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    Sunday - 08.15.1999
    New Thief Short Tale - "In Shambles" - 1:30am EST - Nightfall
The thief Jayle has offered some of his work to be added to The Circle's Collection of Short Thief Tales. Since it's just story, I shall let him introduce it:
My name is Matt Elliott (you may be familiar with me as Jayle on the TTLG forum or as Jailbait on the Eidos forum). Over the past couple of weeks, I've been pounding out many ideas for DromEd levels, but one of the ideas, which has now become very complex, was better suited for a fan fic. The story, which is entitled In Shambles, is set shortly after the Keepers "adopt" Garrett. My plans with the story is to present it in the same format that the Dark Project was presented (in a set of three acts each containing 3 to four chapters along with quotes being placed at the beginning of each chapter). The story diverts for the normal of Garrett being the main character to the introduction of a new hero, Jason (Garrett's mentor throughout the story). I plan on involving alot of conspiracy and mystery into the plot with the culmination of the introduction of a new breed of creature that will rock the future of my following projects. Once I have obtained an adequate knowledge of DromEd, the Chapters will be made into levels providing if have time.
Thanks, Jayle! As his story grows in length, it shall move from the CoSTT to it's own area. For now, it can be read here.

    Friday - 08.13.1999
    A Thief's Guild to the Strange and Unusual - 2:40pm EST - Nightfall
"A Thief's Guild to the Strange and Unusual" is a very remarkable document. It is exactly what the title explains it to be - a guide to the strange and unusual happenings that occur in the world in which we live (or at least in this game - Dan).

The author, scribe, bard, and burglar Thumper, has released the second edition of this document. It contains all that the original did, but much more as well. This intriguing documentary (it's also extremely funny at times - Dan) should be on the top of every thief's 'must read' list. (Or at least those of you who have won the game already, as it is jam packed with huge spoilers. - Dan)

As an added bonus, it contains a excerpt from the Novel Correspondence of Thieves, (from around part 27, I think, which was removed from the story due to the fact that it had almost nothing to do with the rest of the tale, and it suffered from a severe infestation of non-Thief lore. - Dan) divided into three parts, and integrated into the document.

Thumper and I both hope that you enjoy this addition to "A Thief's Guild to the Strange and Unusual". Happy Taffing, and keep your 'shroom tea to yourself.

    Silly Ad Banner Error in Netscape - 1:30pm EST - Dan
Yo Netscape users, a favor please? A while ago I put some ad code on a pile of page in this site at random. The code was supposed to be invisiable, but it messes up in netscape (making it quite visiable). I just got the replacement code that works fine in NS, but am not sure if I replaced all the occurances. Time restraints demand that I get onto other things. If you could, browse through your favorite areas of the site and check for the messed up code, and let me know if you find any? It would be at the bottom of the page. Many thanks to you all!

    Thursday - 08.12.1999
    Chapter 8 of A Keeper's Tale is Online - 2:20pm EST - Nightfall
My good friend Schechter mentioned to me that the eigth chapter of his novel was ready to be pubished in The Circle. After preforming my other duties, I set aside a moment to set up the new volume, and make meniton of it here in the Annals.

Chapter 8 of A Keeper's Tale is now viewable by the public.

    Wednesday - 08.11.1999
    "Circle of Strain" - New Mission by Mokkis, gets 2.5 Silver Hammers! - 2:20pm EST - Nightfall
Hesitate to trust any Thief who prefers to work in the daytime. That bit of advice should just be common sense. However how far will you go to get the job done, if the reward is great enough? Far enough so that you can no longer trust yourself? That may be just what you have to do. The fence "Mokkis" contacted me with a job that forced me to ask that very question. Here's what he had to say:
Lord Jack the richest man of the town. He owns a very valuable Serpentile Torc and your objective is to steal it. Serpentile Torc is kept in the very high guarded trophy room of Jack's manor. Read Felix's note that you get started.
It seems that Lord Jack's excursion has been cut short, and you need to complete the mission before dusk. This means burglary in broad daylight. Are you up for it?

Intrigued, I took it upon myself to inspect this mission. I was thoroughly impressed with what I saw. Sending the urgency to get the word out as soon as possible, I took the time to review the mission myself, rather then having one of my staff attend to it. In a nutshell:

This is an awesome mission, reeking with atmosphere and jaw dropping visuals. If you like a simple & straightforward burglary, this is the mission for you! But watch out! It may cause your computer to gag!
Enough reading. Get yourself a copy of the mission details & map so that you too can attempt daylight robbery.

    TEG Mission Archive & Submission Info Revised! - 2:20pm EST - Dan
Last night I downloaded a fan-made mission that inspired me. The mission, "Circle of Strain" was so good, that I felt the need to immediately review it myself. I did not stop there, however. I finally put together TEG's official mission review & ratings format. For a full description of the new system, consult the Mission Submission Instructions.

