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          Sunday, December 21, 2008

FMs in Development News
- 1:12:40 PM - The Phantom
The latest Circle's FM News, based on the latest update from the upcoming missions list.

Today's update includes two new authors: EZ-52 and Queue, both working on their debut fan mission, for Thief 2.

EZ-52's is a city/exploration mission called "The Hammersmith's Sword", the first part of a series. Currently it's at 80% completion, and is planned for release in January 2009. Queue's mission is yet to be named. Little is known about the project, except that it's being worked on and over 50% complete.

Rocksbourg Part 4 by Drk, promises to be just as visually impressive as the earlier episodes. The author revealed some beautiful WIP pics for us taffers to look at. Release is still more then a year away, though.

Another french author, Gaetane, posted a news update last month regarding her upcoming campaign "The Black Frog". She is making good progress and hopes to release it in the beginning of 2009.

Finally there's news from Snake, who's working on his debut mission. He failed to make the October/November release due to real-life issues, and moved the release to February 2009.

The full change list can be found in the FM thread over at TTLG.

Merry Christmas everyone.

          Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fiction: The Nameless Thief by Sarah Ford
- 10:29:16 PM - Dan
Today we bring you The Nameless Thief by Sarah Ford, in our short tales section. The author describes this short story as a comedy/adventure/mystery about what would happen to a thief who got caught...
His eyes were shut. He didn’t want to open them. His sensitive nose – curse it – could smell the rotting flesh of the corpse below him. It could even smell his own blood, hardening around his gaping wounds. His perfect ears – curse them – could hear the rats scurrying around the room and quenching their hunger on his lifeless companion. His arms – curse them – felt as if they were going to tear. The metal around his wrists and ankles, and the cold, damp rocks against his shirtless, wounded back, felt like cubes of ice. He did not know for how long he had been hanging from the walls, for how long he had been bleeding and shivering in the night’s bitter frost, but he knew that the sun’s warm rays only brought his final doom. In his half senseless state, it seemed as if he had been hanging for nearly a year now. And yet for only for a minute now.
Thank you, Sarah!

          Friday, December 19, 2008

Download server dead
- 3:55:12 PM - Dan
Sadly the machine that hosted the files available under downloads.ttlg.com was fried in an ice storm, and the host had no backups. All links to that server will not work anymore of course, and when a machine is back up and running, all files will need to be reuploaded. This includes all FMs and music (and alot more).

          Monday, December 15, 2008

Rocksbourg 4 Revealed
- 5:57:13 PM - Dan
DrK is one of the biggest names in FM development right now, so when he shows off his next mission, the fourth in the Rocksbourg series, it's a pretty big deal.

Be sure to drop by the discussion to see what people are saying.

CoSaS Custom Object Packs 13-18 Available!
- 4:21:21 PM - pavlovscat
Circle of Stone and Shadow Object Packs 13 - 18
Digital Nightfall has released another round of packs from CoSaS 2: Mission X. This group of items includes more great custom objects as well as some skins and voice files. The download links for the next six packs have been given, as well as links to the Forum Discussion Threads where you can see samples of these objects:

Object Pack 13: Tables & Stands; Forum Discussion Thread
Object Pack 14: Noble Skins & Drunk Voice; Forum Discussion Thread
Object Pack 15: Lights of All Types; Forum Discussion Thread
Object Pack 16: Desks, Cabinets & Dressers; Forum Discussion Thread
Object Pack 17: Drapes; Forum Discussion Thread
Object Pack 18: Musical; Forum Discussion Thread

Again, as time permits, Digital Nightfall intends to release several more object packs, so keep an eye out for the next group of CoSaS custom objects.

          Saturday, December 06, 2008

Fan Novel: Children of Darkness, by Aiden
- 3:12:08 PM - Dan
Newly added to our list of novels in development is Children of Darkness, by Aiden. It is a new story from a long-time contributor to our fanfiction section, told in four chapters, with more to come.
The City is always in constant turmoil. As much as the Hammerites or the Baron and his City council like to think they have control and that order prevails, the reality is contrary to their beliefs. It has always been politics versus religion, and it always will be. The war on crime sometimes isn’t as reliable as the civil wars between the Order of the Hammer and the City Guard. Even though the Hammerites do what they are supposed to, and go beyond the call of duty, the people don’t like their fanaticism and zealousness. Society doesn’t like to be deprived of its rights or freedom. And then some commend the City Guard when clearly they don’t do their job as devotedly as they should.

There are so many different and largely opposing factions, groups, and guilds, and rightly so, the city is rich in diverse cultures and everybody is entitled to have their say. Unfortunately, not everybody appreciates those differences, and that is why the true ruler is no heir, but chaos.

The file has been put into PDF format and linked to in our fan novels section. You can go directly to it, here.

Children of Darkness: Crimson Tide, by Aiden

          Thursday, December 04, 2008

Greenbay for T2 Released!
- 1:26:09 PM - pavlovscat
New Mission
Released November 30, 2008 - 15 Days Part 3: Greenbay a mission for T2 by DrK

Update: December 5, 2008 - Vol De Nuit translation released.
Update: December 8, 2008 - Chasse A L'Homme translation released.

The Mission:
Garrett's previous theft of several valuable paintings was noticed by several people who recognized Basso while he was waiting outside to help Garrett carry the loot. Garrett needs to find any evidence against him and silence the people who witnessed that night. A friend of his heard that another witness is hiding in Greenbay, so Garrett must go to Greenbay to find this person and make sure he doesn't testify.

DrK released this small mission to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the release of Thief: The Dark Project. It is the third part of a French series started by DrK and TheHardyBoyz. Check out the first two parts, Vol de Nuit (Night Flight) and Chasse A L'Homme (Manhunt). These two missions were originally released only in French but have recently been translated to include English and Italian as does Greenbay.

Greenbay has the unmistakable architectural style of DrK and reminds me of a miniature of his A New Beginning/Un nouveau départ, the first mission in his amazing A Night in Rocksbourg series. The small city of Greenbay is packed with interesting buildings. You will tour the sewers and climb to upper floors. This is an excellent small city mission with an engaging story and great game play, everything you expect from DrK. He even added a special easter egg for the explorers. I highly recommend this mission.

Playing on Normal, I finished in 01:32:47 with 3687/5159 loot.


Head over to the Forum Discussion Thread and see what other taffers are saying about Greenbay.

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