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          Wednesday, March 19, 2008

2 FM Contests Are Open for Entry
- 3:29:32 PM - pavlovscat
We haven't had a contest for a while. Now, all of a sudden, there are two!

Classic Thief Experience Contest:
Uncadonego has announced the opening of the Classic Thief Experience Contest. Want to make a mission but feel intimidated by all the fancy new missions coming out lately? Are you in the mood to create an old-style Thief mission? Do you need a reason to get started making your very own FMs? Feeling competitive? Then, read the contest rules because this might just be the perfect contest for you. This zip file also includes the .mis file which must be used as a base for all contest submissions. The deadline for entry submissions for this contest is September 15, 2008.

If you're not sure whether you want to compete, let me help you decide. There will be 5 prizes awarded for First, Second & Third Place, Builder's Choice and New Dromeder. The prizes for this contest are excellent, so get in there and build a mission!

The main thread for the contest is in the Editor's Guild forum where, over the past few weeks, there has been much discussion and consideration of the best parameters for this contest. You can read about the technical stuff here. You can also check out this thread and the announcement thread in the Thief FM forum for other comments. If you have decided to have a go at it or have more questions about the contest, then uncadonego has provided contact instructions in "READ THIS!.doc" also included in the zip.

The Historical Contest:
This contest is brought to us by Medd and members of the French Thief Forum Ariane. The object is to create a mission by selecting one style and to avoid using anachronistic elements. You may view the rules in either English or French. The mission is to be created in English with other language support allowed. The deadline for entry submissions to this contest is September 01, 2008.

You must select either Ancient or Modern style. These missions should be 100% true to the style selected including design, sounds and storyline. The style chosen will limit the use of various objects, textures and AI. These restrictions are detailed in the rules. Use of custom or anachronistic elements will result in a loss of points, as will exceeding the size limit of 1,500,000 cubic Dromed units. Detailed scoring information and how to submit a mission is listed in the rules.

If you have any questions about this contest, you can post them in the announcement thread.

          Sunday, March 16, 2008

FM Contest: Classic Thief Experience
- 6:03:18 PM - Dan
A new contest is starting up shortly, and this one is aimed at first-time dromeders, so if you've ever considered picking up the Thief editor but lacked the initiative to do so, now's your big chance to be a creator rather than a player.
There is a new contest starting. This is notice to everyone who has signed up for the contest and all who wish to participate. There has been plenty of discussion on both the Editors' Guild forum and on this forum about it for the last little while.

A small zip file will become available sometime tomorrow morning (March 17) after 8:00 a.m. but before noon, my time (check the post time of this against your time to check your time difference). I'll come back here and make a link to it tomorrow.

The zip will contain a small note from me to participants, a list of simple rules, and a .mis starter file with the available building area.

          Friday, March 14, 2008

The Flying Age by Sterlino Released
- 10:44:05 AM - pavlovscat
New Mission
March 14, 2008 - The Flying Age a mission for T2 by Sterlino
Updated to Version 1.18 on March 20, 2008 and added Lootlist links in readme

The Mission:
You have entered The Flying Age, many years after the death of Karras. As always, there is a new bad guy in town. Dr. Zeppellinger, with his co-conspirator the Duke Von Braum, are threatening the safety of the city. Dr. Zeppellinger has created strange new machines that fly through the air! These machines use fuel made from minerals in the earth.

The pagans are very concerned that these machines spell trouble. They have created the pagan guild, Green Leaf, to stop Dr. Zeppellinger and his machines for good. Green Leaf needs your skills to do this. Expecting your reluctance, Green Leaf has ensured your cooperation with a little green crystal in your drink. If you want your antidote, you must stop Dr. Zeppellinger. This time you are risking your life. And, you only have 36 hours before the poisonous crystal kills you.

Sterlino has finally realeased his long anticipated campaign, and it was worth the wait! This is an ambitious project which has surpassed my expectations. The scenery is gorgeous, and the levels are well designed. The new flying machines are marvelous! Make sure that you view the intro and the credits from the opening screen. They are very nice. There are 6 missions: Airship Hangar, Escape From Jail, The Zeta One, Building High Hopes, The Enterprise, & Time Flies.

Airship Hangar is a brief mission with an interesting ending. I don't want to give it away, but you end up doing something that you wouldn't ordinarily allow. The hangar is nestled in a lovely mountain area. The mission itself is easy. It's just the ending that may confound you. My first time through on Thief took 17 minutes.

In Escape From Jail, you start out in a jail cell. Where else? You must make use of the local fauna to escape and find your weapons. Once you have left the jail area, you will find yourself in a mansion belonging to Dr. Zeppellinger's close associate, Duke Von Braum. This mission is a bit of a keyhunt, and there are several tough puzzles to figure out. Take your time with this one and read everything! I recommend taking notes or printing a screen capture as much of the information you need to solve the various puzzles is in readables which cannot be carried. Examine everything closely, go slow and think. That is the best way to finish this one. This mission took me 1 hour & 58 minutes to finish.

Next, you must reach the Zeta One. I hope you like flying! Once you've managed to reach the Zeta One (which took me about 7 tries) you need to find your way inside to find the Propelliser Machine. The construction of the Zeta One is fascinating. Look around and enjoy the views. This mission has another twisted surprise ending. Again, read everything and think about how you can use the information. My time for this one was 33 minutes.

Building High Hopes is a fun mission. You need to build your own flying machine. You must find the parts in the abandoned factory needed to build your machine. Figuring out how the various levers worked took me a little while, but once I got the hang of it...I built my very own flying machine! It took me 36 minutes to figure out this one.

