The time and effort that went into production of these missions is obvious. I loved that everyone had a name. Brava!

There is one mission breaking problem during Night One. When you free Basso, he will stop if he encounters any bodies. I avoided this problem by thoroughly hiding all bodies before I freed him. Please hard save before you free him in case you have a problem. You can find more details on this in the Forum Discussion Thread.

I played through on Easy. The Prologue was a quick intro at 5:48 and no loot. Night One took 3:13:11 to get 2622/2999 loot and 3/5 secrets. Night Two took 3:17:11 to get 4314/6009 loot and 0/3 secrets. Night Three took 2:24:43 to get 3620/4010 loot and 4/5 secrets.


Post general comments and questions or get hints for Night One in the Forum Discussion Thread. There are also separate threads specifically for Night Two and Night Three hints & questions.

          Friday, December 28, 2007

United Bank of Audale Review
- 4:10:18 PM - pavlovscat
New Mission
December 24, 2007 - United Bank of Audale a mission for T2 by mxleader

The Mission:
It's Christmas time, and you need to get presents. Make sure you obtain enough money to buy what you can't steal. You also have a list of things you need to pick up while you are there, including a copy of Thief Gold for your favorite boy, little Timmy!

This was a fun, Christmas-themed jaunt. The Christmas decorations and lights were wonderful, as was the Christmas music and snow. The mission took me a little over an hour to complete. If you read all the notes and look around carefully, this isn't a hard mission. There are some things you have to think about a bit, but most things are fairly straight forward. There are many keys which can be a bit confusing at times, but dropping them after you use them, makes things easier.

Thanks for the lovely Christmas present, mxleader!


Get hints and ask questions in the Forum Discussion Thread.

DooM by Ricebug Released
- 2:29:06 PM - pavlovscat
New Mission
December 28, 2007 - DooM a mission for T2 by Ricebug

The Mission:
Ricebug has remade the first two original DooM maps for those of us taffers who fondly remember DooM.

DooM was one of my favorite games. It is great to have this tribute. Textures from the original game were successfully used to create the feeling of the DooM universe. At first, it is a bit incongruous to be in the Doom universe with Thief AI, but I adjusted quickly. Garrett is not really equipped for wholesale slaughter, so it can be difficult to find a middle ground between playing Thief & DooM that worked. This is a limitation of the game platform, though, not Ricebug! Overall, this mission is a faithful reproduction.

If you were a fan of DooM, don't miss this. I had a blast playing. If you never played DooM, give it a try. This is a fresh and fascinating look into a classic gaming legend. Novelty value alone makes this one worth your time.


Post your comments or ask questions in the Forum Discussion Thread.

          Monday, December 24, 2007

Mxleader's United Bank of Auldale
- 12:25:37 PM - Dan
A special holiday FM has been released on Christmas Eve!

United Bank of Auldale by mxleader

I didn't think it was possible that we'd get another mission released in time for Christmas, but it seems I was wrong. Three cheers for a truly epic month of FM releases, and again, Merry Christmas!

Discussion thread

The Seven Sisters, by Lady Rowena
- 12:43:28 AM - Dan
After years in development, The Seven Sisters by Lady Rowena has been released!
A few months have passed since Garrett helped Basso and Jenivere escape together. They are now happily married and have settled down in a small town close to the city: East Fording, where Basso decided to open a locksmithing shop.

Shortly thereafter, Basso invited Garrett to spend a few days at his home. Garrett accepted the invitation and received a reply the next day.


Jenivere and I are thrilled that you will be spending time with us. As mentioned in the invitation, we will be waiting for you at the Carnival which is scheduled to begin in 20 days. I can't wait to see you again. I miss the good old days. I also have a suggestion: leave your "work tools" at home...let's have some fun instead! Your affectionate friends,

Jenivere and Basso

P.S. We have had two or three cases of plague in town recently, therefore the city council has decided to impose a curfew. This will most likely be settled within a few days, but just in case it isn't, I have enclosed a map of my house. There is a hidden passageway just outside the city walls that was once used by smugglers. The exit is in my storage hut, and from there you will be able to enter the city without being seen."

