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          Sunday, July 27, 2003

New DromEd Architecture Tutorial
- 3:04:47 PM - Darkwarrior
Alexius, from the Hammerite Imperium Project, has written a detailed architecture tutorial.

If you've ever wanted to sculpt breath-taking buildings in Thief 2 like this, then I suggest you start reading! There are some truly innovative tips in here.

Thanks, Alexius!

          Monday, July 21, 2003

Updated Dark Engine Scripts
- 5:29:05 PM - Dave
Master Scripter VKGayleSaver has sent word that his updated custom scripts for Thief Dark Project/Gold and The Metal Age have been released.

The download URL along with a readme can be found here, hosted at ThiefMissions.com
Head over to our Editor's Guild Forum to have a chat about them.

          Wednesday, July 16, 2003

PCZone Reviews Thievery
- 12:46:20 PM - Dave
Thievery UT has been given a 89% review by UK gaming magazine, PCZone. who say
The maps are top class, they're dark, foreboding and atmospheric
It also appears on the cover DVD (not CD) for all you taffers who don't have it yet!
Congratulations to the Thievery UT team!
Thanks to Jodan for the heads up.

          Thursday, July 10, 2003

Eidos Reveals Thief 3 Plot
- 9:12:47 AM - Dan
The Thief 3 promo page at the Eidos website has been updated with information on Thief 3's plot - much more information than any preview thus far. Some of you may consider this spoilers, so I have blacked out the text. Swipe your mouse over it to read.
According to ancient prophecies, a Dark Age is approaching. He's determined to stop this darkness before it comes, before someone loses an eye...or worse.

Garrett begins a cautious collaboration with the Keepers, an enigmatic and secretive group. They supply prophetic Glyphs he needs to avert the approaching doom, and he supplies the raw nerve, caustic wit, and artistic thievery that they lack. He sneaks his way through castles, mansions, prisons, cathedrals, dungeons, and museums, past armed guards, hired muscle, angry thugs, hideous monsters, and much worse. He's out to steal the City's oldest treasures - treasures that can help stop the darkness foretold in the prophecies.

But things quickly go awry. Disaster looms closer with every step Garrett takes. In his efforts to prevent the Dark Age, he has inadvertently roused an ancient hidden evil. To make matters worse, the Keepers, sworn to protect the City and maintain the balance, instead find themselves decaying from their very core. In their desperate search for the One who will betray them, their eyes turn to Garrett.

Once again, Garrett finds himself without allies, standing alone between the City and the forces that would crush it. Will his skills be enough to save the dying City? Can he survive betrayal, assassins, and war in the labyrinthine city streets? Will he destroy or be destroyed by the evil he awoke? And finally, what must he do to get what he wants most of all: to be left alone plying his trade as the City’s greatest… Thief?

Thanks for the heads up, Chris. I think this requires some discussion!

Fan Mission Archive Updated
- 2:34:42 AM - Elenkis
Well, it took a while but we've finally got the mission archive back up to date! You'll find a whole bunch of missions have been added; some old, some recent and most from Komag's fourth fan mission contest which took place at the beginning of the year. Here's the list of added missions, which should make the archive 100% complete as of now:

