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          Friday, March 29, 2002

RPGVault Covers GDC
- 8:42:46 AM - Dan
RPGVault.IGN.com was good enough to report on the activities of ION Storm and Arkane at the Game Developer's Conference. Hence:
Arx Fatalis. Two Askane [sic] Studios team members made the long trip from France, and I was able to chat briefly with Lead Designer Raphael Colantonio. He reported that the team is busy fixing bugs and polishing, and said the game is on track for release this summer. He also stated that he was generally pleased with reaction to the demo that was released recently, and that he hopes to see some more publicity for the game as it approaches release.

ION Storm. Studio Director Warren Spector was among the busiest individuals at the show with at least half a dozen sessions on his schedule. Among these were some for the International Games Developers Association where he is one of the leaders in the area of educational programs. Harvey Smith and Randy Smith, the Project Directors of Deus Ex 2 and Thief 3, both participated in a couple of sessions as did Doug Church, the studio’s recently appointed Technical Director. I also met Designer Ricardo Bare and Composer Alex Brandon. Little in the way of solid information was forthcoming about either project, but both teams definitely feel they can improve on the preceding ones, which would make both fine games indeed.

Now, please be kind and dash over to the RPG Vault and read the rest of the report, because I know that most of you want to know about NWN, Morrowind, and Dungeon Siege too. :)

          Thursday, March 28, 2002

Heart and Soul Updated
- 12:22:17 PM - Elenkis
Xarax has released another updated version of his recent Heart and Soul fan mission. The new fixes are as follows:
1. The gate with the "problem" leverbox is now FrobInert so that Thief:TDP players won't get stuck by frobbing the gate shut.

2. There is a hint note that describes the chalkmark "X" things.

3. The Walkthru20.str file is updated for 1.9s, and is included in the mission zip and for separate download.

Thanks Xarax!

          Wednesday, March 27, 2002

FM: Heart and Soul
- 3:26:49 AM - Elenkis
Xarax has released version 1.9p of his recently released sequel to The Varyx Obelisk. The update makes a change to the lever and gate that enables Thief: TDP players to continue the mission.

Thief 1 / Gold Fan Mission
Heart and Soul (v1.9p)

 Filesize: 3 MB
 Released: 3/27/2002

By: xarax

Plot Description: After obtaining the Mystic Heart and the Mystic Soul, I realized that The Menace would soon be after me. The information that I learned from the Keepers will aid me in my quest to destroy The Menace. The crystals are the secret to empowering The Menace, as well as to destroying The Menace.

If I can find the proper way to use the crystals, then I can destroy The Menace. However, I'll need to find more teleportation technology. It appears that only Keepers and I can use such technology; ordinary folk cannot. Somehow, I am more closely connected with the Keepers than I would care to admit.

FM: Trial by Night
- 3:09:10 AM - Elenkis
Skarza has created and submitted his first mission for Thief 1. Congratulations and thanks for the submission, Skarza!

Thief 1 / Gold Fan Mission
Trial by Night

 Filesize: 5.6 MB
 Released: 3/27/2002

By: Skarza.MJA

Plot Description: Trial By Night is a Thieves night of testing. The Guild will give an Apprentice thief a set of tasks. If he manage to acomplice them in a single night, and survive, he will become a full member of the guild. A taskmaster is often at hand to ensure that the apprentice completes the task competently and within the time allowed. However not every night out goes as smoothly as it should...

          Tuesday, March 26, 2002

New Demos
- 7:21:52 AM - Elenkis
Here's one for the mission authors out there: The Dromed Central section has been updated with another two new demo missions for you to utilise.
  • New Critters contains some great new AI creatures made by Yametha for Thief 2.
  • Train from Catalyst demonstrates how to make a moving locomotive in the Dark Engine.
  • Thanks guys!

