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          Monday, August 26, 2002

Artwork from The Eye
- 10:18:40 AM - Elenkis
These latest additions to the art gallery come from The Eye. One drawing depicts the symbol of the Hammerite Order, the other is of the Mechanist Order.


Poem: Fast Food for Garrett
- 9:32:50 AM - Elenkis
Fast Food for Garrett is a short poem written and submitted by Glen Grefe. Here's a snip:
Thiefing brings my black licorice dreams anew,
Lord Bafford can just eat my used chew,
snuff the nearest guard i see,
but wait, first i gotta pee

tired of eating fruit and meat
where's the lobster, so succulent and sweet?
wait, i've got a snickers bar,
screw the company called mars

Thanks Glen.

          Thursday, August 22, 2002

Berkshead Review
- 12:04:06 AM - Elenkis
Eric D'Avignon (Anarchic Fox) has done another great review for the fan mission database. This time he gives his thoughts on GumDrop's The Night I Ghosted Berkshead and has given the mission a 5.5 hammer score.

Hammer Score: 5.5 of 10
Comments by Reviewer:
  • Pros: Solid in every way, very stealthy gameplay.
  • Cons: The stealth may not appeal to you; no map.
  • Bottom Line: This is a fun, though unexceptional, mission. It's definitely worth a run-through if you prefer to ghost a level.

    - Full Review & Screenshots

  • Thanks again Eric!

              Wednesday, August 21, 2002

    Fanfic: The Keepers' Secret
    - 11:14:03 PM - Elenkis
    The Keepers' Secret is the latest short story added to our library. It's about a Keeper named Lanford and was written by Andrew Vecchiarelli. Here's a snip:
    Casting aside all better judgment, I left her in a dark alleyway as I checked out a couple of nearby houses. One was completely deserted three buildings down. I returned to the alley, picked up the woman and casually walked to the new hideout. The air was stale and fowl inside. I placed her on a bed in one of the second floor rooms and investigated the smell. The house seemed eerily bare and upon searching the cellar I realized why. I found two bodies laying there, the result of a botched robbery. This new safe house wasn’t that safe at all. I took some food from the kitchen and returned to the side of the young woman. Tending to her bruise with a damp cloth and a bowl mixed with water and alcohol, her complexion turned from pale back to coloured. After feasting on stale bread and warm wine she went back to sleep as I finally opened the book that caused all this trouble in the first place.
    Thanks Andrew!

              Monday, August 19, 2002

    Another Four Reviews Posted
    - 8:09:57 AM - Dan
    Eric D'Avignon is back with four more reviews (and a fifth on the way, when I have more time to code/post it). He's reviewed a few of the smaller missions this time... with interesting results. :) Read on:

    First up is Squeeky's Secret, by RicknMel, released in August of '01.

    Hammer Score: 1 of 10
    Comments by Reviewer:
  • Pros: A wonderfully buggy rodent.
  • Cons: Everthing else about this mission is poor.
  • Bottom Line: Go ahead and try this one if you're bored and running out of missions to play... the rat's worth a look.

    - Full Review & Screenshots

  • Next is Jailbreak, by Schwaa (J. Knez), released in May of '01 (with an update in Descember).

    Hammer Score: 4.5 of 10
    Comments by Reviewer:
  • Pros: Good gameplay design, on the whole.
  • Cons: May seem repetitive, since many of the areas of this particular jail look alike and require similar strategies.
  • Bottom Line: Certainly a good download, if you enjoy missions of this type. It's not the best in the prison-escape genre, though.

    - Full Review & Screenshots

  • The third review is of Rescue!, again by RicknMel, released in July of '01.

    Hammer Score: 2 of 10
    Comments by Reviewer:
  • Pros: Good ghosting practice, on Expert.
  • Cons: Very repetitive, narrow gameplay; a mission layout that seems absurd.
  • Bottom Line: This is like a Thief training simulation. Play it on Expert, without using the blackjack, if you want a nice, quick challenge.

    - Full Review & Screenshots

  • The fourth review is of Fortune & Glory, by DonkeyKong, released in June of '01.

    Hammer Score: 4 of 10
    Comments by Reviewer:
  • Pros: Novel and interesting settings.
  • Cons: Exploring, and solving puzzles, are difficult enough that you'll probably need spoilers to complete the level. The gameplay is completely non-stealthy.
  • Bottom Line: Nice locales, inadequate gameplay. The starting house may be worth checking out, for a few strange sights.

    - Full Review & Screenshots

  • Download links for these missions have been included in the review. I hope they are of use and, as always, thank you again Eric!

