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          Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Contest Missions Added
- 11:40:37 AM - Elenkis
All sixteen of the Keep of Metal and Gold contest missions have been added into the database and are ready for downloading! If you haven't yet tried these missions then you will find some real treats in store for you.

All missions had to conform to a size limit depending on layout, ranging from 250,000 to 262,144 cubic dromed units and with only two months build time. Congratulations to all authors who entered, especially Spitter who won the contest with The Hightowne Museum!

As it is rather lengthy you can find a complete list of the missions and full results right here!

          Saturday, February 23, 2002

Crazy Thief Dev Team Comic
- 8:55:36 AM - Dan
I have no idea where this came from. In fact, I don't even know how it got into my hands. But its here, and I think it's trying to tell me to post it on the site. It's... it's... scandalous!

Read the Thief Comic (In German)
Read the English Translation

The translation we have is actually rather vague, and some parts are sketchy. If anyone has a better, more actuate translation, please send it in.


I was given word that that the comic was made by "Mr Chainsaw" (well, that is the name on the image, yes :) of the german Thief 3 & Deus Ex Series fansite Manifesto Source. (Again, as stated on the image.) Thanks for getting in touch with me, guys! We all can expect more such images from them in the future, as well as english versions of each.

          Friday, February 22, 2002

Fanfic: The Haunting of St.Belen
- 11:53:27 PM - Elenkis
Scott McCarty has completed the concluding chapter to his exciting novel, The Haunting of St.Belen. How will Garrett and Natalie's adventure end up? Read it to find out! :) Here's a peek:
Garrett silently moved through the dead, and quite halls that was once was St. Jerak. Natalie and Lucas were close behind, and already the sent of nothing was beginning to get on his nerves. As he was training himself to become a Keeper back when he was about 16, they taught him how to rely on his five senses. But with no scent, light or premonitions of anything; he was having trouble concentrating on the task at hand.

Finally, they came to a metal door. Rust covered it, and large dents signified that something had tried to get in once. Garrett put his ear to the door. He heard noises of something moving around on the inside, like chains.

“Damn” cursed Garrett.

Thanks Scott!

          Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Vadim Kokielov releases OSM Demo
- 9:18:43 PM - Dan
In a bold move, Vadim Kokielov (GayleSaver) has finally released the subject of his intense work for the past year or so - a demo containing new OSM scripts. Head right into the discussion, with download links. VK says:
The first set of releases is the developer release, for fan mission authors. The second set is for users of fan missions. Also, I have a demo for Thief 2 available for any interested developers. The demo mission requires you to download and install UsrScripT2.zip. It also requires you to recompute pathfinding if you're using the new Dromed 1.18.
Enjoy, everyone, and best of luck to you all with them. The best days of Thief mission design are yet to come.

FM: Just for Show
- 4:24:00 PM - Dan
Tumbleweed has released at long last "Just for Show" for T2. Click here for screenshots! Congrats, Tumble!

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Just for Show

 Filesize: 2.6 MB
 Released: 2/19/2002

By: Tumbleweed (William Hollingsworth)

Plot Description: "I wonder if he reads them, if if they're just for show..". There's some strange fascination that nobles have with books that I can never quite understand. Maybe it's because they think we commoners can't read them and it makes them superior, in my experience it's just that "nobles" never pass an opportunity to just make it clear who's got the cash and what better way to do it than to spend it something so impractical.

Anyway, it turns out my old friend Lord Bafford is seeking to expand his collection, going for quality over quantity. He's getting all kinds of rare tomes from across the lands and is having one especially delivered from Lesser Hrabota. The merchant doing the transaction is staying at the Dancing Clayman inn at Lower Eastport tonight with the intention of delivering it tomorrow. However, a well paying client of mine has also expressed an interest, and I wouldn't want to dissapoint.

I wonder if Lord Bafford has ever seen the inside of a Keeper library..

FM: The Restored Cathedral
- 3:39:51 AM - Elenkis
Richard C. Lafferty's new Thief Gold only fan mission features a fully restored version of the Hammerite Cathedral from Thief! Wow, nice work - check it out!

