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          Sunday, September 30, 2001

Pakmannen's Thief Site
- 10:44:05 PM - Dan
Hi Folks. :)

Do Pakmannen a favor and go visit his website. It's a Thief site, of course. He has his FM up there, plus a section where you can comment on other people's FMs. Of course, there is more as well, but would you expect any less? You shouldn't. Did I mention that this guy actually has a keen eye for visual design as well? I'm impressed. It's nice to look at. :)

And, of course, if you have a site you want everyone to see, I'll do a post like this too. (I may be slow, but it will get done ... )

Artwork from Demeter
- 4:30:47 AM - Elenkis
Demeter has sent us a new piece of artwork for the gallery.

          Thursday, September 27, 2001

Fanfic: Down In The Bonehoard
- 5:57:18 AM - Elenkis
Night Errant has submitted Down In The Bonehoard, his sneaksie adaptation of the old Billy Joe Royle tune 'Down in the Boondocks'.
Ev'ry night I drop by a smelly old crypt
With inches of dust, and water all adrip
What else can I do? The dead have tons of gold
But they still creep around, it makes my blood run cold

Down in the Bonehoard
Duh dum duh dum dum
Down in the Bonehoard
Duh dum duh dum dum

          Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Fanfic: Bafford's Blunder, Bafford's Plunder
- 8:08:24 AM - Continuity
Lady Xila has sent us a new fanwork, Bafford's Blunder, Bafford's Plunder. It's written in Haiku, find it here.

          Saturday, September 22, 2001

Fanfic: The Bitter Truth
- 11:44:59 AM - Elenkis
Goodge Thief has sent us a humorous new poem called The Bitter Truth.
Lord Baffords was an easy job,
run straight up the stairs
The guards all ran far too slow
and argued about some bears.

Murrus, what a scary thing,
haunting like a dude.
Garret came and killed his friends,
which i thought rather rude.

Artwork from Goodge Thief
- 11:20:41 AM - Elenkis
Our second piece of artwork today is A Guard Spies His Target and was made by Goodge Thief.

Artwork from Michael Kimoto
- 11:15:35 AM - Elenkis
We have some new fan art for the gallery. Garrett Caught in the Light is by Michael Kimoto.

          Wednesday, September 19, 2001

PC Zone Thief 3 Preview
- 7:57:39 PM - Elenkis
Our Thief 3 Portal has been updated with the recent preview featured in PC Zone magazine. Hop over to the Portal and take a look!

Thanks to Ace for sending us the preview!

Thief Mp3s Once Again Open for Download
- 1:06:22 PM - Dan
Due to the immaculate intervention of one Jason L Tibbitts the Third, the TTLG Jukebox is now finally, rightfully, open for jukeboxing, and such. Yes, the music shall flow once again! Something to make you smile I hope, or maybe even dance a little. Can you dance to Thief music? ... I'll try later.

If you want to send Jason some hugs, kisses, candy, marriage proposals, etc, send them to tibbs@math.uh.edu. For flames, threats of torture by malnutrition, or the like, email me. Actually I meant mail me if you find any errors ... please don't make flames. I burn easy.

So ... how would you like your fries? (That's a link to the Jukebox.)

Sharga's Fan Mission
- 1:12:39 AM - Dan
Sharga's fan mission, The Mansion of Chaos, has been added to The Circle's Fan Mission Database. Thanks again to KoMaG for hosting this mission. All other FM hosts: if you place a mirror on your server, email me straight away so I can hook up the download link. The link above will take you to this mission at the top of the page.

Mansion of Chaos is an FM which takes place somewhere after the death of Constantine and before Garrett's adventures in Thief 2. The Mechanists have just begun their rise to power and the Hammerites are still in control. Garrett's home city has, for the time, become a peaceful and uneventful place.

Since few people visit only The Circle for their FM needs, I am sure that most of you have seen this mission before. But if not, then give it a chance. You may like it. If you do, or if you don't, then let your voice be heard on our FM Voting system.

On a side note, the external briefing download was created by Loanstar and Lazarus (Laz animation / Loan voice), two masterminds behind many of the CoSaS briefings as well. I think Laz is rather proud of this one too, so you know it can't be too shabby.

Edit: Now also downloadable from Jason L Tibbitts III!

          Monday, September 17, 2001

Free the Objects! version 2.0
- 8:24:56 PM - Elenkis
Shadowspawn and Colourless have released version 2.0 of their Free the Objects! Tool Kit. The major improvement is that now BintoE can handle jointed objects, and Eto3DS can properly convert them to .3ds objects.

Fanfic: The Dark Man
- 8:00:55 PM - Elenkis
Our second poem today is The Dark Man by max2dragon.
Whether in the wonderful darkness of night,
Or in the bright day full of fright,
He will go find treasures others have sought,
Whether they are his or not,
He is a master at his art,
His talents were good from the start,
He progressed from there and became a great thief,
His name is Garrett, the master thief…

Fanfic: Thief Newbie Song
- 7:51:08 PM - Elenkis
Burt has sent us a short poem called The Thief Newbie Song. Here's a part of it:
Used up all my arrows, drank up all my potions
Only got the sword and blackjack left
I'm soon to be dead and I hear them coming
Man, I stink at theeeeeft!

