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          Thursday, April 26, 2007

Updated Fan Mission List
- 10:27:15 AM - The Phantom
Latest news report from the thread 'List of Upcoming Fanmissions' on the TTLG forums.

3 dromeders are added to the list: Metalhead, author of fm's like Dyer's Eve and Bloodsport, has several missions in development, which are part of the Thief Revelation Campaign. It's highly unlikely that they're ever going to be released though. Nobody has heard of the author in years.
snakehunt3r is working on a two mission campaign. The first mission is already finished. The author posted some screens on the forums recently, which shows some impressive texturing.
The Thief 2 Gold Team doesn't need any introduction. Their project is, of course, Thief 2 Gold, the official unreleased expansion pack by Looking Glass.
No release date is currently planned, because there's still a lot of work to do. The team is looking for more team members to help with several aspects of development. See the details in the thread in case you're interested.

2 dromeders have been removed from the list:
Catman has released his first fan mission, called Five Tigers: HBS Iron Butterfly. It is the first mission in a series of six. It can be found on the author's website, The Circle and the Keep.
Zontik has released the last part of his Thief Gold FM trilogy: The Eternal Candle. See the main thread at TTLG for a download link.

Tdbonko revealed the name of what will his their last fm: Dreamin'. HipBreaker also revealed a provisional name for the mission he works on: Codename - Addiction. The actual title will be announced at a later time. Just like tdbonko's, it will be his last mission. Check out the new screens he posted on the forums.

Two Fm's have been added to belboz's list of upcoming missions: The Book of Ages and Tower of the Moon. The first is actually a whole campaign, just like TTGM series, that should eventually contain 9 missions! If we ever see all of this released is highly unlikely. The author seems to have lost interest in dromEd. Only the last parts of the TTGM series might be finished, with the Dark Mod however.

An "Asked for Assistance" notification has been wrote down for the projects of Alexius & Team, Caradavin and YcatX. All three of them need help to finish (parts of) the missions they work on. Check out their details in the thread if you're interested in helping them out. This is probably the last chance for The Hammerite Imperium and the Ruins of Originia series to see the light of day.

A few authors gave us release dates for the missions they work on. Among them are tdbonko's Dreamin' (september) and Lord Alan's Factory (this week).

Details have been added to the details of the folllowing authors. For belboz and HipBreaker this is information about their projects, and for Saturnine it's a mention of another dromeder, caffeinatedzombeh, who is assisting him during the development of The Seventh Crystal part 2.

Finally there's news about several missions:
DrK's Rocksbourg part 3 is on hold until july, ImmortalThief's A Keeper's Betrayal sequel (Bane II Cult of the Damned) is currently being beta-tested, and Krush the Second resumed work on his mission (but don't expect it to be released this year).

The full list of changes can be found in the thread: http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=109278

Until next update,

The Phantom

'Dracula' Series Website Online!
- 10:25:55 AM - Haegan
I think Sensut put it best himself: "The Dracula project is finished, released, uploaded, hosted and ready to download."

Dracula Project Website

...and the announcement/Discussion thread itself:

Discuss the Dracula Series

          Sunday, April 22, 2007

No Equipment Limits
- 3:21:53 PM - Biohazard
Gamall of the TTLG forums has posted a small program that will remove the equipment limits from Thief 3. Now Garrett will be back to his old pack mule self.

You can get the patch here.

You can discuss the program on the forums here.

          Saturday, April 21, 2007

FM Preview, Including Screenshots - By HipBreaker
- 11:26:05 AM - Haegan
Yet another future release; so far codenamed 'Addiction' by the author and ,also apparently, is primarily a city-based mission. From the screenshoots that have been made available, it looks highly promising. I can't wait for this one...

Come and discuss it with us.

          Saturday, April 14, 2007

New TG FM: The Eternal Candle
- 8:41:28 AM - Haegan
Yet another new FM release! 'The Eternal Candle' by Zontik. This is a highly worthy sequel to 'The Golden Book of the Keepers' and 'The Last Page.' For those of you who have issues with largeish files, a version has been released sans cutscenes. Enjoy!

Discuss this FM with us.

          Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Latest on Nightblade
- 1:55:43 PM - Dan
Since The Dark MOD site was updated and no-one told us (totally understandable considering that we stopped doing news updates for several months!) I decided to check and see if there was any news on Nightblade. The last we heard they were changing the focus of the project, reorganizing, and had decided to switch up to the Unreal Tournament 3 engine. Low and behold, I found this on their site, along with a solitary screenshot (of the game in UT2004 no doubt, as UT3 is still a long way off...)
Nightblade is a new game from Black Cat Games, currently in production using the Unreal 2.5 engine. Our aim is to produce a well-balanced competitive multiplayer game in an immersive, emergent and dramatic world, where three groups with specific skill sets face off in an attempt to complete their goals.

Nightblade features three teams, each with different goals. The Thieves are interested in carrying away as much wealth as possible from the richer city elites, and are equipped with many tools for helping them hide, sneak and break into the wealthy buildings of the city.

The Mercenaries, in the employ of rich merchants, are paid well to patrol the foggy, darkened streets and opulent houses. Equipped with lanterns and muskets, they keep a watchful eye out for the thieves and form a first line of defence against the darker creatures which inhabit the city.

