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          Tuesday, July 30, 2002

ION Storm Forum Online, Statement on Thief 3
- 8:41:18 PM - Darkwarrior
Ion Storm has their forums online! There is also a little tidbit from the dev team about Thief 3. While mildly disappointing, it IS after all, a tidbit:
Thief 3 is in media blackout mode now. During that time, we can't talk about the game at all, including about when we'll be OUT of stealth mode! However, the game is in development, and the team is excited to start talking as soon as we can. Look for more info later in the year.

In the meantime, please go check out our awesome fan community forums at Through the Looking Glass, the Thief Underground, and at Eidos's site

We look forward to talking about the game soon.

Lulu LaMer
Producer - Thief III
Ion Storm Austin

There you have it. Thief III will be going public soon, so keep your chin up and your eyes open! :)

Poem: Thieves Army
- 11:31:54 AM - Elenkis
Thieves Army is a poem written by Thief of Colors that tells the epic story of a group of Thieves. He says it took a month to write and I am not surprised. This poem is huge, easily the largest we've ever received and quoting a small part really doesn't do justice to the work he has put in to it. But here's how the story begins:
Deep in the city where night covers sky
An ordinary town to an unfocused eye
A particular district close to its core
Where good going folk stay at night time indoor
Where guards of the kingdom walk always in threes
In one tavern corner, were meeting two thieves
Noticing Lark, when he came in
Alec greeted him hastily and flashed him a grin
"Sit down, relax and have a good drink,
I have a proposal to offer, so think..."
"A proposal of what?" Lark curious asked
"A raid on lost treasure, a very light task,
No guards, no patrols so no need for fighting,
So to some of us it will not be exciting..."
Thanks ToC!

Fanfic Update: Duty Calls
- 10:57:45 AM - Elenkis
Richard Belcher has made a bunch of changes to his short novel Duty Calls and also added some more to the story. Here's another peek, enjoy:
“This only onesie we have. Six hundred goodsies; no gold.” Pointing to an inked sign on the wall it read, “Sings we a dances of wolfs, who smells fear and slays the coward. Sings we a dances of mans, who smells gold and slays his brother.”

I’ve been to two other Pagan smuggling outposts since the incident at Soulforge and they all post the same saying. Anticipating this obstacle in advance I “borrowed” some spice from the Supervisor at Rampone Dockside Shipping. For some time now, J. Osterlind has been carrying out a spice smuggling operation with Captain Davidson, a well-known pirate. I stumbled upon it when the Mechanists were beginning to take over Building-B. The Mechanist presence delivered a hard blow to the smuggling, unfortunately. After the death of Karras, however, Building-B was quickly deserted, so I dropped by to see if the spice was flowing again. As expected, the Supervisor’s office was flooded with spice deliveries, most probably making up for lost time. Building-B was so crowded with spice I was doing Osterlind a favor by opening up some storage space.

Thanks Rich!

Artwork from Garrette
- 10:29:28 AM - Elenkis
Garrette has sent us another drawing she made for the gallery, this one showing Garrett as a teenager :-)

Thanks Garrette!

Artwork from Predator
- 10:19:09 AM - Elenkis
Predator has taken some time out from creating the models for Thievery UT and sent us the following two pieces of art for the gallery!


FM: Lord Alan's Basement
- 9:43:10 AM - Elenkis
Not exactly a new mission, but now Andrea Aleotti's TG fan mission Lord Alan's Basement has been updated and converted to Thief 2!

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Lord Alan's Basement (v2)

 Filesize: 3.9 MB
 Released: 7/30/2002

By: Andrea Aleotti

Plot Description: Four months ago a noticeable cache of silver disappeared from the City Bank. Your suspicions lead you to Lord Alan, who belongs to the Thieves Guild. He loves music and has a court musician: Maestro Andreas. You have obtained a map of Lord Alan's Basement and by all appearances, the cache is somewhere in there ... and probably something more.

Additional Comments: My first mission, originally made for Thief Gold, now transformed into a Thief 2 mission.

Thanks Andrea!

          Monday, July 29, 2002

New Thief 2 FM Campaign Announced
- 10:17:03 PM - Darkwarrior
Team Imperia recently announced in this thread their new project, The Hammerite Imperium.

The campaign looks very interesting, and the screenshots are beautiful. Looking forward to this one!

Check out Imperia's website. If the bandwith is too high, you can look at these other links for information as well:


Great work, guys!

          Friday, July 26, 2002

PC Gamer T3 Mention
- 8:40:53 AM - Elenkis
Thanks to a forum post by B745 we've updated the Thief 3 Portal with a small update about the game's AI which appeared in the latest issue of PC Gamer. Hop over to the portal and take a look!

