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          Sunday, July 31, 2005

Keeper of the Prophecies Campaign
- 1:26:19 AM - Dan
Finally, and worth extra mention, we now have Ken Ramsley's complete Thief 2 campaign, Keeper of the Prophecies, ready for download. The first four missions are also avaliable to download one by one from our database, as is the last four missions of the series in one pack. Enjoy!

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Keeper of the Prophecies Campaign (v1a)

Filesize: 218 MB
Released: 7/31/2005

By: Ken Ramsley (frobber) et al.

Plot Description: Episode 1: The Enterprise (2 Parts)
Episode 2: Hallucinations (2 Parts)
Episode 3: The Insurrection
Episode 4: Oracle of the Prophets
Episode 5: The Other Side of Time
Episode 6: Reversing the Order
Episode 7: Moving Day
Episode 8: The Inheritance
Episode 9: Under the Raven Moon

A Month of FMs
- 12:38:50 AM - Dan
I'd like to thank all of the authors of the missions posted below for their patience with us. Though I never intended to update all of the Fan Missions released over the past month all at once at the end of the month, but that's what's happened. So for all of you who only use The Circle as your source of FMs, enjoy.

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Turn of the Tide (v1.2)

 Filesize: 18 MB
 Released: 7/31/2005

By: madwolf {Kevan Swain}

Plot Description: I had a visit from an old guy called Marquez couple of nights ago. A collector of rare artifacts; he had a proposition for me. A radical sect of Hammerites had recently moved back into an long abandoned Priory in a coastal town called Finisterre and begun refurbishing it. This meant only one thing to Marquez. Finisterre has long been rumoured to be the location of the Builder's Hammer, Perhaps the most sought after of all ancient artifacts. Marquez would like me to 'acquire' it. Frankly I don't believe a word of it, if it's there at all it's probably a fake. The early Hammerites acquired many of these so-called 'One-True Hammers'. Still Marquez is paying good money just to investigate the rumour. A bit of sea air will do me good. Only one thing bothers me, Finisterre is notorious as a den of piracy, full of worst kind of highwaymen, smugglers and cutthroats. On the other hand I should fit in nicely.

Additional Comments: Somehow this has turned into a trilogy without my intending it. Moth To A Flame loosely followed on from Skeletons In The Closet, Turn Of The Tide more obviously picks up the story again. There is however no real need to play the first two prior to this.

Thief Gold Only Fan Mission
A Meeting with Cutty

 Filesize: 1.1 MB
 Released: 7/30/2005

By: Azrarhn

Plot Description: You have a meeting with Cutty at the local pub. It seems he has some interesting info on a simple, yet profitable job. Simple, profitable jobs are always a welcome opportunity, so you are on your way. The only problem is the City gates are closed at this time of night so you have to find another way around.

Thief Gold Only Fan Mission
Mine Shock

 Filesize: 3.3 MB
 Released: 7/30/2005


Additional Comments: There are two versions of Mine Shock, by JIS. Mine Shock for Thief 1 (this version), was distributed originally in incomplete form. It had a few bugs, and it could not be finished. A second version, for Thief 2 (called "MainShock T2"), is complete. The T2 version, based on the same map but with many extensions, has quite different game play. I recommend that you play both of them.

A few of us were playing the original Thief 1 version and having some difficulties, which we were discussing it on the TTLG forum. With the original, there were no objectives. You could not save and reload because the game crashed. Garrett was invincible, which helped a little to get through it without saves, but still, nobody could get very far. Some exploration in dromed by Vlad Midnight led to the discovery that the mission had several areas that could not be reached. Vlad kindly offered to fix it up.

Thanks to JIS for creating his imaginative and fun missions. Thanks especially to Vlad Midnight for making this version much more enjoyable to play and true to the form of JIS. We hope you like it.

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Sinful opportunities

 Filesize: 6.5 MB
 Released: 7/30/2005

By: M. "Polygon" Schotte

Plot Description: This is a semi sequel to ‘Ack, There is a zombie in the basement’. The mission is part of my ongoing ‘Small thief series’. Please let me know if you encounter any problems when playing.

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Into the Maelstrom

 Filesize: 3 MB
 Released: 7/30/2005

  • Author's Homepage

  • By: Morrgan & Vigil

    Plot Description: After a professional visit in Port Tyris turned sour you needed a safe ticket back to the City - with your take and your skin intact. Pulling some strings has bought you passage in a cosy crate aboard the Inigo, a swift merchantman with a tightlipped crew. The captain trusts you as far as he can throw you - he insisted on holding onto your sword for the voyage - but it's as warm a welcome as you can afford.