Thief Gold Only Fan Mission
The Restored Cathedral (v1.0.1)

 Filesize: 1.2 MB
 Released: 2/19/2002

  • Mission's Site with Screenshots

  • By: Richard C. Lafferty (Zaccheus)

    Plot Description: "The Keepers have a job for me. They have recently learned that the Hammers have returned the eye to the newly restored cathedral complex. Locked away securely, no doubt. The Keepers aren't too happy about this arangement, though, and have asked me to use my 'special skills' to retrieve it for them. ... (more)

    Additional Comments: The point of making the mission was simply to restore the cathedral. Nothing more. The mission is not meant to be the most difficult in Thief's history. It only has a simple story and two simple objectives, but the purpose of the mission is to give an impression of what the cathedral would look like in all its glory.

    FM: Chasing Sergeant Chase
    - 3:25:22 AM - Elenkis
    Chasing Sergeant Chase is a new fan mission for Thief 2, designed and created by Long Finger. Enjoy!

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Chasing Sergeant Chase

     Filesize: 1.2 MB
     Released: 2/19/2002

  • Mission Site with Screens

  • By: Long Finger

    Plot Description: The main goal is to revenge your nephew Carlito and to try to find the horn of Quintus. Sergeant Chase is resonsible for Carlito's death. In his previous job he was in charge of the prison of Pingham village. When Carlito became ill from the lousy food which was not properly heated, he was denied to have a docter visiting him. As a result Carlito died the next day. Get the sloppy basterd this sergeant Chase who is now hired by Lord Kinky Binky to secure his factory and house. The house is located next to the factory on a hilltop just outside Clashterbury town. When you are there, take all the loot you can get, but especially the horn of Quintus, because your friend Basso is collecting these kind of things and you owe him one.

    FM: Father's Pride, by MaJiC
    - 3:17:49 AM - Dan
    Good news for all you whippersnappers! MaJiC has released an FM aimed at ages 6-10 (though us 20-something kids-at-heart will probably find it worth a look too). Enjoy!

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Father's Pride

     Filesize: 1.4 MB
     Released: 2/19/2002

  • Author's Website
  • Mission Site with Screenshots

  • By: MaJiC (a.k.a Mark Cole)

    Plot Description: With the Mechanists finished after Karras's failed plot, their collection of arts and treasures at the Tower Gallery in North Quarter has been sold off to wealthy nobles across the city. Only one piece remains: the portrait titled 'Father's Pride'. Thankfully it's one of the most valuable paintings in the City and now it should be one of the easiest to steal because the Mechanists have moved out of the Tower Gallery and its surrounding fort leaving only a small group of poorly paid guards. ... (more)

    Appeal: This mission was designed specificaly for my six year old son who loves watching me play Thief and wanted a not-too-scary and not-too-difficult mission to play. My ten year old son also enjoyed it! Here it is with more challenging options (for you grown-ups!) under 'Normal' and 'Hard' levels. You can customise this level yourself for your kids. The reasons why and the how-to are at the bottom of this text file. Enjoy!

              Saturday, February 16, 2002

    Novel Intro: A Noble Thief
    - 8:57:10 PM - Dan
    Xila, A Noble Thief is a novel-to-be which we have placed in our short tales section (due to it's preview-like nature). Here's a clip:
    “Oh we are so glad to have you” said Lord Sandran.” How is your stay so far, Lady Xanell?”
    Lord Sandran was utterly polite. One had to be polite to foreigners.
    “I am quite pleased with my stay thus far” said the woman to his right.” And please, call me Xila.
    “Very well, Xila. It’s only a pity that your father could not find time to join us. Such a pity.” said Lord Sandran.” Well would you like a tour of the house?” “Yes, please.” said Lady Xila eagerly.
    Thank you, Xila, and I hope you follow up with the rest of your story.

    New Novel: Order and Chaos
    - 8:48:41 PM - Dan
    A new Thief Fanfic novel, Order and Chaos, has been added to our library. This novel was written by Myk and Rahb. It also has a title image, which you may view here. Here's the opening:
    After the death of the Trickster, humanity was no longer in danger of being destroyed by the forces of chaos. The portal transporting the Woodsie Lord’s Pagans had been destroyed. With the help of a master thief, the Hammerites had been victorious over their enemy.