  • Amnesia
  • Bafford's Curse
  • Bar, the
  • Basic
  • Brawl in the Tombs
  • Breakout From Apocalypse Prison
  • Burrick's Head Inn, the
  • Careless Little Fly
  • Cashing In
  • Curiosty Shop
  • Debt to Nate
  • Diamond, the
  • Ducal Hammerite Asylum
  • Dwelling Insanity
  • Emelie Victor
  • Father Hirvakia's Portal 1
  • Father Hirvakia's Portal 2
  • Father Hirvakia's Portal 3
  • Father Hirvakia's Portal 4
  • Fragalicious
  • Freiheit für Nepumuk
  • Gallery, the
  • Garrett to the Rescue 2
  • Greyfeather Gems - Part 1: The Shipment
  • Hell's Motel 2
  • Island of Iron 2: Confrontation
  • Jenivere De Ja Vu
  • Jocke (unfinished)
  • Lady Sakura's Dragon Eye
  • Lord Ashton Series 8: The Wedding of Sir Andre
  • Mines of Margroth
  • Mission With No Name, A
  • Mistrz: demo
  • Mistrz: Efekty Specjalne (Polish)
  • Mother's Love, A
  • Mother's Love, A (no dromed deluxe)
  • Mylokh's Tower
  • New Critters 2
  • Night of the Singing Potion
  • No More Clients For Monty
  • R G B
  • Resurgence part 1: The Ancient Crown
  • Retrieval
  • Rowena's Curse
  • Secret Weapon
  • Skeletons in the Closet
  • Skull of St. Yora, the
  • Thief Noir
  • Thief Nonetheless, A
  • Thievery
  • Toner Island
  • Too Good To Be True
  • Treachery
  • Tymoteusz (French)
  • Tymoteusz (Polish)
  • Unfortunate Formulae
  • Volcano Island Prison Facility
  • Woodkey Resthouse

    Don't forget that thanks to Dennis we now have our own file server back up, so feel free to submit those new missions directly to us - that way ensures we get them up asap.

  •           Tuesday, July 08, 2003

    Demo Missions Added to Database
    - 10:12:00 PM - Dan
    When Ben Ramsey uploaded his mission archive to our mirror, he included several demo missions from the past few years which had been previously absent from our database. I now present them all to everyone, wich much appologies if this is not the wishes of the demo mission's authors. :)

  • AI Museum Demo - by William The Taffer
  • Carry Over Demo - by Apache
  • Doggy (custom motions demo) - by Weyoun (Philip M. Anderson)
  • Elevator - by JIS
  • Ogre Demo - by Dark Arrow
  • Taffer Shooting Gallery - by Justice01
  • Moving Train Demo - by Kirk Bezio (Catalyst)
  • Welcome to Thief 3 - by JIS
  • Wrestling Match - by Vadim Kokielov

    I have not tried them myself, but some of them certanly have inviting names. Enjoy!

  • Randy Smith Answers our T3 Questions!
    - 7:52:52 PM - Dan
    Great news! Randy Smith, project director of Thief 3, has replied to some of the questions the TTLG staff sent to him. Dig it:

    How will difficulty levels be handled?

    Randy: There will be a variety of difficulty levels, like in Thief and Thief 2. You can take the game's presets, or you can go in and adjust the difficulty parameters yourself to some custom setting of your own choosing. You can be as crazy with this as you want, pretty much. We were thinking of our fans on TTLG when we developed this, actually - you can use this feature to play Lytha style, or any other play style you want, and the game will track your success or failure!

    Will the player ever be required to kill in order to finish a mission? Conversely, will it be possible to play the game by killing everyone you meet?

    Randy: You can finish this game without ever getting caught, and you can finish this game by killing everyone you meet. Okay, that last part isn't strictly true in every single case, maybe, but I can't go into details. Let's adjust to say you can kill practically everybody you meet, if that's your thing, you sick, violent Garrett, you.

    Which leads to... How much has the game changed from the original Thief 3 design that Looking Glass had planned?

    Randy: This is a very authentic sequel to Thief and Thief 2, and it follows very much in the footsteps laid out for the triology at Looking Glass.

    Is the mantling going to be like it is in Unreal 2? Or will it be anything reminiscent of the mantling we're used to from Thief/Thief II... where you really feel like you are pulling yourself up?

    Randy: The mantling in this Thief is more like that in T/T2. We started with Unreal code, but we've revised everything that needed revision to make this the game it needed to be.

    Is Garrett going to suffer munchkin-ization like most player-avatars in many previous UT/Unreal engine based first-person games?

    Randy: No. naturally, our game will be perfect in every conceivable way.

