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          Monday, April 29, 2002

Fanfic: The Black Heart of Winter
- 11:43:39 AM - Elenkis
The Black Heart of Winter by Taliesin is the latest tale added to our fanfic library. The story focuses on a new character to the thief universe and is the complete first installment of the Book of Shaddowe. Due to size it has been put up in RTF format, so don't be surprised when your browser asks if you want to download it (just click Save As and enjoy reading) :-)
Here's a peek:
Sleep was mercifully interrupted as my crate was manhandled off the ship and into a holding warehouse. My dreams had left my heart hammering in my chest and I fought hard to calm the clamouring within me. I finally regained some control as the crate was dropped heavily to the ground, a resumption of business allowing me to push the dreams from my mind. I pulled some wading from a knothole in the side of the crate, to allow myself sight of the outside world. My timing was perfect; the last vestiges of evening twilight were visible through the warehouse door. Then blackness smothered the warehouse as the giant portal closed; the resounding echo of the metal door was like the tolling of a bell, which summoned me into action.

I waited a few moments, allowing twilight to fully melt away and ensuring that night had fallen across Yvesdril, and then it was time for me to go to work.

Thanks Taliesin! Keep up the good work!

          Sunday, April 28, 2002

Fanfic: Avatar of the Jackel
- 5:21:38 PM - Elenkis
Scott McCarty has sent us the first chapter to Avatar of the Jackel. This new novel in development is the third in his great Chronicle of the Criminal Masterminds series (following Orb of Quintus and The Haunting of St.Belen) and continues the adventures of Garrett and Natalie. Here's a peek:
Garrett smiled and looked into the safe. A bag of diamonds, some bank notes, checks, credits and finally what he was looking for; a black case not much bigger then from his elbow to his hand. Garrett put it in his pocket, along with everything else in the safe. The skylight above would be his way out. He was about to shoot a rope arrow into the wooden beam when he heard a click. The sound of a crossbow being armed.

“If you value your life, Master Thief, then you will not move” came a low voice of someone behind him. Garrett turned slightly, and saw someone else, dressed in black like him, holding a crossbow. Garrett knew that the other thief would shoot him cleanly, if he didn’t come up with a plan.

“You follow me in here, you amateur” said Garrett.

“Of course, I did! The Master Thief blazing a trail for good old me, is a perfect way to get to what I want. Now hand over all those things you just got from the safe, or I’ll kill you” said the thief.

“Killing is the mark of a novice and amateur” said Garrett. He loved to antagonize the novices who didn’t know a lot of experience.

Thanks Scott!

          Thursday, April 25, 2002

Ooo... something shiney!
- 9:18:31 PM - Dan
Click the pretty link!

          Sunday, April 21, 2002

Artwork from John Castiello
- 7:28:01 AM - Elenkis
John Castiello has submitted the following brilliant new drawing he has created of Garrett preparing to surprise a Hammerite guard. Nice work John!

Fanfic: A Noble Thief
- 6:56:46 AM - Elenkis
Lady Xila has finished chapter 2 of her ongoing novel, A Noble Thief! Here's a quick peek at this latest episode:
The house was three stories high and filled about an eighth of the grounds. Beyond that he didn’t know anything about it. He had gotten a hold of one of the guards but it turned on that taffers who guarded the grounds weren’t allowed inside. They had the grocers deliver everything to the house. The servants hardly ever set foot outside of the mansion. But Garrett was sure that the house had plenty of riches Now if he could only get in.

Garret was startled out of his musings by the soft rattle of carriage wheels. A dark carriage was rolling toward the gate of the grounds. It stopped at the gates. Suddenly, Garret knew how he was going to get in.

Thanks Lady Xila!

          Friday, April 12, 2002

New Custom Script Packages
- 1:18:05 PM - Elenkis
GayleSaver has created a bunch of very useful custom scripts to use in fan missions for both Thief games and neatly packaged them all up into zip files. All four packages can be found in the tools section of Dromed Central or grabbed directly below, along with a demo which can found in our demo section:
  • Developer package for T1: - (256 k)
    Contains additional debug information and the latest working custom scripts for T1, made by GayleSaver.

  • Developer package for T2 - (256 k)
    Contains additional debug information and the latest working custom scripts for T2, made by GayleSaver.

  • User package for T1 - (80 k)
    Contains all the latest working custom scripts for T1, made by GayleSaver.

  • User package for T2 - (80 k)
    Contains all the latest working custom scripts for T2, made by GayleSaver.

  • Custom Scripts Demo - (433 k)
    This is a demonstration of the first custom scripts made by a member of the FM building community, made by GayleSaver.

