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          Wednesday, May 30, 2001

CoSaS Help Wanted
- 6:06:18 PM - Dan
The CoSaS Help Wanted page has been updated with info on the following roles we'd like to see filled by very enthusiastic people: Tallyho!

          Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Big CoSaS Website Update
- 10:29:48 AM - Dan

The update to the CoSaS Website is complete. The update began on the 25th, with the addition of the new media. I have, since then, re-organized the new media to be more visually appealing in the interface (no, I didn't doctor the screenshots), and edited some of the text content. A complete list of changes is as follows:

  • Splash-screen poster has been re-done. (Same image, just bigger and lighter)
  • Images gallery updated with sketches, desktop backgrounds, and promo images.
  • Screenshot gallery has been updated with 13 new screenshots.
  • Features page has been made to be not so ugly.
  • Credis page has been updated.
  • Questions and Answers section has been updated.
  • News & Progress Info has been updated.

          Monday, May 28, 2001

TMA Update
- 10:59:14 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
Another update for the ongoing Thief 2 parody, Thief II: The Mental Age is now available:


Gary, following his harrowing escape from the Incontinent Apeman, sat unwinding in his Shalebridge safehouse. To be more specific, he was unwinding one of the springs in his mechanical eye. It had been given to him by the M. C. Hammerites as a way of saying "Thanks for destroying that pesky demigod, oh, and sorry about incidentally trying to kill or imprison you a few dozen times. That's why pencils have erasers, hey?" Since he still wasn't fully sure how it worked, though, it often proved to be more of a hinderance than anything else. It did strange things like producing spanish subtitles whenever he looked at two people having a conversation. He also wasn't quite sure how it actually connected to his head....on the other hand, it let him do some neat tricks at parties, so it was worth it in the long run. He snapped it back in and settled down in front of the mirror, practiced glaring for a few minutes, switched over to leering smugly, and was right in the middle of darting eyebrow movements when a knock came at the door. Gary paused. This was no ordinary knock. It was the secret knock of the Creepers. It went something like "KNOCK, KNOCK-KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK". It was rarely heard, however, since they weren't very big on knocking, preferring instead to let themselves in through an open window and bury a crossbow bolt in your neck.

2 New mp3s
- 10:35:05 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
Both of these mp3s, contributed by our readers, are official Thief pieces. They are:

AccingiteVos.mp3 Thief 2 German Credits   by AccingiteVos
Length: 3:39
Size: 3.5 meg
- This is the credits from the German version of Thief 2. Contributed by Daxim.
Thief2Trailer.mp3 Thief 2 Trailer  
Length: 1:06
Size: 472 K
- Music from the two Thief 2 trailers. Contributed by BigDave.

          Sunday, May 27, 2001

FM: Business at Midnight
- 10:57:59 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
David Moore has released Business at Midnight, a Thief Gold mission, for your enjoyment:

Thief Gold Only Fan Mission
Business at Midnight

 Filesize: 9.96 MB
 Released: 5/27/2001

By: David Moore

Plot Description: The Trickster of legend is dead -- if not by your hand, then because of it.

But saving the world is not a profitable venture. Your name remains unknown, and your monetary problems unabated.

Perhaps Fate has something in mind for you, though. Your tight finances have forced you to accept a dangerous job from a infamous clan of corrupt nobles. The Feldrake family have been City Wardens for as long as you (or anyone else) can remember... (more)

Additional Comments: Filename: bizmid.zip

          Friday, May 25, 2001

The Taffer's Post - Reflections of a Blue Sky
- 7:02:36 AM - Dan
Rather then post the Taffer's Post here, I have turned it into a column. Maybe because it's very long, or maybe because I think calling myself a columnist is cool. At any rate, here it is:

The Taffer's Post - Reflections of a Blue Sky

The topic meanders from work to school to CoSaS to D&D to TTLG and back again. I hope you enjoy the insane ramblings of the chap who thinks psychoticness is a talent rather then a serious mental handycap. If you'd like to comment on this post, and please do so, run over to the forum version instead.

          Thursday, May 24, 2001

IGN Eats Words
- 1:36:51 PM - Dan
It's short and sweet: Thief III and Deus Ex 2 Mix-up Resolved. Miscommunication blamed for the early reports of Deus Ex 2 and Thief III coming to consoles first.

Now let's see if they can pull their foot out of their mouth for calling console fans "freaks".


