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    Wednesday - 04.28.1999
    "Correspondence of Thieves" - Chapter 4 - 12:40pm EST - Dan
Unlike my co-authors, who want to make you all suffer, I think it's time to release chapter 4 of "Correspondence of Thieves"! After all, it is the 28th, and I did promise to let out a new chapter every Wednesday!

In this weeks episode, it's the Hammerites. Ready to see the Order of the Hammer from a point of view you've never seen before? Curious to learn more about the mysterious Master Nightfall? Curious about online novel which THIEF fans & Non-THIEF fans alike are raving about?

"It fully lived up to my expectations. " - Tommyboy

"It reminded me of Terry Brooks but more indetailed" -Fresa

"Keep this up and I'll never buy a real book again :) " - Ishy

"GOOD WORK guys... and gals. I love the story so far... can't wait 'til the next chapter. . . I was riveted...!" - JimmyTheHand

"Wonderful!" - Kikkin

Convinced yet? I'm quit blabbin and let you get to it!

    Tuesday - 04.26.1999
    The Art of Thieving - A Thief Tactics Guide, by Dell Revenant - 8:00pm EST - Dan
Mr. Revenant was a thief with a hobby of writing. Several nights ago, he contacted me, offering to share with me a few of his scribblings. The words he had written were not stories, however, but instructions, strategies, tactics, advice, and tips. Without realizing, he provided to me a thing which I had been in need of ever since this site opened, "The Art of Thieving".

Thrilled to be of service, we quickly worked to bring this set of notes into a uniform guide, and placed it for all to see within The Circle's Strategy Chamber.

By the nature of this section, it is fit to grow. If you have anything you wish to be added to this tome of wisdom, contact me. Do so without hesitation.

    Monday - 04.26.1999
    "The Barkeeper's Tale" - A New Short Tale by Stonewall - 12:30pm EST - Dan
Have a seat, right over there, boy. My old dogs always bark after standin' behind that bar for nine hours...Now, boy, let me talk to you. No need to explain who you are, or why you're here. I got ways of findin' things out, you got to, in this City. Never know when the Hammers are snoopin around, with their O of I snitches.

    Sunday - 04.25.1999
    Never Too Late to Sing High Praise - 11:40pm EST - Dan
The new Computer Gaming World came in the mail the other day. Aside from the usual hodge-podge of reviews and articles and whatever, I noticed something that made me say, "Whoo hoo!"

A chart, of recent releases. I happened to notice that Thief had more editors choice awards then any of the rest (5)!! More then Baldur's Gate, more then Brood Wars, more then Alpha Centauri, more then SC3K, blah blah blah.... Rules, eh?... : )

    Raddle Your Links and Chains - 11:40pm EST - Dan
The Place: Thief.TheSiteMaker. The Event: Creation of Links page.

Yes indeed. It happened a few nights ago. Just appeared there. No one knows where it came from. No one knows how it got there. Some say the author of the site did it, but that's rubbish. It's one of the great mysteries of our time!

    Where did those come from? - 11:40pm EST - Dan
It was late, raining, and I was tried. It wasn't a good night to be told that you had missed the blindingly obvious. Well, I had, and I was. I must have seen them a hundred times, and It just didn't register. Well, I got nudged, and it clicked. It's the sound files on the Official Thief site. You know, the ones where Garrett says, "Just what this world needs, more email!", and other such stuff? Well. Now they are where they belong.

The Flies section, the chamber where all the theme multimedia is stored. You can't miss it.

    Thursday - 04.22.1999's Thief Mailing List - 4:30pm EST - Dan
The author of the Thief fansite,, has set up a Thief mailing list via ListBot. So if you'd rather discuss Thief through email then the GameForum, this is the right choice for you.

A link to the Thief ListBot signup room has been permanently placed in the Community Section. It is also accessible right here.

    Addition to the Fanworks - "Rent Payment" - 4:30pm EST - Dan
Lord Bafford lost his favorite toy, and now he wants the one responsable to pay for it. This means us. Sound interesting? Read about it in the newest Thief short tale, in the FanWorks archive.

"Rent Payment" - By General Hobbes

    Wednesday - 04.21.1999
    Next Chapter of "Correspondence of Thieves" - 9:00pm EST - Dan
I'm sure some of you have been looking forward to this. I HOPE some of you have been looking forward to this! The next chapter in Correspondence of Thieves, named, oddly enough, chapter 3, has been uploaded. If you have been looking forward to this chapter, and need no persuasion, go read it now, and I hope you enjoy... : )

Still reading eh? Okay, here's the lowdown. This chapter features a new character, a Thief who operates under the alias "Ghost". This chapter details his adventures in a certain area of the Bonehoard that many of us have tried to reach, and none succeeded. Well, he did, and it indirectly results in him getting pulled into what will soon be a rather intense story. Again, I hope you enjoy it!

    Monday - 04.19.1999
    Barbarians at the Gate - 12:40pm EST - Dan
This is a screenshot from "Ashtar". I have a feeling that the intention was for me to show it off.... : )

"Let us in, Taffer! Or we'll shout at you some more!!!" Updated - 12:40pm EST - Dan
Here is a message from Jake Munson, the author of
I just finished updating my WebSite. Mainly I took care of design issues. I also updated the hints page, the company scrolls page, and the main page.

A visitor told me how to pre-load the java-script script images. I also so added this little snippet of code to my page. Any future visitors, please inform me if there is a java-script error. I tested this on three different browsers, however I only have the newest versions.

    Returned from the Shadows - 12:30pm EST - Dan
Many apologies for my disappearance over the past few days. My ISP went on the fritz, basically cutting myself off from the world with the exception of E-mail, FTP (but only to and IRC. If schoolwork had not kept me so busy I would surely gone insane. Everything is fine now. You can expect several updates within the next few hours!