              Sunday, August 18, 2002

    Thievery UT in the Press
    - 2:18:27 AM - Dan
    I've heard that Thievery UT was honored by PC Gamer this month! Let's chear it for TUT!

    _o\ \o\ \o/ /o/ /o_

    The blurb even has some comments from Warren and other ISA'ers about the mod. Wow! Bravo guys!

              Saturday, August 17, 2002

    An Update for Hashishans... and other stuff.
    - 10:25:29 AM - Dan


    Right, so Hashishans has been updated and brought to version 2. I'll let you all nab that from the author's site if you want: Clicketh. Or if you don't want, from Jason: Click here. You know you want to. It's also been updated in the archive, yadda yadda.

    If you have NO IDEA what Hashishans is, choose the author's site. :)

    Oh yes, and the Shadows of Doubt Mission 5 (and incidentally, the whole campaign itself) has been updated with some tweaks. Since the filenames are the same, there's really no work for me to do here... uhm, if you want the new versions, the best thing to do is to check out the news posts below. :)

              Friday, August 16, 2002

    Fanfic: A Thief in the 30's
    - 5:33:00 AM - Elenkis
    Chapters sixteen and seventeen of Antonio Salazar's novel A Thief in the 30's are now up for your reading pleasure. Here's a peek at Garrett and Mercury's latest adventures:
    “Garrett,” he groaned. “I can’t…” Garrett got the gist.

    Leaping into action, he wasted no time in watching his opponent. Instead, he attacked immediately, pushing John back, back, back until he was pressed back against a wall, fighting for his life. Garrett poured all his hatred of the Trickster on this minion of his. Somehow, however, John leaped upwards, attaining the building’s roof and running away. Garrett dashed to Mercury’s side then, afraid of losing another friend.

    “I am never making another friend in my life,” he muttered to himself. “Friends are weakness.” He pulled out a vial of healing potion and fed it to a pain-racked Mercury. When Mercury seemed partially recovered, Garrett stood. “That was my last vial,” he told him, “so try not to get into any more fights with previous partners that have ugly poisonous swords, okay?” Mercury chuckled.

    Thanks Antonio!

              Wednesday, August 14, 2002

    Four New FM Reviews
    - 1:46:23 PM - Dan
    Eric D'Avignon (Anarchic Fox), our new mad elite reviewer, (hehe) has sent in four new reviews of older Thief 2 missions. (Rather than do four posts for this and push yesterdays news off the page, I'm going to put it all in one post. ;)

    First up is Bloodsport, by Metalhead, and released in February of '01.

    Hammer Score: 6 of 10
    Comments by Reviewer:
  • Pros: Novel gameplay, a new sect complete with new creatures and attacks.
  • Cons: Plain visuals.
  • Bottom Line: A good mission to download, if you enjoy jailbreak missions.

    - Full Review & Screenshots

  • Next is Gervasius' Archery Tournament, by Mike Hopper, and released in April of '01.

    Hammer Score: 5 of 10
    Comments by Reviewer:
  • Pros: Potentially very fun, solid in most aspects.
  • Cons: The hedge maze (which takes up half the level) can be very tedious.
  • Bottom Line: You'll probably find it fun, if you can find your way through this maze.

    - Full Review & Screenshots

  • The third review is of Breakout, by Belboz, and released in May of '01.

    Hammer Score: 5.5 of 10
    Comments by Reviewer:
  • Pros: Great gameplay, a good-looking fortress prison.
  • Cons: Lacking in all other aspects.
  • Bottom Line: This mission is good for exercising your ability to think and move quickly. You won't find its story or setting particularly gripping, though.

    - Full Review & Screenshots

  • The final review is of Silent Nightmares, by Jeremy Catlin (HipBreaker), also released in May of '01.

    Hammer Score: 4 of 10
    Comments by Reviewer:
  • Pros: Fairly spooky, a nice new ambient.
  • Cons: Some serious bugs, problematic construction and gameplay.
  • Bottom Line: This is worth playing if you like undead missions. Otherwise, it may just annoy the hell out of you.

