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          Friday, November 30, 2007

Thief Trinity Released
- 8:53:05 PM - pavlovscat
New Mission
November 30, 2007 - Thief Trinity for T2 by Theker

MISSION UPDATE: 12/02/2007 - updated version 3 was released.

The Mission: You've been coaxed out of retirement on this cold, snowy night to obtain the "Old Trinity". You will also need the "Plate of Power" to protect you from the Trinity. While you're at it, find out what your old friends the Mechanists having been doing. Oh, and take something for yourself to make ending your retirement worthwhile.

The town appears to be a quaint, quiet place, but is anything ever what is seems to be when Garrett takes a job? This is a fairly small mission with a nice variety of adventures. There is a bit of everything from Mechanists to monsters. The game play is well-paced with some interesting obstacles to overcome. Loot is plentiful, so look around or behind just about anything stationary and you'll find most of it.

On Tourist difficulty, you have the normal weapons. On Ranger or Thief, you do not get a sword. Kills are limited on Tourist and Thief and not allowed at all in Thief. So, your strategy will need to be different for each difficulty level. I played through on Ranger in about 45 minutes.

There was an issue with unlocking doors in the Mechanist Lab which prevented normal completion of the mission. This has been corrected in the updated version, so make sure you have version 3. Theker has decided to do further beta-testing and will be correcting other less crucial problems in the next update. The mission is playable as is, but I am looking forward to the final release.


Go to the Forum Discussion Thread to comment or ask questions about this mission.

Unnecessary Risk (sequel to A Friend in Need) Released!
- 1:08:14 PM - pavlovscat
New Mission
November 29, 2007 - Unnecessary Risk for T2 by SlyFoxx

The Mission: This is the long-awaited sequel to A Friend in Need, so, if you haven't already, play that one first so you'll be up to date with the story.
Now that you've found out the location of Lord Bafford's summer residence, it's time to rob the place. You just can't miss any chance to tick off Lord Bafford, that braggart!

Impressions: Do not be in a rush to knock everyone out, or you'll miss some very funny (and useful!) dialogues. The conversation sequences are worth your patience and show SlyFoxx's sense of fun to best advantage. This mission is laid out logically, making good use of a small map. Play is not difficult, but there are a few puzzles to make you think. There are clues, mostly spoken, to find the hidden goodies, so look & listen closely. This is a pretty mission that makes good use of different textures. I especially liked the big fir trees, and the ivy covered manor house is charming.

I completed my first round on Thief difficulty in just under an hour and missed 205 loot. There are hidden bonus objectives as well. Overall, this is an enjoyable mission that I will play again.

Problems: I found one buggy stairway to the top of the outside manor wall. Everything else played smoothly.


Be sure to visit the Forum Discussion Thread for game tips and to find out what others thought of the mission.

          Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Box released Nov 25, 2007
- 10:57:12 PM - pavlovscat
New Mission
November 25, 2007 - The Box for T2 by Ghost In The Shell

The Mission: You have been hired for the hefty sum of 10,000 gold pieces to find a mysterious box located in a certain merchant's store. Find the store, break into it, and steal this box.

Impressions: While the mission is a small one, it held my interest throughout the 39 minutes it took me to complete my first run through on Normal difficulty. There are several objectives that took some thought to accomplish. There is also one cleverly hidden key that changes locations according to the difficulty level you choose. The Box is the opening chapter of a story, so expect an open ending. I look forward to the next chapter. Overall, The Box is an enjoyable city mission I'll want to play again. A lot of action is packed into this small map.

Problems: There is a possible problem with the gen.osm file. The solution for this problem is detailed in the mission readme.


Check out the Forum Discussion Thread for game tips and to tell Ghost In The Shell what you think about this new mission.

          Sunday, November 18, 2007

Yandros' Hammerite Deathmatch Released
- 5:49:44 PM - pavlovscat
New Mission
November 18, 2007 - Hammerite Deathmatch for T2 by Yandros

The Mission: Your mission is straight forward. Kill them before they can kill you.

Impressions: Yandros has managed to make fun out of something many Thief players just don't like - wholesale slaughter. If you don't think you'll like this mission because you are required to kill or be killed, give it a try anyway. That is exactly what I thought, but I was pleasantly suprised. It's really a lot of fun!

