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    Wednesday - 3.31.1999
    Real Thieves Use Mice - 11:50pm EST - Dan
Some time ago a patch was released by a third party which added Space Orb 360 support to Thief. Well, I finally got around to adding it to the file archive. That's all!

    Tuesday - 3.30.1999
    Thief Mission Builder Petition Has Reached 1,000 Signatures - 6:20pm EST - Dan
An event that will surprise only the mind numbingly dense transpired today. Yes, finally, after 3 short months, the Thief Mission Builder Petition received it's 1,000th signature.
#1000: thief is and excellent game and a mission builder is really nedded
Eric Quintero
That little quote sums it all up in a nutshell! Now, just because there are now 1K signings, that doesn't mean it's done. That's just a milestone. The more signatures we get, the greater the chances that something will actually come of it. Keep spreading the word, and remember the pact!

    Thief ICQ Plus Theme - 6:10pm EST - Dan
I found an object, the likes of which I had never seen before, in my inbox this afternoon. The creator, a man by the name of Zelgadas, reported that it was none other then an ICQ Theme. It seems that if you have a piece of communications equipment known as ICQ ("I seek you", quaint, eh?) and downloaded the "Plus" enhancement pack (I do believe that you can steal this from a warehouse known as, then you can affix this "theme" to your ICQ, and it will give it a Thief look. Much like a WinAMP skin.

Shrugging, I set it up in the "Other" section of my Themes display in the Files Chamber. A preview is also available.

    Interview of Subject Ursa - 1:20pm EST - Dan
A spy, identifying himself only by the alias "Stonewall" requested a meeting with me. I met with him at the front table in the Red Burrick Steakhouse, on West Bralington Street. Not speaking to me, he ordered a green ale, and then handed me a folder, sealed shut. Looking it over, I recognized the emblem of The Office of Information (a hammer crossed with a quill), and nodded with approval. We drank our drinks in silence, and then promptly left the establishment.

Upon returning to my tower, I found the folder to contain classified documents concerning subject Ursa, a retired Sergeant First Rank of the Army of the Royal Presence. The interview detailed his accounts of the events concerning the robbery of Lord Bafford’s manor and Constantine’s Mansion. This document has been made available for all to view in the "Collection of Thief Tales", in the FanWorks chamber.

    Animated Cursor - 1:20pm EST - Dan
A Thief by the name of Ymochel dropped off a small package with one of my servants. It seems the chap had managed, through unknown means, to capture the image of the rotating Eye. Copies have been made available to all in the Files Chamber of the Circle.

This animated cursor may be downloaded from the Themes display, or directly from this post.

    Saturday - 3.27.1999
    A Collection of Thief Tales - 6:30pm EST - Dan
I was faced with a dilemma. At the rate of growth of the content in the chamber dedicated to fanworks, soon the hall would become quite cluttered. This is because of the system I was using: giving each piece its own exhibit. As much as I’d like to do this, and each work deserves it, I simply do not have the time, or energy to create a showcase of each individual work. Not to mention the fact that the place was already getting a tad cluttered.

Well, i solved the problem, and I hope that no one takes offense by it. I created a single page, titled "A Collection of Thief Tales". In it will be contained all Thief written fanworks that span only several pages. At the time of it's opening, it contains the stories "ESCAPE!" by Fongyee Long, "Taffer of Taffers" by Scott Myers, and a new tale, "You Want to Hear a Good Story?" by Phyllis Bowen.

The good news is that I am now more then thrilled to accept any and all short tales. Keep 'em coming!

    Friday - 3.26.1999
   We Knew to Watch Him Most Closely - 08:00pm EST - James
It isn't often you get surprised in this job. A large agent network tends to ensure you hear about things as they develop. Imagine my surprise when I slipped through Games Domain and found Brigadier's Thief Walkthrough, an unheralded development from a chap none of us had heard of.

What's more, it's bloody good. Brigadier's only completed the first four levels - counting the training level - but the walkthrough is done with a lot of style - it includes complete quotes form the cutscenes - and a truly stunning amount of detail, including such details as all the stuff you start with automatically and a list of what you could buy. Here's a sample, from the Bonehoard:

Once you are in the pit, turn to face the... okay, turn to face the face. Move to either the left or the right side of it, and then move forward. The eyes in the face are diamonds. Once you are close enough, LEAN over to grab the eye closest to you (100, Treasure Count: 2350). Then, move AWAY from the face, move to the other side, and repeat (100, Treasure Count: 2450). [For those of you who like completeness, behind the pillar directly across from the face is a chest containing 4 more Rope Arrows.] Once you have the eyes, climb back out of the pit (use your Rope Arrow now if you didn't use it to climb down). [Once more, for those who like completeness, remember that your Rope Arrows are retrievable.]
If you don't want a step by step by step walkthorugh, this may not be your cup of tea. But the clarity and attention to detail are exceptional. I hope Brigadier continues it!