    All was not to be plain sailing, however: the Inigo foundered in a storm 4 days out, and now the currents have dragged her to rest in a deep, sinister cavern. Being no seaman (and more unnerved than you'll admit) you retired early to wait for the crew to finish repairs; only to wake in the night to the screams of men - and of something else...

    Additional Comments: Due to the zesty combination of complex terrain, large textures, long viewing angles and fog, this mission will run quite jerkily in many areas on a less-than-hefty computer (the likes of a P3/733 with a GeForce2MX). Hopefully this won't prevent anyone from playing it altogether!

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Snobs: Part 1

     Filesize: 12.7 MB
     Released: 7/30/2005

    By: Naks (with friends)

    Plot Description: “I became rich and famous, almost a legend, in this beautiful town named Richpoor. For the first time in my life I have a chance to live well,because I bought a nice house here and I have some good friends, too. They are very poor but honest. Richpoor has perfect local food and drinks...hmmm, I would like to stay here for a long time. Besides,something new has happened to me - love.Yes, I have a fiancee here in Richpoor named Lora. She is beautiful, and endlessly in love with me. Maybe I'll finally have a chance to live a more dignified life? Maybe?"

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    The Mechanist Cathedral

     Filesize: 1.2 MB
     Released: 7/30/2005

    By: P Forth

    Plot Description: According to local rumour, the mechanists have acquired the Hand of Glory and are keeping it somewhere inside the mechanist cathedral. Tonight, most of the mechanist's are out of town at some convention or other, so there will be very few of them in the building. If ever there was a time to break in to the mechanist cathedral, this is it. It seems the time is right, for a bit of burglary.

    Additional Comments: This is just a small thief mission. Get in, get loot, get an item, get out. I was going to be a much larger mission, but due to real life stuff and other DromEd work it would never have got finished the way I intended it, so, better to release it as a small mission than not to release it at all,I thought.

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Ruined (v1.1)

     Filesize: 30 MB
     Released: 7/30/2005

     Other: Three Missions

    By: Rostvogel (Igor Smikalla)

    Plot Description: When not long ago I travelled on the road to ... via the Rogokir Pass, I discovered a chasm in the ground which had opened behind the first embankment. This had to be the result of a little earthquake and the recently heavy rain. The cleft seems to be big enough for a burrik to drop in. Therefore it is sealed off. For further security a sentinel is deployed. The very sentinel had a conversation with one of the monks from the local abbey, who exchanged some stories of old for a noble sip of wine. And this I could not avoid to overhear: During wartimes the abbey was used as a fortress, in which not only the monks but also the royal family and the main part of the population withdrew from their enemies. Once the abbey and the surrounding facility had been much larger. But since when the armies of the underworld rose to earth's surface much had been destoyed and is sunken forever.... (more)

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Right up there in the Mountains

     Filesize: 7.2 MB
     Released: 7/30/2005

    By: Troutpack

    Plot Description: I was contacted by a man with an interest in the occult. He's asked me to acquire a certain tome for him. Apparently it's an ancient book that deals with burial rites and things of that nature. The book was discovered at some ancient ruins by an old professor and it is currently in his possession. He has retreated to his cabin in the mountains to study it away from prying eyes. It shouldn't be too difficult to sneak in there and slip back out with the book. Then again, that's what I told myself before I had my eye torn out. I'm sure everything will go fine this time though.

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Children of the Future (vSE)

     Filesize: 16.5 MB
     Released: 2/10/2005
     Re-released: 7/30/2005

     Other: This is a second edition release with many changes and updates, not a simple patch job!

    By: Mr.Tunnel

    Plot Description: I have came to Freetown for holiday. It was a fool choice though. Freetown is a bustlin'-n'-large third world city with a seashore, and it is full of tourists. I have spend my days with pickpocketin' and drinkin', but tonight I just wanted to walk and smell the hot and nasty summer atmosphere of the city. I have been walkin', I've seen two kind of people- very rich or really poor. It's a city like this. As I've walked into an alley, I've discovered a garden and a gate at the end of it. I think I can take a look at the place, so let's go!

    Additional Comments: Some adult content in readables.

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