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          Friday, June 18, 2004

Deadly Shadows Patch Available!
- 3:53:54 PM - Dave

Catsclaw dropped into our forums to say that the first patch for Thief Deadly Shadows is now available!

This patch fixes the bug that reverts the AI to Normal difficulty on loading a savegame.

Avault Review TDS - 4.5/5
- 1:23:48 AM - Dave

Another day, another review. This time from Avault who liked the game a lot, giving it four and a half stars out of five!

They had this to say as a conclusion

Thief: Deadly Shadows lives up mightily to the legendary Thief franchise. While it doesn’t set any brave new standards, it maintains all the things that made Thief great in the first place. Even though some of Ion’s design decisions, like the removal of the rope arrow and the inclusion of the third-person camera, will disappoint purists, it would be difficult for anyone to deny what a splendid experience this release is. Deadly Shadows is truly stealth action at its current zenith.

          Monday, June 14, 2004

Four New TDS Reviews
- 12:28:38 PM - Dave
We have four new reviews for Thief: Deadly Shadows.

The first is a german review courtesy of Yiya.de. Might want to grab a translator for this one.

FourFatChicks is up next with a fairly long review. They liked the game and gave it a gold star!

Kris dropped us a line to say that Ars have their review up. Please be aware that this review does contain spoilers, or so I am told. You have been warned!

Last, but not least, DaveAngel spotted a review of TDS by Penny Arcade's Tycho. He liked the game and had this to say:

I used third person to bleed off the tension in a level about three quarters of the way through the game, I don't want to give anything away, so I won't name it. But let me tell you that I was desperate with terror on more than one occasion, and I could not bear to be in first person mode. Name the last game where that happened.


          Saturday, June 12, 2004

Two FMs: TTGM and Just Friends
- 10:29:00 PM - Jenesis
The storyline of The Trickster's Gem Mine continues with two new missions from belboz, and a new one starts with bassmanret's Just Friends, Part 1.

Thief 2 Fan Mission
TTGM 7: Chasm of the Lost 1 & 2

 Filesize: 21.6 MB
 Released: 6/12/2004

By: belboz

Plot Description: Follow on from ElseWhere, you find yourself in a frozen wasteland, best find a way to escape from here.

Additional Comments: - Click on continue at the end of part 1 to go onto part 2 - Using a flashbomb in certain areas of the abandoned Hammerite compound may cause thief to crash, cause by a too many poly's in view error. What weapons you pick up in part 1 will go with you to part 2, the loot total will zero. - Known bugs: Bit laggy in some areas, end stats not reporting properly on number of pockets to be picked.

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Just Friends Part 1

 Filesize: 4.5 MB
 Released: 6/12/2004

By: bassmanret (Chris Moyer)

Plot Description: bassmanret merely says 'No description. You'll understand as you play.'

Many thanks for the hard work, you two :)

TDS Review at TomsHardware
- 10:24:08 AM - Dave

TomsHardware.com have posted their review of Thief: Deadly Shadows, all in all they think its a really good game with a few minor faults.

Here's a snippet

Sound is a crucial element to this game, and evidently the developers gave it a lot of loving attention. Not only do guards use sound to detect you, but their boots and humming provides you with cues as to who is coming around the corner, giving you the advanced warning you need to scurry into the shadows. Besides boots and humming, environmental effects are top-notch as well.

Ghostly whispers, dripping water, scurrying rats and meowing cats all add to the feeling that you are prowling the streets of Stonemarket or the Auldale. The voice-acting is also enjoyable - a perfect combination of intensity and humor. The talents they picked for the voicework are all great, with the exception of "Black Market Bertha". Make sure you listen to the conversations because you can pick up a lot of important information with just a little patience and eavesdropping. Excluding the occasional dips into something that smacks of techno, the soundtrack is also incredible.

Hidden Arrows in Thief III!
- 9:59:12 AM - Dave

Well, not really but...
I found this cartoon in the corner of a page in this month's PC Gamer UK.

Click on the image for a larger version with many more 'arrows'.

The issue actually features a fantastic six-page review of Thief III written by Kieron Gillen (an actual Thief fan), pick up an issue if you're in the UK, it is well worth it!