What are taffers saying about The Seven Sisters?

"Since the arrival of "LADY ROWENA'S CURSE", I have been hoping for a new one from Rowena. This one is no disappointment. The AI are unique, the plot a real grabber, and the action non-stop. I have played at all difficulties during testing, and must say that even on Easy, it will stretch your play to the uttermost. The architecture is beautiful. The conundrums solvable, but really make you think. One of my favorite characters in the game is an AI who dances. You'll find her on N2 dancing at a wine bar. Many of the AI are unique designs and extremely well done. But this little lady in her garish, nearly harleguin motley, is a jewel. In fact, while playing through, I sat at a nearby table and just watched her dance. There are many places in the missions that you should just stop and look around. As is common with missions by Rowena, the eyecandy, design, and careful planning is a delight to pause in game and just enjoy. " - theBlackman

"Gawd, what an absolutely scrumptious fan mission! I'm spending more time here looking at the pretties, then getting on with the mission!" - Sluggs

"I've had the pleasure of playing some of these missions off and on for over a year and I'm STILL amazed at how much there is to explore. Be sure to check every nook and cranny as there are lots of hidden treasures. On top of that, they are beautiful to behold and have an excellent storyline that holds everything together. For those of you who are just getting ready to play, set aside plenty of time and hold on to your hats because you are getting one of your best Thiefy Christmas presents ever. These will definitely reside permanently in my personal top 10." - Nightwalker

"Beautiful! Brilliant! I think I'm almost done with night 1 and having a blast..." - Schwaa


I expect our usual pavlovscat mini-review will be up in due time. I just know she wouldn't miss this one for all the Christmas pie in the world!

Speaking of which - A very Merry Christmas to all!

Discussion thread

          Friday, December 21, 2007

The Suffer Catalyst by Asgaroth Released
- 1:02:57 PM - pavlovscat
New Mission
December 21, 2007 - The Suffer Catalyst a mission for T2 by Asgaroth

The Mission:
Gossip has it that several thieves have been searching for something called 'The Suffer Catalyst'. The Hammers want it so badly they have placed spies with the Mechanists! You need to find this item. It's obviously valuable, and you can always use the money. Track the other thieves to the cave where your adventure starts and find 'The Suffer Catalyst' before everyone else.

This is a dark mission, so don't expect to play in bright lights. Follow the theives' trail through the caves. Explore and collect the loot they left behind. Once you find the old shelter there are many surprises waiting. My heart nearly stopped at least three times. It's a very creepy place.

I didn't find this to be the typical undead mission. The undead are there, but the place isn't stuffed with them. In most cases, it wasn't hard to avoid them. Experiencing the creepy atmosphere is worth dealing with the undead. I enjoyed the mission.

Getting through the caves was often troublesome. It is easy to get stuck on the uneven edges. With a combination of leaning forward, jumping and walking high along the walls, I was able to pass.


Post your comments or ask questions in the Forum Discussion Thread.

          Wednesday, December 19, 2007

ZombieKiller, German mission by Neo
- 2:24:47 PM - pavlovscat
New Mission
December 17, 2007 - ZombieKiller German mission for T2 by Neo

This mission is in German, but here is a rough translation. Any errors are mine.

The Mission:
You are in a room where a couple of not very nice figures are already expecting your arrival! There is a rumor that a certain person named Mirko has given these characters a drug which is effective and makes them mad! Enjoy!

  • Kill all the zombies.
  • Leave this room.
    Note near door:
    You can open this only with a key! Why do you still stand here? Search for it!
    Neo, The Zombie

    There's not much to say. You. Zombies. Small room. Kill them before they kill you.

    Check out Dark Fate's screenshots.

    Read about this mission in the Forum Discussion Thread.

