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    Monday - 06.28.1999
    Tower of Illusion by Wrichards, Maker of ESCAPE: TBP - 6:30pm EST - Nightfall
Wrichards, maker of ESCAPE: The Bear Pits, has finished the 2nd chapter of his ongoing saga. This time, the player is faced with the Tower of Illusion. Here's the descript:
Episode 2: Tower Of Illusion, After escaping the bear pits, you managed to get back the rosary beads. You race throughout the streets with the guards hot on your heels and make it to one of the towers suspected entrances. The tower is known to be a training ground for Hammer priests and also contains the Oblivion Gateway. Loot the temple, exit through the Oblivion Gate without killing the guards.
The mission was given 5 bronze hammers. While the layout, architecture, and puzzles are good, the mission is all too often much too dark, and points of interest are few and far between. Overall, it's an enjoyable mission in spite of this.

    Sunday - 06.27.1999
    A New Thief Screensaver by Huckeye - 5:00pm EST - Nightfall
I am pleased to annouce that The Circle is now in the possesion of a new Thief Screensaver, created by Huckeye, and featuring music supplied by LoneStar. I tested it out, and liked it quite a bit. If you try it, please give the author feedback so that he may improve it!

    ESCAPE: TBP has been updated - 4:20pm EST - Jyre
A new version of the fan mission Escape: The Bear Pit by Wrichards is now available. It contains several major bug fixes.

    After Garrett Was There - The New Fanwork by Einherjer - 3:15pm EST - Jyre
This is Einherjer's second contribution to the short tales collection and this time its a short poem set in Lord Bafford's manor. You can read it here

    Another Thief Loader Update - 2:10pm EST - Nightfall
Bed has another version of his great program, Thief Loader, up and out, with a few bug fixes and additions. What's new?
  • 'Install Only' button added
  • 'Custom Sounds' info added
  • Quest List is sorted
  • mission improved a little
  • Thanks again, bed! As always, feel free to give him feedback.

        Tag Viewer Available for Download - 2:00pm EST - Nightfall
    Tom Leonard passed a file for Dromed users to me the other day. Here it is:
    The attached executable allows one to view the contents of files that are in our compound file format (.cow, .mis, .gam). It isn't really that useful, but someone on the discussion board expressed interest in it.
    Download the tag viewer here.

        Friday - 06.25.1999
        Equipment Store Tutorial - Dromed Guide by Silver - 1:10pm EST - Nightfall
    Equipment Store Tutorial , by Silver, is a tutorial that explains how to create an equipment store, in much clearer step-by-step terms then the official dromed tutorial did.

        Guide to Books and Other Readables - Dromed Guide by Kevin Goodsell - 1:10pm EST - Nightfall
    TEG has a new Dromed guide - A Guide to Books and Other Readables, by Kevin Goodsell. This tutorial is intended to teach the basics of creating books and the required elements. It will also explain how to apply those concepts to arbitrary objects, enabling you to "read" a loaf of bread, for example.

        The Art of Theving - Addendum by Brenden Tyo - 12:40pm EST - Nightfall
    The Thief tactics guide, The Art of Theving , has receaved an addendum, from Brenden Tyo, in the way of a guide to dispatching enemies. I hope someone will find it useful!

        Thief Loader - New Version Release - 12:40pm EST - Nightfall
    Andrew Bednarz has released a new version of his Thief Loader program. In case you missed it before, Thief Loader is the program you need if you don't want playing fan-made levels to be a hassle. Here is what the new version has:
  • Will Seperate saved games for each quest automatically backup current saved games
  • Quest Info panel
  • "Smarts" to see if the necessary files are present for things to work
  • will correctly read quest text file (case insensative)
  • ThiefLoader does not exit when Thief is run
  • Window always appears in the center of the screen
  • Buttons are nice and flat looking
  • Quest List font is smaller (to fit more missions in)
  • Clicking the "DromEd" button will also unpack the current mission and run DromEd.
  • List will default to current quest


  • Let you edit Keybindings / screen size / settings / etc from ThiefLoader
  • Nifty Thief-like interface
  • ThiefLoader mission zipper (given a new mission is running the way you want it in Thief it will automatically build a ThiefLoader compatable zip file from your current Thief setup.
  • Thanks, Bed! Many taffers are in your debt! If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to email him

        Smelting Guide Revision - 12:20pm EST - Nightfall
    The Smelting Guide has been slightly revised, with a few large errors fixed. Better late then never, eh ALM?

        Fate of Thieves - 12:20pm EST - Jyre
    This short story was written by Einherjer. I'll let him introduce it:

    This was a long time ago...I cannot remember exactly when. But I do remember everything I went through. And you have to remember that you can listen to me now only thanks to that man...I may mistake, but I think he is known as Garrett...

    Want to know more? You can read it here.

        Thursday - 06.24.1999
       Correspondence Chapter 13 - 9:40pm EST - Jyre
    Wanna know what Sheam and Ghost are up to? Eager to find out Lytha's latest movements? Then why are you still reading this post? Go read COT

    Still here? I'm not going to give anything away. If you want to know what happens you're going to have to go and read chapter 13

    Go on. Off you go. Shoo!

        Tuesday - 06.22.1999
        DromEd related: List of scripts - A list of Thief's scripts - 5:50pm EST - Trimfect
    While it is still very incomplete, but in time, the list should contain most, if not all, the scripts. Read and learn.

        The Sorrowful Scepter, Part I - First part of at story by Night Visitor - 2:50pm EST - Lytha
    The first part of a short story about Garrett as he was a member of the Keepers. It is set at the northern coast of the City. In this part young Garrett gets the objective to achieve an item. Check it out.