    Japanese Missions
    - 2:24:23 AM - Elenkis
    We've added a whole bunch of Japanese fan missions for Thief Gold (11 in total) to the database. Since they are all in Japanese there are no descriptions available in the readme files, but I've been told that some of them are pretty good fun to play through :-)

    So why not give them a try? I'd be interested in knowing what you all think of them! Grab them from the archive here:

    "The Archive"

              Sunday, March 24, 2002

    CoSaS Screensaver
    - 9:29:15 PM - Elenkis
    Somehow this one got forgotten about, apologies! Phantom has created a cool CoSaS screensaver that uses screenshots found at the website. Check it out! :-)
  • cocas_screen_saver.zip - (2.7 Meg)
    By Phantom: A CoSaS screensaver featuring screenshots from the unofficial T2 expansion.
  • Thanks Phantom!

    FM: Swamped v1.1
    - 4:23:30 AM - Dave
    Sharga has updated his FM Swamped to version 1.1 to fix a few objective bugs.
    Thanks Sharga!

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Swamped v1.1

    Filesize: 3.3 MB
    Released: 3/24/2002

    By: Sharga (Aaron Lambert)

    Plot Description: The keepers have once again intruded on your property.
    They have the same old excuses: great danger approaching, must restore the balance, something about total disaster. Nothing out of the ordinary.
    There have been numerous unexpected attacks on nearby cities by an unnamed foe, and it looks as if the keepers need your help once again.
    They have urged you to grab only what you need and leave with them immediately.

    Trailer released for Thievery UT!
    - 1:54:54 AM - Hanse
    The Thievery team has finally released a trailer showing us their hard work, and I have to say it looks fantastic. This undoubtedly means it's very close to release!

    The trailer can be downloaded here and requires the DivX Codec. (Jason Tibbitts and FilePlanet mirrors available)

    Stop by the Thievery forums and let them know how you like it. Great work guys, and thanks for the news Dalai!

              Saturday, March 23, 2002

    Thief World Map Project
    - 9:08:13 AM - James
    The Thief World Map Project has both a website and also a bouncing baby forum thread devoted to their project, an "ever changing and 100% unofficial interpretation of the cartography of the Thief world".

              Friday, March 22, 2002

    RPGDot Interviews ME! (about CoSaS)
    - 9:22:33 PM - Dan
    In a move that certanly made me a happy person, at least for a little while, RPGDot, did an interview with me! About the CoSaS Project! Yay!
    As the tale opens, we meet a young thief who, because of the rise of the City Watch and the Mechanists, is forced to give up the freedom of being an independent burglar, in favor of the protection of organized crime. He applies for membership in a group called ‘The Circle of Stone and Shadow,’ and is accepted as an agent. There are unforeseen consequences of this choice, which take the player on a journey far beyond The City walls.
    Please read the whole thing, and then comment! Thank you!

    Fanfic: Feelings of a Thief
    - 3:45:40 PM - Elenkis
    Xerczes has completed part 5 of The Feelings of a Thief, his novel in development.
    Garrett runs down the enclosed tree path, shafts of light here and there from the moon penetrate the canopy and light patches of the floor, leaves cover the floor and also fall gently and slowly from the tree’s above, the sounds of laughing and crying of children can be heard echoing all around, hand prints are dotted around on tree’s as if burned in by fire, small balls of light shoot around dancing with the leaves that fall, nothing but pitch black can be seen through the tree’s at either side. But a vastness of passage lies in front.

              Tuesday, March 19, 2002

    FM: Garrett to the Rescue
    - 9:06:24 PM - Elenkis
    Garrett to the Rescue is a new Thief 2 mission created by Apache and KidGarrett!

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Garrett to the Rescue

     Filesize: 1 MB
     Released: 3/19/2002

    By: Apache & KidGarrett

    Plot Description: Basso needs your help again. This time for Jenivere's sister Tabitha. She has gone missing and he needs your help in finding her.

    Artwork from John D
    - 2:03:12 AM - Elenkis
    John D. has gone through a creative streak and has sent us these three new pieces of artwork for the gallery!

    Thanks John!

              Monday, March 18, 2002

    FM: Swamped by Sharga
    - 3:31:07 PM - Dave
    Sharga has released another mission!
    Without further ado, here are the details.