  •           Tuesday, December 18, 2007

    Bad Debts by Melan Released
    - 12:20:11 AM - pavlovscat
    New Mission
    December 17, 2007 - Bad Debts for T2 by Melan (Gabor Lux)

    Bad Debts Winter is a smaller version of this mission that does not use updated objects.

    The Mission:
    You are short on funds and long on debts. Your landlord has got you in a bad situation, so you need some quick gold. Right now, you can't afford to be picky, so you are doing a job for Timms, an unreliable tipster. He's led you wrong before, but this time he needs you to acquire his own letter of debt from his benefactor in Downlock. While you are out, make sure that you collect enough money to pay off your own debts.

    The most important thing to remember in this mission is to look up! Rope arrows are a must, and you will find yourself climbing and jumping all around the city. If you want to find all the loot, look any and everywhere you can climb. I love multi-level city missions, and this one has it all - from underground exploration to scaling the rooftops. While you are exploring, don't forget to stop and look around. The city is beautiful.

    This mission is one of the most immersive I have played in some time. I was so into it that I nearly jumped out of my skin when the phone rang. I spent a lot of time just wandering around exploring. The story is believable and well executed. There are many surprises during game play that have been made completely plausible by the progression of the the story line, including areas accessible only after an objective or action is completed.

    Overall, I really enjoyed this mission. Take the time to play this one, it's well worth it. I will definitely be replaying it many times. I finished my first run through on normal in 2:35:21 with 2468 loot. Of course that doesn't count the 2 or so hours I spent just wandering around between saves.

    As sometimes happens with multi-level missions, the map was very confusing at first. Thank you, Melan, for supplying the map, or I'd probably still be wandering around lost. It took a quite a while to find my bearings, but, once I did, I could find things fairly easily. The only other issue I had was that some doors did not make the proper sounds while picking them. Initially, I had to go back to recheck some doors to progress through the mission.


    Get useful information and help for this mission at the Forum Discussion Thread.

              Sunday, December 09, 2007

    Unusual Conditions - Greenhorn Object Demo by Christine
    - 4:22:38 PM - pavlovscat
    New Demo Mission
    December 09, 2007 - Unusual Conditions demo for T2 by Christine

    The Mission:
    You have been ambushed at your home by the local guards. You escaped but without any of your usual equipment. You've made it to the next city and must find new equipment.

    Modified Weapons Demo:
    Christine created this demo to showcase Greenhorn's custom objects. It has been formatted for Dromed & Darkloader so that everyone will be able to try out the new weapons. You have the choice in the beginning to replace your blackjack with one of three weapons: a rolling pin, a dipper or a frying pan. The plants are gorgeous. Head to the shooting gallery & have some fun.


    Post your comments or questions about this mission at the Forum Discussion Thread.

    Love Story IV by john9818a Released
    - 12:07:14 AM - pavlovscat
    New Mission
    December 08, 2007 - A Love Story IV for T2 by john9818a (John Denison)

    The Mission:
    Garrett continues his search for John in hopes of uniting John with his true love Jenifer.

    The setting for the latest adventure in the Love Story saga is the grimy, unfriendly slums. The whole place feels as if it's coated in algae & mold. There are some unsavory characters around - not to mention the cops. The Hammer Compound was quite a surprise. There is also the familiar theme of the down-trodden and under-privileged and how bad thier lives are as seen in other missions of John's.

    This mission was challenging with several puzzles to solve and hard to reach loot locations. Overall, I enjoyed it very much. I will definitely be playing this one again (& again)!


    Play the whole series: A Love Story I, A Love Story II, and A Love Story III. Post your comments and questions on the Forum Discussion Thread.

              Saturday, December 08, 2007

    Sensut's Elizabeth Bathory Pt 2 Released
    - 10:41:00 PM - pavlovscat
    New Fan Mission

    December 08, 2007 - Elizabeth Bathory Pt 2: Blood On Ice for T2 by Sensut (Szabo Csaba)

    The Mission:
    You are Elizabeth Bathory telling the tale of your imprisonment at Sarvar to Gellert. You begin your story with your escape from your cell, describe your actions in Sarvar, and conclude with your return to your cell.