So, you're flying. The Enterprise is going to rendezvous with Zeta-One. Catch up to The Enterprise, sneak on board and find a secure hiding place. You are running out of time. This is your last chance to get that Propelliser Machine and your antidote. This is a brief mission. I finished in 10 minutes.

In Time Flies, you are back on Zeta-One. Explore everywhere to find that Propelliser Machine and escape with it! Bring it back to Green Leaf and get your antidote. The final mission was done in 47 minutes.

From Airship Hangar:

From Escape From Jail:

From The Zeta One:

From Building High Hopes:

Two from The Enterprise & two from High Hopes:

See what other taffers are saying and post your own comments about The Flying Age at the Forum Discussion Thread.

          Monday, March 10, 2008

Deep Trouble 1 & 2 revamp by Dark Assassin
- 10:38:36 PM - pavlovscat
Updated Missions
Released March 08, 2008 - Deep Trouble: City Under the Sea for T2 by Dark Assassin

The Missions:
In Deep Trouble 1, you are hiding in a shipment of goods to penetrate the security of a certain Count's castle. The ride is long and very turbulent. When you exit the crate, you realize you have no idea where you are. You must find a way out of here.

In Deep Trouble 2 (Pt 1): Nasty Surprise, you have found your way from The Swordfish, the Mechanists' newest submarine, onto the old, familiar Cetus Amicus which you believe to be headed for the Lost City. You can find you way home from there easily. But then, an unexpected change in course leads you to the last place you wanted to be, the Mechanists' Central Aquatic Facility! While still hiding, you hear horrible sounds. When you come out of hiding, you see even more horrid sights. You must find a way out of this madness. Find the control room and escape

In Deep Trouble 2 (Pt 2): Mother's Playground, you reach the main complex of the Aquatic Facility. This place is filled with Mother's strange and deadly creations. You must avoid the patrols and guards and get out of this place. While you're searching for the exit, grab some loot too. You may need it to get out of here!

This is Dark Assasin's revamp of John D's original missions Deep Trouble & Deep Trouble 2 (Pts 1 & 2). They have been combined into a single campaign titled Deep Trouble: City Under the Sea. The underwater setting is unusual and very well executed. This is a creepy set of missions. There isn't much loot to find, and your main concern is finding a way out of there. If you are looking for a mission with a lot of exploring, try this campaign. You have no maps, and the corridors are often confusing because of their similarities in appearance. You are either in a submarine or at the aquatic facility, so don't expect any of the usual scenery. If you want something different, try this campaign.

From Deep Trouble 1:

From Deep Trouble 2 (Pt 1): Nasty Surprise:

From Deep Trouble 2 (Pt 2): Mother's Playground:

Have comments about the revamped campaign? Post your comments at the Forum Discussion Thread. Need hints or help? Check these threads from the original releases of the missions: Deep Trouble 1 and Deep Trouble 2.

          Thursday, March 06, 2008

UnMasked by Nielson74 Released
- 12:17:43 PM - pavlovscat
New Mission
March 05, 2008 - UnMasked a mission for T2 by Nielson74

The Mission:
You are approched by a stranger who wants you to acquire a certain collection of 8 masks for him. There's one small problem. These masks are part of someone else's collection. The offer is a generous one, and there is sure to be plenty of other loot to sweeten the deal.

This is a small mansion mission. It plays well and is entertaining. The mansion is well appointed with lots of things to find. This is a great mission if you're looking for something under 30 minutes.

My first time through, playing on Normal, I finished in 23 minutes. I ended with 1666/1800 loot and 2/2 secrets.


Check the Forum Discussion Thread for more screenshots and information.

          Tuesday, March 04, 2008

More cardia1 Updates
- 6:03:35 PM - pavlovscat
Mission Updates
These two missions are cardia1's most different FMs from the traditional Thief format. These are primarily combat missions. They are interesting missions, especially for practice in melee fighting.

Released March 02, 2008

  • Temple of Death
    Garrett was caught in the City Watch’s trap. Now they have sent him off-planet to the Temple of Death on Mars. Garrett has been given several tasks to complete. If he can accomplish these tasks and survive the experience, he will be pardoned. This is a totally different type of mission combining some stealth elements with direct combat. You can get cardia1's Eric Cartman Sound Mod for this mission. Find hints & tips for this mission in the Forum Discussion Thread.
  • Playground of Doom
    Garrett was caught again for stealing a valuable item. This time, they have sent him off-planet to the Playground of Doom on Saturn. Garrett’s only chance is to survive. If he lives, he will be freed, so he must make sure that he is the last one standing. This mission is not about stealth. It’s kill or be killed. This is a great mission to get some practice with melee fighting. Find hints & tips for this mission in the Forum Discussion Thread.

  •           Sunday, March 02, 2008

    Nightblade Public Alpha Test
    - 11:01:21 PM - Dan
    Black Cat Games, author of Thievery UT and other games, has released their first alpha build of Nightblade, the continuation of Thievery. It requires UT3 in order to run.
    We've just released our first alpha. This is strictly a work in progress - we make no guarantees about the playability of the release, and we know there are a large number of bugs and missing features. Details on the release can be found on Nightblade's Testing Page

    Some of the notable features of the current alpha are:

  • Gullonefox's guard model.
  • Converted Darkened Enlightenment
  • Experimental silent but slowed opening of doors when walking or crouching.
  • Some experimental gameplay changes, including the stashing of loot by entering the exit zones.

    It should be noted that the first time you play each map there will be a long load time as UT3 generates texture information and caches it.

    Bugs can be reported to the Nightblade Bug Tracker

  • Discuss in TTLG's Thief General
    Discuss in Black Cat's the Nightblade Forum

    Congrats on your release, team!

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