          Wednesday, May 23, 2001

Fic Update: Thief II: The Mental Age
- 10:52:39 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
Seamus Sullivan has released Chapter 3 of his Thief parody, Thief II: The Mental Age. Here's a preview:

Sings we a song of lawyers,
Who smell money and slays clients.
Sings we a song of sixpence,
And a pocket full of rye.
Or something. We're very confused, as you may have guessed.
-Pagan Saying

Chapter 3:

The Plot Thickens

The door to the Incontinent Apeman deli swung open as a cloaked, dripping figure stood panting in the doorway. Murray, the hefty head butcher, didn't bat an eye.
"Afternoon, Gary."

Gary could never figure out how Murray could recognize people without looking up. Maybe he memorized the differences in the sound they made opening the door. Shrugging, the thief crossed over to the counter, leaving a wet trail, plunked a small stack of copper pieces on the counter, and said, straining to keep the haggard edge out of his voice, "Just a pound...er...half-pound of roast beef today, Murray."

"Righto, Gary."

He instantly produced a somewhat greasy bag from behind the counter. Gary didn't bother wondering how he did it for the umpteenth time. It was just one of those deli guy things.

"Anything else, sir?"

He always asked that, even when Gary made it clear there was nothing else in his order. It was just another one of those things.

FM: JailBreak 2.0
- 10:19:20 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
We have a new nugget of Thiefy goodness for you to sink your teeth into. JailBreak 2.0 comes from the mind of Baddcog:

Thief 2 Fan Mission
JailBreak (v2.0)

 Filesize: 1.9 MB
 Released: 5/23/2001

By: Baddcog aka Schwaa

Plot Description: Garrets original mission was to break into the New Order of the Mechanists Prison and steal Sherriff Truart's Silver Cog. This is a medal awarded to him by Brother Karras for his devoted work for the Master Builder. It sounded risky ( and turned out to be) but it paid well so Garret went for it. Bad mistake. Now it is time to escape, luckily with a little help from the inside.

Additional Comments: On the hard difficulty setting the objective is to escape prison. On the expert setting you also have to complete your original objective and steal the Silver Cog. This is probably the best way to get even with Truart as losing the Cog will look very bad in Karras' eye.

          Tuesday, May 22, 2001

Emil's Follow-Up Post
- 6:11:13 PM - Dan
The statement made by Emil on the Xobx deal has been updated with some follow up words. I have also included Warren's recent post in order to present the full story on the matter. The bottom line is, case close, it's all good. :)

A Not-So-Upset Spector Named Warren
- 3:08:24 PM - Dan
Quit yer silly rantings and read the words from Warren Spector:
It never ceases to amaze me how quickly rumors spread in this business and how willing people are to accept rumor as fact.

Right now, there are rumors circulating on the net that Deus Ex 2 and Thief 3 will ship on console first, with PC "ports" coming later. That is simply not true. Let me assure you that we have no plans to release a console version of DX2 or T3 before a PC version or to compromise one version to accomodate the needs of any other version we might develop.

Both DX2 and T3 are a ways off -- making immersive simulations takes time! -- and official announcements regarding these projects will be made in the future. Until then, let me just say that the members of the DX2 and T3 teams, many of whom helped create the original Thief and Deus Ex, are determined to meet and surpass your justifiably high expectations.

Everyone in this studio is as committed to making games like Underworld, System Shock, Thief and Deus Ex as you are committed to playing them. The vehemence with which you've expressed your concern is ample evidence that you love these games as much as we do. All I ask is that you trust us now as you always have in the past. You won't be disappointed...

Warren Spector
Project Director, Deus Ex
Studio Director, ION Austin

All I have to say is... man... what took you so long? ;)

Collection of Sound
- 11:27:24 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
There's been a big wad of mp3s and a wav added to the Thief Jukebox today. Rather than rattling on meaninglessly, I shall print below the details:

Malfunction.wav Malfunction   (Original Mix) - by Tom Baynham
Length: 0:58
Size: 1.23 Meg
- An original mix based around Thief 2.

Vine.mp3 Thief - The Vine.   (Original Mix) - by Digital Nightfall
Length: 1:26
Size: 1.33 Meg
- An original mix based on the Order of the Vine (the pagans).

Hammer.mp3 Thief - The Hammer.   (Original Mix) - by Digital Nightfall
Length: 2:22
Size: 2.18 Meg
- An original mix based on the Order of the Hammer.

mech_smoke.mp3 Mech Smoke.   (Original Mix) - by Gillie
Length: 1:08
Size: 0.80 Meg
- An ammusing scene about a Mechanist guard.

nightfall.mp3 Nightfall.   by Ymochel
Length: 6:37
Size: 6.09 Meg
- An original song based on Thief.

Thanks to all the authors for allowing us to host their work!