    This mission lives up to the high standards we have come to expect from Sensut. This is not an easy mission, nor is it a short one. Sarvar is beautifully rendered and full of surprises. As usual, the attention to detail, both visually & in creating a logical, immersive story, is superb. In this mission you are Elizabeth Bathory, a noble woman, not a professional sneak. The entire mission contributes to believing this from the heightened reactions of the guards to Elizabeth's sounds and movements.

    The mission starts off slow until you are able to get some keys & equipment. Frequently, I found myself quite confused as to what to do next but was able to figure out the next step with a better exploration of areas I'd previously passed through. Patience and attention to detail are required to play this mission successfully. I manged my first time through in 3 hrs 43 min with 7100 of 7350 loot and missed only 1 secret. I will be playing this one again - with Sensut's Lootlist!


    Don't miss the beginning of the story, Elizabeth Bathory Pt 1. Post your comments and questions on the Forum Discussion Thread.

              Friday, December 07, 2007

    Three Crowns by BBB Released
    - 9:34:02 PM - pavlovscat
    New Mission
    December 07, 2007 - Three Crowns for T2 by Bryan Gleason (BBB)

    The Mission: It's a simple job for the Keepers; steal 3 crowns from a warehouse in the city. And, they've even promised me a generous reward for my time. Why do I have a feeling that the Keepers know more than they are telling me? Oh well, steal 3 crowns. What could possibly go wrong?

    At first glance, this appears to be another city mission with rooftop action. Don't let that fool you. Things get interesting very quickly. A simple break in at a warehouse turns into a very complicated job. There are a lot of keys to be found, but most will disappear from your inventory once they've been used. You will want to read all the readables. There are quite a few, but most are short. Some of them contain important information for completing your task. Be sure to explore everywhere. Loot and other goodies are plentiful but not always in plain view. There are many areas of the city which are closed off with doors or gates until you have accessed other parts of the mission. So, you will need to go back through to find which areas have opened to proceed.

    I finished the mission in just under 2 hours; however, I was familiar with it already because I played it during beta testing. I am still short 430 loot, but there is ample loot to meet the objective. This mission has a variety of locations and AI which keeps game play interesting. Overall, I found Three Crowns very entertaining with good replay potential.


    Find out what people are saying about this mission at the Forum Discussion Thread.

              Thursday, December 06, 2007

    The Unknown Treasure by GORT is released!
    - 4:43:47 AM - pavlovscat
    New Mission
    December 05, 2007 - The Unknown Treasure for T2 by GORT

    MISSION UPDATE: 12/07/2007 - version F1.11 was released.

    The Mission:
    You got a tip from a man about a rare gem crest from a cave dwelling tribe near a distant city. It seems the exact location is unknown, but rumors have given you a place to start. Since the City Watch here is getting a little too close for comfort, this is the perfect time to take a little vacation. Check out the rumored location of this valuable trinket and make it yours.

    If you are looking for a quick, easy mission, this is NOT it! Also, expect to go back & forth over the same areas multiple times as certain gates cannot be opened and some items can be seen but not frobbed until other objectives are completed. This can be a bit frustrating at times, but it does make the mission play larger than the size of its map. There are many puzzles to figure out and several hidden objectives, so explore everything.

    Overall, this is a very good mission. It is visually pleasing and game play is challenging. It also has good replay potential.

    I had one minor problem while playing. Frequently, I slide along the walls. With certain brick wall textures, I needed a small distance away from the wall or I would get stuck. Getting unstuck only required a small step away from the wall, so it is a minor annoyance at worst since no restart was required. Aside from that, everything played smoothly. There is also an issue with reloading saved games. Reloads can take quite a long time.


    Do you have questions or want to comment on this mission? Then, go to the Forum Discussion Thread.

              Monday, December 03, 2007

    December FM Update
    - 10:21:29 PM - The Phantom
    Latest news report from the thread List of Upcoming Fanmissions on the TTLG forums.