          Friday, June 11, 2004

FM Author Spotlight: Darkarrow
- 11:29:12 PM - Dan
After taking a break to sleep for a few days (that's right, I've slept non-stop for the past 72 hours) I'm back with the next FM author spotlight, Darkarrow.
My first fm try was Visiting Durant's mansion. With no planning, bad gridsnapping and no actual story the level never saw the light of day. And that is only a good thing. It did have some good points in it and I have it uploaded in my site if anyone wants to take a look. Currently I have all my projects on hold until I get to play Thief 3. After I get to play it through a couple of times, I'll return and continue working on my Ghost House project, unless they release the editor for Thief 3 (in which case I will redo the project in there).
Thanks for your support, Darkarrow! Next in line is Eepcat!

UK/USA T3 Packaging Differences
- 12:53:22 PM - Dave

Well, being the nut that I am I ordered a copy of Thief 3 from DVDBoxOffice.com back in February because I wanted it on time and another copy from Play.com, because it was cheap and I wanted the game on DVD in the first place.

My UK copy arrived today and there are some differences, the US version has a nicer box, with a flap that has some cool artwork on it while the UK version has a much nicer manual, in full colour and in a Thief-ier style than the US manual.

You can see some comparison photos and comment on the differences, if you feel so inclined, in this thread on our forums.

          Wednesday, June 09, 2004

A Patch is Coming!
- 5:02:29 PM - Dave
Avault are reporting that
Eidos has confirmed the existence of the Thief 3 A.I. bug mentioned in this report. A public relations representative for the company told the Adrenaline Vault a patch for the PC version will be made available "soon." No word on an Xbox update.
Sounds good to me!

          Tuesday, June 08, 2004

A Patch Coming?
- 11:52:46 AM - Dan
There's a bit of a hint on the ION Storm boards that we may be getting a fix for the difficulty level bug. Hopefully once they've investigated it, it means that a patch or fix will be coming...

          Monday, June 07, 2004

FM Author Spotlight: Spitter
- 2:51:55 PM - Dan
Today's FM Author Spotlight is of Spitter! Author of Geller's Pride, Hightowne Museum, and Breaking & Entering:

Tell us about the mission you currently have in production.

Saints and Thieves (T2). Hopefully coming some day. Has a warehouse and some city. Dromed has beaten me with pretty much every error message it can produce while making this mission, but I'm determined to finish it. I've made some clever (or at least uncommon) decisions in the mission, and I quite like some of the enviroments I've constructed - I wouldn't like to waste it. As for now, though, I shan't spoil more of the level.
Thank you for contributing, Spitter, and helping to make this work. The next spotlight will be of... Darkarrow!

Thief: Not-So Deadly Shadows
- 5:43:59 AM - Dan
There seems to be a huge consensus amongst Thief: DS players that the difficulty bug in the game is real and probably won't be going away with any user-tweaks that can be thought of. Just to give a heads-up to those who haven't seen this thread, the bug is thus:

No matter what difficulty level you set it to, as soon as you load a saved game, or enter a mission partition you've already visited, the difficulty level of the AI gets reset to Normal... so if you've been playing the game on Expert all this time, though you've had the expert loot objectives, the AI settings have been set to normal.

At the moment all we can do is hope and pray that there's someone still at ION Storm who can make a patch for this bug, and that eidos will allow them to do so. Otherwise, we may have to go through this site and change every mention of the game's title to something like... Thief: Easy Shadows... or Thief: Cozy Shadows.

At least now I can gloat over the fact that I've only played two missions of the game (plus spent a few hours in The City), due to lack of time and dedication to working on the website. I feel bad for those of you who've already played the game, while fretting over how easy it was. I've decided to stop playing altogether until either a patch has been released for it, or it becomes clear that there will never be a patch. I enjoyed the two missions I played a great deal, but I definitely think I would have enjoyed them more if I had actually been playing on expert like I thought I had been.

          Sunday, June 06, 2004

Three New FMs
- 7:58:43 PM - Jenesis
Quietly, perhaps stealthily, FM authors continue to work behind the excitement over Deadly Shadows. Three new FMs are thus ready for your perusal and enjoyment. Revenge and camels are the order of the day.

Istvan Varga sees Garrett take revenge against a nobleman in Out For Revenge. Although it is a T2 mission, Istvan delved into the Thief 1 textures to get the right feel.

McLeod's Revenge is a short mission by Oldweird, the elder brother of Randy Smith.

Lastly, Louve has produced A Wonderful Reception, a joke FM made as a birthday present. Yes, it involves a camel.

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Out For Revenge (v1.01)

 Filesize: 9.5 MB
 Released: 6/6/2004

 Other: The blackjacking mechanics have been altered - check the readme for details.