    Will highlighted objects retain the rather strong rainbow-effect glow seen in the shakeycam footage?

    Randy: That was a placeholder special effect. We're working on its replacement now.

    Will models be hand animated or motion captured?

    Randy: We do some of both, depending on the circumstance and what's going to look good.

    Any possibility of seeing some newer screenshots of the models to put an end to the current cries that they look like Mr Mackey from South Park?

    Randy: We will definitely have more presence in the press eventually. stay tuned for more Thief articles, exclusives, websites, media, and stuff like that. You'll see our updated character models then.

    Even if the title cannot yet be revealed, could we get an official statement to the effect that the tagline of the teaser trailer "All that is yours shall soon be mine" is not the actual name of the game. I know this one sounds a bit silly, but there are those people who are acting like this will be the case.

    Randy: I hereby officially declare that the actual name of the game is not "All that is yours shall soon be mine". I'd never even heard those words until I went to E3 this year.

    How will the wall climbing equipment work, and who's crazy idea was it?

    Randy: I can't remember whose idea it was, but it was a super good idea. It's one of the many things that makes this such a good game, even now before it's finished! Just wait til you get to try it yourself, you'll see. We all think it's great fun.

    Thanks a million, Randy! Plenty of food for thought here. :)

    The Return of FM Downloads
    - 10:33:29 AM - Dan
    The arrival of Dennis Nixon to the scene and the return of Jason Tibbitts to the scene marks the end of the FM downloads crisis. Actually this crisis has been over for some time now, but we wanted to hold off on any announcements just in case. :)

    So now when you go to download a mission, chances are you will see at least two mirrors. TTLG (courtesy of Dennis Nixon) and Thiefmissions.com (which if, of course, Jason Tibbitts). For the past few weeks (finding bits of spare time in between my 9 hour work days) I've been working on perfecting the database in regards to these two mirrors. I know there are more out there, and in the future I will add them as well. The more mirrors we have, naturally, the less strain on any of them.

    The FM database is sadly several months out of date, with several dozen missions having been released in that period of time. My next task will be to add all of these missions to the database.

    I'd like to thank Daveh and mopgoblin for their help in spotting errors in the database (if anyone finds anymore, let me know). Thanks goes to Ben Ramsey (Komag) for uploading a ton of files for us, and everyone owes Dennis Nixon and Jason Tibbitts a huge debt of gratitude for making all of this possible. Thank you both. :)

              Monday, July 07, 2003

    Fanfic: An Excerpt from Keeper Records
    - 2:04:32 PM - Elenkis
    Yametha has completed part three of her fanfic in development, "An Excerpt from Keeper Records". Here's a peek at this new chapter:
    Left with little choice I stepped forth, my hand reaching for the small white vial hidden within my robes. Within it was a mixture of a deadly poison and holy water, to both kill me and ensure I could never be revived. If things did not turn out favourably, I could end my life, but I did not like this option. However, I liked the option of torture by Karras even less.

    “Keeper!” spat Vallon. “I never though I’d come across one of your kind. I thought you were a myth.” “Fascinating” I replied dryly. Vallon slapped me with his free hand. “Look keepress, if you cooperate with me, you will live. Else, you will die right here.”

    “It looks like I’ll have to…” I began, and then I looked over his shoulder. “… my GOD!” Vallon span round to look at what had worried me. Nothing. Empty space. As quick as lightning he span back to face me. “That trick doesn’t work on me” he sneered. I reached into my robes and pulled out the bolt from his crossbow.

    Thanks Yametha!

    Artwork from Silmuen
    - 1:43:56 PM - Elenkis
    This wonderfully atmospheric tablet picture of a Keeper was created and sent to us by Silmuen Klas:

    Thanks Silmuen!

    Artwork from Jonathan Brann
    - 1:29:35 PM - Elenkis
    This new Thief drawing was created by Jonathan Brann (aka Ordinator) and submitted to us by mOdEtWo:

    Thanks guys!

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