    The truth is that aside from the Hammerites, Keepers, and that certain “master thief”, the people of the City hadn’t a clue as to how close their race had come to extinction at the hands of the Trickster. And the Hammerites had thought that they were the real heroes. They neglected to give credit to a thief. But if it weren’t for the Keeper’s information, they would have all been doomed.

    Now, a few months later, on the verge of the dawn of the Metal Age, this crisis may occur again. Only the Keepers can foresee this occurring and they know that it will be up to a certain few people to prevent such a disaster from happening.

    As always, we are pleased to host such an enthusiastic submission.

    Fanfic: Metal Twilight
    - 1:05:30 PM - Elenkis
    Fancy a good read? Ross "Keeper Garrett" McLennan has updated and continued his novel in development; Metal Twilight continues the thieving adventures of everyone's favourite taffer.
    Garrett lay propped up against the tree, nursing his bow with a smouldering fire arrow ready to be nocked. He peered out at the steadily increasing light from the torches. He could now hear the rustle of the branches as they moved past them growing steadily louder. The first pagan to see Garrett never had time to call the alarm. As he broke through the thicket he saw Garrett, his cloak concealing all but the devilish grin of the suicidal that played across his face. He heard the twang of the string being released and then all was consumed in fire. The last thing he heard was, ‘Huh, Pagans, they’re not so tough without their God.’

              Friday, February 15, 2002

    Vote on the Arx Fatalis Box Art
    - 1:47:51 PM - Dan
    Arkane/Fishtank were kind enough (smart enough ;) to ask TTLG to vote on the Arx Fatalis box cover (actually, I suggested it :) ... so we are presented with two choices.

    Go here to vote.

    Update: We modified the choices, and added two more.

    Congrationations, GBM!
    - 10:58:53 AM - Dan
    TTLG Forum Admin "GBM" (Gingerbread Man) has been paid honor by PC Powerplay Australlia for his fan-made mission "Benny's Dead"!
    "Though the mission is not all that long it is very appealing and addictive - you'll want to keep playin until it's finished.....those looking for a bit of a change of pace with a truly excellent story, great conversations and a magnificently detailed town should give Benny's Dead a download. Garrett himself would be proud."
    They gave the mission a perfect score of 5/5. Wow. Nice. :)

    Thanks for the heads up, TheDoz

              Wednesday, February 13, 2002

    Seventh Crystal Updated
    - 2:14:29 AM - Dan
    Saturnine has listened to his feedback, and is now offering an updated version of The Seventh Crystal.
    The updates are: No more key hunting, for much smoother gameplay. more sounds, including a hint at who 'M' is and extra wavs of the Ghost of baby Sera, Garrett and Mara, new books and music and ambients. some Architectural changes that improve framerate in certain areas And, (big thanks to Sledge for this) full EAX support for all four acts.
    Time for me to try to play it again, I think. :)

              Monday, February 11, 2002

    Register at the Old Quarter
    - 6:51:12 PM - Dan
    Antonio Salazar of the recently redesigned Old Quarter encourages people to come in and register. Members will get:

  • A portion of the site dedicated to their FM or Fanwork. Here, people can view info about its progress, plans for it, etcetera, etcetera.
  • You get that nice, warm, "I belong to something" feeling
  • Your Thief FMs get one page for screenshots and other information.
  • Thief Campaign/Saga gets two pages for screenshots and information.
  • Your Thief fan fiction gets as many pages as it needs to be done.
  • I will post updates about anything on your Fanwork or FM on the Homepage under the News section so lots of people will see it
  • You will get lots more attention for your talent =)

  •           Sunday, February 10, 2002

    TTLG's Second Arx Preview
    - 10:29:28 PM - Dan
    Through the benevolence of Arkane Studios, I am please to present TTLG's second Hands on Preview of Arx Fatalis.