By: Istvan Varga

Plot Description: "A week ago, Lord Ramsden offered me a job, that I refused - I did not want to get involved in his dirty business; that was not a lucky day for me, though: he already had plans on making use of me in a quite different, but still very profitable way, in case I do not want to work for him. When I was about to leave the pub where I met one of his men, several guards were waiting for me on the street; it was a well planned ambush, and I did not have much chance to escape." more

Additional Comments: * Known problems *
- The map does not always select the right page for the player's current location (but it is not supposed to be an automap, anyway); this can happen in the basement where the map of the southern area is displayed, even when the player is in the northern area, in fact.
- When crouching and creeping at the walls of the lobby, it is possible to get stuck sometimes; try to avoid contact with the walls.
- Patrolling guards may get confused around some patrol points - care is needed when following them.

Thief 2 Fan Mission
McLeod's Revenge

 Filesize: 2.17 MB
 Released: 6/6/2004

By: Oldweird

Additional Comments: Sadly this mission comes without a readme. All we know is that Randy Smith's elder brother designed it.

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Wonderful Reception, A

 Filesize: 1.91 MB
 Released: 6/6/2004

By: Louve

Plot Description: Today Garrett-Yan is 26 years old. He has received a mysterious invitation from an occult camel who just wants to redeem herself because she made a bad trick for his last birthday. So Garrett-Yan goes to the address given by the camel where there's a party in his honour...

Additional Comments: This funny FM is a personal joke from Lady Jo for the birthday of Yan.

Many thanks to all of you for you efforts!

          Saturday, June 05, 2004

Thief: DS Walkthrough in Production
- 3:51:34 PM - Dan
Absynthe sent word that his Thief: DS Walkthrough has begun to go online. Given that I have not finished the game yet, I won't touch any walkthroughs with a ten foot pole, so I can't comment on the quality of a link I have not clicked. :)

Thanks, Absynthe!

FM Author Spotlight: Kung Fu Gecko
- 10:45:20 AM - Dan
Today's FM Author Spotlight is of the creator of several classic FMs, Kung Fu Gecko.
Give us a brief summary of all the FMs you've completed to date.
Bloodstone Prison (T1) - This is my most famous mission and my proudest achievement in FM making. Gleaned from the original mission story thread I started before Dromed was even released, Bloodstone Prison was my attempt at making the undead "fun". As a result of this, there were few roaming zombies with mostly haunts; AI that could be backstabbed/KO'd. I focused even harder on story. Bloodstone easily went through a dozen story revisions. Integrating the story with gameplay elements that were inspired both by Thief and Half Life, I also added my first real Dromed technical tweaks. I'm very conservative about Dromed tweaks, choosing instead to let the Dromed pioneers of TTLG TEG pave the road. In the end, the mission was well received and even got a few spots in game magazines.
Thanks for contributing, KFGecko! Remember, anyone who has released any FM can submit for a spotlight, and it's very easy to do so. Keep 'em coming! The next spotlighted author shall be Spitter!

          Friday, June 04, 2004

Filefront TDS Review - 3/5
- 2:19:28 PM - Dan
A review of Deadly Shadows has been posted on FileFront. The score is a mediocre 3/5, but the reviewer does a good job of qualifying their bias against the game stating that they wished for the option to play the game with a strong emphasis on combat.

Thief 3 Tweaker Release
- 12:02:05 PM - Dan
The first iteration of the Thief 3 Tweaker (called 1.0, though it's far from finished) has been posted online for feedback and testing purposes. Point your browser to this thread here for download links, information, and feedback. Feedback is very important at this stage, both for increased user-friendliness of the application, and to spot any problems with it.

And the same as before goes for this too: this file is not supported by ION Storm or TTLG, use at your own risk, etc.

And let's not forget to give a hearty thank you for the folks on all three Thief fora (TTLG, Eidos, ION) for coming up with all of these tweaks, and for gazchap for coding up the application.

Edit: The file has been updated to 1.1, but this new version only contains more advanced error reporting, to help gazchap fix problems people are having.

Download here.

Highres Garrett Face Texture
- 11:40:42 AM - Dan
This is the first textural enhancement for Thief 3 I have seen so far, but if DX2 was any indication, it will be far from the last. It was created by zmikez (from the ION boards) and is extremely detailed; maybe TOO detailed!

Drop by this thread at the TTLG forums for the file, a screenshot, and installation instructions. This patch is in no way supported by ION Storm or TTLG. Use at your own risk.

