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    Wednesday - 04.14.1999
    "Correspondence of Thieves" - Chapter 2 Released - 04:20pm EST - Dan
The next chapter of the Thief fan story, "Correspondence of Theives", (which is well on its way to novel length), has been uploaded. This story is a collaboration of five very talented authors of different nationality and age.

Chapter two has now been released, and chapter one has been modified heavily. If you have already read it, you will need to read it again! (It's about 35% longer). As far as the actual writing of the story goes, we are on chapter 7, and appear to be about halfway done.


    What Which Thee Abandon May Yet Survive. . . - 04:20pm EST - Dan
Back in the months long before Thief was released, and the only Thief fansite was my little spy site at, I started up a Thief forum at This forum was abandoned when Trimfect, the author of the Mission Builder Petition, joined the TTLG team and built us a great new forum. (which was abandoned to Gameforum, which we all now use)

Someone found it! That forum did not just vanish, and there are still people using it. Though, it's true that if the forums were cities, the one at gameforum would be NYC, and the beseen one would be Smallville, North Dakota. I just thought it was neat... : )

    Thief In-Joke Spotted! - 01:40pm EST - Dan
While we are on the subject of wine bottles, it would be a good time to mention this? Remember Constantine's wine bottle? Did you ever try to read what the label said? Even if you have managed to read it, if Thief is the only LGS game you've played then the text will have little to no meaning to you. The last line is where the in-joke is.

"Bottled at Centauri Vineyards, New Hope"

Any Terra Nova fans out there?... : ) Thanks Magpie & Ishy for bringing this up!

    Bottles in a Furnace - 01:15pm EST - Dan
The weekly intel. report from W.H.O. (Weird Happenings Organization) was rather interesting this week, so I decided to share it with you. This report is courtesy of Agent Fafhrd.
What we see here are bottles, green bottles, inside Lord Bafford's kitchen fireplace. They are doing something that one does not normally expect bottles to do. See for yourself.
For reasons of public safety, we have to request that no one attempt to recreate this odd occurrence.

    Tuesday - 04.13.1999
    The Four Thousandth Guest - 09:00pm EST - Dan
I noticed on the forum a few days ago that The Magpie set up the challenge for someone to be the 4000th guest. Well, the honor goes to Matt Bumgarder, who, reportedly, only hit refresh a few times, and made sure the page loaded completely each time. Your prize? Your name in lights!

--> : MATT : <--

Ya like that?... : )

    Announcing a New Thief Fansite- A Good One! - 08:40pm EST - Dan
As the Thief online community flourishes, new fansites are popping up all the time. Today I had my attention drawn to another new one, and it's quite worth taking a look at. I'll let the page's author describe his site for me... : )
I compare my site to your thief-darkproject. You have more stuff, but I think my strategy section is better (IMHO), and I also have the only Thief mailing list I have yet to see. My site isn't "Finished" and never will be (unless all new content stops to exist). I update it weekly. I also have streaming thief music and all of the web-art (background, icons, logos) were created by yours truly. My site isn't as fancy as a good Flash site, but it is much faster and to the point, which was my goal. I also have a lot of un-original content, but I wanted my site to be a catch-all info and media site for Thief, not an original work of art.
And there you have it. The site may be visited at I hope that someone will drop me a line whenever the place is updated, so I can let everyone know.... : )

