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          Tuesday, October 31, 2000

FM Contest Update
- 5:53:17 AM - Alex
Yesterday saw the close of the FM Contest for Thief. Unfortunately there were no entries recieved. Reasons ranged from lack of time to OS problems. Due to this and the lack of initial entrants it has been decided that there will be no more FM contests at the Circle.

          Thursday, October 26, 2000

Thieves: Chapter 5
- 10:37:02 AM - Alex
Cpt. Sqweky has released Chapter 5 of his story Thieves. {eek below.

Surmas had sent Sqweky up to the surface the next morning to get a few last personal things and sell whatever he could carry to several different pawnshops. Sqweky was more pensive than usual though. Some of the things Surmas had told him seemed outrageous. But Surmas was never one who lied, was he? Even if he were, he would have to be insane to try and pass such stuff off as real. Was it real? It didn't seem like it, but... How could such beings exist? Chaos and Order being powers that drive the universe? Sqweky had only ever thought of them as words, words that signified if something was messy or not. Sqweky felt disoriented, he almost let one certain pawnshop owner give him half the going rate. That one had one finger less before he coughed up the money. He should probably change businesses. It was unlike Sqweky to be so temperamental, but for some reason Sqweky felt the need to vent.

Why, though? The thought came to Sqweky. Why would Surmas tell him all of this now, after all this time. Sqweky would be the first to admit that Surmas didn't tell him everything, but that was Surmas. So why was he telling him now? It seemed to come back to that, no matter what venue of thought he traveled.

COT: Chapter 19
- 10:09:31 AM - Alex
The 19th Chapter of COT is now up. You can find it here or take a quick peek below first.

- Nightfall: Stone Guardians - Day 10: 9:30pm

I heard a terrifying roar and felt a huge pain across my side. A large stone claw swatted me off my feet, and hurled me several yards towards the ledge. With my pride more damaged then anything else, I made a quick roll and recovery. Then I was back on my feet, facing my foe.

The statues, both of them, had come alive. I really should have expected as much, after all, why put statues of monsters to guard a gate when you could put enchanted statues of monsters? All I could do was utter a curse under my breath, and watch their every move. They, of course, were watching me with equal scrutiny. The just stood there, standing not two feet from where they had been before, watching me. Their eyes gave off a bright yellow light, highlighting the dust in the air with beam-like vision. They took turns staring at me, and then looking around the room while the other stared at me. I stood perfectly still, poised for combat. I felt like it was my turn to be a statue.

          Monday, October 23, 2000

Review of 'Willow Island' by Gonchong - 8 Hammers
- 1:39:17 PM - Dan
Hear yea, hear yea! Gonchong's newest mission, Willow Island, has been reviewed by some chap who calls himself "Digi". Note that this is the first, and hopefully not the last, review to try to use the "Digi" style, discussed in this thread. Here's the word in brief:

- Pros: A simple, fun, easy mission, with well designed interior high-tech settings, and an artistic use of lighting. Throw in a few fun surprises and you have yourself a winner.
- Cons: Outdoor architecture truly disappoints.
- Bottom Line: Considering the quality, small file size, and short play time of this mission, there really is no reason for anyone not to get it. Well, unless you have a strong dislike for anything technological, of course, but then again, you didn’t like Thief 2, did you?

Who is this mission for? This mission is for people who like Hammerites and/or Mechanists, or love to hate Hammeries and/or Mechanists. People who enjoy high-tech settings will enjoy this mission. If you’re looking for an afternoon or evening of thiefy goodness, and want to win the mission before having to turn in for the night, with minimum stress and a bit of eye candy, then you will enjoy this mission.

Overall, the mission scored Eight Hammers! Something to be proud of, to be certain. Click here to read the full text of the review.

Huh? Eight hammers?! Why of course, that's five bronze and three silver. The fan mission database Saam has been working on is almost done (he's a computer science major, so he has a ton of schoolwork, so things like this take him a long time) and when it is, we're going to do away with the bronze/silver hammer distinction and just go for a ten hammer scale. We may as well get used to using it now. :)

          Sunday, October 22, 2000

Rise of Karras: Chapter 2
- 1:55:07 PM - Alex
Aaron Graham has released Chapter 2 of his fanwork The Rise of Karras. Here's a peek:

Karras slumped in his chair, and idly fingered his quill as Hammersmith talked on the other side of the desk. The man stood tall and straight, his hammer at his side, and his other hand holding a sheet of paper close to his eyes. Hammersmith held the paper close to his eyes, and read haltingly from the scrawled script there.

