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          Sunday, January 20, 2002

Eye of the Thunder Update
- 11:46:44 AM - Elenkis
BrotherZ has sent us a brief update to the status of his upcoming Eye of the Thunder fan mission. Here's what he has to say:
Eye of the Thunder is rolling along nicely. I'm sitting at about 20% finished and have a long way to go yet.

The mission file, just so you know, is currently at 15.6 MB in size. I'm actually kinda worried that it might grow to be too large for someone to download. I'll think of something to do about it.

Thanks for the update!

          Saturday, January 19, 2002

Very Pretty Arx Fatalis Official Site :)
- 1:51:07 PM - Dan
The Fishtank / Arkane Official Website for Arx Fatalis has gone online. The site is beautiful. I am humbled by it. I keep the website open just so I can keep listening to the music. The main menu is very pretty. It's such a sweet site! The LGS webmasters would be proud. :)

This takes you to the portal, where you can choose your language. Or, Skip to the English version here. (There are links to US and UK versions, but they both go to the same place.)

Enjoy. :) And when you are done, visit the Official Arx Fatalis Forums.

          Thursday, January 17, 2002

New Thief Site
- 8:23:03 PM - Alex
Lady Nighteyes, daughter of FM creator Garotte, is putting together what is promising to be a good little Thief site, featuring, amongst other things, the FM Treasury. You can find it right here. If you're a fan of Goth/Vampyre, shorten the link down to the parent folder for some more good stuff.

          Wednesday, January 16, 2002

New Site: Taffer Games
- 12:50:36 AM - Elenkis
William the Taffer has got his spiffy new Thief website up and running under the name Taffer Games.

As well as being a home for his own fan missions, the site serves as a great source for Dromed and includes a very nice selection of useful tools for mission builders. Another feature for you Dromeders is the ability to submit the plot and story for your upcoming mission, which will appear on the FM news page for all to see. I also heartily recommend checking out William's Thief wav mixes if you're in the mood for a laugh!

You can find Taffer Games at:

Hidden Agenda, by Mark (AsyluM)
- 12:47:38 AM - Dan
Mark (AsyluM) has just released his Thief 2 FM, "Hidden Agenda". I think we have proved that the Thief FM scene is far from dead. We may go spells without seeing many, but then we get three at once. :) Enough of that. On to the goods:

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Hidden Agenda

 Filesize: 8.5 MB
 Released: 1/16/2002

By: Mark - (AsyluM)

Plot Description: Living in the city has become somewhat difficult since the death of Karras. The Mechanists know who killed him and have been trying everything in their power to kill me. But I was in the city before the Mechanists were formed and I'll make sure I'm here after them as well. The Mechanists have a newly built seminary in the New Market district. It stands on the grounds where an old Hammerite temple used to stand, which mysteriously "fell" into the ground about a year ago. Rumour has it that when the Hammerites went to investigate what had happened the Mechanists had already sealed off the area. ... (more).

Additional Comments: This is my first completed FM, the level is a large Mechanist based mission. The story takes place a while after Thief 2.

The Enterprise Reviewed
- 12:29:24 AM - Elenkis
Spitter has awarded frobber's great fan mission The Enterprise with a well deserved 8.5 hammers. Check out the full review at the link bellow:

Hammer Score: 8.5 of 10
Comments by Reviewer:
Review by Spitter:

  • Pros: Long, grabbing story, terrific atmosphere.
  • Cons: Perhaps a tad too long for some people, many empty and potentially useless rooms.
  • Bottom Line: The Enterprise is a lengthy and a fun mission, with also an interesting and original story present - something that hasn't been seen too much in fan missions.

    - Full Review & Screenshots

  •           Sunday, January 13, 2002

    Cathedral of the Damned and Deadly Darkness
    - 10:56:37 PM - Dan
    Dark Angel has finally released a BETA of his classic hardcore undead fan mission Cathedral of the Damned. Behold:

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Cathedral of the Damned (v0.6)

     Filesize: 12.2 MB
     Released: 1/13/2002
     readme.rtf (1.2 Meg)

    By: Dark Angel

    Plot Description: About a month has passed since the Trickster's demise. The Hammerites, seemingly very pleased with your recent work, decide they have another task for you. A Hammerite priest has told you about a holy scepter which has been left in an abandoned cathedral some decades ago. He wishes for you to retrieve it for him. But finding the scepter is only half the job, once found it must be blessed in a special holy pool, which is said to be located inside somewhere.