    - Full Review & Screenshots

  • All of these missions can, of course, be found in the FM archive. To make it easier, I've added download links inside the mission reviews, for once. :D (It's one of those... duh, why didn't I think of this before? ideas. ;)

    FM Campaign: Shadow of Doubt
    - 11:52:24 AM - Dan
    This is a compilation of the five Shadow of Doubt FMs into one campaign. Sperry's gone through an awful lot of effort to bring this campaign to us, and I expect each and every one of you to personally thank him! :)

    Thief Gold Only Fan Mission
    Shadow of Doubt (Campaign)

     Filesize: 80.7 MB
     Released: 8/14/2002

  • Author's Homepage

  • By: Sperry

    Additional Comments: This is the campaign version of the Shadow of Doubt FM series. Included in this campaign are the five Shadow of Doubt missions:

  • #1: Walking the Edge
  • #2: Tears of Blood
  • #3: All Astir
  • #4: The Broadsword of Sheol
  • #5: Nightcrawler

    All of these missions can be found and downloaded individually from this archive. To find these missions easily, simply go to our FM archive front page, and run a search for Shadow of Doubt. (or scroll down :)

  • New FM by Tom N Harris, 'The Taffer's Tower'
    - 11:41:16 AM - Dan
    Our final FM for today (or maybe not?) is The Taffer's Tower, a comedy mission by Tom N Harris. It sounded goofy before I read what the mission is about... and after... well, see for yourself. Hehe. Thanks, Tom.

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    The Taffer's Tower

     Filesize: 6.5 MB
     Released: 8/14/2002

    By: Tom N Harris

    Plot Description: Almost as tall as Angelwatch, but only half as evil! Featuring... The highest single climbing challenge in all the Thief universe! The fan-mission debut of the Frobozz Magic Crate Device! Dancing Benny and the Golden Child! An old friend from Thief: The Dark Project! The lost temple of Abb-Telklas! And much-much (well, maybe not that much) more!

    New FM by John D, 'Your Last Breath'
    - 11:36:56 AM - Dan
    Next up is "Your Last Breath," an FM (his second, I heard) by John D. Congratulations on finishing your mission, John, and thank you for sending it in!

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Your Last Breath

     Filesize: 0.9 MB
     Released: 8/14/2002

    By: John D.

    Plot Description: My contact in the area thinks I've lost my mind! After raiding a local Hammerite temple to grab some quick cash, I got out of town and headed to the seaside village until things cooled off enough for me to head back to the City. I was fairly familiar with the area, the year before I had passed through while on a mission to the haunted Island of Iron. My job then involved obtaining a artifact called The Iron Hammer for Edward of Blackbrook, a Warden who respected independents like myself and was a bitter enemy of my old antagonist Ramirez. ... (more)

    Additional Comments: The second level by John D. Productions!

    New FM by Dark_sneaker, 'Last Stand'
    - 11:34:17 AM - Dan
    We have several more FMs for you today, thanks to our vigilant file-host Jason Tibbits. Second on the list is Last Stand, by Dark_sneaker. Thanks for all your hard work!

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Last Stand

     Filesize: 1.3 MB
     Released: 8/14/2002

    By: Dark_sneaker(Jacob Mikkelsen)

    Plot Description: Since the mechanists catastrophe at Soulforce, the mechanists seems to have a last stand to invade the city and maybe the rest of the world too.

    You've only known about the mechanists plans for a short time, about a hidden ship and worst of all about an attack on your city! You have allready tried to find a way in, but the entrance, Lord Herolds townhouse, lies in a mountaincity, which is allmost impossible to get in to. But one of your friends from the city got loose from a mechanist arrest and came out in Lord Herolds yard. So, you know where the arrest is, so its time to go on sabotaging their ship and win time to get back to the city and warn them!

    New FM by Christine, 'Revenge'
    - 11:10:35 AM - Dan
    Here's one that slipped through the cracks. Christine's "Revenge" for Thief 2 has been added to our archive today. Thank you again for your submission and hard work, Christine!

    Thief 2 Fan Mission

     Filesize: 6.7 MB
     Released: 8/14/2002

    By: Christine

    Plot Description: After your break from prison you really deserve a few days off. Before that, though, you need to deal with a small personal matter: Lady Helena must pay for her treachery... Too bad your face is displayed all over town...

    Additional Comments: My fourth mission for my Thief 2 series. Previous missions in this series include:

  • #1, A visit to Lord Ashton's
  • #2, A night's stroll
  • #3, Escape!

  •           Sunday, August 11, 2002

    French FM Translations
    - 4:35:49 PM - Dan
    Lady Jo has submitted a series of FMs translated from English into French. These translations were done by,

  • David Coubronne
  • Ryoga Ibiki
  • Yannick Millon
  • Stefan Key
  • Joëlle Castelain

    The missions themselves are,

  • Embracing the Enemy
  • Autumn in Lampfire Hills
  • Prisoner's Revenge
  • Bloodstone Prison
  • Benny's Dead
  • Lady Whitman's Disease
  • The Ring
  • The Gambling Man
  • The Mages Area
  • Equilibrium
  • Willow Island
  • Saturio Returns Home

    Big round of applause!