"Three men art now with the Master Builder, after they didst not exercise due care and attention when they examined the trap that thou didst order them to."

Karras jerked upright at that, and looked up at the man.

"What didst thou say, Brother? Three men? Didst I hear right? Thou hast just told me that three men are now with the Builder? Didst they not listen to mine orders when examining the traps?

Hammersmith fidgeted as Karras stared at him. As the overseer, the large Hammerite knew that he was responsible for the men. The Bonehoard was a dangerous place, and Hammersmith was aware that if he wished to be able to study for the priesthood he so wanted he would have to impress his superiors. Karras drove his men hard, but the Master Forger Garacon had ensured that the priest was only given the laziest, most heretical, and most disposable men.

Errand Boy Walkthrough
- 1:18:29 PM - Alex
A walkthrough for the Thief 2 FM Errand Boy is now available for anyone having trouble with the mission. It has been housed in the FM walkthroughs area.

Newsletter Posting Cancelled
- 1:20:53 AM - Saam
I'm sorry to announce that we will no longer be posting the LG newsletters that we have been doing the past few weeks. Why? Simple -- we felt that it really is kind of an invasion of 'privacy' to post those newsletters, since they contain internal information that were supposed to be only shared within the doors of the company. If we were in LG's shoes, we wouldn't appreciate if someone posted what we privated talked about in the office. So there you have it, I really apologize for the inconvenience. However, if we have the complete and utter approval of ex-LG'ers to post these, then we might change our minds, but that seems pretty grim. Thanks for understanding. :)

          Saturday, October 21, 2000

Double Door Tutorial, by Imposter
- 4:12:45 PM - Dan
Imposter is back with another file for us. This time it is a Double Doors Tutorial which, as you can guess, explains how to make double doors work properly. Thanks for the content!

Fan Mission Promotional Website
- 3:43:22 PM - Dan
Thief: My Project is a website showcasing two fan missions, Secrets at the Warehouse, and Secrets at the Warehouse 2. The site contains news and screenshots.

'What Would Garrett Do?' - Artwork by Hotfoot
- 3:21:01 PM - Dan
Hotfoot has sent in a simply spiffy bit of artwork, called, "What would Garrett do?" Silly title, but cool artwork. It's big, but that just helps you see it better. :)

Thief 2 FM: Willow Island, by Gonchong
- 2:52:39 PM - Dan
I hope most of you have already gotten a chance to download this from the forums. If not, then here it is, Gonchong's "Willow Island." Enjoy!

Thief 2 FM
Willow Island
  (3.7 Meg)
  Released: 10-21-2K

By James D. Roberts aka Gonchong:
You've got cabin fever. You're hungry. You've had nothing to eat for seven days but a few stale ships biscuits. Seven days spent stowed away in a cramped, mildewy cargo hold of the Hammerite vessel 'Hammerhead', crossing the ocean to Willow Island.

Willow Island is the home to several wealthy art collectors who relish the isolation and quiet, but is mainly a... more

FYI, Gonchong has been making fan missions since the early Thief 1 days. A new mission from him is a good thing. :)

          Friday, October 20, 2000

Thief 2 Conversations Demonstration
- 9:49:26 PM - Dan
The Imposter has a conversation demonstration in Thief 2 for us all. He hope's it's of use:

Thief 2 Only
Conversation Demonstration
  (81 K)
  Use Dromed

By Imposter:
A simple demonstration of a conversation in Thief 2.

Hey, Meshscale Again!
- 8:13:01 PM - Dan
Hey hey hey, meshscale! I'm sure this is old news for most of you. Bleh. Give me a break, my monitor died! Anyway...

Randy has sent me a new version of mescale.zip. I think the only difference is that it comes with a txt instructions file, and is packaged with meshbuild, since the only reason you'd need to use it is using it with meshscale. So, if you're into this stuff (resizing meshes for your fan missions) then download this little toy and have yourself a ball.

          Wednesday, October 18, 2000

COT: Chapter 18
- 7:56:47 PM - Alex
Following closely on Chpater 17's heals - Chapter 18 of COT is now online and waiting to be read. Here's a peek.

