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          Tuesday, January 30, 2001

22 New Objects for DromEd
- 5:53:20 PM - Oisín

22 new Objects for DromEd and a Demo Mission for these new objects by von.Eins, have been added to the Tools Area of the website and the Demo Missions area of the website respectively.

More information can be ascertained here Readme.txt

Decrease Polygon Count
- 2:33:21 PM - Oisín

Camelhammer has contributed an unconventional means to decrease the number of polygons in a level. His tutorial, "Floaters, and you" can be accessed in the Tutorials area of the website.

Wait a go Camelhammer!!! :)

Guard with a Lantern Tutorial
- 1:59:18 PM - Oisín

A new tutorial has been added for those would-be level creators of Thief. :)

The Guard with a Lantern Tutorial is written by Janne Kahkonen. Who writes very good tutorials btw.

          Monday, January 29, 2001

The Hiding Game - Short Tale
- 8:54:27 PM - Oisín
The Hiding Game is a short story yet with a lot of room for expansion, by Zoran Janjanin. Currently up in the Short Tales area of the website. Here's an extract:

Garrett woke up with a jerk.

His eyes were darting across the room for a couple of long seconds, looking for any kind of movement in the dark.

But there was nothing there and a shiver of relief went through his body; he lay back on the pillow and closed his eyes.

Waking up so suddenly gave him a headache and it became clear to him that sleeping was over for the day. Maybe if he opened his eyes and stared into the ceiling; what was he expecting to see in the corner of the room? Something that was lurking in his dream?

The Chronicles of Shoalsgate
- 8:41:47 PM - Oisín

The Chronicles of Shoalsgate - The Mechanist Times, is another welcome addition to the Fanworks archive at Thief-thecircle.com

Written very well by Tom Baynham, I look forward to the chapters which will follow. Easy to read and a smooth flowing storyline based on the Thief world and charactures presented in the games makes for an intriguing read.

Kleptomaniac: Chapter 2
- 8:23:01 PM - Oisín

Humour is always welcome I'd say, and Lonecoyote's "Kleptomaniac" is one of the funnier Thief 'novels in the making' which you are likely to read.

Kleptomaniac's second chapter has been added to the Fanworks area of the website. Check out this hilarious novel! :)

Reliance: Chapter 2
- 6:15:43 PM - Oisín
Oliver Gregory has contributed to his short tale "Reliance" which is now up in the Short Tales area of the website, here's an excerpt:

"Dall continued to stare out of the window for some time. He sat dreamily, resting his head on his folded arms as the rain fell down, now worse than ever. The clouds covered the sky and the snow from the streets quickly turned into a torrent of slush. He thought back to the events of yesterday, and was glad that he'd had no trouble so far. Still, he wondered why he'd come..."

          Saturday, January 27, 2001

3 New Fan-made Artworks Added
- 6:06:02 PM - Oisín
Three new fan-made artworks have been added for your viewing pleasure to the Fanworks area of the website.
  1. "Garrett", by Zaarix
  2. Two Haunts, by Matthew Almand
  3. Thief Pic, by Chris Sawyer

          Friday, January 26, 2001

Thief Objective Wizard
- 9:45:44 PM - Dan
Anything that can make mission creation easier is always eagerly received. Tonight we have something new from Avalon. Behold:

  • Thief Objective Wizard (Tow.zip) - (169 K)
    The purpose of Thief Objective Wizard is to simplify the process of creating objectives for your mission, both for Thief 1 and Thief 2. Instead of spending an hour typing your objectives into the Dromed Console, you can spend a minute hitting buttons and be done with it. Made by Avalon

  • Three New Wallpapers Added:
    - 4:02:12 PM - Oisín
    Hello to the thieves (and nobles) out there! My name's Oisín aka smiley, a new staff member at Thief-thecircle.com and will help you traverse through the looking glass.

    Three new wallpapers have been added to the Themes area of the website. You can download these in two parts here, by Kas and here, by Tom Quinn.

              Wednesday, January 24, 2001

    Thief 3 Chat Log
    - 9:36:17 PM - Dan
    The Thief 3 Chat Log is viewable online (on our forums) right here.

    Thieves Chapter 8
    - 5:36:27 PM - Alex
    -Cpt. Sqweky has released chapter 8 of Thieves. Here's a peek:
    The door creaked open. Sqweky knew that this shouldn't have happened, as Surmas had latched the door. Sqweky was certain of that. Unfortunately, if whoever it was had malicious intent, then there was very little Sqweky could do.

    "Who's there? I know that you're there, so just show yourself." Then, a shadow... moved... and a man who dressed very much like a thief, (well, like Surmas and Sqweky at least,) stepped into the center of the room.

              Tuesday, January 23, 2001

    Dan Can't Make it to the Thief 3 Chat.
    - 11:15:43 PM - Dan
    I won't be able to make it to the Thief 3 chat at 6PM US Central Time (7PM Eastern, Midnight in London) on January 24th. I instead will be out socializing with my friends and attending my weekly bible study. I hope that many TTLG patrons will be going, and can count on someone sending me a transcript of the log so that I may post it here at The Circle.


    The Taffers Post - Has Dan Died Again?
    - 10:07:11 PM - Dan
    I hope that most people will be relieved to know that I have been neglecting this site only because work with CoSaS has been going so full steam. It's what I do from dusk till dawn, literally speaking. I, personally, have two missions in simultaneous production right now, working on each for one half of the night, along with all the other things a project lead has to do. The Circle has been suffering though, and I really don't have any good excuse for that.