          Monday, May 21, 2001

Jyre Does the Amazing
- 10:57:00 PM - Dan
A huge note of congratulations and thanks to The Circle's Alex/Jyre/Dash (just call her Jyre) for her amazing work above and beyond the call of duty, putting the Fan Missions and Demo Missions into our new Database. Jyre, I am in your debt for this. We are all in your debt. A thousand thank yous. You're one in a million. :)

FM: Geller's Pride
- 10:41:42 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
I am pleased to announce that a new Thief fan mission is now availabe. Geller's Pride comes to you courtesy of Spitter.

Thief 1 / Gold Fan Mission
Geller's Pride

 Filesize: 5.9 MB
 Released: 5/21/2001

By: Jani Saarijärvi, aka "Spitter"

Plot Description: It seems that certain Lord Geller has an intriguing amount of gold in his possesion, just ripe for taking. He's not natively from The City, but my contacts lack the information about his original homeland. For a foreigner, he's in a surprisingly wealthy position, and he's a careful one, too. He has stored most of his wealth into the First City Bank And Trust. So, instead of the usual burglary, I'm thinking of blackmailing. My contacts tell me that Geller isn't really as pure as the driving snow, but they don't know the details. My plan is quite simple: break into his mansion, search for anything useful for blackmailing and take some of his wealth in the process...(more)

Additional Comments: The story takes place between the events in Thief 1 and 2.

Varyx Obelisk Review
- 10:39:18 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
Peter Smith's review of the Varyx Obelisk is now available here at The Circle. The review does not give a rating. You can read it here.

Fanworks Update
- 8:53:56 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
I've been asked to pass on some news to you about a couple of fanworks that were added to our database a short while ago. These are:

  • The Keeper's Curse - a short piece of fiction by Jivemuffin.
  • Soul of a Thief, an artwork by Andrea Marchi.

  •           Sunday, May 20, 2001

    Emil on Thief 3 XBox
    - 9:27:54 AM - Dan
    Emil (Thief 1,2,3 designer) has some words of encouragement concerning the whole Thief 3 Xbox situation. If it's what you need, please read it here.

              Saturday, May 19, 2001

    Horrible News
    - 4:27:01 AM - Dan
    Accoring to his post,

    Thief 3 will be released for the XBox first.

    I am utterly furious. This is so disgusting, revolting, putrid, and otherwise mind-blowingly appalling, I am at a loss for words.

    Express your rage here.

              Friday, May 18, 2001

    mp3: Thief Scene
    - 4:07:30 PM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    We have a new mp3 for you to listen too. Thief Scene, made by Locust, is a short scene featuring Garrett. Here's a word from Locust:
    This is a 1 minute and 18 second mp3 of an imaginary scene using Thief Gold sounds. There is absolutely nothing obscene or offensive in it and it has been scanned for viruses using Norton Antivirus 2001 with the 5/13/01 definitions. It is my first and only effort of this kind and I make no claim as to the ownership of any of the sounds I have used. Please enjoy!



    contact: NeoLocust@altavista.com

    This is a very good piece of work and I recommend you all go grab a copy now!

    Varyx Obelisk Review
    - 3:17:29 PM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    Xarax has asked me to let you know his FM The Varyx Obelisk has reieved a review over at the Eidos forums. You can read it here. Unfortunately I can't provide you with any more details as my computer freezes when I try to load the page.

    Fan Missions Archive Complete
    - 2:55:42 PM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    I have just finished adding the Demo Missions to our Fan Mission archive and believe it is now complete - with 114 Fms and 53 DMs now on offer.

    There is every possibility, however, that a mission or two may have been overlooked during the update. If you have a mission you would like hosted on The Circle that is not in the archive, please e-mail me. Missions will only be added if I here from the authors themselves.

    Now go and enjoy the FMs!

              Wednesday, May 16, 2001

    ARX Fatalis and StygianAbyss.com
    - 10:32:21 PM - Dan
    Good evening, Taffers.

    I am looking for a fan. I am looking for the most enthusiastic and dedicated fan of Ultima Underworld there is. I need someone who is waiting with tremendous anticipation for the game Arx Fatalis, pouring over every preview and interview, and studying each screenshot in minute detail.

    As you should know if you have read today's previous post (on TTLG.com) Arx Fatalis will be shown at E3 tomorrow (and this weekend) and there will undoubtedly be a great deal of media released surrounding this game. This would be the best time to open TTLG's Arx Fatalis fansite.

    But I need a webmaster for this site. I would much rather the person who will be running this site take part in its finishing and opening. The Arx website will be located at www.StygianAbyss.com, which will also be host to all of our Ultima Underworld content. As you can see, the website design is already there, as well as some structuring. However it is not finished. (I had attempted to make it into a general fantasy gaming news site, but I have changed my mind.)