          Thursday, June 03, 2004

FM Author Spotlight: Sharga
- 10:55:33 PM - Dan
Today's FM Author Spotlight is Sharga!
Give us a brief summary of all your currently released missions.
I've got two currently released missions of my own: MOC2 The Mansion of Chaos and Swamped. It's difficult to put years of work into a few sentences but I'll try. I had begun building with ideas for an incredible plot, tons of voice acting, etc. Boy was I naive. Over time, my ideas changed greatly and finally, after a lot of messing around, I was set on making a mission that continued the story of the Trickster since I loved Maw of Chaos so much. I spent a long time working on it, nearly abandoned it twice, and was never able to do half the stuff I imagined. Looking back on it now, it's obviously newbie work and it has its share of problems, but it is a pretty fun mission and by the end I had finally got the knack of building in Dromed. Oddly enough the architecture gets better as the mission progresses, heh.
Thanks for contributing, Sharga! Additionally, Gingerbread Man's spotlight has been updated with two screenshots of his work in the Unreal Engine. Next up for the spotlight will be Kung Fu Gecko. Keep an eye out for that tomorrow or Saturday.

Game Depot Reviews T3 - 4.5
- 11:03:46 AM - Dan
Gamers Depot has reviewed Thief Deadly Shadows with a score of 4.5
So yeah—graphically, we give this game a solid score—there were some glitches here and there, mainly shadow-related, but overall, it’s a beautiful looking title, and does a ton to immerse you visually

Gamer's Hell T3 Review: 86%
- 10:19:41 AM - Elenkis
Gamer's Hell have posted their Thief: Deadly Shadows review and given the game a good 8.6 out of 10. Here's the conclusion:
I had my doubts. I really, really hoped my memory of Thief 2 wouldn’t be ruined by an “over-consoled” PC game, but right from the start I sat there smiling. The atmosphere is intact, the story is very nice, the graphics are well above par, the audio is very good, and the gameplay should be interesting both for new and old players. With a few more months of development this game would have been truly excellent.

And to top it off, this is actually a fairly long game, so forget about finishing it in a weekend.

Thief 3 won’t win the shooter of the year award, but it’s a must-buy for fans of the previous games, and should definitely be considered by fans of the genre.

          Wednesday, June 02, 2004

FM Author Spotlight: Gingerbread Man
- 9:23:23 PM - Dan
The first of our FM Author Spotlight features has been posted tonight. The first designer to snap up their chance at the spotlight was Gingerbread Man, who prompty sent in the answers you shall now be reading!
Why did you start designing missions, and when was that?
Since Half Life, an SDK or editor has been the primary factor in my decision to purchase a game. Even to the point of me buying System Shock 2 so that I could port the resources to Thief. I actually started building missions for Half Life, and progressed to Dromed when I could grasp the fundamental differences between subtractive and additive engines. The reason why is easy: I am so enamoured of the gaming industry that I rabidly seek to learn how and why these things are made... When I play a game, the only things I think are along the lines of "How did they do THAT?" and "What impact did THAT have on my gameplyaing experience?"
Thanks for supporting the cause, GBM. Hopefully tomorrow or Friday (pending I have my wits about me) we'll be able to post the next spotlight author: Sharga!

T3 Xbox vs. PC Guide
- 6:54:15 PM - Dan
Jahandar has sent me word that...
IGN Insider is currently featuring a head-to-head comparison of the XBox vs PC versions of Thief: Deadly Shadows. The article can be found at: (here). You must be a subscriber to IGN or Gamespy to read it, so in case you don't have a subscription, I'll pass along their conclusions, without the editorial details or commentaries.


1. PC (choice of control setup, fluid aiming, camera control; minor advantage)
2. Xbox (harder to adjust aiming, all the benefits of rumble)

(both feature in-game surround effects; tie)

1. PC (better textures, better framerate, sharper display; medium advantage)
2. Xbox (Blurrier textures, runs at 640x480, 30 fps, but still visually impressive)

1. PC (full install, faster loads; minor advantage )
2. Xbox (longer load times, but an unaffected gameplay experience)

1. PC(fluid mouse-keyboard controls, sharper visuals, great sound, faster loads; medium advantage)
2. Xbox (visually inferior to PC, but still pretty, great sound, and decent controls)

Best version for single player features: Xbox/PC (tie)
Best version for videophiles: PC(better textures, framerate, sharper; medium advantage)
Best version for audiophiles: PC/Xbox (tie)
Best value: PC ($39.99 MSRP: medium advantage)

Thanks a ton, Jahandar!