- Lytha: Hurry Up and Wait - Day 10: 8:00pm

I sat on the wall of the Temple of the Inquisitor. I did not remember how I had reached this place, because the voices had suddenly appeared again as I left Koyne's shop. The grotesque voices of my sister had told me that I had never done anything good, and that they hated me, more than everything in the world. I was not able to achieve silence in my head until I had reached the northern wall of the Temple. Somehow, my memory and my instincts had led me the right way, while I listened to the voices.

And now I was on the wall, huddled in a small shadow between the legs of a large statue. My aching legs told me that I had been here for quite a while. It was an almost perfect place: I could observe almost the entire Temple from here. The only negative point of the place was that it was very uncomfortable, small, and cold. And I was probably more than 2 hours here. It was late evening, but the multitude of lanterns kept the area very well lit.

Light as a Feather Update
- 7:12:49 PM - Alex
dragoman has released two new chapters of his ongoing fanwork Light as a Feather. Here's a peek at the opening of Chapter 7.

"Oh, hello Thomas."

Cutty's voice didn't sound surprised, although he had opened the door right into me, so he couldn't have been expecting me here yet.

"Garrett told my you'd be by." Cutty didn't sound pleased, and I didn't really blame him. A lot of his time and effort had gone into training me, and me losing my stake and equipment after my first job had to be an embarrassment. I started to extend an apology when he waved it away.

"Don't worry about it. Everyone makes mistakes, but I expect you not to make another one." With that, Cutty turned around and walked back inside. Hesitatingly, I followed, not sure if he wanted me to stay or go.

I followed him to his "business room," as he called it, and took a seat. Cutty sat down at his desk and immediately started looking through some papers, totally ignoring me. I sat there for a while, wondering when he was going to start talking to me.

Some Newsletter Questions Answered
- 1:15:30 AM - Saam
There was some confusion regarding the recent LG newsletters that we posted that was brought up in this thread, so Jon Maiara, an ex-LGer, decided to step inside and clarify some things. Here is a bit from his post:

Mahk is the Marc Leblanc you all know and love, mentioned in Rob's entry. Marc has run off to the west coast to help some other game company enlighten itself.

Freefall (this pains me just thinking about it) was indeed the original name for Terra Nova. I believe it was started before Underworld 1 shipped, in 1992. After Underworld 1, many people started working on Underworld 2, siphoning resources away from Freefall. This was a theme throughout Freefall's development. When Freefall was renamed to Terra Nova, Dorian gave us demerits when we kept calling it Freefall. I had a great many demerits.

Citadel later became System Shock. I think Rob Fermier came up with that name. It was started after Underworld 2 was mostly done.

As always, you can see the rest here. Thanks for the update, Jon!

          Monday, October 16, 2000

Thieves - Chapter 4
- 6:28:39 PM - Alex
Cpt. Sqweky has released chapter 4 of his ongoing tale Thieves. Quick peek below.

Chapter Four

On the way back, Sqweky wasn’t sure where to, Sqweky assumed that it was going to be a silent trip, as it normally was, as Sqweky liked it. Silence allowed him to think, and thinking allowed him to outsmart people. So many people never stopped to think, it was both discouraging and encouraging. Discouraging that so many people were ignorant, (a pity and a waste Sqweky thought,) and encouraging to thieves, as it allowed them much easier access to the ill-gotten gains they need to survive.

Sqweky’s pleasure was short-lived, though.

“Sqweky, we need to talk…” Surmas used his matter-of-fact voice, which never left room for argument.

“What?” Sqweky asked.

“Sqweky, you’re a smart boy. You’re good at what you do. You think everything through, and always have a plan. But…” At first, Sqweky thought Surmas was going to leave it hanging, but then he continued. “You don’t question enough. And without sufficient curiosity, you cannot survive. I need to teach it to you. We need to find someplace private.”

COT - Chapter 17
- 6:20:46 PM - Alex
Land of the Ancients is, belated, uploaded and ready to read. Either hope striaght to it or take a quick peek below first:

Nightfall: The Trek Continues - Day 10: 3:00pm

My hand instantly went to my sword hilt as I heard the sudden scuttle. I was, admittedly, a little jumpy. It was better then being off-guard, I suppose. I had been walking without incident for several hours.

I glanced about the corridor, which looked exactly the same as all the other corridors I had used since I left the volcano core. It was most likely just a rodent, but rodents don't get to a place this deep unless there is something to eat. I must be nearing something very out of place, hopefully a camp with the Queen's troops.

I pressed on, thanking the fact that my intuition, guided by those beings, led me forward.