Thanks for the info, B745!

Fanfic: Keeping the Balance
- 7:50:33 AM - Elenkis
Keeping the Balance is a new short story about the Keepers, written and submitted by LythNight. Here's a snip:
Now, seeing the emotion beginning to flourish inside Lyth, Keeper Mayar felt obligated to remind Lyth of his tenants, and possibly help the youth understand better.

"I understand why Janus must die, but must the children suffer as well? what is the use of all this information if we may never use it when it matters?"

Keeper Mayar, chilled for a moment by these familiar sentiments, thought for a moment, and answered, "We have, many times. If not for our intervention, The City and all who inhabit it would have been wiped out numerous times. If I may remind you of our salvation of Garrett and our manipulation of him to halt the Trickster's plans?" His voice, already with a deep quality of age, became deeper, and seemingly angry for a moment, at the mention of Garrett.

Thanks Lyth!

Artwork from Garrette
- 7:05:13 AM - Elenkis
Garrette Tafferlady has sketched the following picture of Garrett sneaking up on a drunken Benny :-)

Thanks Garrette!

Artwork from Patrick Knuttel
- 6:59:37 AM - Elenkis
Patrick Knuttel has drawn A Waiting Thief and submitted it to the art gallery. Thanks Patrick!

          Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Artwork from the Abomination
- 11:47:20 AM - Elenkis
Where Only The Likes Of Keepers Tread is a new piece of artwork for the gallery, created by The Abomination! Thanks for the submission!

          Tuesday, July 16, 2002

The Nameless Tower is Back Online
- 3:14:41 PM - Darkwarrior
Nameless_voice has announced that the popular DromEd and Thief-related fan site is back online with enhanced graphics and a humorous fact-generator. See it here.

Poem: The Paths of The God and The Thief
- 10:32:03 AM - Elenkis
Hazel Alexia Lecter has a written a new poem for the fanwork section. She has named it The Paths of The God and The Thief, and here is a peek:
The paths of the god and the thief
Are worn as one into the earth
And every falling of a leaf
To the forest floor gives new birth

Whatever we do in our life
The consequences shape the world
When all our efforts come to strife
All our hopes seem to have been hurled

In the darkness of cloudy night
Nobody sees us as we weep
And feeling winter's chilling bite
The once-strong will has gone to sleep

Thanks Haze!

FM: Curiosity
- 10:16:21 AM - Elenkis
Curiosity is a new Thief 2 mission created by Demonreaver. I believe it is his first, so congratulations!

Thief 2 Fan Mission

 Filesize: 2.9 MB
 Released: 7/16/2002

By: Demonreaver

Plot Description: Back when you were still training under the watchful eyes of the Keepers, you remembered hearing about a Keeper hub hidden along the seaside of the city. Rumors among the initiates ranged from the plausible to the deranged. But everyone agreed upon one thing. The Keepers were guarding something important. And you just had to find out...

FM: Quick Cash
- 9:58:54 AM - Elenkis
Quick Cash is John D's first attempt at making a Thief mission. So congrats to him for that accomplishment! Hope to see some more in the future :)

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Quick Cash

 Filesize: 0.3 MB
 Released: 7/16/2002

By: John D.

Plot Description: Garrett decides to take a little vacation just outside the City, when he hears about a small Hammer chapel nearby. Needing a little spending money to get some equipment for future adventures, he decides to 'earn' some quick cash by looting the place. While searching for info on the location, he looks up an old associate in the area who owes him a couple of favors. The visit pays off when Garrett's old pal tells him about a dark courtyard which lies behind the place. The walls are overgrown with thick vines that should give easy access inside....

FM: The Secret Way
- 9:46:15 AM - Elenkis
The Secret Way is a new Thief 1 fan mission for you to enjoy from Hengist!

Thief 1 / Gold Fan Mission
The Secret Way

 Filesize: 19.5 MB
 Released: 7/16/2002

By: Hengist

Plot Description: A friend and fellow thief named Holman has been nabbed by the City-Watch and thrown into the Lock-up. Seems Holman heard the rumours about an old secret way leading from the Hammer Cloister all the way into Lord Binford's Manor. Holman had somehow gotten hold of a cloister key and was poking around when he got caught. Rescue him from the lock-up and see what he's got to say. If there really is a secret way... it's just what you've been waiting for.

Thanks Hengist!