Yandros has included some great weaponry. Just trying out all the new weapons was worth playing. The concept is a simple one, yet pleasure can be found in Yandros' execution (no pun intended!) of the idea. The counter feature was very useful. You even get to pick your music. I found "What Is Love?" to be an ironic music choice but suitable.

Problems: I found no problems at all with the mission.


Check out the Forum Discussion Thread for game tips and to see what others think about this mission.

          Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New & Rediscovered Missions
- 10:24:03 PM - pavlovscat
New Mission
November 11, 2007 - The Way of the Sword for T2 by Jason Otto

MISSION UPDATE: 11/20/2007 - Updated version 1.2 was released.

The Mission: Your fence has informed you that a collector is interested in acquiring the Talisman of Death. There is one small complication. This Talisman is being kept under guard in a Hammerite monastery. Well, no sense in wasting time & effort, right? This monastery has developed a secret fighting technique. Find their instruction manual; it should be worth a lot to the right people. Also, the monastery has the Builder's Sword. Fancy swords always fetch a good price, so get that, too. Oh, and whatever trinkets happen to fall into your hands.

Impressions: The setting for this mission is the Hammerite Monastery, an absolutely beautiful place that must bring many peaceful hours of meditation to these Hammers. The monastery has the feel of the Orient from the artwork to the AI costuming. There are too many custom objects to name them all, but every one contributes to the lovely ambience created by the spacious architecture of the building. From the semi-transparent sliding doors to the plates of sushi rolls, every room has a feeling of continuity and attention to detail. I did not see anything that looked out of place.

Gameplay is well paced. There are puzzles you need to solve to get to the items for your quest. Play attention to all plaques. Most of them will give you a good hint what to do (or not to do!). There are many scrolls that are not vital to game play, but there are a few key ones that will help you greatly. You also get the option to go "undercover" which makes accessing the entire building much easier.

This mission was the sole entrant to the cancelled Hammer Contest. To beat this mission would have taken something beyond amazing. Congrats to Jason on a truly extraordinary mission. I finished my first time through on Novice in 1 hr & 49 min. It would have been less if I hadn't kept stopping to look around.

Problems: I had only one problem with this mission. I couldn't eat any of the beautiful food!! And, I was so hungry. But, seriously, the game play is smooth and trouble-free. The update fixed the one common problem with ending the game.


Check out the Forum Discussion Thread for game tips and to see what others think about this mission. You can also visit Jason's The Way of the Sword Homepage for more screenshots.

Old Missions Newly Discovered (Thanks to clearing!)

  • From January 30, 2002 - Cragscright Prison in Polish for T2 by Paweuek
    I couldn't understand the texts, but I had fun exploring. Check out the Forum Discussion Thread for some translations and other help.

  • From November 26, 2003 - Just Another Hole for T2 by Gregorius
    This is a reak quickie, a 10 minute "find the hidden key" mission.

  •           Tuesday, November 13, 2007

    Mission in Progress: Dead Letter Box
    - 5:22:57 PM - pavlovscat
    Mission in Progress
    The Book of Prophecy Part 1: Dead Letter Box for T2 by Schattengilde


    This is to be part 1 of a 4 mission series, so be sure to check the Forum Discussion Thread for more info and more screenshots. Let Schattengilde know what you think.

              Monday, November 12, 2007

    Fan Art Gallery Updated
    - 6:23:58 AM - Dan
    We were long overdue for a huge update to the fan art gallery. Click that link to see how great the index looks with all of the new thumbnails from the new artists; truly a storm of talent. Three gallery regulars have expanded their collections; Clockwork Mifune, Redface, and Silmuen, thumbnailed below.


    New faces, in alphabetical order (with thumbnails in matching order), include Art of Dutch, Cocolin, Finial, First Keeper with five new images, kissgz, and Screech.


    If you love Thief fanart as much as I do, be sure to check out the thread on the topic, from which many of these gallery items were hand-picked. A huge thanks goes to all of the artists - some of the most talented people doing fanart for any game. Edit: The images I had posted by Julia were all works in progress and not meant to be shown yet - oops! Watch for her return to the gallery in a future update.

              Saturday, November 10, 2007

    New T2 FM Released: The Lost Crusade
    - 6:00:26 PM - pavlovscat
    New Mission
    November 10, 2007 - The Lost Crusade for T2 by Spoonman, Forum Discussion Thread

    The Mission: You stowaway onboard a ship headed for a distant city where, rumor has it, some ruins have been discovered. And, we all know that ruins mean treasures! Also, there is rumored to be a sacred relic hidden somewhere inside...make it all yours.