    This is a follow up to the first preview, where a beta tester introduced us all to the gameplay of Arx Fatalis. The second preview talks about the improvements to the game since the last writing. Here's a bit:

    More NPC animations are in the game, now. I watched a goblin as he scratched himself in various places. He scratched his armpit, sniffed his fingers, and then tasted. Then he picked his nose, and ate it too. He's a mouth breather, with his slack jaw hanging loose, raising and lowering as he takes breaths. As I sat and watched him for a minute or two, I kept seeing...
    Here's another bit:
    Much of the clipping problems that occurred before during fighting while crouched (the player's arms often passed right through the legs) have been fixed. The walk while crouched animation was changed so that your knees no longer are within range of your arms. It's not as realistic, but it certainly looks better, and is much less distracting. All of the player's body movements have been...
    Okay? Go read it. :)

    The preview also includes a set of four character images (nothing we have not seen before) and a set of all-new gameplay screenshots.

    P.S. -> Discuss

    In Memory of Andrew
    - 1:43:09 AM - Dan
    VKGalyeSaver, a contributor to the Thief FM scene, has written a very personal memorial article regarding Andrew Dagilis, and his reviews. Andrew Dagilis, a great contributor of reviews to The Circle, passed away late last year. This is the entire memorial site, created by former and long time Circle staff member, Jyre.

              Thursday, February 07, 2002

    Fanfic: Circle of Fate
    - 2:55:44 AM - Elenkis
    Phineas Riebe has completed chapter 2 of Circle of Fate, his Thief related novel currently in development.
    Tomas let the hood of his cloak drape along his back. “This world is a very dangerous place for me and my kin, now more so than ever. I should probably think about retirement one of these days.” He moved farther into the store and closed the door behind him. “I’m sure by now that you’ve heard about Lord Beckwen?” He looked to see Airon nod her head. “Well I pulled my last job there a few days before he died. He caught me and gave me something, and I was hoping you could do some research about it for me.” He pulled the small box from the folds of his cloak and handed it to her with a slight look of embarrassment on his face. “I can’t make any sense of it.”

    She took the box from his hand and began to examine it, squinting in the dim light. “I would say it’s probably from before the fall of Karreth Din, likely from the first or second dynasty. I could give you at least 150,000 for it. It’s in remarkable…”

              Wednesday, February 06, 2002

    My Retirement
    - 2:35:30 PM - Alex
    As of today, I'm officially retiring from The Circle, not that I've been around much anyway.

    I may occasionally drop in to make a post or two, but from now on Dan and Elenkis will be doing the bulk of the work.

    I may come back when Thief 3 is released, or may not, depending on how I feel when it's released.

    - Edit by Dan -

    I'd like to give 'Lex a huge round of applause and a big hug for all of the work she’s done at The Circle over the years. Thank you, your aid has been invaluable. :)

    - Edit by Elenkis -

    I'd like to do the same as Dan. Alex has done a huge amount of work for both this site and the Thief community in general. I can honestly say that it's been a pleasure working with you, you'll be missed!

              Saturday, February 02, 2002

    Dromed Central, Grand Opening
    - 6:15:12 PM - Dan
    Dromed Central

    Please update your bookmarks. The contents of the /teg/ folder are gone*, and in their place is a /dromed/ folder, containing Dromed Central, as linked to above. Dromed Central is what many Thief mission designers have been hoping for for years. It's a collection of all tutorials and demo missions previously available here at The Circle, but organized, and searchable. Plus it has a really nice interface and a funky tongue-in-cheek mood to it. (Since, you know, us mission designers tend to take ourselves less seriously then your average hard-core fan ... am I right? You know I'm right.)

    So please, step right in, and don't scoff at the F.A.Q. You may learn something.

    Dromed Central is the work of Twisty. Though he used many suggestions from TTLG & Circle staff, the site is his work, his idea, and belongs to him. We didn't even ask the guy to do it - but when we saw that he had done it, we were very, very happy, and very excited. I can't think you enough, Twisty. Bravo!

    A big feature of Dromed Central is that the community may submit tutorials. To do so you must register. Around 170 authors are already registered. If your tutorial is in the archive, then you are a registered user. Clearly, this means that you cannot register over again, unless you have a new email address (in which case you should ask Twisty to correct the info.) If you are already registered, and want to log in, email Twisty with REQUIRE PASSWORD in the subject, and then state your case (and who you are, most importantly.)

    Enjoy. :)

    * actually it's not gone, it's been moved to /teg-old/

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