          Sunday, October 15, 2000

Thievery Mutator for UT Released!
- 1:01:14 AM - Saam
According to the Thievery website, they have released the mutator for Unreal Tournament. Since I haven't played UT in a very long time, I'm not sure what exactly a mutator does, but according to the latest post on the Thievery page, "it just turns you invisible or transparent to other players and bots depending on what shadows you're in, and gives you a lightgem to help tell how well you are lit." The page also gives some progress reports on the Thievery project, so be sure to check it out! Thanks to oRGy for the heads up.

          Saturday, October 14, 2000

PC Gamer UK Article w/Randy Smith
- 12:43:35 AM - Saam
It became known to us that Kieron Gillen, writer/gamer extraordinaire for PC Gamer UK (he also frequents our forums!), has posted up an article on PC Gamer UK's website, titled "I’m Not Sad Now Putting My Head On The Tracks", which mainly talks about fear in today's games. What makes this article so important is that he converses with LG's very own Randy Smith (now working at Ion Storm Austion on Thief 3), whom many of you link to creating the famed "Return to the Cathedral" mission for Thief -- arguably one of the scariest settings in computer gaming history. Here is a blurb:

Anyway – onto the special something I promised last week. In my continuing attempt to reveal how we “do” PC GAMER, we’re moving onto Feature Writing. Rather than reviews, which is almost always a solipsistic argument with yourself, features need you to – y’know – get all touchy feely with people to get choice quotes. When writing my Fear feature, in the current issue, I started trying to find appropriate people to quote. I e-mailed Lulu Lamer, who I met briefly on her trip to Britain to demo Thief 2 to the British Press. She suggested I try her flatmate, Randy Smith, ex-Looking Glass Hero, designer of Return to the Haunted Cathedral and the man who was about to accept a position at the head of Thief 3. I e-mailed him. He replied.

Be sure to check the rest of the article out, it is indeed a great read. Thanks!

          Friday, October 13, 2000

Week 2: Looking Glass Newsletter
- 7:12:37 PM - Saam
As promised, here is the second installment of the newsletters of Looking Glass that were acquired by us a while back. For the details, check out this newsitem.

Here is Week 2!

Note: Some ways down the article, they mention an official name for their newsletter. Check it out, it relates somewhat to us. :)

          Saturday, October 07, 2000

- 2:39:10 PM - Alex
LIFE IN THE OLD QUARTER is a new fanfic contributed to The Circle by MrDuck and Naartjie, amongst others. Here are some words from one of the collaberators, MrDuck:

A collaborative fan-fiction put together, created and mostly written by the most excellent of taffers, MrDuck, and the equally masterful Naartjie. This work was born out of the TTLG forums, and has grown from then to what now lies before your eyes. Read on if you will, but beware, for what lies beyond, beyond in the Old Quarter has been known to reduce the most sane of taffers to a gibbering heap of burrick meat...

Introduction, by MrDuck

Ladies and gentlemen, and thieves too, from this forum and soon on an official fanfic, me and Naartjie (actually me right now, but I know Naartjie supports me ) would like now to officially announce that "Life in the Old Quarter" is officially open, in case anyone wonders WTF is this, let me explain: "Life in the Old Quarter" is the never-ending story of two hammer haunts inside the walled sector, these haunts, (which for reasons still unknown I decided to let them nameless) called Haunt1 and Haunt2 will show us all a VERY different vision of what really goes around on the old quarters, and to prove once and for all that haunts and other undead creatures aren't just the nasty looking undead fiends they appear to look (actually Haunts are very fond of jokes and pranks), Naartjie my official partner in crime and myself decided to make this a regular story, updating it on a more or less weekly basis, we would also like to invite all of the TTLG community to cash in their 2 cents worth of story, adding their own bits, sanity and sense is a big NO-NO on our stories, of course as long as it doesn't tamper with the course of the story, and messing with Haunt 1 and 2's names (yes 1 and 2 are their names), people can pick of an act where it last stood or begin a new one, but only me and Naartjie can end or begin an act. If we get enough collaborators we might also pick the best of the best of LITOQ (Life In The Old Quarter for short) by popular demand, and if we get a lot of good stuff me and Naartjie plan on making a fanfic using our stuff and the best of the stuff the community posts in here, so remember kiddies to join us, join US, JOIN US NOWWWWwwwww....