    Thief 2 Fan Mission

     Filesize: 3.3 MB
     Released: 3/18/2002

    By: Sharga (Aaron Lambert)

    Plot Description: The keepers have once again intruded on your property.
    They have the same old excuses: great danger approaching, must restore the balance, something about total disaster. Nothing out of the ordinary.
    There have been numerous unexpected attacks on nearby cities by an unnamed foe, and it looks as if the keepers need your help once again.
    They have urged you to grab only what you need and leave with them immediately.

    ISA Chat Log.
    - 1:11:34 AM - Dave
    The log from the IRC Chat with Ion Storm Austin can be found here. Thanks to mixuk for the cleaned up log.
    Thanks to everyone who turned up, and special thanks to Ion Storm for taking the time to talk to us all!

              Saturday, March 16, 2002

    Demo: Shrieker's Ogre
    - 6:13:27 AM - Elenkis
    The following demo mission was sent to us by Shrieker. The misfile is for DromEd only and demonstrates the use of a new two-headed Ogre! The zip includes mis file, skin for the Ogre and instructions for use.

    Thief 1 / Gold Fan Mission
    Shrieker's Ogre

     Filesize: 0.1 MB
     Released: 3/16/2002

    By: Shrieker

    Plot Description: This small Thief:The Dark Project mission file is my humble try to bring the famous and obscure two-headed Ogre (a.k.a. Ettin) back to life. Yes, I know I am not the first who made it.

    Many of the Thief fans know, that the game developers from Looking Glass Studios planned to implement this creature into the game. The Ogre has even appeared on some screenshots from the early versions of the game. Un/Fortunately (choose what you like), they have decided to remove it from the final version of Thief.

    Additional Comments: The misfile IS NOT a functional Thief mission. Do not try to load it with DarkLoader.
    It is intended to use within DromEd only.

              Friday, March 15, 2002

    Reminder: ISA Chat!
    - 3:42:33 PM - Dave
    Just a quick reminder that our IRC Chat with Ion Storm starts at 5pm(CST) tonight! See here for details!

              Thursday, March 14, 2002

    Crazy Dev Comic Translated
    - 10:23:54 PM - Elenkis
    Those wacky guys over at Manifesto Source have translated their Thief development comic and released an official English version! Thanks Mr.Chainsaw!

    Read the Comic in English
    Original German Version

    Artwork from Andrea Marchi
    - 8:56:44 PM - Elenkis
    Andrea Marchi has sent us a new picture for the art gallery. This one he has named The Night of Victoria.

    Thanks Andrea!

              Tuesday, March 12, 2002

    Tim Stellmach Spotted!
    - 7:35:27 PM - Saam
    Wow, the good news keeps pouring in. It has been reported to us (thanks Deranged Wraith) that Tim Stellmach (aka EvilSpirit on our forums), another Looking Glass-alum who worked on most of LG's projects (beginning as a tester, then programmer/designer and finally lead designer), including the Ultima Underworlds, System Shock 1, Thief 1 & 2, and Terra Nova, is apparently now working for another game development firm, Vicarious Visions, as a Senior Designer, according to this mini profile/interview over at the IDGA (International Game Developers Association) site. They claim he's working on a new game, this time for the Game Boy Advance! Talk about a change of pace. At any rate, here's a blurb from the little interview:

    What fields of study, specific courses, or life experiences would you recommend to students interested in your field?
    A basic grounding in computer science is definitely useful. I'd also recommend courses in psychology, creative writing, and film & media studies. Possibly also a little graphic design. First, though, you have to play a lot of games. As others have noted (I believe I'm thinking of Ray Bradbury in Zen in the Art of Writing), in order to be a writer you must first be a reader. To be a game designer, you must be a game player, and you must catalog and analyze those experiences.
    This is truly great news. First Doug, now Tim. We'll try and get a hold of both of them when the time is right. Thanks!