   Thief "joyously overwhelming"; ". . . gripping single player experience . . ." - 08:00pm EST - James
In addition, a number of agents have brought tidings of some reviews. Lars Therkildsen came in for debrief recently, and among other pieces of information we are not at liberty of discuss in this public forum, brought word of a pair of reviews at PlayNOW!. The first review is pretty positive, giving Thief a 9/10 overall. And the Player Review is even more positive, awarding a 10/10 and the first quote in the title above. What's more, you can vote in the mini-poll; when I looked, 80% of the respondents said they'd like to buy Thief. Then again, there have only been 26 votes. Which you can help change!

Lars' other piece of public news crossreferenced with a report from George "Shodan" Shannon, of another Review of Thief at The Vault Network. Jordan Thomas was quite taken with Thief, and wrote the second quote in the title of this section.

   Analyzing Those Wonderful Cutscenes - 08:00pm EST - James
Once debrief begins, it tends to keep going a while - as gruelling ritual of question, cross-question, and re-question designed to ensure three things: that the last dreg of information has been wrung from the agent; that the coffee merchants are made very happy; and that, by the end, the agent is ready to rip out the debriefer's throat for sheer frustration at having answered the same set of questions twenty-seven different ways. Fortunately, agents of the Order understand the necessity of the cross-questioning, and my throat has remained between my head and my shoulders. One of the gems that came our way from Michael "Dark Horse" Hoenig was an Analysis of Thief's Cutscenes at loonygames. Well worth a read if, as I do, you think these are some of the finest cutscenes ever to have graced your computer screen. It begins:
The cinematics of the heart of Thief: The Dark Project are composed of moments, frozen images which are "animated" purely by sound. The visuals resemble sketches from some forgotten notebook, looking as if shaped from grains of sand, the edges fading into a muddy, dreaming whiteness. These still shots are brought to life through voice, a strangely distancing technique that is appropriate when one considers that the tale is supposed to be a flashback. Thief's stillness is a welcome addition to videogame cinema.
(At one point he compares the intro to a music video. I've never really thought of it that way before, but now that I do, it does seem awfully like one, which is not a bad thing at all. - Dan)

    Sunday - 3.21.1999
    New Thief Fanwork: "Taffer of Taffers" - 10:00pm EST - Dan
Perhaps he was inspired by our other authors. Perhaps he was seeking fame in the field of the literary arts. Perhaps he was simply bored and his quil happened to fall onto paper just right. Whatever the reason, a man by the name of Scott Myers wrote a new Thief FanWork. The short story bears the name "Taffer of Taffers", and is written from the point of view of a thief who wishes revenge upon Garret. Oddly enough, however, it was not delivered by the author, but rather a man by the name of Jomero. Weather Jomero delivered it at the authors request or by other less lawful means I did not ask, nor did I really care. The work is now displayed with the others, in the FanWorks section of The Circle.

    Tuesday - 3.23.1999
    Interesting Display at Eidos WebTV - 11:45pm EST - Dan
I've received letters through rather varied means in my days. If a thief cares not to hire a courier, it is not uncommon to find a note fly through my chamber window, shot via broadhead, or even tied around a rock. However the thief who wished to communicate with me today decided to be inventive, and made the first time in which I received a letter tied to the end of the rope, hanging from a well placed rope arrow, which was shot into the wooden overhang above my tower's main portal. I nearly walked right into it as i stepped out for fresh air this morning. Imagine my surprise when I see, hanging at eye level in front of me, this note which read:
Master Nightfall, I've come into possession of some rather intriguing information that may be of interest to thee. A vision of one of thy brothers, Garret, as seen through the window of a scrying crystal. I have sent a messenger to deliver the location to thee in a method that I am told would be most appropriate in thy circles, I trust it will be received as it was intended, as a gesture of goodwill rather than one of malintention. Forgive me if thy spies have delivered word of it already. I have only seen it this eve but perhaps it is not new to thy cadre of spies.

I am at your command, BloodKnot

Scribbled onto the back of the note was a crude but concise map, which directed the reader to the auditorium of the great palace of Eidos, a good hours walk from the city limits. Recognizing the location to which it pointed, I quickly wrote up a reply to Bloodknot, which read:
BloodKnot, I thank thee for the information and appreciate it thoroughly, as always. However the display in which you have pointed out has been known to me many months before The Circle was opened. In spite of this, I have chosen to place it in the limelight once more, seeing as it has never truly been properly discussed within this grand hall.