  • Sperry's 'Shadows of Doubt' Campaign Continues
    - 3:15:58 PM - Dan
    Sperry's 'Shadows of Doubt' Campaign continues with the 5th mission, Nightcrawler. Nice! According to Jason's site, there is a 6-mission Shadows of Doubt campaign pack coming. I'm guessing that we may see mission 6 before then, but I could be wrong. :) Anyway, thanks Sperry!

    Thief Gold Only Fan Mission
    Shadow of Doubt #5: Nightcrawler

     Filesize: 9.5 MB
     Released: 8/11/2002

  • Author's Homepage

  • By: Sperry

    Plot Description: Returning to his home town, Garrett was ready to settle the score between Dorcas and himself. He'd be doing a great favor to the rest of the Hammerites, since Dorcas has been gravely abusing his new found influence within the Hammerite order. In fact, he became high priest since Garrett's southern recess, and since then the Hammerite order has been inceasingly loosing its grasp. In fact, Dorcas used tithes to buy himself a new mansion, just outside of town. And knowning of how Garrett was once again at large, he also bought some of the best body guards money can buy.

    This will be a more delicate mission for Garrett, since the entire mansion was built with him in mind. Nonetheless, Dorcas' newfound wealth could become nothing less then yet another lucrative opportunity for Garrett, if he plays his cards right, that is...

    Review, The Eye of Ruthford, 2.5 Hammers
    - 11:33:27 AM - Dan
    Eric D'Avignon's final review for today is of The Eye of Ruthaford, another old T2 mission, by William the Taffer. This one was released in February of 2001, and subsequently re-released several times after that. Here's the blurb on his review (which is of the final and current version):

    Hammer Score: 2.5 of 10
    Comments by Reviewer:
  • Pros: Some funny moments.
  • Cons: More of a demo than a fan mission.
  • Bottom Line: Download it for a nice diversion... it truly is tiny, so it won't be a strain on your time.

    - Full Review & Screenshots

  • If you are so inclined, you can find and download his mission in the archive. Just search for Ruthford. Or if you want a direct link...

    Review of A Smuggler's Request: 7 Hammers
    - 11:14:10 AM - Dan
    Eric D'Avignon's third review is of A Smuggler's Request, another old T2 mission, this time by Richard Cull. Amazingly, it also came out in January of 2001 (a trend?). Here's the blurb on his review:

    Hammer Score: 7 of 10
    Comments by Reviewer:
  • Pros: Fun, varied gameplay, good architecture and some intense moments.
  • Cons: Weak story, some sections rather empty or frustrating.
  • Bottom Line: A good mission. Worth the download.

    - Full Review & Screenshots

  • If you are so inclined, you can find and download his mission in the archive. Just search for smuggler. Or if you want a direct link...

    Review of Lucrative Opportunity: 3.5 Hammers
    - 10:54:48 AM - Dan
    Eric D'Avignon's second review is of Lucrative Opportunity, again an older Thief 2 mission, by Aaron Pettett, which also came out in January of 2001. Here's the blurb on his review:

    Hammer Score: 3.5 of 10
    Comments by Reviewer:
  • Pros: Plenty of places to explore
  • Cons: Unappealing architecture, weak story
  • Bottom Line: It may or may not appeal to you.

    - Full Review & Screenshots

  • If you are so inclined, you can find and download his mission in the archive. Just search for Lucrative. Or if you want a direct link...

    Review of Durant: 7.5 Hammers
    - 10:39:41 AM - Dan
    Eric D'Avignon has begun his FM reviewing career with a review of Durant, by Mazur, an older Thief 2 mission which came out in January of 2001. Here's the blurb on his review:

    Hammer Score: 7.5 of 10
    Comments by Reviewer:
  • Pros: Solid in all aspects, considerable customization.
  • Cons: Very difficult gameplay, even on "Normal".
  • Bottom Line: It's remarkable that this nice FM hasn't received more attention. If you like a challenge, play it.

    - Full Review & Screenshots

  • If you are so inclined, you can find and download his mission in the archive. Just search for Durant. Or if you want a direct link...

    - 10:29:45 AM - Dan
    Okay, the screenshots in all the fan mission reviews should work now. I hope so anyway. :)

              Saturday, August 10, 2002

    Small Update on CoSaS Site
    - 2:22:24 AM - Dan
    Direct link.

    Not that I had much to report... but I wanted people to know that we're still alive and working.