              Sunday, March 10, 2002

    Fanfic: End of the Beginning
    - 8:57:24 PM - Elenkis
    Sionnan has created a new fanfic for your reading pleasue. He has called it The End of the Beginning (and the Beginning of the End), it stars Garrett and here's a quick peek:
    As his eyes danced among the yelling, complaining, laughing, bartering crowd, he caught something out of the corner of his eye.

    Garrett snapped his head over, his intelligent, mistrustful, dark eyes narroing on a certain form, right on the corner of an alley way. It hadn't moved. In fact, it had been there when he had taken up his post, and hadn't moved yet. Occasionally its head would move back and forth, searching the crowd. Looking. Waiting... Garrett shuddered at sudden, morbid thoughts that sprang to mind, and dared himself to look at him again. C'mon, Garrett, you coward of a taffer. He can't see you, so he can't hurt you.Just. Look.

    Thanks Sionnan!

    Fanfic: A Noble Thief
    - 8:30:45 PM - Elenkis
    Lady Xila has sent us the next chapter to A Noble Thief, her novel in development. Here's a peek:
    Xila was going after the newest exhibit in the public museum of oddities. This particular exhibit happened to be a set of thirteen identical diamonds known as the baker’s diamonds. The reason they were an oddity was because some (really stupid) baker had managed to bake them into his breads, which had then been purchased by a guard who was off-duty at the time. Needless to say, he got more than his money’s worth. They had eventually fallen into the hands of the curator of the public museum of oddities, who had then put it immediately into his museum. Under heavy guard, of course. In bright lights. Not to mention behind heavy metal gates. Or under a glass case with a lock that was supposed to be unpickable. Oh well.
    Thanks Xila!

    Doug Church: Influential.
    - 6:10:06 PM - Dave
    Doug Church, formally of Looking Glass, and now of Ion Storm Austin, has also been voted one of the most influential people in gaming in Gamespy's article
    A little too low for my opinion, but hey. It's not my article! ;)

    Thief Forum Tech FAQ!
    - 5:58:02 PM - Dave
    Sailoreagle, one of the Forum regulars has put together a nice Technical FAQ for the Thief games! This will get updates as new solutions are found.
    Nice work sailoreagle!

    New Thievery Screenshots from Ulukai
    - 5:57:01 PM - Dan
    Ulukai, one of the Thievery UT level artists, has updated his website with two new and very nice lookingscreenshots of his second level, Erunyauve's Folly. Quite an excellent work of textures and lighting, I must say. :)

    FM: The Royal Garmyth.
    - 8:47:35 AM - Dave
    Hidden in Shadows has sent in a new Fan Mission!

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    The Royal Garmyth

     Filesize: 1.94 MB
     Released: 3/10/2002

  • Author's Website

  • By: Hidden In Shadows

    Plot Description: Last night I pulled off a reckless job for a rich merchant who wanted me to rob his competing neighbor.

    Both tricked me. They had the city watch swarm the house and it was then only by the skin of my teeth that I survived to get away....(more)

    FIC: Aftermath.
    - 5:39:49 AM - Dave
    Aerilon McKnight has sent us his FanFic in progress, Aftermath
    It can be found in out Fanworks sections!
    Thanks Aerilon!

              Saturday, March 09, 2002

    Influential Spector!
    - 4:48:34 PM - Dave
    Gamespy.com has placed the Ion Storm Austin Studio Director, Warren Spector, 6th in it's 30 Most Influential People in Gaming article!

    You can read Warren's section here!

              Friday, March 08, 2002

    Thievery UT Update
    - 3:08:57 PM - Dan
    The Thievery UT website has been updated with info and screens of "A Night at the Theater," by Thwark.
    So who says a thief of my caliber can't enjoy a quiet evening's entertainment? The ritzy theatre at the edge of the City is playing a favorite of mine, and I wouldn't mind a sitting in on an Act or two. Of course, as luck would have it, 'business' kept me busy until well after the show was finished and the house was empty. But, as mom would say, 'when life gives you lemons, steal the oranges, too.'
    Read the rest and see the sights at the Thievery UT website.