Master Nightfall,

The item in which BloodKnot wished to make known is the Thief display, entitled "Thief: Shades of Darkness". To view this short presentation, simply go to the Eidos Main Auditorium (ETV), and when it has loaded, click on the button showing a headset. After that, selecting #6 shall take you the rest of the way to your destination.

    Some Fine New Creations in the Fanworks Gallery - 11:15pm EST - Dan
In speedy reply to my request to re-submit writings that fans wished I display in the Fanworks section, Fongyee Long had a small booklet sent to my by express courier. Inside was a letter, which read,
Master Nightfall,

Thou oughtest lock thy messenger. It was months ago since I sent thee a story of mine adventure. When I saw thy FanWorks over at, I rejoiced at the chance of sharing mine adventure with the other readers. However, tis a surprise to me that mine manuscript was not published and thus I conclude that thy messenger could have succumbed to the evil doings of the Trickster. :-)
Here is again, Master Nightfall.
And I thank thee for thy wonderful creation of It is a superb creation! And did thou knowest that the petition for a mission builder was alreadt at 700+ (last I seen a week ago?)

Fare thee well.

I quickly wrote him a brief letter of thanks, and added his short tale, narrating the events before and during the mission Escape!, to the gallery. But that was not all. Through the course of my discussions with George Shannon, author of the novel in development called "Thief: Candle Fire", it was decided to have the tale, still under construction, to be featured in his own private vista, in the wealthy uptown sector. At that, I bid any and all who value good literature to go visit this proud display.

'Twould also be good to note, that as of the time of this post, the Petition has indeed reached 973 signings.

    "Taffer Legend" Translated into German - 09:15pm EST - Dan
Guten Abend, mein gaste. Wie geht es Ihnen? That's about the extent of my German speaking ability off the top of my head. Though I could do more if I put my mind to it, I don't usually care to. However Lytha seems to be much more adept at it then I, for she has translated "A Taffer Legend", penned by Jyre, into German. Copies are being sold at every major bookseller. But you can steal a bootlegged version here.

    That Midi The Jyre Sent Me. . . - 08:10pm EST - Dan
"Thou Shalt not forsake the small things in this world!", said the beggar, as I slipped a gold coin into his hand and 15 out of his pocket. That was fifteen years ago, and to this day I keep that advice in the back of my mind. So this is why when Jyre sends me a slightly modified version of her midi, I let it sit on my desk growing stale for 1 week before remembering to do something about it. Sorry Jyre!

Indeed, it's slightly modified, though how I do not recall. If you collect them, or are simply curious, feel free to steal yourself a copy.

    Sunday - 3.21.1999
   Vote for Thief at GameCenter - 09:00am EST - James
I awoke to a pigeon fluttering at the window, a message from Dan strapped to its leg. Taffers, move out! GameCenter is running a poll, and Thief is not winning - yet. With your votes, however, it could! Go Vote!

    Saturday - 3.20.1999
    Become Immortalized in a Looking Glass Game - 1:00am EST - Dan
The mud on my boots had not yet dried as I made my way up the stone spiral stair to the front gate of my tower. Suddenly I stopped cold in my tracks, for right in front of me out of a great flash of light, a single obsidian slate appeared. The slate hung in mid-air for several seconds before slowly, slowly, descending to the ground in front of my feet. Reluctantly, I picked it up with my gloved hand, and found, upon a quick examination, an engraving on one side. It read, printed in text that could not have been formed by human hands:
Greetings Master Nightfall,

Please excuse the unorthodox means of relaying this communication. I could trust no other method. I have a bit of news that may be of interest to your guests. Do you suppose that any of them would like to be immortalized in the latest product from the makers of Thief? There is a contest to allow one lucky, chosen at random, winner to have his face and name adorn a corpse in System Shock 2, due out this spring. Undoubtedly the grim nature of this contest should arouse the interest of at lest one of your guests. Thank you for your attention.

- Digital Nightfall,

On the back of the slate, was a single gray depression, with the words, "Touch Here" printed on it.

    Friday - 3.19.1999
   "If you so much as cough the guards will try to hunt you down." - 07:00pm EST - James
A knock at the door of the study; and one not of our Order, Raven, is ushered in. He speaks his piece plainly; his site, Gamenation Network, has a review of Thief up, and he wished to present a copy to us as evidence of good will. Reviews such as Tarrasque's short review of Thief are quite likely to ensure our best wishes - awarding Thief a 95% and speaking in appropriately glowing terms of its great gameplay!