Thief: Deadly Tweak Guides
- 6:34:59 PM - Dan
When I first saw this I thought that they had just stolen all the hard work posted on this thread and tried to make it their own.

But then I saw that no, it was something totally different. While the above thread focuses on tweaks to the game's interface and gameplay feel, the TweakGuides.com article focuses on tweaking your computer itself (or the game's supported options) to run the game better.

Antialiasing/Anisotropic/Multisampling: If you have mysteriously low frames per second despite being certain that your hardware is capable of more, then one place to check would be your graphics card's Antialiasing and Anisotropic Filtering settings. These are explained in detail in my Simple Antialiasing and Anisotropic Guide. Even 2x Antialiasing for example can turn T:DS into a slideshow in certain areas, depending on your hardware and in-game settings. For maximum framerates set both AA and AF to 0x or "Application Controlled" in your graphics card's control panel. Also make sure that the Multisampling setting in T:DS is set to 1x (the lowest possible) for maximum performance. Multisampling is basically a form of Antialiasing, and while it improves graphics quality it brings with a hefty performance hit at progressively higher levels (See In-Game settings for more details).

On the other hand, the Tweak Guide on our TTLG forums, which is a collaboration of information from across all three major Thief fora (TTLG, ION, Eidos) deals with the game's .ini files, and lets you do things like change the size of your light gem, remove arrow streaks, and reduce head bob. None of this is supported in any way by ION or Eidos, so use these tweak at your own risk. An application which will allow the every day user to fiddle around with these tweaks without having to worry about editing huge data files is currently in development by crafty taffers.

Thief 3 Game of the Month
- 6:25:23 PM - Dan
IGN has awarded Thief: DS with a Game of the Month award, slathering it with enthusiastic praise. I'd do a blockquote of the blurb, but it's so short that it would remove the point of you clicking that link. :) So, good eye, IGN guy!

Firing Squad Reviews ... the Demo
- 6:20:53 PM - Dan
Firing squad has posted up a review of the Thief: DS Demo which seems intended to sway the unsure towords downloading the massive demo.
For starters, it is absolutely uncanny how close the feel of Deadly Shadows is to its two predecessors, given that the game engines used are wildly different and the development team has changed a great deal since. The way Garrett walks, sneaks and creeps by - his jerky, deliberate movements - haven't changed a bit. He can crouch like he has always, and can also climb onto low-hanging ledges and over crates now. Finally, Ion Storm has included a feature where Garrett can press up against the wall in order to hide better or take a look around the corner with the new 3rd person point of view.
While I can't totally agree with that statement, I can agree with the comment that it is worth it. Of course, if you're on dialup and pay by the minute, it may be cheapter to just buy the game itself, but I think that's quite worth it as well.

          Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The Thief 3 Quote List!
- 2:33:59 PM - Elenkis
Ion Storm's Faceless has posted the Thief: Deadly Shadows Quote List on his personal website. This is a collection of humorous quotes from during the development process and was originally intended to be hidden in the game, much like the ones in the previous titles.

It's a bit crude in places, so those who don't enjoy such humor may want to avoid - but otherwise, enjoy!

Jolt T3 Review: 92%
- 2:16:35 PM - Elenkis
Jolt Online Gaming UK are the latest site to post their Thief 3 review. They clearly loved it and awarded it a 9.2 out of 10.
Put simply, Thief III, sorry, Thief: Deadly Shadows is a fantastic game in its own right and a worthy sequel that has arguably been worth the wait. It won’t be for everyone, but if you possess a little patience and are looking for some unbeatable atmosphere (at least one level deserves some kind of award for atmosphere so thick you couldn’t cut it with a knife), then it’s my pleasure to recommend it.

Gaming Horizon T3 Review: 81%
- 2:09:04 PM - Elenkis
Gaming Horizon have given Thief 3 an 8.1 out of 10 in their two page review of the game. Basically the whole score was let down by the graphics which they only gave a 5.5 (?!), ouch. Otherwise they seemed to like it a lot.
Fans of the Thief series will be very happy with Deadly Shadows. While the graphical flaws and load times are there, the gameplay and narration are more than enough to make up for it. This ends up being a lengthy enough adventure that will keep you entertained and busy for a least a few weekends. If you never played a Thief game before, give this one a shot and see for yourself what real stealth gameplay is all about.

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