Just Another Crazy Updated
- 1:58:41 PM - Alex
TMM (AKA Jacob Kabel) has updated his fanfic Just Another Crazy with grammatical corrections and a few minor fixes. So if you haven't read it yet, I'd like to recommend you do. It's a good little read.

          Friday, October 06, 2000

New Weekly Feature
- 8:30:22 PM - Saam
We at TTLG have a little secret to share: back in late May when Looking Glass unfortunately folded, a anonymous person at the company sent us a collection of documents. Just what were these documents? Apparently, the team at Looking Glass started an in-house weekly newsletter, where they discussed happenings inside the company, development updates on their games, and so on. They date back to around 1993, and we now have these in our possession!

I'll let the documents speak for themselves. For nostalgia's sake, we will keep them in their original form -- unedited and in .txt file format. Check out the first installment here. Look for a "new" issue every Friday from now on, until we run out of them -- I won't tell you how many we have, though. :) Thanks!

          Thursday, October 05, 2000

Old Looking Glass Interview
- 3:08:05 PM - Saam
Many thanks to The_Thief (in the #thief IRC channel) who dug this up way deep from the old uo.com archives -- we now have in our hands a very old interview which GameBytes conducted with Paul Neurath and Doug Church, during the development of Ultima Underworld 2 (yeah, it's that old!). It's a very in-depth interview which -should- take the reader down the memory lane, so I highly recommend it. Thanks!

MeshScale and MeshBuild, by Randy Sybel
- 12:38:41 AM - Dan
Randy Sybel has sent in two progams of his design (at least he seemed to imply that).

One is meshbuild, which, by the name of it, sounds like you use it to make meshes. I have no idea other then that. Would anyone care to fill me in?

The other, and I understand there is a bit of excitement about this, is MeshScale, which, as reported, allows you to scale the size of the meshes. Here's what Randy had to say:

I've got a new copy of meshbld which works. I've also written a tool which scales the .E files, so we can now resize AIs. I've got it working, and I'll post the info to the forum after I email this to you. I made a 4x Huge Spider and had it chasing me around. All the motions work! Everything scaled perfectly!
Sounds good to me! :)

          Wednesday, October 04, 2000

The Fan Mission Project Logo
- 11:48:23 PM - Dan
The pyromaniac Karras has sent in another one of his red-hot images. This time, low and behold, it's the Fan Mission Project logo! T2X Thanks, Karras!

Update to the Lamp Patrol Guard Tutorial
- 11:41:10 PM - Dan
Daniel "Sneaky Acolyte" Garcia's Tutorial on a lamp-carrying patrol guard has been updated by Dan "Thiefs_Pawn" Corder. This tutorial explains in detail the process of setting up a lamp carried by a guard which will effect the player's light gem.

'Seeds of Doubt' Reviewed - Three Silver Hammers
- 11:11:14 PM - Dan
Seeds of Doubt, a recent mission by Duncan "The Deceiver" Cooke, has been reviewed by Jeremy Mitchell. In brief:
  • Pros: Excellent streets and layout with plenty to do and see, fluid gameplay, good atmosphere.
  • Cons: Underdeveloped interiors, scrounging for loot, undead impervious to weapons.
  • Bottom Line: A worthy effort by Cooke that provides an enjoyable mix of thievery and exploration with a few surprises. More than enough to occupy the avid thief.
  • Overall, the mission was awarded Three silver hammers. Congratuations, Duncan, this is a fine honor indeed! The full review text may be read here.

    News: 3rd Mission in the Jounrey fan mission campaign
    - 10:19:55 PM - Dan
    At the author's request, the fan mission campaign Journey, consisting of Escape from Guilesatpeak and Tuttocomb's Tomb, has been moved to the unrated section. Why? Because the 3rd mission of this campaign is in the works, and Sperry does not want it reviewed until all three can be reviewed as one. Also, in the final release, the two existing missions will receive facelifts and enhancements.

    So think of the current Journey campaign as just a rough draft of what is to come. Thanks, Sperry!

    Thief Inspired Rock Song
    - 10:10:46 PM - Dan
    Here's a quick spotlight on something that is very worthy of your attention:
    Hey all you Thief fans out there! I just wanted to let you all know that I have written a song called "Thief" that was inspired by Thief:DP. I'm the bass player for a band called "Engines of Creation" and we are currently in the studio recording our debut album on Outland records. I've posted the song on MP3.com...here's the link.....


    Please tell us what you think of the song by e-mailing us through the contact tab above our name.