   Assassin's Guild opens - 07:00pm EST - James
The other memorable meeting of the day was Sykophant's debriefing. It turns out he wanted to update the Order on the status of one of his side projects: The Assassin's Guild, a website dedicated to the Tools, Enemies, and Tactics of Thief. It should prove a worthy ally in our endeavors. Currently, only a partially-complete Tools section is up, though it is expected to expand.

    "Into the Dark" Finds a Home in the FanWorks Section - 03:30pm EST - Dan
Searching through my archives for old fan fiction that needed to be added to the newly opened chamber of the circle, I dusted off a newly written volume by the name of "Into the Dark". It was sent to me about a month ago as a Thief Fanwork shortly before it appeared on the streets, released from Jyre's dwelling. After some quite aesthetic improvements, I set it on a pedestal next to the other items.

This site's mirror of "Into the Dark" can be found here.

    Fanworks Section Now Open- Introducing "Thief: Candle Fire" - 02:30pm EST - Dan
At long last one of the most important sections of this site is now open, and ready to grow. The Thief FanWorks section is now accepting any and all Thief fan fiction, artwork, or anything else you can come up with. I know quite a few of you have already sent me things for me to display. Hopefully I haven't lost them, but just in case I have, please send them again. I want to be sure not to leave anyone out who wishes to show off their creations.

Along side "A Day in the Life of . . .", the Thief short story "Candle Fire" makes its debut. This rather long tale tells what could have possibly occurred during the time between the training mission and Lord Bafford's Manor. Written by George Shannon.

    Thursday - 3.18.1999
    "A Day in the Life of. . ." - Our First Fanwork - 07:00pm EST - Dan
Not long after I bid James goodbye and he made his way downtown to his flat, I saw a sight that startled me for an instant. Now, whenever you see a change in the objects on the shelf in your study it's usually because one is missing, but this time there was an object there which I had never seen before. It was a book, crudely fashioned from several pieces of papyrus laced together. Penned onto the cover was the title, "A Day in the Life of . . ." Opening it, I found a small note inside the front cover, which read:
"Master Nightfall, I gift this to you in thaks for the equipment and your time, Jyre."
A slight smile formed on my face as I flipped though it, and decided that it was finally about time to open the FanWorks section of the Circle. But first things first, and that was making this book presentable. Taking one of my finest blank tomes, I spent many hours painstakingly transferring the text, and was much pleased with the final result.

The fanworks section is not yet constructed, but the tome is ready for viewing. There are two editions, a plain html document for Netscape users, or a special enhanced version for Internet explorer users. Be sure to go to the correct one! I shall build the FanWorks page within the next few days, and there this tome shall find permanent home, along side the other stories which I've already been sent.

That being said, don your reading glasses and enjoy!

   Thresh's Firing Squad Praises Thief - 05:00pm EST - James
Walking home from another of my frequent chess games with Digital Nightfall - it would be ungentlemanly to discuss the exact results of them, except to note we are very closely matched - I noticed a certain sigil chalked onto a doorway. One of our agents was requesting a meeting. After scouting the appointed rendezvous, I awaited at my ambush site until the agent appeared. Alone and without escort, as was proper... so I came forward by another way, apologised for my "lateness", and enquired as to the information. The cloaked figure silently handed me a slip of paper. Catalyst, it was signed, and I was directed to Thresh's Firing Squad, whose Bob 'Calbear' Colayco has written a review of Thief - and it's a very positive and extensive review, from a site that is fundamentally a shooter paradise:
Thief brings immersion to a different plane, almost to a dream like state, with its compelling plot line, brilliant game play, and of course, the astonishingly good sound engine. When you fire up the game, you fully lose consciousness of yourself sitting in front of a monitor with a mouse in your hand. You're not playing a game so much as you are actually becoming Garrett the thief.

   What is Ancient May Be New - It All Depends On Point of View - 09:00am EST - James
I got home, after that diversion, only to find a package deposited upon my desk. Mind you, nobody should have been in my flat whilst I was away. And none of the wards and trips had been disturbed. The report gave away the reason: this was redEye's work, and he had more findings from the archives. Any of you remember this E3 preview of Thief from AVault? Or what about the even earlier one, from back when Thief wasn't in the title, and it was only known as The Dark Project? Note the crossbow in Garret's hands in the picture, too. Good research, redEye - and good thieving to deposit the report. I'll have to re-consider my security measures.