        Monday - 06.21.1999
        TTLG Forums Have Moved to Thier Own Server! - 11:00pm EST - Nightfall
    That's right, taffers, the Thief forums, and the rest of the TTLG forums are now separate from the rest of gameforum. They now reside at I have also been promoted to the level of Administrator, which gives me total power of all forum operations. I have appointed Trimfect as the moderator of The Editors Guild, and Lytha as the moderator of the Chat & RPG Forum. I placed Schechter in command of the Thief 2 Wishlist, to keep the place under control, and take out the trash when need be. Also note that we are currently voting on the new color scheme that the forum shall have. Join in!

        Servants Tutorial - Tutorial Mission by Tas - 8:10pm EST - Nightfall
    Tas has created, baised on a tutorial by JordanCS, a tutorial mission on how to make servants run when they see the player.

        Newbie's Corner - A FAQ for Thief by Lytha - 5:40am EST - Lytha
    Newbies: Check this out. This FAQ should contain all questions that someone new at the game might have. It contains the most commonly questions about strategy, usual ways to deal with the opponents, and about each mission of the game. So, if you are stuck somewhere in the game, go and check it out.

        Sunday - 06.20.1999
        A Guide to Smelting, by A Little Mouse - 10:00pm EST - Nightfall
    TEG's resident mouse has written a tutorial on how to make a smelting setup like we used in RTC.

        A TEG First: A Multibrush Object, a Piano, no less! - 10:00pm EST - Nightfall
    The taffer known mostly as 'The_Thief' on the #thief IRC channel, also known as Kevin Telford, has created a piano mutlibrush, and wishes to share it. I hope that this is the first of many such objects that dromed users will create, and send to me so that others can download and use. It will certainly make the Thief Editing Community richer! If you have comments or suggestions about the piano, email the author.

        Mucho Macho Dromed Ref Guide - Update #3 - 10:00pm EST - Nightfall
    The Mucho Macho Dromed Ref Guide, compiled by Chibboleth by scouring the TEG forum, and coded by A Little Mouse, is in it's 3rd version. The two guides have been put into one, and added to. There is now a table of contents for easy viewing of what's in there, and a quick link to it. Much thanks goes to those who's content is in the guide!

        Friday - 06.18.1999
        Secret Doors and Pausing Guards - A Tutorial by Koobze - 6:50am EST - Nightfall
    Koobze has written a brief tutorial on how to make secret doors, and teach your guards to pause in thier patrol. Bravo man, Thanks!

        Torben the Traitor - A Very Good Fan-Mission by IonDo - 6:40am EST - Nightfall
    Torben the Traitor is a very well done mission. In this mission you play an assassin. It is brief, but not too brief. The architecture ranges from well done to outstanding, and guards are well placed. I could not find any bugs in it. The only shortcoming is that it's very linear. This one gets one silver hammer!

        Mice R Us - the New Demo/Fun Level From Trimfect - 4:50am EST - Nightfall
    You should expect that the author of Roller would come up with other wacky ideas, and he did not disapoint. His new mission really must be seen. It's just way too cool. Mice R Us is here.

        Blah.txt Has Been Slain! - 4:50am EST - Nightfall
    Yes! With much joy I deleted blah.txt just now! I could have done it weeks ago, but didn't realize it. If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry about it.... :)

        3DNow! Reviews Thief? Better Late Than Never! - 4:50am EST - Nightfall
    With the number of new members joining the forum each day, it should come as no surprise that some people are still playing Thief for the first time, and thus, we are still seeing new reviews. I wouldn't normally mention this, but the author of the review asked me himself to post about it, and, well, they have Thief the highest score possible. What more could you ask for? Check out the flattering review at 3DNow!

        Thursday - 06.17.1999
        Additions to Short Story Collection - 5:40pm EST - Jyre
    When an oft abused slave boy is presented with an oppurtunity to escape he decides to test his luck...
    Lightening in the Sky. is the first addition. This story is slightly larger than the others in the collection and, as well as being a tale in its own right, it would appear to be the beginning of a series of enjoyable adventures.

    Also, from Garrett88 is Guards! A short tale written from the point of view of a guard who, after a run of bad luck, finds himself hired by Master Nightfall.

        New Tutorial: Creating Automaps, By Caeyr - 2:20pm EST - Nightfall
    TEG has a new guide, Creating Automaps, which explains how to make your map show the relative location of the player. It was written by Caeyr. Thanks!

 Update Report - 1:10pm EST - Nightfall
    Jake Munsen is here with a report on the updates to his site,
    I have updated almost every page on my site over the last couple of weeks, but I just added new original content, so I thought I would let you know.

    I added two new games to my games page- I have been getting lots of email from this games page. It seems to be well liked among my visitors (of course, it is more liked when I actually add new games!!) :}

    I spent hours searching the web and adding links to my links page. I am not sure if you have them or not (you probably have most of them.

    On my levels page, I added links to TEG and the editors discussion forum. BTW, I was thinking I would need to add tons of help stuff to my levels page, but then I realized that between TEG and the discussion page, a guy can get all the help he needs. So I just linked to 'em.

    Thanks, Jake!

        Wednesday - 06.16.1999
        Keep Track of Koobze's Progress on His Site! - 5:25pm EST - Nightfall
    Koobze is making a mission for Thief, and has set up a small site on which to display screenshots of his progress. Go check it out!

        Correspondence of Thieves Chapter 12 - 5:20pm EST - Nightfall
    The next chapter of COT has arrived! Last time, we witnessed Ghost's amazing rescue of Lytha from the rebuilt Cragscleft Prison. Now he goes to collect his pay, but finds Nightfall not at home. Sheam however, is there, and things get a little interesting! Read about that, and more!