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          Saturday, December 25, 2004

A Christmas Present from The Dark Mod Team!
- 11:52:45 AM - Biohazard
First I would like to say Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope you enjoy your holiday! (And hopefully come out of the day a few presents richer.)

But just to sweeten the holiday even more, the Dark Mod team has released an outstanding teaser trailer showing off some of what they've already put together since the release of the Doom 3 SDK. You can read more about the trailer in New Horizon's post, or visit the Dark Mod's website at http://www.mindplaces.com/darkmod/

Lo-Res Trailer

Hi-Res Trailer

XVid Codec to view trailer

          Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Holiday Fan Missions
- 1:44:37 PM - Dan
I've added a pair of holiday missions to the database, both by well established FM authors, SlyFoxx and Yandros.

Thief 2 Fan Mission
A Servent's Revenge

 Filesize: 6 MB
 Released: 12/21/2004

By: SlyFoxx

Additional Comments: You are Gilbert, an endentured servant. Your Master, Lord Rothburg has been cruel and most unkind. Though your home and surroundings are comfortable you have no freedom to call your own...but on this cold winter night you finally have a plan. Your brother Stephen has escaped his own servitude and has gotten word to you that a ship awaits bound for a distant land and the chance for freedom. Gripping the note in your hand you resolve to meet him this night. You have no money to call your own but that will soon change. The main house is full of treasures and is just across the way. Trouble is, you are not allowed to roam the grounds or main house freely at night or even look out your windows!!. If anybody sees you, you're in BIG trouble. No sense in waiting...It's time to begin.

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Thief's Holiday 2004 (v2.2)

 Filesize: 16.4 MB
 Released: 12/21/2004

By: Yandros

Plot Description: You’re throwing a big holiday party for a few close friends, and you have a LOT of things to do to get ready! Complete everything on your checklist before your guests arrive.

Happy downloadings, taffers. :)

FanArt: Ivana Simoniti's Garrett
- 12:49:40 PM - Dan
Ivana Simoniti contributes to our fan art gallery with her sketch of Garrett, proudly bearing his Deadly Shadows scar.

Thank you for the contribution, Ivana. :)

Fanfic: Contest of Fools 3
- 2:39:04 AM - Dan
The hilarity ensues in the third and final installment of A Contest of Fools, or When Zombies Attack! by greypatch3. Here's a taste:

“Lucky Bastard” Bob and Sid wound themselves along a large, earthen tunnel, one that the eyes of the living had not seen in years (well, to tell the truth, no physical eyeball structure had seen them in years, anyway).

Off to the side there was another tunnel leading into darkness. From that tunnel issued a loud groan. Bob jumped.

“Cripes! What was that?”

Suddenly, a rotting corpse, barely human, stumbled from the tunnel. Its jaw hung to one side, its eyes leaked a yellow, pus-like liquid, and its left foot hung at a crooked angle, cracking with every step.

Sid turned and looked at the wretched thing as it strode towards Bob.

“Back off Gary, he’s with me.”

Gary the Zombie stopped, made yet another moan, at which a few black teeth fell out of his jaw and an unpleasant-smelling goo poured from his throat.

“I know, I know, but you had your lunch break twenty minutes ago. He’s a friend of mine, got it?”

If you're ready for some Thief-world comedy, go check it out. ;) Thanks for the submission, greypatch3!

          Saturday, December 18, 2004

The Art of Roan Tabasan
- 1:59:07 PM - Dan
Another amazing image has been added to our fan-art gallery, this time by Roan Tabasan, who has created the amazing image entitled simply, 'Deadly Shadows' ...

Easily one of the best renditions of Garrett I've seen.

Update: Roan's gallery has been updated with a further two images, one of which is the original sketch behind his Deadly Shadows painting. Thanks Roan!

The Art of Clockwork Mifune
- 11:16:39 AM - Dan
I am pleased to add Clockwork Mifune to The Circle's Fan-Art Gallery. She joins the gallery with seven (sometimes silly) pieces of artwork. Thank you for the submission, Clockwork, and keep 'em coming!


If you would like your artwork featured in our fan-art gallery, all you need to do is email thiefnews@ttlg.com.

          Friday, December 17, 2004

The Circle Spotlights 'The Dark Mod'
- 10:42:04 PM - Dan
The authors of The Dark Mod were kind enough to put together a demo page for The Circle which spotlights their Thief-inspired Doom 3 mod, as well as answer some of my questions. In their own words...
In The Dark Mod, you play a master thief living in a dark, sprawling city. A blend of gothic architecture and steampunk technology, the city contains great, belching chimneys, grand cathedrals, and medieval manor-houses. As a master of the shadows, you move through the city streets unseen, avoiding the eyes (and blades) of the city's thieves' guild, while doing jobs for the various political factions. Nobles, mages or the Church, it doesn't matter, as long as the pay is good.

In technical terms, our goal is to create a complete conversion of the Doom 3 platform, turning it into a stealth-based game. We will be creating new and improved AI, and new models and textures that support a 'steampunk' genre made popular by Looking Glass Studio's "Thief" franchise.


Thanks again to the whole Dark Mod team for sharing this with us!

GameSpy Awards Thief III Best Sound
- 10:57:00 AM - Biohazard
GameSpy announced its PC awards today, and in it they gave Thief: Deadly Shadows the Best Sound Award.

You can find the full list of awards here.

I'd also like to give Black Cat Games (creators of ThieveryUT) much kudos as their newest mod, Alien Swarm, took top honors for the Best Mod of 2004.

Thief III Wins Best Audio Design Award
- 7:09:42 AM - Dave
UK Video Games magazine Edge has awarded Thief: Deadly Shadows the award of Best Audio Design.
The awards were dominated by Half Life 2.

Find a list of winners and the shortlist for the awards in this article at the BBC.
Thanks to Subjective Effect for pointing this out.

          Friday, December 10, 2004

FM: Lady Lisa's Harbor
- 9:06:13 AM - Jenesis
Bryan Gleason (BBB) has released a nautically-themed mission, "Lady Lisa's Harbor", where Garrett is required to help restore the status quo on the waterfront.

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Lady Lisa's Harbor (v2)

 Filesize: 6.08 MB
 Released: 12/10/2004

By: Bryan Gleason (BBB)

Plot Description: You were approached in a pub by a member of the Merchant Association to do a job for them. Seems that the Sherrif has closed the harbor and all commercial shipping has come to a halt. He tried to purchase the fleet owned by the Merchant Association to get into the shipping business and they refused. Evidently, he is making them pay for that refusal. (more)

Thanks for the mission, Bryan :)

          Wednesday, December 08, 2004

FM: Close Encounters V2
- 9:19:20 AM - Jenesis
P Forth has updated and expanded "Close Encounters", orginally released earlier this year.

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Close Encounters (v2)

 Filesize: 2.36 MB
 Released: 12/8/2004

By: P Forth

Plot Description: It's Christmas, and you are enjoying a well earned rest in another part of the country. However, while you have been here you have heard the locals talk about an old town not far from here that's been abandonded for many many years. It seems that something happened hear a long time ago that frightened everybody away virtually overnight. (more)

Thanks for the update!

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