    Exclusive IRC Chat with Ion Storm.
    - 12:39:07 PM - Dave
    Ok, so while this is not strictly Thief-related some of the team may also work on parts of Thief 3.

    Wow, two Ion Storm Exclusives within a couple of weeks of each other! We should feel very lucky!

    Following our Exclusive Interview with Bill Money and the rest of the Deus Ex: The Conspiracy team, we are proud to be hosting an IRC chat with them!

    On Friday March 15th at 5PM CST in the Official TTLG IRC Channel: #thief on IRC.Starchat.Net you will have the chance to put questions to several of the Ion Storm team behind Deus Ex The Conspiracy and the upcoming Deus Ex 2.
    For those not in the CST Timezone, you can use the converter here to tell you the time in you country. For those unsure of how to use IRC, you need a client to connect to the server. Two such clients are mIRC or pIRCh. Both come with clear instructions on how to use them.

    These type of public chats with dev teams don't occur often, so make the most of it!

    See you there!

              Tuesday, March 05, 2002

    Guards vs Thieves Update
    - 8:47:48 PM - James
    Josh Bush dropped in on the Circle to confess to updating the Guards vs Thieves site. GvT has added a multimedia gallery with screenshots and stills from their cutscenes, and there's supposed to be a set of reports on "what it's like to work on the project", though there appear to be no active links to it at this time - perhaps the Guards are losing?

    New Demo Missions
    - 7:20:17 PM - Elenkis
    This might be of interest to the dromed taffers out there. Schwaa has made a couple of new demo missions for Thief 2 to help you out with Qvars and S&R's.

  • AI Escape shows you how to set up an objective of having an AI goto a certain location using a QVAR Trap and a button. You could have Garrett release a prisoner, when he gets to his distination the objective will be complete.
  • Drop Coins Here demostrates how to make a "drop item in a certian spot" objective using Sources and Receptrons and QVAR Traps.

    Thanks Schwaa!

  • Treatise Updated
    - 6:31:23 PM - Elenkis
    Sneaksie Thiefsie has updated his wonderful Keeper Treatise with a rewriting of the Dawn of the Metal Age chapter (it replaces the previous Summary of Recent Events). If you haven't taken a look at the Treatises yet then now would be the perfect time, they are well worth the read :-)

    Thanks Sneaksie!

    Calendra's Legacy Info & Screenshots
    - 3:46:09 PM - Dan
    On our forums, I noticed that Komag had started a thread showcasing Purah & Team Calendra's new mission, Calendra's Legacy. More screenshots can be found at The Keep of Metal and Gold. And, a bit of the explantion Purah wrote about the 3 mission campaign.
    As a jumping off point I’d like to say that Calendra’s Legacy might not fit splendidly into your understanding of the Thief Milieu created by Looking Glass Studios. Furthermore, Garrett probably isn’t exactly the same fellow you played in Thief the Dark Project or the Metal Age.


    Well in short, I suppose it’s because I’m a writer. I don’t want to write someone else’s story. I want to write my story. So Calendra's is a NEW story. But the real emphasis here is that Calendra is mostly about STORY.

    Godspeed, Purah & co. We'll be expecting this campaign out in April.

    Quick Introduction
    - 3:02:59 PM - Dave
    Hi, I'm Dave, a few of you might know my from the other TTLG sites Sshock2.com and DeusEx-Machina.com.
    This is just a short note to say that I will be helping out here for the next few months and anyone with any Thief Fanworks are welcome to Email them to me to get them up here at TheCircle! :)

              Monday, March 04, 2002

    Artwork from John D
    - 8:42:59 PM - Elenkis
    John D. has drawn and submitted a new piece of artwork named Mechanist Domination. Thanks John!