I wasn't finished revising, though. The missions page is filling up, so I decided it was time to divide it up. The Bronze Hammer missions & Silver Hammer missions are now on two separate pages.

I've requested to my reviewers to, if they could, re-review the already archived Silver Hammer mission using this new system. If you have sent us a Silver Hammer Mission, bug the guy who reviewed it! :)

    Friday - 08.09.1999
    Three New Fan-mission Reviews by Tolen - 10:15pm EST - Nightfall
TEG's other mission inspection agent has three new reports for us today. He took the time to look over our three most recent additions to the archive:

Review of "The Library"

What else is there to say, other then that this is a great mission!

Review of "The Odium"

This map is great on the one hand but sucks on the other. If the author would have invested 4 or 5 hours more to take care of the glitches and put in some sound effects, it would have been a great map.

Review of "Monastery of St. Fera"

All in all there isn't much new to this level except the various enemies at the end, but it is really good...hey, I'm quite busy and yet played through it twice, so that should say it all. Have fun.
Thanks for the input, Tolen! When the mission is reviewed by two people, and their rankings disagree, the average is taken and then I round it up or down depending on my own opinion.

    New Thief Desktop Theme - by Tra'Hari - 8:40pm EST - Nightfall
As a follow up to his last offering, which I cannot for the life of me remember what was, Tra'Hari has sent in a boxed set with some decor meant to give your desktop a more Thievish atmosphere. It has been added to our collection of similar sets located in the Circle's Themes area.

    Thief Battle Strategy, from Todd Henson - 8:30pm EST - Jyre
Todd Henson has been kind enough to send as some battle strategy for Thief. In his own words:

After reading through the strategy sections, I think a few folks might like this. I've used this battle strategy immensely and have had a lot of success.

First, of course many players by now have discovered that you can circle around the side and back of your opponent often faster than he can react, assuming he's alerted to you. This is an easy kill.

But, I found a better approach than keeping the block key on all the time until you're ready to attack. I've killed many guards easily by the following. This assumes he's alerted to you and draws his sword. Watch his movements and you'll get a feel of when he's ready to swing. Maybe take a few steps back to see what he's doing. It's imperative that you raise your sword to the high power slash position. Make sure you're out of range and you'll have time to raise it. When you're ready to attack, rush in and time the release of your swing to where you hit him right as you move into range.

This heavy slash will hurt him, and a lot of times if you do this once or twice, some enemies will turn and run, allowing you to chase him down! Right after you hit, jump back out of range and raise your sword again, and repeat.

Raise the sword, attack, move out. Raise, attack, move out. I've used this to rack up a lot of kills, and this works against multiple opponents because you can strafe and move a little faster than they can. Several guards swinging their swords at you won't strike fear in you any longer!

    New fanwork piece: Thief the Picked - 8:00pm EST - Jyre
Thief the Picked is the latest addition to the Tales section of the fanworks area of The Circle. It is a poem by Nauris Krause.

    Friday - 08.06.1999
    There Will Always Be a Need for Hints & Tips. - 2:10pm EST - Dan
Over the course of the 7 months this site has been operational, and the 100,000 or so guests I have had, there are still two requests I get every bit as frequently now as I did when I first began. The search for hints, and the search for the meaning of the word "Taffer."

Okay, the 1st one is easy. This site does indeed have a strategy section. I know that it's much more appealing to actually talk to someone and get the answer, but that's why we have the forums. The strategy section does have its own resident guides, but it also has a listing of other off-site guides, that are every bit as good (if not better!) then ours. So if you just take a casual glance at The Circle, and see that link at the very bottom, the path to your hits & tips should be fairly simple.... :)

The 2nd is a bit harder. Taffer. Tapper? Tafford? No, Taffer. The guards call you it, but they also call eachother it. So what does it mean? Well, we are pretty sure that it came from the nursery rhyme "Taffy was a Welshman, Taffy was a Thief..." As far as game-lore goes, "Taffer" is a dillusion of the word "Trickster." (Sort of like darn is to damn, and heck is to hell.) Insert "trickster" whenever someone says "taffer" in the game, and it should fit very well, both to the context & the situation.

I also gotta send a "thanks, man!" to redEye for pointing me in the dirrection of a collection of previously undiscovered walkthroughs, which are now visitable via the Strategy Links page.

    The Tricksie Lord Commands! - Sneak Peek at Thief 3! - 2:10am EST - Dan
We have an exclusive preview of Thief 3! Low and behold, the Trickster was not totally destroyed! Mysteriously, the Trickster survived as some rogue mage of his following enchanted his resurrection by means of Fritos and Diet Pepsi......The new, albeit slightly more plump, Woodsie Lord, now goes by Tricksie Lord. This beast is once again at large. However these days it seems that he is more interested in less apocalyptic things. Check out this audio clip for a totally exclusive look at Thief 3: The Junk Food Project.