  • Many thanks to GayleSaver for bringing these to the Thief editing community! Hopefully mission authors will make good use of them.

              Wednesday, April 10, 2002

    Fanfic: Pressing Business
    - 3:33:56 AM - Elenkis
    Been a while since we had a new fanfic to enjoy! Pressing Business is a new tale from John D and is the sequel to The Island. Here's a peek at Garrett's latest adventure:
    Except for the glow from the boilers, the only other source of light was from a single electric light hung form the ceiling. With all of the machinery around, I still had plenty of dark shadows to hide in. Making my way around the wall of the chamber, I started to take some notes off a table when I heard footsteps approaching. Bolting away from the table, I took refuge under some piping, in the shadow of a large machine, which looked like one of the devices I used to manufacture mines at Soulforge Cathedral before turning Karras’s playthings against him. Safely hidden, I soon spotted the source of the sound when a nearby door opened and a Hammer priest stepped out whistling one of those silly hymns they were so fond of. Closing the door behind him, he walked over to the boilers and began throwing some coal in with a shovel, which I found bizarre because something like that was normally an acolytes job.

    Seeing no one else around, I decided to take him out in order to work undisturbed. Creeping behind one of the machines, I realized that his work was making the fire grow brighter, insuring that it was impossible to get any closer. Deciding the only way I was going to get my hands on the guy meant drawing him to me, I snatched a small metal part from a nearby table. Concealing myself in the shadows between two machines, I let the part fly. It hit a nearby combat bot, making a small but noticeable clang. Startled, the Hammer stopped shoveling and turned around.

    Thanks John!

              Monday, April 08, 2002

    Thief 1 & Gold NPC Graphics Enhanced
    - 8:28:18 PM - Dan
    Daemonite has put hours of work into crafting a set of totally new meshes and skins for Thief 1 and Gold, based on the Thief 2 mesh & skin technique. In the Daemon's own words:
    This patch applies a facelift to nearly all of the characters in Thief. The replacements are modified Thief 2 meshes and skins with a strong focus on retaining the classic, gritty feeling of the original game. The Thief 2 arm meshes have also been converted with fixes to animations and the bow aiming reticule.
    The best serving of info is on Daemonite's website, including screenshots. I 'inspected' his (or her) work, and whoa... it's top notch! Grab 'em!

    Note: These will not work unless you have a 3D vid card.

    Patch with GIF skins:
    dtmp10_gif.zip (5.05MB)

    Patch with TGA skins:
    dtmp10_tga.zip (4.83MB)
    Note: the TGA versions are 24 bit color - and they look great in-game, but like crud in dromed.

    DarkLoader Version 4.02
    - 7:20:39 PM - Dan
    As the title says, DarkLoader Version 4.02 is now available on At BjoernHenke's website.

    Thank you for your continued support of this program, Bjoern! The files on The Circle and Cheap Missions shall be updated to this new version shortly.

              Friday, April 05, 2002

    FM: Rigging the Votes
    - 12:24:24 AM - Elenkis
    Eben Lassen has made a small Thief 1 mission named Rigging the Votes. Thanks Eben, keep up the good work!

    Thief 1 / Gold Fan Mission
    Rigging the Votes

     Filesize: 0.5 MB
     Released: 4/5/2002

  • Author's Website

  • By: TaXi (Eben Lassen)

    Plot Description: I recently went paid off the Sheriff, Heywood Jascroomee, to have his men look the other way as I walked into the vault of First City Bank and Trust, so I could pick up 1000 in gold for equipment for a job. I knew he was always willing to deal with a thief, being a former thief himself.When I arrived at his house, I knew something was wrong. The gate was hanging by one hinge, and it was all warped, as if it had been bashed off. I want into his house, but I couldn't find him in any of the main rooms. The house was ransacked...(more)

              Wednesday, April 03, 2002

    Heart and Soul Updated
    - 5:16:56 AM - Elenkis
    Xarax is certainly dedicated! He has now updated his Thief fan mission Heart and Soul to version 1.9t. This one fixes a bug with early completion when the loot requirement was satisfied. Go play his mission if you haven't already :-)

    Thanks Xarax!

              Tuesday, April 02, 2002

    FM: Calendra's Legacy
    - 1:50:32 AM - Elenkis
    The long awaited sequel to Calendra's Cistern is finally here and has been added to our database. Please note that the filesize IS in fact 322MB, it is NOT a mistake.

