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          Thursday, December 28, 2006

Garrett's Blog
- 2:26:44 PM - Biohazard
A TTLG member and Thief fan, Chewbubba, has decided to use his creative juices and create an online blog from the perspective of Garrett. A very interesting approach at portraying the Thief storyline.

Forum Thread

Xanga Blog

          Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New FM by Gumdrop & Yandros
- 8:12:34 AM - Dan
Yandros has completed the FM which Gumdrop entrusted to him, and has posted some screenshots displaying its beauty! Click the previous link to travel to the mission release thread and the download link, and below to gaze upon those and more screenshots of this mission. Thank you, Yandros and Gumdrop, for another FM!

Zmey's Khufu's Pyramid FM
- 8:00:31 AM - Dan
Clearing has posted several screenshots of Zmey's work in progress, a mission based on Khufu's pyramid. Click below to travel to the thread with many more shots, as well as pictorial explanations of his inspiration.

Vote for a Crappy FM
- 7:48:14 AM - Dan
Southquarter has begun voting for their Crappiest FM Contest, where FM authors competed to create the crappiest FM they could! Before you vote, of course, you should read about the contest so you understand the twisted ideas behind it, then play the missions (there's a bunch of them, but they're all small) if you can stand them, and then get to voting! and may the crappiest FM win! (And don't forget to discuss it with us.)

Fan Mission News Brief
- 7:21:21 AM - Phantom
Phantom (the author of this post) shall be furthermore making news entries concerning FM news in brief. These posts are taken in excerpt from the continuing thread located within the FM Forum. The following includes the past two previous entries. As usual, a hearty thanks to all FM authors for keeping the community alive.
  • Quirk (a.k.a. spoonman) has announced the new mission he's working on. It's still untitled but already 20% in progress. He also gave us an estimated release date: end of march 2007.
  • DarthsLair has released his latest Thief 1 mission (Gold in Fort Knocks) recently, so his details have been removed from the list. You can download the mission from Thiefmissions.com, as usual.
  • Dario, who's Faceless screenshots amazed us a few year's ago, has dropped the other mission he works on: 'Legend of', that was part of his Faceless campaign. Work on Facless has stopped and it won't be finished unless someone with dromed experience can assist him. Details can be found in the thread.
  • Other news is that Lady Rowena and Troutpack have revealed some screenshots of their upcoming missions. Lady Rowena posted several city screens from 'The Seven Sisters', and Troutpack a screen from his still untitled highschool mission. There is also a link to a thread were kfort posted some screens of her mission 'Wicked Relics', now more then 3 years ago. If this mission will ever make it to release is questionable, there hasn't been any news from her for a long time.
  • Further azrarhn has reported that work on her upcoming missions have came to a complete halt, and it's unlikely that they will ever be released. Except for 'Order of the Dragons part 1' perhaps, which is already 95% complete. Let's hope that at least this mission will make it to the community.
  • Jesps gave us a possible release date for the Thief 2 mission he works on. Expect it around spring next year. To view what it looks like so far, check out his screenshots thread which was updated recently.
  • Two members are added to the list. Firstly there is kamyk, who started his first mission in 2005. It's unknown if it will ever be released, there hasn't been any news for more then a year.
  • The second member is Vlad Midnight, previously known as Math You. He has been working for years on two large fanmissions, one for Thief Gold and the other for Thief 2.
  • And (a.k.a. Ben Hur) has released the second part in his Sisterhood of Azura series, so he can no longer be found in te list. The_Dude also released a new mission, called The Folly of Youth part 1. Both missions can be downloaded from Thiefmissions.com.
  • Malau is working on a modified and extended version of the OM Ambush from Thief 2. Check out the screenshots link to see how it looks.
  • Slipknot has announced his return to dromEd after many months. He lost both of his missions in progress, Dawn Patrol and Ketcham Redrum, but the last one will be remade.
  • Dyald, author of Damsel in distress, has informed us that the sequel (The Skygem Connection) will be released very soon. The only thing that holds the author of releasing it right now, is a video that it's currently being made.
  • The last big news of this update is that Morrgan has changed the adress to her Homepage.
  • Again, a full list of changes may be found here.

    (And thank you to Phantom for doing the community such a big service with his FM News Briefs. - Dan)

              Sunday, December 24, 2006

    Thief Pen and Paper RPG
    - 6:11:33 PM - Archaeon
    Anyone here enjoy a good pen and paper RPG? I know I do. Well, Snakeskin has been kind enough to share his Thief PnP RPG with us. Download it here and discuss it with us here. Thank you for posting your work, Snakeskin!

              Monday, December 18, 2006

    Dark Mod Update
    - 9:11:15 PM - Archaeon
    The Dark Mod has recently updated their website with some interesting new improvements. They've improved the AI behaviour in several ways, one of which being that "AI who are pursuing the player but can't reach him will start throwing things (bottles, rocks, etc) at him". That's pretty cool, huh? Come discuss it here with us.

    DromAddOn v0.94
    - 9:04:07 PM - Archaeon
    There's been an update to DromAddOn. v0.94, the new release, has fixed some minor bugs and added some new features. Check this out if you are an avid DromEder. Feel free to discuss it with us.

              Thursday, December 07, 2006

    FM Screens: by Jesps
    - 4:13:02 AM - Dan
    Jesps has updated an older thread of his with some new screenshots of his upcoming FM. His shots appear very, very dark (at least on my screen) so these thumbnails have been edited so that they actually look like something. Thanks jesps!

              Tuesday, December 05, 2006

    Thief Interviews
    - 7:21:11 PM - Archaeon
    Evilavatar.com has posted two interviews involving Thief. This interview, with Ken Levine (who is currently involved in Bioshock) discusses some of the concepts of Thief. Here you'll find an interview with Randy Smith, a member of all three Thief development teams. Enjoy!

    Hi Everyone!
    - 12:13:33 PM - Haegan
    Hello taffers!

    Hi, I'm Haegan, some of you might know me from the forums, and i've been hired as the FM news editor for the circle. (duh.)
    I'll be bringing new reviews of missions to this website, plus, i have been given the task of getting the CoSaS FM database up to scratch with www.thiefmissions.com.
    I will also be conducting interviews with FM authors, so if you publish one, you should expect a PM or an email from me.

    Thank you for listening to my waffling text, and for continuing the legacy of the series!

    Chris. (Haegan)

    FM Screens: Lady Rowena's Seven Sisters
    - 1:46:52 AM - Dan
    It sounds as if Lady Rowena, maker of many fine FMs over the years, has a new three-part mission in the works. We've been offered a taste of what to expect, and expectations are high! Take a peek at the beautiful screenshots below and, if you're a forum member or wish to be one, take some time to offer this FM author some words of encouragement and support.

              Monday, December 04, 2006

    The Dark Mod Update
    - 3:31:23 PM - Dan
    On the 2nd of December the Dark Mod team updated their website, along with a similar update to their long standing thread in our Thief forums. Here's an exceprt from their news post:
    Ascottk continues to work on the AI models/animations, and has got the player model in game (right). Here's a peek at some of our unique arrow designs, most of which Ascottk made game-ready (most are already fully working). From left to right, there's the fire arrow, gas arrow, noisemaker arrow, rope arrow, vine arrow, and water arrow.
    The post also features a screenshot of their in-game character model, thumb'd below, and news on how the AI is progressing. Thanks for the update, Dark Mod, and good luck with all of your hard work.

    Travel to: Go Back / T-tc.com (home)