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          Tuesday, September 30, 2003

SCRIPT: Bug Fixes 1.2
- 3:10:49 PM - Dave
GayleSaver has just sent word that he has released a new version of his Dark Engine scripts complete with Bug Fixes!
Check out his forum post here or head on over to the scripts section of ThiefMissions.com to grab the downloads!

          Friday, September 26, 2003

Artwork from Zacharias
- 5:21:53 PM - Elenkis
Paul Harvey (Zacharias on the forums) sent us the following picture that he recently did of the Lost City and we've added it to our ever growing fanart gallery:

Thanks Paul, nice work!

Artwork from John Castiello
- 4:55:56 PM - Elenkis
John Castiello has sent us another of his great pieces of artwork, this one he has named Keeper Assassin: The Last Thing You will Ever Seen. Credit for the touch-up work again goes to Todd Schneider.

Thanks John!

          Thursday, September 18, 2003

FM: Chronicle of the Metal Age : Chapt I
- 3:15:15 PM - Dan
Got a new mission out! This one is the first part of a series of missions.

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Chronicle of the Metal Age : Chapter I

 Filesize: 9 MB
 Released: 9/18/2003

By: Sir Balu

Plot Description: This quest is the first chapter of a long story, that intends to connect Thief I and Thief II. Come with us and see how the Metal Age began: the weakening of the Hammers, birth of the Mechanists, intrigues, conspiracies and many mysteries.

Additional Comments: The briefing movie is not yet complete, so please read Garrett`s diary on the table to acquire some background information.

Thanks Sir Balu!

          Friday, September 12, 2003

FM: The Hole
- 8:22:14 PM - Elenkis
Set in Crimson Limits prison, The Hole is the newest Thief 2 fan mission to be released and was created by Paul D Rotter (aka Eepcat).

Thief 2 Fan Mission
The Hole

 Filesize: 6.9 MB
 Released: 9/12/2003

By: Paul D Rotter (eepcat)

Plot Description: You've arrived at the Crimson Limits Prison, in search of a valueable book which may contain the location of a large treasure. Find a way into the prison, find the book, and get out alive.

          Monday, September 08, 2003

FM: Mad as a Hatter
- 7:42:51 PM - Elenkis
Mad as a Hatter is a new Thief 2 fan mission by Triksta that takes place in an asylum.

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Mad as a Hatter (v.1)

 Filesize: 10 MB
 Released: 9/8/2003

By: Triksta

Plot Description: Today while I was enjoying my usual pint down at the pub I was approached by a young lady, she was in a bit of an emotional state, she went on to explain about her true love Timothy and how he has ended up at the asylum, just when I was about to loose interest completely she handed me a purse full of gold pieces and asked if I would help her.

Of course I couldn't refuse . . .(more)

FM: The Night Falcon
- 7:02:16 PM - Elenkis
The Night Falcon is a new seven mission campaign for Thief 2, created by Christine Schneider. It's a large download but well worth it :)

Thief 2 Fan Mission
The Night Falcon

 Filesize: 167.7 MB
 Released: 9/8/2003

By: Christine Schneider

Plot Description: The Night Falcon is a 7 mission campaign in which Garrett is searching for the mysterious statue 'Night Falcon'. The campaign takes place before the events of Thief 2.

          Sunday, September 07, 2003

Fanfic: Interlude
- 11:55:04 AM - Elenkis
Caer O’Laine has written the next two chapters and redone some of the previous chapters for novel in development, Interlude. The novel also now has a spiffy front page courtesy of Caer, which will make it easier to navigate. Here's a peek at the third chapter, Challenge:
I wrapped my cloak tighter about me and moved along pulling hood over my face. I knew well I tempted Providence - empty streets, shadow and a person without any company must've been a strong temptation, but Reuben promised that during my search I will not be troubled by his guild's members. That obviously didn't guarantee that other guilds or 'independent' would leave me in peace, but, frankly speaking, I counted on it. I was prepared for any eventuality and wouldn't spurn an extra source of information. But since the day I came to the City nobody accosted me except the City Watch, but thankfully they didn't know who I really was. They were too young to remember and unless I give myself away I was pretty safe.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a movement just beside me. All of a sudden, something turned me round and drew into shadows, and a hand clutched my arm. My training was too good though, and I reacted automatically, almost absent-mindedly. In one moment the energy, which I had gathered a second ago, burst towards the attacker, throwing him away, right in the brightly lit part of the street. He staggered and the light of the lamp-post he found himself under shone over his figure.

I saw a man in his late twenties, with a slightly pale face. The eyes under dark eyebrows watched me with more astonishment than was my joy that eventually something started happening. But before any of us could make a move, I heard a regular sound of marching feet on a bridge over the stream. Patrol. They must've spotted us. But I underestimated the robber's abilities: in one moment he backed into the shadows and stood still, and the men didn't notice him.

Thanks Caer!

Fanfic: St. Yora Cathedral
- 11:06:21 AM - Elenkis
St. Yora Cathedral is the continuation of Beholder's A Journey of a Thief fanfic. Here's a snippet from this third chapter in the story:
“To me, my brothers,” yelled Brother Matthews who frantically waved at the paralyzed regiments of red-clad men. The horde ad now broken through the northern walls and hand already taken the work yard which was just beyond the corner that now lay before them. Screams and cries pierced the tepid night air but were quickly muffled, as if a pillow had been shoved upon the faces of stragglers and wounded.

Men were being slaughtered right and left, the ranks of the Hammer were decimated, and yet the enemy kept coming. Even the Hammers that had been freshly skewered through or mutilated, as if by some unholy and demonic power, took to their feet or simply crawled in the direction of their living comrades, eager for the taste of blood. The eyes, as their horrified brother looked upon them, were empty, dark, and cold. What madness was this? Why do their fallen turn against them?

“Brothers, we must not fear,” screamed the now frantic Brother Matthews, “take heart, for the Builder shall not leave our side!” The regiments looked duly as the first few being of such dark nature crawled over and through schisms in the inner wall. Fear had encompassed their very being, a man has no conscious thought left when it comes to that point.

Thanks Beholder!

          Saturday, September 06, 2003

Five New Thief III Movies
- 9:47:42 AM - Dave
IGN has five brand new Thief III videos straight from the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany.
The videos are of the Windows Media format and weigh in about 2.8MB-3.4MB each. If you are lucky enough to be an IGN Insider subscriber you can get your hands on some 5MB versions!
The five movies are titled
  • Hiding and killing
  • Sneaking around the town
  • Clubbing fools
  • Checking out the bow and arrows
  • Playing cat and mouse
    Chat about these videos in this thread on our forums!

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