    Due to the huge size I strongly recommend that you consider ordering the mission on CD from the Keep of Metal and Gold and bear in mind what this is doing to Jason's bandwidth (thanks again Jason, you're a hero to taffers everywhere!) :)

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Calendra's Legacy

     Filesize: 322 MB
     Released: 4/2/2002

  • Author's Website

  • By: Purah, Datoy, Loanstar, Saturnine, Thumper, Lazarus

    Plot Description: Garrett is restless. He stirs in his sleep. The Cylix of Jortul gleams in the gush of predawn streetlamps. From the open window he can smell the sea and knows Murkbell is only a bowshot away.

    (Aint it great being bad?)

    So Garrett slips out of bed, takes the Cylix with him and hits the wet dark streets in search of a fence. He finds a pawnshop before sunrise whose owner knows of a buyer, a certain Duchess Suedomsa.

    Is it his imagination that the shopkeeper’s eyes betray an infernal gleam as he studies the ill-gotten relic?

    Garrett senses something might go wrong so he decides to call on an old friend and make preparations for the sale scheduled later that night.

    FM: Making Tracks
    - 12:16:10 AM - Elenkis
    TTGM:Making Tracks is the latest mission in Belboz' The Trickster's Gem Mine series and the follow up to the popular Up Shit Creek.

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    TTGM: Making Tracks

     Filesize: 8.5 MB
     Released: 4/2/2002

    By: Belboz

    Plot Description: You are at the Northern Dock, across the river from the city, you are in a Keeper owned shoppe, the owner a Zax Marler has gone off to buy ticket's to get you back to the city, you are tired, and fall asleep, you awake to the sound of a Mechanist breaking down the door, you need to find away out and a way, into the Old Gem Mine. So you should search around the area for information about the Trickster's Gem Mine.

    Additional Comments: Follow on from TTGM:Up Shit Creek.

              Monday, April 01, 2002

    Doug vs. Warren: GDC Session
    - 6:32:44 PM - Saam
    Thanks to Nuno Martins for point us in the direction of a very interesting article that Joystick101.org put up. As you may or may not know, the Game Developers Conference was held in California a week or two ago; since the GDC is a conference for game developers only, it's just a bunch of game development workshops that people go to in order to learn about different aspects of game design an development. One of these "workshops" was a game criticism 'duel' of sorts between two game design masterminds, LG's very own Doug Church and Warren Spector, of Thief and Deus Ex fame. Basically, Warren deconstructed Thief and Doug did the same for Deus Ex, and what you got was some pretty interesting discussion. Here's a bit from the article:

    Narrative and Control of the Narration: Neither game has significant control:
    Doug: The narrative of thief was in the cutscenes. Deus Ex combines in into the game, but neither game has significant control, so why did you integrate it?

    Warren: A lot of it was my frustration with Thief. I produced it for years and it (the narrative) was so minimal, that I got frustrated with it. Thief was constraining in gameplay. What we wanted to do was bring together a variety of things. We wanted to bring out some action, some stealth and role-play. Inventory management, object manipulation, and conversations. We wanted to include conventional role play conversation into Deus Ex.

    Doug: But the player can't impact the narrative..

    Warren: The conversations talk to you about the world, and that propels you through the narrative.
    Be sure to check out the rest. Thanks!

    FM: Calendras Legacy
    - 12:33:29 PM - Dave
    The Long awaited sequel to the well recieved Thief 1 FM Calendra's Cistern, Calendra's Legacy is hopefully only a few minutes away from release.

    Purah, the lead behind this mission posted the following over at the Eidos forums

    Well, I guess this is the official ribbon cutting ceremony!

    ***Calendra’s Legacy is Officially Released***

    Thanks to Crypto and Mr. Tibbitts for getting the giant .zip uploaded, hosted, and tested. As soon as Crypto does one final test, all the files will be available at the link below.

    Hopefully you’ll have as much fun playing as I had building. This is the first project I’ve worked on that let me build (more closely) the architecture I’ve always wanted to build. In Calendra’s Legacy you will see that a fully 3D cityscape is in fact possible w/ the Dark Engine. Hope you get a kick out of looking across town.

    Be advised one more time of the resource requirements of the mission. I’ve posted what I felt were the minimum specs already. Also remember to play on a fresh boot.

    I want to thank all of you again for being excited to play and for the email I received over Calendra’s Cistern. I also want to thank my teammates *again* and my wife for putting up w/ 2+ years of DromEd.

    I’ll be taking a much deserved hiatus from this point on and refocusing on finishing my novel. Come visit me at the Pub

    Until later: Cheers! And have fun trying to find the “ultimate easter-egg”.



    Well folks, there you have it! Keep checking that URL for the mission, an update will be posted on TheCircle.com as soon as the mission is actually released.

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