Emerging at night from underground, the Shades deal in terror. Threatening the values and way of life of the rich city dwellers, these creatures seek the Nightblade pieces for dark purposes of their own, and with a lust for death and destruction and obsessed with power, they are a constant threat.

For more information on Nightblade, head on over to the Nightblade website

UT3 can't come out soon enough, can it?

Latest on The Dark Mod
- 7:32:11 AM - Dan
On March 25th, The Dark Mod webside was given an updates I only just this morning became aware of. The project to bring the Thief Universe (abit some name changes) to the Doom 3 engine seems to be making leaps and bounds.
The number of opponents for our thief keeps rising. Ascottk has added Inventor engineers and Belchers to the game, as well as getting Oddity's giant spiders working. Ishtvan has finished our new climbing system that allows players to climb vines or other surfaces; climbing around corners is also now quite easy. Mappers can set especially rough walls as climable if they wish. Pinkdot has finished modelling our thief's equipment. I've added several new images to the screenshot section to showcase these. DarkRadiant has also made numerous improvements since the last version.

It's nice to see the burricks getting attention (now called Belchers apparently). The lovable critters haven't been seen since Thief 1, and rarely find a place in FMs - but the Dark Mod team seems to be a fan of them.

List of Upcoming Fanmisisons
- 2:34:39 AM - The Phantom
The List of Upcoming Fanmisisons Thread has been updated.

  • 4 authors added: gumdrop, Sensut, THE_THIEF, thief0
  • 1 author removed: nightshifter (The Librarian)
  • filled in the definitive name of Splashcups' Fm in development: Perilous Perforation
  • added the mission 'Memento Mori mission 2 - Vagabond' to Drysils Chosen and Random_Taffer's Fm(s) in development renamed Drysils Chosen and Random_Taffer's mission 'Memento Mori mission 1.5' into 'Memento Mori mission 1.5 - The fall of Talim'
  • renamed Edversion's mission 'Castle of Lord Strainglif' into 'Lord Strainglif's Mansion'
  • removed the mission 'Gates of Delirum' from marshall banana's Fm(s) in development
  • new screenshots link(s) for the mission(s) of the following authors: Beauty-Man, marshall banana, theImmortalThief, Zontik
  • changed the screenshots link for the missions of the following author: Kamon
  • latest news link for the mission(s) of the following authors: Krush the Second, Lord Alan, marshall banana, theImmortalThief, Zontik
  • filled in the Current status for the mission of the following authors: Beauty-Man, kamyk
  • changed the Current status for the mission(s) of the following authors: demagogue, Drysils Chosen, Kamon, Krush the Second, marshall banana, Random_Taffer, Saturnine, Shadowspawn, Zontik
  • filled in an Estimated release date for the mission(s) of the following authors: Drysils Chosen, kamyk, Krush the Second, Lord Alan, Random_Taffer, sirbalu, Splashcups, Zontik
  • changed the Estimated release date for the mission of the following authors: Aristed, demagogue, marshall banana
  • details for the mission of the following author: demagogue
  • changed the details for the mission(s) of the following authors: Kamon, marshall banana
  • added the thread Coming Missions List to the list of 'Other threads about upcoming missions'
  • changed the thread title into 'List of Upcoming Fanmisisons (with screens, release dates, latest news, and more)'

  • New FM: HBS Iron Butterfly by Catman
    - 1:03:55 AM - Dan
    Catman has announced the release of his fan mission, The Five Tigers: HBS Iron Butterfly. This is the first part of a six part series. Many more screenshots can be found on the author's website - click the thumbnails below to go to that gallery. A discussion is already in progress, prompted by the mission's release announcement.
    After the fall of the Mechanists, not all of their technologies were destroyed. Some nobles gathered and protected Mechanist scientists, including those connected with the Cetus Amicus project. Using those technologies, they have built the world's first steam ship, the Iron Butterfly. This ship provides the setting for the beginning of this story.

    You are a master thief known as Nekosan. Like most professionals, you use whatever Mechanist technologies you can get your hands on. For example, you have had a set of special glasses fashioned which allow you to use scouting orbs as well as zoom in to observe your surroundings. ... (more)

    Thanks Catman!

    FM Screen by snakehunt3r
    - 12:48:43 AM - Dan
    Snakehunt3r has revealed his plans for a 2 mission set for Thief 2, and has promotes his work with a set of screenshots:

    Thanks for sharing, snakehunt3r!

    Thief 1 Music - Assassins
    - 12:22:46 AM - Dan
    Some time ago, Seth Brian Byrnes sent in a contribution to our very small Thief 1 music collection. He took the various ambient clips and loops which the player hears while they are stalking the pair of assassins (in Assassins!) and combined them into a minute and a half of listening pleasure. Thank you for your work, Seth!

    [LGS Fanmix - Seth Brian Byrnes] - Thief - Assassins.mp3

    On a site note, the Deadly Shadows music Auldate bears a striking resemblance!

              Sunday, April 01, 2007

    NamelessVoice's Breakthrough
    - 3:24:38 PM - Dan
    For years, NamelessVoice has been at the forefront of creating new and innovative ways for Fan Made Missions to break away from the standard set of possibilities set by the OMs, creating a variety of gameplay and storytelling experiences available to the fans far beyond what Looking Glass originally envisioned. Today, he presents his greatest breakthrough yet. Without further introduction, here is a trailer to showcase this milestone.

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