              Thursday, August 08, 2002

    Fanfic: A Thief in the 30's
    - 2:40:07 PM - Elenkis
    Antonio Salazar has finished chapters fourteen and fifteen of his ongoing novel about the adventures of Garrett and Mercury, A Thief in the 30's. Here's a peek from the new chapters:
    Mercury had gotten used to apemen. However, the fact that they were in the sea froze his blood within his very veins. He rubbed his eyes several times, and the fact that they were still there made his heart pound faster to try to move the frozen blood through his body.

    With a yell, Garrett leaped ahead. Mercury followed a moment later, and the two surprised apes were quickly cut down. Once the bloody work was done, the two looked at the two filthy apes, and, a moment later, the bodies sizzled and disappeared. Garrett gasped, and Mercury looked grimly on.

    “How were they in the sea?” Mercury asked.

    “What?” Garrett answered, not understanding Mercury’s question.

    “According to Cray, the sea is infused with a magik so that evil cannot enter it. How were the apes able to go into the sea?”

    Thanks Antonio!

    Shadow of Doubt Updates
    - 1:50:02 PM - Elenkis
    A couple of updates about Sperry's recently released Shadow of Doubt campaign that require some attention:

    Most importantly is a correction noted over on Jason's site. The missions require Thief Gold to play properly and are NOT designed for Thief: TDP as originally reported. Attempting to play the campaign in Thief: TDP will result in invisible enemies amoungst other possible problems.

    The second update comes in the form of bug fixes to the missions themselves and some nice new readme files that contain plot descriptions and all the correct info :)

    Our database has of course been updated to reflect both of these changes. Keep an eye out for a full ZIP version of the campaign coming soon.

    Thief LARP
    - 1:17:10 PM - Elenkis
    That stands for Thief Live-Action Roleplaying Game, which is exactly what a guy named Gregory Clark has started. To explain better, here's word from the man himself:
    I've started a live-action role playing game set in the Thief universe, using a set of rules initially hashed out by some friends. After a little tinkering, the rules were adapted to the steampunk Thief world, and we're off and runnning. At present, we have Keepers, Pagans, Hammerites, an aristocrat, and even some undead in play.

    The web site, which should grow as the game does, is http://math.rice.edu/~gsclark/hammer

    So there you go, if the sound of that interests you then go check out the site. Good luck with the game, Gregory!

    Artwork from Garrette
    - 12:54:42 PM - Elenkis
    Garrette has sent us another sketch for the art gallery, this time the drawings depict the mechanical children of Karras.

    Thanks Garrette!

              Saturday, August 03, 2002

    Campaign: Shadow of Doubt
    - 4:29:02 AM - Elenkis
    Shadow of Doubt is a new Thief 1 campaign from Sperry that comprises of 4 new missions. Again the readmes contain no information (seems to be a growing trend), however briefings and plot descriptions can be found at the author's homepage. Sounds pretty interesting, looking forward to playing this one myself :)

    All four missions can be found in the database, with direct links below:

  • Shadow of Doubt #1: Walking the Edge
  • Shadow of Doubt #2: Tears of Blood
  • Shadow of Doubt #3: All Astir
  • Shadow of Doubt #3: The Broadsword of Sheol

  • FM: Hammerite's Brutality
    - 3:53:03 AM - Elenkis
    This new Thief 2 mission comes from T. Nagy Levente. The readme provides no information about plot or briefing, so I am unsure what this one is about. Download it and let us know what you think in the forums :)

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Hammerite's Brutality

     Filesize: 1 MB
     Released: 8/3/2002

    By: T. Nagy Levente

    Plot Description: No description given.

              Friday, August 02, 2002

    ISA Thief 3 Forum Offline.
    - 5:19:53 PM - Darkwarrior
    Ion Storm has taken their Thief 3 forum offline until the infamous blackout is over.

    The General Discussion, Deus Ex, and Deus Ex 2 forums are still online if you wish to visit them. :(

    [Edit by Elenkis] But you can of course continue using our own Thief 3 forum right here.

    Curiosity Update
    - 7:39:54 AM - Dan
    I just noticed on Jason's that Curiosity, by Demonreaver, has been updated (to version 2, natch.). Our archive has been updated to reflect this update. Thanks for the continued work, Demonreaver!

              Thursday, August 01, 2002

    Thievery UT Update News
    - 7:30:39 AM - Dan
    Dalai has done up a great post on ThieveryUT.com about the next installment of their multiplayer Thief port to UT. It includes screens & info on three new maps, and extra news on additional features and improvements.

    Go go go!

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