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          Sunday, June 29, 2003

Files & Media Section Link Fixed
- 6:38:09 PM - Dan
Just a quick note to let everyone know that the link on the main menu to the Files and Multimedia section is now working properly.

          Thursday, June 26, 2003

Fanfic: Mechanist
- 7:30:29 AM - Elenkis
Child of Karras (Kent Francis) has completed the first chapter of his new novel in development, Mechanist. As per his own words the novel tells the story of the Mechanists and the aftermath of the Soulforge Catastrophe. It's not often that we get a story from the point of view of the Mechanists, so here's a peek at this unusual tale:
Builder guide me. I am scared and confused. What is the meaning behind the dreams thou hath given me? What is my task? Builder guide my path and protect me from my foes. Builder save me from my enemies so that I may continue your work. I was beginning to feel like I was truly becoming insane. The nightmares haunt me even as I carry out my duties. My work has been in shambles and I am in danger of being forced to leave the order I want to devote my life to. Reciting holy passages from the bible has also become such a task and it won't be long before I am branded a heretic and executed. No... No the visions are a sign. It is a warning... It is a signal... and I have been chosen. Yes Builder. I accept your wishes and I shall carry them out until my body draws breath no more.

I met with Father Karras on the eve of the seventh Sunday. He was paying a visit to a rich art collector named Bram Gervasius. Gervasius' collection included the Precursor masks which Karras had indicated, was vital for the servant project. I was curious as to why Karras needed relics of the past for the works of the future. I could not keep my questions any further. I approached him and asked.

"Forgive my curiousity Father Karras, but why art thou in need of relics, centuries old when we strive for a better future?"

Father Karras turned his attention away from the masks and looked at me. His stare was daggersharp. It pierced me like a knife through paper. I thought I had offended him when he smiled and put his hand on my shoulder.

Thanks Kent!

Fanfic: Critical Mind
- 7:13:41 AM - Elenkis
Critical Mind is a new short story that was written and sent to us by Masha (aka Metalhead). Here's a peek:
He came early, of course, and stalked in the shadows near the entrance, waiting for the client to come. For some reason, this made him feel more secure, like he was ahead of his enemy. And everyone was his enemy. Plus you can imagine the surprise of his clients when he recognized them right away when he had never seen them before. Drew was a good friend of the Element of Surprise.

The man walked in. Drew knew it was his guy because he had an unneeded black cloak on (which probably still had the price-tag on it). The inexperienced always felt that a meeting with a thief should have an air of secrecy. That was dumb. How many idiots like these had been caught by the police, mistaken for the thief himself, while Drew walked away as an innocent client of the tavern? They always insisted on masquerading as thieves, as if wanting to be caught in their cool new black outfit. The ones who dressed like that were usually rich people who found crime new and exciting, something out of a book.

Drew, being the master-thief extraordinaire that he was, used his "tall'n'scrwany cant-harm-a-fly" look against the world. Drew was a cunning bastard who looked like the relative of the avarage coat hanger.

Thanks Masha!

Artwork from Samsonov
- 6:59:22 AM - Elenkis
Samsonov has created his own rather spiffy back cover for The Dark Project and submitted it to the gallery, check it out for yourselves:

Pretty cool, eh? Thanks Sam!

Artwork from Jin
- 6:42:27 AM - Elenkis
After being inspired by watching the Eidos Thief 3 trailer, Jin set about creating this new piece artwork and submitted it to our gallery:

Thanks Jin!

          Monday, June 16, 2003

UK Mirror Site for FMs
- 9:44:15 PM - Darkwarrior
Matt from Bat Design has set up a mirror site for people in the UK to download Thief fan missions from. Note that this is NOT a global mirror website for fan missions--just for the UK. North Americans are advised to continue downloading their missions from Cheapmissions or KoMaG. You can use it at this URL. In his own words:

This is a UK download site, intended to provide UK taffers with a mirror closer to home. It is NOT intended to be a substitute for cheapmissions. I will not kill myself to get the latest fms online. I don't have the bandwidth for that anyway. Best that Jason cover the new releases and once the rush is over I will happily host it if FM authors wish to upload to me.

You are required to register so that my download system can keep track of what's going on and how many missions are being downloaded. One mission per day or you're banned. No questions asked, nor answered!

FM authors are welcome to request ftp access to upload their fms. I am unlikely to release fms to the public until cheap missions has had it for a couple of weeks though.

fms online are basically what is on Komags fm CDs so the most recent fms are not available. Again, fm authors are welcome to request access.

Play nice. I wouldn't advise US citizens to bother, as cheapmissions will provide you with faster download times than I.

Thanks, Matt!

          Friday, June 13, 2003

Thief 3 Interview at PC Zone
- 5:55:53 AM - Elenkis
PC Zone have put up a new interview with Thief 3 project leader, Randy Smith. Nothing new for us diligent taffers, like most recent previews and interviews it's really geared towards those who aren't yet familiar with the series. Still, it's always nice to see some signs of life from the Ion Storm offices :)
We're looking at non-linear gameplay then for Thief 3?

Smith: Well, we provide goals kind of like Grand Theft Auto 3 does. We provide goals but we want people to solve the goals however they choose. We give players many more ways in which to solve things.

Also, I should mention that you can play through the game killing every character you come across or you can play through the entire game without ever getting into a fight or taking anybody out. The latter way would be really, really hard, but if you're an obsessed player you could do that.

Much thanks to Jodan for bringing the interview to our attention!

Artwork from Michael Kimoto
- 5:35:07 AM - Elenkis
This great new sketch of Garrett has been added to the art gallery and was drawn by Michael Kimoto:

Thanks Michael!

Fanfic: The Price of Stupidity
- 5:23:55 AM - Elenkis
Ben Hodges has written his third short story to appear on the Circle, this one is entitled "The Price of Stupidity" and here's a peek:
The incident happened a week or two after this, I had been unable to return to my old methods as yet, the stiffness in my knee preventing any major acrobatics, and had gone back to the mainstay of thieves everywhere, purse snatching. Mostly I had been taking the purses from normal citizens, less risky that way, with a little bit of house breaking and robbery on the side, but strictly no assault. I disagreed with the habit of most thieves of knocking out the poorer targets, not that there was anything particularly virtuous about them, more that it was unnecessary as it was simple enough to remove any valuables without resorting to violence. I made a fairly disconcerting discovery on one of these trips, looking through the pouch Id managed to lift from a bluecoat the night before. It was a point of honour with me to try and strip the valuables from any patrol I happened across while still remaining unseen and I had managed this every time so far.

In this particular pouch there was a folded piece of parchment, with an unflattering picture of me on it, more a caricature than a portrait but still recognisable. No name on it, thankfully, though the reward sum at the bottom was truly flattering. While this wasnt the first time there had been a price on my head, it was the first time Id come to the attention of the bluecoats. Obviously the patrol that Id knocked out and the guards whod come across them had compared notes. The amount on the parchment was such that the noble whose house I had been in the process of escaping from had clearly taken my success personally. Id have to do something about this, and do it soon before the loyalty of my neighbours was seriously compromised.

Thanks Ben!

Artwork from Andrea Marchi
- 5:03:40 AM - Elenkis
The Ghost of Brother Murus is the latest piece of artwork sent to us by Andrea Marchi:

Thanks Andrea!

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