    Rock on!

    'Calendra's Cistern' 2nd Opinion Review: 3.5 Silver
    - 10:05:54 PM - Dan
    The venerable Marecki has done a 2nd opinion review of Calendra's Cistern, previously rated at 3.5 silver hammers. In short:
  • Pros: Good story with occasional peaks of excellence, impressive tech features, generally pleasant appearance, well done AI skins.
  • Cons: high mush content within the story, general feeling of emptiness in most areas, a few tech bugs, layout forces player to do roof mountaineering, many sections that wouldn't make any sense weren't they to provide more challenge for a thief, one objective that can seriously annoy even the most patient players.
  • Bottom line: As it is well known for movie buffs, a project's size doesn't guarantee its quality; furthermore, the bigger the thing the greater the chance of screwing up somewhere. And one of these seemingly irrelevant shortcomings may become a drop that fills a cup... While for some people the general impression and the easily noticable good things might completely dwarf the bad ones, a thorough look into details shows clearly there would much to improve or redo if the designers of Calendra's Cistern wanted their mission to achieve Gold.
  • In the end, Marecki chose to grant the mission 3.5 silver hammers - same score as before, and a very proud score indeed. Thanks, Marecki! Read the full review here.

              Tuesday, October 03, 2000

    COT: Chapter 16
    - 8:21:20 PM - Alex
    Here's the 16th chapter of COT. Those who want a peek read on:

    Fighting my way through the press of the crowd wasn't easy and I knew it wouldn't take long for the Hammer's to barge their way through. All it took was one look from those bastards and the crowd parted for them. I dived to the ground and half-crawled, half-ran between the confusion of legs, hoping I didn't manage to get myself turned around in the maze I had plunged myself into. I headed towards what I hoped was the main market, somewhere I knew I could easily get myself lost. Finding a relatively clear spot in the road, I scrambled to my feet, glanced behind me to find the Hammers still in pursuit and sprinted off towards the little used side street on my right.

    I was slowed as tried to dodge around a huddle of people who had managed to block off most of the street's entrance. Fear made my breath hard to come by. I could almost feel the hammer's hand reaching out to grab me and haul me back. Breaking clear of the mob, I darted down the narrow path, swerving to avoid the raw sewage that dotted the mud and the small mound of rubbish that had been piled up against one wall.

    Thieves: Chapter 3
    - 7:50:48 PM - Alex
    The third chapter of -Cpt. Sqweky's ongoing story Thieves is now available to read. Here's a snippet from the new section:

    After stashing the things in his already crowded hideout, he found the wine and made sure it was still chilled. Fortunately, it was. Surmas was already at their usual meeting place, so when Sqweky got there, they left immediately, Surmas leading; He knew the way Sqweky didn't. The building they came to was an unusual base of operations for a criminal organization such as Randolph's. It wasn't an extravagant castle such as Ramirez had built. Nor was it the complex tunnels under the guise of a casino that the Downwinders ran. Instead, it was a warehouse. It had a barracks underneath and a floor of offices at the top. Other than that, though, it was merely a warehouse. Sqweky and Surmas walked up to a side entrance and asked permission on behalf of a "work order". They were let inside and asked upstairs. Sqweky was a bit nervous. The stairs went quite a ways up, perhaps 70 feet. Should one fall, or be thrown off, they would most certainly be killed when they hit the hard, stone floor. Surmas kept calm the whole time though, so Sqweky followed his lead. They were let into what seemed a main office, and the door was closed behind them. There was little light coming in the window, even for this late at night, but three candles above the burning fireplace more than made up for the lost light.

    Builders Guide: Part 9.
    - 7:44:41 PM - Alex
    Zantie has written the ninth part of her ongoing novel, the Builders Guide. Here's a peek:

    I arrived at the well a few minutes later. When I turned the corner I noticed Penelope leaning up against a building, arms crossed, only a few feet from the well. She was wearing a nice, light blue tunic held at her waist by a strip of dark blue cloth, providing as a belt. Her tights were white and she wore the standard black slip on shoes. Her hair was down around her shoulders, wavy and curling in slightly around the base of her neck.

    I waved, but Penelope didn’t see me. Some people bustled past as I walked forward.

    "Hey, Pen! How’s it going?"

    "Huh? Oh! Hullo." She smiled as I rested my back on the wall next to her. It was a second before she spoke again.

    "Um, Dirk?"

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