    Eastern US TTLG Gathering!
    - 8:19:11 PM - Saam
    Straight from Kyran Ward:
    Eastern United States TTLG Gathering 2002 Sat. April 20th 3:00 PM EST

    After a couple of constructive and productive zygotal twinges in the womb (AKA false starts), the sweet succulent cake that is the first major Gathering of TTLG'ers in the United States is just about done rising, ready to be frosted with chocolatey goodness, and officially and hereby ANNOUNCED: (and if images of chocolate-covered babies aren't enough to pique your interest, then I'm all out of marketing ideas)

    On Saturday, April 20th 2002 3:00 PM EST, a band of flesh-and-blood TTLG members (and their dates, friends, or anyone else really) will convene in Real Life (not a typo) for fun, merrymaking, mischief, and mayhem in Boston, Massachusetts.

    We will meet at Alewife Subway Station, which is technically in Cambridge, just outside of Boston not to mention situated appropriately right across the street from the former Looking Glass Studios offices! Alewife Station is at the end of the Red Line, and will serve as our gateway to the city.

    Please be sure to email me your intent to come. You don't need to be 100% certain, but at least reasonably so. That way, we'll know who to expect, and about how many people we'll have as a group.

    Check out this thread for greatly expanded details!

    There you have it! I expect all of you to show up! :)

    Winamp Skin and Wallpaper
    - 7:27:21 PM - Elenkis
    Andrea Marchi has created a nice new skin for Winamp that features Garrett against an atmospheric forest backdrop. In addition she has sent a piece of wallpaper and some icons based on the skin. Thanks Andrea!

  • thief_amp7.zip - (94 K) - preview
    by Andrea Marchi

  • thiefwall_andrea.zip - (59 K) - preview
    By Andrea Marchi : Thief wallpaper featuring Garrett.

  • thief_icon3.zip - (12 K)
    By Andrea Marchi: Three Icons featuring Garrett in forest.

  • FM: A Night in the Pub
    - 6:49:48 PM - Elenkis
    Hrothgar has sent us a new fan mission for the database! A Night in the Pub is a Thief 2 mission and supports both English and German languages. Enjoy!

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    A Night in the Pub

     Filesize: 2.9 MB
     Released: 3/4/2002

    By: Oskar "Hrothgar" Schwermer

    Plot Description: It's been two weeks now since I've been to the "Lucky Burrick" Pub which is situated in a small forest just outside the city border. I was a normal guest that night, stuffing my belly with burrick steak and having a beer or two, well maybe three. A normal guest that is, until I noticed the bouncer behind the bar. He was well armed and actually looked more like a guard at Schoalsgate than a bouncer, so I started wondering what he was guarding after all ...(more)

    Additional Comments: It has not been tested to run English voices and interface properly but should work fine.

              Sunday, March 03, 2002

    Seventh Crystal Reviewed
    - 6:29:25 PM - Elenkis
    Peter Smith has reviewed Saturnine's highly acclaimed The Seventh Crystal and awarded the mission with a rare 10 hammer score! On a related note, based on your votes (75 of them) the mission now has an average rating of 9 out of 10 - wow!

    Hammer Score: 10 of 10
    Comments by Reviewer:
    Review by Peter Smith:

  • Pros: Gorgeous architecture.  Excellent story-telling.  Cinematic production, totally unique. Realistic, sneaky style gameplay.
  • Cons: Very little other than some unrealistic sound propagation and a misleading loot total (see above).
  • Bottom Line: Fun, story-based mission. A joy to look at, watch the cutscenes, and play.

    - Full Review & Screenshots

  •           Friday, March 01, 2002

    Arx Fatalis Demo is Here
    - 11:10:32 AM - Dan
    We got this news today from Fishtank.
    Arx Fatalis:
    The English demo with about an hour of gameplay is nearly finished. The official release (March, 1st in the afternoon) will of course be accompanied by a press release listing various links from where the demo can be downloaded. In order to avoid traffic problems on the Ravensburger site, you will be able to download the demo from several online magazines at the same time. Many thanks in advance for the support! Today is also the launch date for the Arx Fatalis forum at http://www.arxfatalis-online.com
    Dan mutters a wish and a prayer.

    And by jove, here it is. This is the first or what should be many download mirrors. Good luck!

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