    New Hammerite Desktop Theme - 07:30pm EST - Dan
One of my servants came to me in quite a panic. After several minutes, I was able to make him calm down, and tell me of what happened.
"I saw a Hammerite on the street with a pouch of gold, so I snuck up on him to take it, but I tripped on a stone and fell on my face! The Hammerite quickly turned around and said with a sadistic grin 'I shalt enjoy crushing thee, taffer.' He raised his hammer and I shut my eyes, knowing this was the end, but what's this? No strike? I opened my eyes and was amazed, all is shining in a purple hue, then I notice the hammer in it's swing a few inches above my skull, frozen solid! I crawled away and stood up. 'Some trouble I see?', I heard a voice say. I turned around, and there he was, the purple caped figure with his green glowing eyes! He laughs slightly and said, "I have more to give to you, a gift from me, the lord of purple.". The figure tossed a package to me and said "If I were you I would look back" and suddenly a thick cloud of purple smoke appeared and the figure vanished into it! I turned around and noticed that the purple hue is gone, and the Hammerite is recovering. "How didst thou escape my blow?! Come here craven, and die!" he said. I decided it would be best to run away, so I did!"
After punishing the man for incompetence (with a severe pay-cut), I accepted the package, and investigated. Turns out it is a Hammerite Desktop theme for M$ Windows. This Theme, biased around the Hammers, contains original cursors, icons, and a background, sound effects from the game, and it's own color & font scheme. I placed it in the Themes Chamber immediately.

    Monday - 04.12.1999
    Icon Collection by Jyre - 10:30pm EST - Dan
Icons, Thief fans, icons. Icons are what I have for you today. Icons are what Jyre gave me to give you today. Icons are what she made over the past few days. Icons were made from portraits of monsters and characters from Thief. She made icons from them. Icons. Yes I said icons! Icons for use on your desktop. Icons for use in your folders. Icons for simply keeping and having and looking at. Yes, I said Icons.

    Ginna's Domain Discovered- Excellent Fansite - 5:30pm EST - Dan
My friend, and fellow thief, Jyre briefly mentioned to me today about a place called "Ginna's Domain", and that it was a Thief Fansite. Investigating, I not only found that such a place does indeed exist, but it's a very well done site as well!

Ginna's Domain provides a well rounded package of information and downloads. The only drawback is the lack of original content, which simply means that this site has plenty of room to grow and improve! Bravo!

    Sunday - 04.11.1999
    Thief Fansite and Fan Story by Will - 11:00pm EST - Dan
A Man, identifying himself only as "will", contacted me the other night and told of his Thief tribute on a small bit of property he was renting. I investigated, and found a well done little site, containing a short fan story. Please with what I had found, I updated the links section at the first opportunity, and present his site to you now.

   Expanded Thief Walkthrough by Brigadier - 09:00am EST - James
Brigadier has added Assassins and The Sword to his Thief Walkthrough on Game FAQs. In case you missed them before, Brigadier's level walkthrough are very detailed.

    Friday - 04.09.1999
    Never Before Seen Thief Artwork - 11:00pm EST - Dan
Every once in a while, I enjoy doing a bit of thieving on my own, and my excursion this morning proved to be most lucrative. While searching through the abandoned archive of the old official Thief site on, I happened to discover several pieces of artwork, some of which I had not seen in a very long time, and others which I had never seen before! Pleased with my find, I immediately went to The Circle to display my find.

Garrett's Portrait -
Garrett's face is usually mostly obscured in shadow or by his hood, only giving us slight glimpses of his actual features. Finally we get a clear view of what he really looks like.

Dark Poster 1 -
This was the first design for Thief's "poster". In it we see a rather fighter-like Garrett being stalked by Hammers, while the ghostly face of Constantine looks on.

Dark Poster 2 -
The 2nd draft of said poster, we see an abstract scene of Hammers, whisps, the Trickster's eye, and a creature that I'm guessing to be Viktoria in her 'monster' form.

Dark Poster 3 -
In this final rendition, which was ultimately to be scrapped as well, we see the artwork style in Thief finally beginning to take shape, but not yet details, for Garrett is gripping a grappling hook!

    Thief: The Dark Site - 12:10pm EST - Dan
I found a letter which was shoved under my door this morning.
Thief: The Dark Site WAS under "heavy construction" but I have been spending much time with it lately and though it will still be changed around from time to time (whenever possible), I feel that perhaps you should have another look: . I am very excited about the amount of traffic I am receiving (nothing, of course, in comparison to your own) and if it is any indication of the interest in Thief, it shouldn't be long before fan sites begin sprouting up all over the place. BTW: thanks for the "potential" bit, sure it will attract hordes ;)
You heard the man, go take a look!