    Impressions: The setting for this mission is a daylight city with lots of shadows for hiding, but you likely won't need them. The locals are pretty friendly as long as you don't show your weapons. This is a visually beautiful city with lots to explore and accessible rooftops.

    The mine area is a nice change of scenery which leads you on to the ruins. After a harrowing journey through the mountain, you must make a breath-taking trip along the mountain ledges to reach the sacred relic.

    The visual detailing of this mission was impressive. I enjoyed the game play, finishing my first time through on normal in 1 hr & 27 min.


    Problems: Be careful when on the rooftops and in some of the higher buildings because if you look up or out across the city, the video can clip enough to hang the game. I had to restart twice. You can get around this problem by looking downward first, then carefully looking up and away until just before the clipping starts. Given the rest of the mission, this was only a minor annoyance.

              Thursday, November 08, 2007

    Hammerite Contest Canceled
    - 2:29:12 AM - Dan
    The Hammerite Contest begun several months ago by Yandros is in peril. Dromed artists who are not afraid to make a quick and simple mission are needed. See below:
    The due date is coming up on Sunday, and here's the current status as I know it:

  • Otto is about done.
  • No one else I know of is ready to submit an entry.
  • The_Dude and redleaf have missions in the works and could probably complete them if I give a huge extension - like to the end of January.

    Three missions would be small, but still a contest. What I really want to know NOW is this:

    Is there anyone else out there who started a mission but quit because of the November deadline, and who also feels pretty confident they could finish the mission if given 10-12 more weeks (until late January) to complete it?

    If a few others say they could hit that date, I'll consider doing it and making this an actual contest again. Hell, someone with a fair amount of free time could start a (small) mission NOW and finish it in 10 weeks!

    What say you?

  • If you ever wanted to try to make an FM in 10-12 weeks, now's your chance!

    Update: Sadly, the Hammerite contest has been canceled.

              Tuesday, November 06, 2007

    FM Walkthroughs & Lootlists
    - 11:50:26 PM - pavlovscat
    I have been busy adding walkthroughs & lootlists to the Circle. I intend to post a list of them when I have finished. If anybody has any walkthroughs, lootlists, secrets or other hints, please let me know via pm at the Forum or email me. As usual, if you find any problems, post them on this thread.

    A reminder to all that the voting and download counters are finally ready for use, so please vote!

    New Mission
    November 5, 2007 - The Wedding of Lady Dark (formerly Theker's Castle) v1.1 for T2 by Theker & SinisterShadow
    Also, darthsLair's In the Loom of Doom Lootlist is now available through the Circle FM Search.

              Sunday, November 04, 2007

    FM Database Now Fixed!
    - 9:59:42 PM - pavlovscat
    With Dave's assistance, The Circle's mission search and browse features are now working properly. If you find any other problems or errors, submit them to me via pm at the Forum or post the problem on this thread. Thanks again to everyone for your patience & assistance with this process.

    The voting and download counters are finally ready for use. So go ahead and vote!

    Mission Update
    November 3, 2007 - Silence Pt 1 for T3 by CrackedGear

              Thursday, November 01, 2007

    FM Database Progress Report
    - 6:49:22 PM - pavlovscat
    Welcome to my first news update. Before I begin, I would like to thank everyone for their kind words and support, and also for all the help with updating the Fan Mission Database. Without your assistance, this task would be so much harder. Please continue to advise me on mission updates, suggestions, questions, problems, mistakes or anything else I've missed. For now, the best way to submit these is to pm me through the Forum or post the problem on this thread.

    Your continued patience is appreciated, as there are still some problems with the Circle's mission search and browse features. These problems are due to some tedious, technical difficulties with the database files. These problems are being fixed, albeit slowly. This also means that the voting and download counters are still being reset and not ready for use. If you are having problems getting to a particular mission download, let me know, and I will help.

    Now for the fun part: New Missions Released!

    Since I'm new to this, I've started out with a list of missions released in the past two months with download links from the Circle. In the future, I will be posting mission notices as new/updated missions are released.

    That's all I have for now, but I will be posting progress updates regularly, including new releases.

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