    A simple job for a master thief such as yourself, not to meantion a lucrative opertunity. Be warned though, the priest didn't bother to meantion that the place was haunted.

    Additional Comments: This version has been released, uncomplete, for beta testing purposes. The main things that haven't been implimented as of yet are the scripting, EAX, a few books, modeling, and the briefing videos and cutscenes. Other than that, its basicly finished (or whatever the testers find wrong with it).

    As a BETA test, those who download it are asked to please email the author with comments and suggestions for improvements (and bug fixes) rather then just whining to themselves about them. :) I tried the mission myself and did not find much at all to whine about ... other then the scary scary undead who killed me thoroughly over and over. Eip!

    Second on the list (I got word of this mission a little later in the day) is Tomi's year-in-the-making fan mission Deadly Darkness. Behold:

    Thief Gold Only Fan Mission
    Deadly Darkness

     Filesize: 2.9 MB
     Released: 1/13/2002

    By: Tomi

    Plot Description: One day you receive a letter from your old friend Lacatar, who you worked for a long time ago. He's a Grand Master of the Academy of Wizards so he is a rich man... In the letter he speaks about a terrible accident that has happened in the Academy. For some reason undead forces have taken over the place - there are not many guards left after many days of battle. Lacatar needs your help and you're not going to leave your old friend into a trouble. So you get your gear and prepare yourself to the journey...

    I have not taken this one for a spin, so I can't comment. Best of luck to Tomi for a successful release. :) Enjoy!

              Saturday, January 12, 2002

    Thief 3 Mutterings in #thief
    - 2:39:09 PM - Dan
    If you are a Thief 3 dev, and you mutter things in #thief, chances are, they may get posted here. ;) [Faceless] Imagine dude
    [Faceless] the sick thing about the warfare and new gen shit for all games is like
    [Faceless] the level of detail in the characters now
    [Faceless] imagine your sneakin' round
    [Faceless] a guard hears ya or some shit
    [Faceless] he starts searchin' for ya
    [Faceless] and your watchi'n him from some shadow
    [Faceless] and your lookin' at his face change emotional states on the fly and his little eyeballs scanning the room independantly of his head
    [Faceless] wouldn't that rock?
    [Digital`Nightfall] it would :)
    [Faceless] To actually be able to tell
    [Faceless] when a guard is pissed off, vs scared, vs sad
    [Faceless] vs confused
    [Faceless] all based off of his face
    [Digital`Nightfall] have you seen that in action, yet?
    [Faceless] hmm
    [Faceless] yah
    I hope no-one minds. :)

              Friday, January 11, 2002

    The Old Quarter Just Got Newer
    - 3:32:17 PM - James
    Antonio Michalis dropped by to let us know that The Old Quarter has been revamped, making it the "Not Quite So Old As It Once Was Quarter". There's a flash animation on the initial page that is blessedly brief to load, and a new navigation bar in addition to some new stuff.

              Tuesday, January 08, 2002

    Lorgan's Web Reviewed
    - 11:17:09 PM - Elenkis
    Frobber has reviewed Lorgan's Web by Shadowspawn and awarded the mission a very good 8.5 hammers!

    Hammer Score: 8.5 of 10
    Comments by Reviewer:
    Review by frobber:

  • Pros: Lots of polish, no bugs, cool terrain and straightforward gameplay.
  • Cons: Nothing worth highlighting.
  • Bottom Line: A solid, clean, challenging, and well-designed mission.

    - Full Review & Screenshots

  •           Sunday, January 06, 2002

    Eye of the Thunder Update
    - 5:27:21 AM - Elenkis
    BrotherZ has sent another update along with new screenshot for his upcoming Eye of the Thunder mission.
    Eye of the Thunder is progressing along once more. I have created some new ideas for the game and I think some of the architectural changes are definate improvements from before. Maybe it wasn't such a bad thing to have lost the original.

    At any rate, I have some new screenshots like the one below and I have finished setting up a website for now. Hope you all enjoy it! Thanks!

    Travel to: Go Back / T-tc.com (home)