    A friend of mine is going to start picking up the slack for me soon, so hopefully this lack of posts (and there are posts to make) won't last much longer.

    Inquiry Regarding Dark Source Code
    - 9:36:58 PM - Dan
    I know that word has been buzzing about the Dark Engine source code. I went ahead and asked Warren Spector if he could confirm of deny anything. This is the reply I was given:
    Warren: At this point, the only accurate statement anyone could make would be that I'm trying to FIND the Dark source. Eidos acquired the rights to the code, near as I can tell, and also acquired a bunch of ex-LG hardware but getting all that hardware and figuring out what's on it is pretty much where we're at right now. That's not to say it WON'T happen. Just that it hasn't happened yet. Soon as there's anything concrete to report, I'll let people know.
    Sounds both grim and promising at the same time. Let's keep those fingers crossed. :)

              Monday, January 22, 2001

    Chat with Ion Austin
    - 6:12:16 PM - James
    While I wasn't looking, Lulu Lamer snuck in and pinned a message to my coat, informing me that Gamespy and 3D Action Planet will be hosting a chat with Ion Austin about, among other things, Thief III - though she warns that "Remember of course that we're not going to give away very much, if anything, about Thief 3, so some questions you might have will not be answered."

    The chat is slated to take place at 6PM US Central Time (7PM Eastern, Midnight in London) on January 24th. The sites linked above should have further details soon after confirmation of the event travels to them from Warren Spector.

    Thanks to Kieron Gillan for correcting my timezones.

              Friday, January 19, 2001

    The CoSaS Team has Grown
    - 5:45:28 AM - Dan
    The CoSaS news page and Credits page have both been updated with the news of the newest additions to our team. Our team, previously of nine people, has been expanded to 16 with the addition of 7 new team members: Purah, Kung Fu Gecko, Silent Sleep, Thumper, Loanstar, Screech, and Sirkku. Visit our Credits page for the complete details.

    With this newfound manpower, I can now with a hint of confidence guess at a completion date of mid-summer.

              Wednesday, January 17, 2001

    A Glance at the Reclusive T2X
    - 1:57:29 PM - Dan
    Our T2X friends finally peek their heads out of the shadows and dashed a merry pint of screenies down the bar. Color me impressed. It's good to see this thing taking shape! Oggle your eyes at these beauties right over here at the Thief Underground. The page also contains some Thievery UT screenshots.

              Monday, January 15, 2001

    Two New Fan Missions
    - 12:31:24 PM - Dan
    You can't go two weeks without a few more Fan Missions popping up out of nowhere. ;) Not that this is a bad thing. Enjoy!

    Thief 2 FM
    The Gambling Man
      (2.5 Meg)
      Released: 01-15-01

    By Rayner the Bug_Cloud:
    Mr. Lazarius runs a gambling den at his new mansion, taking bets from the horse racing authority. But something is admist, he's been losing his bets lately and for some reason he still manage to keep his standards intact. Lately, he has manage to acquire the Horn of Quintus and for that, many is not satisfied by it. The Downwinders, his old rival, had contacted you and wants you to kidnap him. Get the Horn and get him out of his new mansion. Remember to find any evidence linking to Mr. Lazarius. (sorry for my bad english)

    Thief 2 FM
    Lucrative Opportunity
      (3.5 Meg)
      Released: 01-15-01

    By Aaron Pettett:
    You had stayed up late the night before, so you decided to hit the pillow early to be up before dawn.

    It was very early in the morning, then you heard a tapping at the door, "Who the hell could that be?" you ask yourself, you blow out the candle beside your bed and grab your sword. You sneak to the door with your sword held in front of you. You reach for the door knob and then you see it turning, you quickly press yourself against the wall and hold your sword above your head, the door opens slightly, you see a pair of eyes peep through. Then the door opens halfway, and then a whisper, "Garret, is't thou here?". You then begin to realize who it is, it is a pagan sent by Viktoria. You then leap out in front of him and scare him half to death!. You invite him in and you get talking.

    "Why are you here?", you ask, "Viktoria sent me here", he replies, then he hands you a piece of paper "Here", he says, you start to read the parchment it reads: (more)

    NativeArt Design
    - 10:25:41 AM - Dan
    The NativeArt Design website has changed locations (and gotten a new design. If you're interested in FM dev team's website, you'll want to take a look at this one.

    The Keep of Metal and Gold
    - 10:24:13 AM - Dan
    The Keep of Metal and Gold is a site which has the unique feature of hosting a screenshot gallery for almost every fan mission released, as well as a handful of upcoming fan missions. The site has recently moved to hosting on TTLG.com, and I invite everyone interested to check it out.

    Thief 2 UK Video Patch
    - 10:08:15 AM - Dan
    Visa Harvey, aka SteelDragon, has created a patch for the UK version of Thief 2 (it possibly also applies to other versions, but not the US version.) The patch fixes the problem with CS05.avi (that's one of the cutscenes) which caused it to freeze at 2:28.

    The patch just modifies the file so that it's identical to the one in the US version.

    Download it here and see that cutscene for the first time, all over again.

    I'm not dead.
    - 10:07:54 AM - Dan
    Just very busy. :P

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