          Thursday, July 11, 2002

N-Counter Patch for Thief 2
- 1:04:35 AM - Elenkis
Vadim Kokielov (better known in the Thief community as GayleSaver) has created a new gamesys/OSM patch that will add "encounters" and "creatures encountered" statistics to all Thief 2 missions. This should be perfect for those of you attempting to ghost missions unseen; now you can have an in-game statistic letting you know just how many times you've really been spotted.

You can find the patch in our media section and pasted below. Please check the readme for detailed instructions.

  • N-Counter Patch for Thief 2 - 0.32 Megs - Readme.txt
    Adds Encounters and Creatures Encountered statistics to Thief 2's original missions and any other mission that uses gen.osm and dark.gam. Made by Vadim Kokielov.

    Thanks Vadim!

  • Poem: Through the Halls of Echoes
    - 12:37:12 AM - Elenkis
    Deceptio has submitted a new piece of poetry entitled Through the Halls of Echoes. Nice to see some more poetry come in :)
    Here's a peek at his work:
    Through the halls of echoes
    And the chambers of light
    Fear is numbing as it goes
    Restless in deepest night

    Watch the rotten carcass seek
    Hear it’s accusing moans
    You know it knows, it knows you’re weak
    Wont stop till crush of bones

    Thanks Deceptio!

              Tuesday, July 09, 2002

    New Thief III Concept Art
    - 10:35:02 PM - Darkwarrior
    Looks like Ion Storm is staying true to the Thief Universe! Two awesome new concept art pictures are in the latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine:

    A Guard on Patrol

    Garrett with His Bow

    Thanks to KoMaG for hosting these pics!

              Saturday, July 06, 2002

    Thievery Patch ready for download
    - 4:49:39 PM - Hanse
    This just in from Dalai from the Thievery team:

    "The first patch for Thievery is ready! This fixes some of the more critical issues that came to light after playing with so many people."

    The patch is currently available at FilePlanet, but should be available on other mirrors soon. Check the Thievery site for an updated list of mirrors, or to check out the list of changes.

    Thanks Dalai!

    Computer Woes
    - 12:21:41 PM - Elenkis
    Hey folks, just an apology for the lack of news updates this week. I've been suffering from a bad HDD and have been forced to do a complete format no less than three times in the past week due to corruption. Thankfully a shiny new laptop on the way from Dell will put an end to this inconvenience.

    So again, my humble apologies. Actually the only news items I received this week are the two fanfics now added (see the posts below). However it is possible I missed some mail during the whole format fiasco; so if you submitted anything that has not yet gone up, please resend it directly to elenkis@ttlg.com. Thanks!

    Fanfic: Duty Calls
    - 12:07:22 PM - Elenkis
    Duty Calls is a short novel in development by Rich Belcher that stars everyone's favourite Thief. As always, here's a quick glimpse:
    Having calculated my escape I searched for a way to get into the mansion. Thinking back to when I was in her room, Gloria had pointed out a side door being the best entrance due to the lack of guard activity.

    “It’ll most likely be locked,” She said. “I remember the night after his party celebrating his new painting. I was only over for about ten minutes when we were interrupted by the captain of his guard. The captain mentioned a drunken servant banging on the side door. He probably went for an evening walk only to return to the mansion after the party ended at a time when the side door is always locked. This was hardly important enough to disturb Durant, but after seeing him reach for his nightstand I understood. Durant is the only one with a key to the side door, he’s pretty damn paranoid.”

    “Can the door be picked?”

    “A thief tried that once and got caught by a passing guard. Durant has bragged about it ever since.”

    Thanks Rich!

    Fanfic: Curse of Darkness
    - 11:46:53 AM - Elenkis
    The Curse of Darkness is an interesting new novel in development by Foxy and we have chapter 1 up for your reading pleasure. Foxy explains that while at first it may not appear to be the case, it is indeed set in the Thief universe - around mid-way into Thief 1. Here's a peek:
    The shadow flitted through doorways, each time getting down deeper into the complex. The higher levels, near the domain of the blood fox, were relatively low security, with the occasional dwarf with a mildly damaging weapon guarding certain doorways. However, the deeper the shadow went, the higher security got. The Dwarven guards got better weapons and armour, and there were more of them.

    On a mid level floor a goblin scampered about, doing nothing in particular. The shadow stopped to watch its games, being almost invisible. The goblin started mocking a nearby dwarf. It was obviously not the brightest of its brethren. The dwarf looked at the puny creature, and at some length, hit it on the head with the flat edge of his sword. The goblin staggered away, in a drunken stupor. A scream echoed down from the upper floors. It was ignored; as screams were too regular to be noticed once you had been in the complex for a while.

    Thanks Foxy!

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