The Tricksie Lord's Ritual

    Thursday - 08.05.1999
    "Monastery of St Fera" - New Mission by Carl - 11:30pm EST - Nightfall
A fence who made himself known to be only as "Carl" reported that he has a mission for any Thief who is interested. It involves stealing from Hammerites, so it is not for the easily intimidated. The summary is as follows:

It has come to your attention that a very valuable gem, the Morning Stone is being kept in a nearby Hammer monastery. The stone is reputed to be magical but what matters is that it will command a high price. Your sources tell you that the stone is hidden somewhere under the monastery. Break in and acquire it for yourself.
I took some time out to inspect this "Monastery of St Fera", and found that it was quite an elaborate structure, and well worth the visit. Though I cannot give an official review of the mission, seeing as I only was given a short tour by the monastery staff in broad daylight, I will say that I was quite impressed with what little I saw.

    Some New Fan Artwork - by Anders F. - 12:20pm EST - Nightfall
A man identifying himself only as "Anders F", casually dropped by and left a few of this paintings. Although they simply are three images saying the word Thief in three very different ways, the art gallery section needs content, so I happily took the images and put them on display. Don't get me wrong by that, they are quite nice!

They can be viewed here: The Thief Fanworks Art Gallery

    FGN Survey - Win A Rio Player - 11:15pm EST - Dan
FGN is doing a quick survey, and they asked if all of their sites would make mention of it. It's a survey so that our ad agency can better get to know the readers of the FGN sites, so we can get more 'type cast' ads.

As the link suggests, their will be a drawing to win a free digi-cam or Rio player. I'm the happy owner of not one, but two Rio players, and must say that they totally rock! Listing to Thief and System Shock music while driving down the road is worth any price! (and even better free!)

    Wednesday - 08.04.1999 - Grand Opening! - 06:05pm EST - The Spy
Greetings, Thieves. A few of you who have been with us for the past year may remember me. I am the one who ran a small establishment, known then as "The Unofficial Thief Site" and latter as "The Spy Post." Long before Master Nightfall started his Circle of Stone and Shadow, I quietly ran this outpost, gathering information on the little heard of title called "The Dark Project." When Thief was released, and became the sleeper hit of '98, my task was done, and Master Nightfall moved forward to become the proprietor to the Thief community which would gather as a result of this great creation.

The time has come for me to once again take my place as a Spy, this time from my new outpost,, located deep within the Hammerite controlled Industrial sector, where the seeds of the Metal Age are now taking shape.

I welcome you all to attend my tower whenever possible, to check up on the progress of my investigation concerning Thief 2. The tower may be reached at both or, so take your pick as to which you like best. Thank you, and good thieving.

    CEC UA Reviews "The Odium" - Mission by Chibboleth - 06:05pm EST - The Spy
With a slight delay, the review of "The Odium", TEG's newest fan-made mission by Chibboleth, has arrived. Our agent CEC UA delivered a slightly controversial ranking of five bronze hammers for this offering. Here's a summary of his impressions:

A new level for the demon in all of us has arrived, and "Odium" is its name. Take a stroll into the depth of a Salvador Dali nightmare, a walk into the dreams of Vincent Price. A fairly well made level with a very dark twist, and a very good plot. Just bring along some spare Boxers....could get a little messy in there.
Thanks for passing judgment, UA! The full review is posted here. I have yet to play this mission, but plan on it soon.... if I could only put down the System Shock 2 demo, that is.... :)

   Thief #2 at DejaNews! - 09:00am EST - James
Scanning through to see what the buzz on System Shock 2 might be, I noticed that DejaNews has a polling system up. Thief is currently the second highest ranked Action game, at 4.2 overall out of 5, pipped past the post by the juggernaut of Half-Life, which has 4.3. Now is the time for all Taffers to rise yet again and VOTE! for their favorite game.

    Chapter 19 of COT is now available - 1:20pm EST - Jyre
Those of you who have been reading COT will have noticed my near complete absence from the tale these last few weeks. I was on my way to Master Nightfall's tower when last my whereabouts were reported. In this chapter I finally arrive and I am not best pleased with what I find there. Everything I discovered is here.

    Sunday - 08.01.1999
    The Music Archive Has Moved Off-Site, to the TTLG Jukebox - 10:10pm EST - Nightfall
The music archive that once inhabited the Media Hall of The Circle has been perminetly moved to the mother site, in the newly opened TTLG Jukebox. The content is basiclly unchanged.

    The Odium, Critical Update - 10:00pm EST - Nightfall
Chibboleth urgently reported to me that there was a large error in the version of "The Odium" I had on display. He has sent me a corrected version, and now everything should be in order. If you have already downloaded it, please delete it and grab the new one. The flaw makes it rather unplayable, you see.

The new package is right here. Some of us suspect tampering, but I have ruled out such a possibility.