    This update includes quite a lot of authors that were added to the list.

  • Cardia1 has yet another T2 mission in development. This time it'll be a museum mission. Release is planned for December.
  • GaalKean, who we know of missions like "Dead Flower" and "The Dream of Tyrus" is currently working on "Frozen Moment". It's also close to release, estimated within 3-4 weeks.
  • John9818a is finishing up the latest part in his "Love Story series". It's currently under beta testing. Still time to play parts 1 to 3 if you haven't done so.
  • Nightshifter is working on "The Spear", which is the sequel to the well received mission "The Librarian". Screens might be posted at a later time. Release is planned for somewhere in the 2nd quarter of 2008.
  • Ricebug is currently expanding his newest, still untitled, mission on advice of his beta testers. If all goes well it will be here before new year.
  • Schattengilde has started an ambitious campaign. The first part of four is called "Book of Prophecy part 1: Dead Letter Box". Check out the screens to see what it looks like. No release date is given, but it will most likely reach beta this month.
  • Finally, Sensut is making steady progress on the second part in the "Elizabeth Bathory series". It's as graphically impressive as his previous missions. Expect it to be released in January, maybe sooner.

    There are also three authors who disappeared from the list.
  • First there is ghost_in_the_shell, who released his first Thief mission: The Box.
  • Quirk managed to complete his mission "The Last Crusade".
  • Theker has released "Thief Trinity" to the community. Note that an updated version, with several bug fixes, is in the making.

    Two missions have been removed from their author's upcoming missions list because of release. These are: "Unnecessary Risk", the sequel to A Friend in Need part 2, by SlyFoxx ;
    "Hammerite Deathmatch" by Yandros. Originally planned for the Hammer Contest, but delayed and now released separately.
    All missions are available from The Circle's and Southquarter's FM Archives.

    A lot of news about several missions. Schwaa has officially left DromEd, and put both of his missions up for anyone who wants to finish them. One of them, the one including a waterfall and canyon, might be adopted soon.

    Finally we are able to see what Deceptive Perceptions II looks like. Yandros posted some screens on his new blog. The release of the mission, once started by William the Taffer years ago, doesn't seem very far off now.

    Other news from Yandros is that he abandoned most of his missions, except Deceptive Perceptions II, Hallowed Saints' Monastery, Death's Cold Embrace, The Idol and King Abedzen's Tomb. But, knowing Yandros, this may very well change in the future.

    sterlino's "The Flying Age" wasn't released as soon as we hoped, but has now officially reached beta stage. Might we able to play this promising mission in 2007?

    In short:
  • bassmanret most likely won't make his deadline for "Just Friends part 2"
  • Fidcal temporarily shelved his mission to work on the Dark Mod
  • Lady Rowena's three mission campaign (The Seven Sisters) is being beta tested right now
  • Oneiroscope had to restart the work on his mission due to the loss of files
  • Only 2 custom AI left to be build for "To Uncurse a Thief" by Shadowspawn
  • Spiders reports that it's highly unlikely he'll ever return to DromEd and finish "If at First"
  • Finally, Wille's mission (Mystic Gems 2) is looking better every time he posts screenshots.

    The full list of changes are posted here.

    Until next update,

    The Phantom

  •           Sunday, December 02, 2007

    Schwaa's Breakable Lights Demo released
    - 11:17:42 PM - pavlovscat
    New Demo Mission
    December 02, 2007 - Breakable Lights Demo for T2 by Schwaa
    Note: This demo is only for use with Dromed.

    Schwaa has released a new demo packed with fantastic new items for T2 FM designers. Here are a few of the items included in the demo:

    • Breakable Electric Lights
    • Modular Buildings (cannot be entered, for decor only)
    • Several Different Beetles
    • Fire Ant
    • Working Perfume Bottle
    • and lots more!


    See the Forum Discussion Thread for more details.

    Travel to: Go Back / T-tc.com (home)