    Thursday - 04.06.1999
    Mr Rozen's Cursor Set Modified - 11:50pm EST - Dan
Those of you who are enjoying Mr Rozen's cursor set will be pleased to know that he has released an updated version, with several minor changes.

    Forum Back in Action - 11:50pm EST - Dan
I actually should have mentioned this last night when it happened, but things have been so busy I had scarcely a chance to do any web-related work that day. So, yes, the forum is back. Those nasty spiders are all dead and cleaned out.

    Tuesday - 04.06.1999
    Jyre's Abode Redesigned - 8:30pm EST - Dan
Jyre's Abode has witnesses a total reconstruction. It has all that it had before, plus more, and with a well designed graphical look. Truly fit to join the creme de la creme of Thief sites! I'd write more, but I'm tired. Goodnight. is DOWN - 6:00pm EST - Dan
I regret to inform the Thief community, that due to a severe infestation of giant red spiders, the Thieves' Guild house is being tented, and sterilized. It should be ready for you all to come back either today, or tomorrow, but I cannot be sure.

(The truth is,, where gameforum is hosted, crashed, and they are still trying to get it back up.)

    Monday - 04.05.1999
    The Links Chamber is at Last Complete and Ready to Grow! - 6:00pm EST - Dan
When you run the largest fansite on the web for anything, you obviously spend more time thinking about how bring people to yours site then to help people get to other sites! That, in a nutshell, explains why it's taken me so long to fill the vacant Links chamber of The Circle. Of course, another explanation would be that until now, there really weren't any other Thief fan sites out there to speak of, but that is only half true.

Well, the truth is, there are a few sites devoted to Thief elsewhere on the web that definitely deserve the attention of the Thief community, so the Links section is now filled, ready to open, and awaiting the submission of links. I hope all find it useful!

    Back From the Holiday With a Cursor Set - 6:00pm EST - Dan
Back from the holiday break, and ready to roll, the first thing I have new today to be placed in The Circle is a new Thief cursor set.

It was given to me by an odd fellow, who wore nothing but a large purple cape. Luckily it was so dark the only part of him I could see were his green eyes. The chap said to me, "Fool, if I was here to kill you, you would be dead. I am here to give you my creation." and then poof, this little box appeared on my table.

Never the man to look a gift horse in the mouth, the contents of the box, the cursors, are now being proudly displayed in the Themes Section of the Files Chamber.

    Friday - 4.02.1999
    "Correspondence of Thieves, Part 1" Now Released - 04:11pm EST - Dan
The first chapter of the Thief tale, co-authored by Jyre and myself, has been released to the public and is available exclusively for viewing in the FanWorks Chamber. Entitled "Correspondence of Thieves", this story revolves around the characters that have spawned as a result of role-playing on this site, specifically Jyre, Master Nightfall, and James, as they interact with characters and locations from Thief (not yet seen in this first chapter), as well as original, made up characters. The tale takes place several months after the conclusion of the game, so future chapters may contain slight spoilers.

The next chapter shall expand the credits to include the work of James and Lytha. Stay Tuned!

    New Thief Desktop Artwork - 04:11pm EST - Dan
Just as I was getting started with the initial design and construction of the "Links" chamber, a stagecoach pulls up to the front gate of The Circle. Out comes two large men, carrying a large canvas. A third, a man dressed in fine merchant's clothing, stepped out of the cab, and explained that he would be very pleased if I would set up his creation in the "Themes" hall as desktop artwork. More then happy with his creation, I quickly agreed, and gave his a handsome payment for his efforts.

As always, you can find the work displayed proudly in the Themes Hall of the Files Chamber. I should hope that you know the way by now.