          Monday, September 10, 2001

Mutterings on the Back of Garrett's Head (Hood?)
- 6:54:34 PM - Dan
There is a muttering (thanks, Jordan) that PC Zone UK posted a preview of Thief 3 which said that playing in 3rd person will be an option (is this the Max Payne infulence spoken about before?). If anyone could send in a scan of this article so we all may see for ourselves, then please do. :)

          Saturday, September 08, 2001

Artwork from The Undead
- 6:38:09 PM - Elenkis
We have two new pieces of artwork for the gallery, from The Undead (Hassan Tabatabaee).

Fanfic: The Haunting of St.Belen
- 5:55:17 PM - Elenkis
Scott McCarty has sent us Chapter 1 of his new novel in development. The Haunting of St.Belen is part two of his Chronicle of the Criminal Masterminds trilogy (part 1 being Orb of Quintus).
It was again night on the streets of Marketplace in the City. The hazy sky seemed to be enveloped with the light of the buildings that made up the town. The slick cobblestones were wet from the rain that had drenched the City for two days straight, causing many canals of over-flow and flood the lower parts of town. This didn't bother Natalie at all. Thinking that instead of taking the 'Thieves Highway' that she would take the city streets instead really showed that she was in a safer mood now and more low key about her actions as an Independent. Only yesterday, the Red Claw; one of the most secretive and most lethal guilds in the criminal underworld tried to kill her. Luckily, she wasn't home at the time but instead hit her cloak on the coat hanger next to her door. Fools, is what they were. Taking careful information from Garrett about staying as an Independent was harder then she thought. She was restless for the high life, and even though the Red Claw could save her the hassle of staying out of the hands of the City Watch, she still had to think about how the Wardens would take a cut of her profits.

          Friday, September 07, 2001

Donation System Up!
- 7:57:49 PM - Saam
Hi folks, I have some good news -- rather, it's not really "good" news, since we are pretty much forced to do this, but at any rate -- the TTLG Donation page is now available for your viewing and donating) pleasure. The page gives an overall summary of the situation, and the basic directions of how to exactly donate to TTLG.

If you feel like making a contribution to help keep the safety of TTLG intact, then go ahead and visit the page. As always, we appreciate everything you readers have done for us, and every penny is very much obliged. Thanks!

Update: I have updated the Donations page with information on how to send payments via mail, if can't pay with credit card (or if you want to pay by check/money order).

Also, you can post your comments and thoughts on this thread on the forums. Thanks!

          Tuesday, September 04, 2001

Analysis of the Theme of Thief
- 1:49:42 AM - Elenkis
Vadim Kokielov has sent us something a little different. The essay Analysis of the Theme of Thief 1 and 2 is an interesting interpretation of the main themes we find in the Thief games.
The main themei n Thief 1 is an emphasis of humanity's shortcomings. To some extent, Thief 1 emphasizes the struggle between greed, fanatic theism, and antigenism (i.e. a fundamental belief that nature prevails over humans). These three fundamental forces are the drive of the majority of humanity these days, and many interlap. Each is represented by a faction in Thief 1, although this does not mean that factions don't cross-posess these characteristics. Let us examine each in more detail.

          Sunday, September 02, 2001

New Fan Art from CoSaSers
- 2:51:00 PM - Dan
Two members of the CoSaS art team have created some images just for you crazy people who visit this site! :) First we have The Price of Failure by Tazio Bettin aka KANEDA, and second, Ritual by Hanna. Boy oh boy, they're good! ;)

Note: there's a bug that may crop up in the art section - thumbnails will sometimes appear at the wrong height and screw up the menu. If this happens to ya, give Continuity a shout :)

          Saturday, September 01, 2001

New FM Mini-Series Announced
- 6:15:02 PM - Dan
Hatching wants everyone to know that he is working on an FM mini-series, called "Children of the Dark Age". he also says that the first installment is due out in October.

Say Hatch, do you, uh, have a website or some screenshots we could link to or something? ;) Us taffers like substance!

Fanfic: The Dark Pursuit
- 10:26:48 AM - Elenkis
Paul Holland has sent us the first three chapters of his novel, The Dark Pursuit.
Many stories had been circulating around the City lately about the man they call the Master Thief. Some said that he was invincible, a Spirit sent to destroy the Hammerites. Some said he was a survivor from the Lost City. A few dared to say that he was the Builder in mortal form, setting foot on the earth to punish a select few of the Hammerites for corruption or defeat. I thought the idea was absurd, for I believe in the Great Builder myself. Nobody alive had ever caught a glimpse of Garrett’s face.

Rumors have it that a certain individual a month or two ago named Constatine had actually conversed with the Master Thief. I myself remember when Constatine built a large castle-like home for himself. It was considered among the most bizarre, if not the most bizarre, structures ever created. However, nobody has seen or heard of Constatine for a long while.

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