    I would prefer that the webmaster for this site be someone who is already involved in the TTLG community and forums, but I am open to anyone. HTML skill is a requirement for the webmaster, and until the news script is coded (we'll have to update it by hand until then) so will the entire staff. I would also prefer someone who is familiar with Ultima Underworld, but again, that is not a requirement. I would like to get at least three people for the webmaster position. I'll decide which of you is the "leader" of the group after I have worked with you all for a bit. :)

    Time is of the essence. I'd like to get this site fully operational as close to E3 as possible. Please contact me!

    And just become I love to show this game off, here's a list of my very favorite screenshots:

    Don't know what the hell Arx Fatalis is? Read TTLG's article on it. It also has more screenshots. :)

    Fic: Metal Twilight
    - 10:08:13 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    Ross "Keeper Garrett" McLennan has submitted the latest edition of his continuing fiction, Thief: Metal Twilight. This update features an extension to chapter 5 of the tale.

    Fic and Art
    - 9:48:09 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    Tom Baynham has submitted two new fanworks to our archives. Reflections is a short glimpse into the mind of one of Karras's servants, whilst Silent in the Shaodows has been added to the artwork section.

    Thanks for the submissions Tom!

              Tuesday, May 15, 2001

    FanFic: A Contest of Fools
    - 8:40:19 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    Greypatch3 has released the first part of his new tale, A Contest of Fools, sequel to his his previous short story, Unlicensed and Untrained. Here's a snippet:

    In Memory of Douglas Adams, who is probably one of my biggest writing inspirations of all time. You will be sorely missed.

    A Contest of Fools, or When Zombies Attack!
    (The Continued Adventures of Three Master Bunglers)
    By greypatch3

    Part I

    Garrett bent close to his door as the footsteps neared his door. His sword glinted briefly in the moonlight as the footsteps stopped, just outside. He prepared to jump on the intruder when the footsteps stopped and a note was shoved under the door. After Garrett was sure the person had gone, he grabbed the note, unfolded it, and held it near the candle burning low on his table. It read:


    I have been this city's greatest thief for many years, but as time has passed my skills have proven themselves no longer as good as they once have been. Therefore, I invited you along with several other thieves around the city to prove their worth in my eyes. The reward? Over my career I have amassed a great quantity of wealth. The winner of this little contest shall inherit what fortune I do not spend in retiring to the comfort of a small island off the coast.

    The 'game' begins Thursday night. You and the others will meet at the Feisty Burrick tavern at eight o'clock sharp. Terribly sorry I couldn't make better reservations, but using any other tavern would raise suspicions. I hope you will not disappoint me by not showing up.


    Eberon Spies on Maximum PC
    - 8:33:56 AM - James
    Eberon reports that the June 2001 issue of Maximum PC handed out a "Best Use of 3D Positional Sound" award to Thief 2 for the use of sound we all know and love.

    Gamespot on Level Design
    - 8:31:40 AM - James
    Gamespot has put up an article on Best Level Design, in which Thief gets a mention, and Deus Ex gets a passing reference.

    Update:Thanks to Carey, who sent an email reporting this at about the same time as I posted it. Carey especially wanted to point out the poll on the first page.

              Sunday, May 13, 2001

    FM: Breakout
    - 2:45:38 PM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    Today's third new mission, Breakout, comes courtesy of belboz.

    Thief 2 Fan Mission

     Filesize: 1.5 MB
     Released: 5/13/2001

    By: belboz

    Plot Description: Your friend Basso has been arrested by the watch, and as a favour, his wife, Jenivere wants you to break him out of Slade prison where he has been taken.

    Additional Comments: Has not been beta tested. Was built in 4 days.

    New Desktop Wallpaper
    - 2:04:30 PM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    A new piece of thiefy desktop background has been submitted to us by Calvin. This wallpaper features Garrett and a cityscape backdrop. You can preview it here or download it here.

    Thanks Calvin!

    FM Update: Varyx 1.4b
    - 1:53:28 PM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    Xarax has released version 1.4b of The Varyx Obelisk. The new version fixes 2 conversations at start of mission that could be broken by saving/reloading during the conversation. You can grab a copy here.

    FM: Silent Nightmares
    - 1:10:15 PM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    The second new FM of the day comes in teh form of HipBreaker's Silent Nightmares:

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Silent Nightmares

     Filesize: 15 MB
     Released: 5/13/2001

     Without Custom Ambient (3.7 MB)

    By: Jeremy Catlin (HipBreaker)

    Plot Description: "An old friend of mine, John, said he was to head out for a haunted power facility, he said that there was supposed to be some magic rust can thing there. Now Im done with thieving but he said that the mechanists had there eye on this thing as well. Its told to re circuit the robots power and make them un stoppable when activated, and now once again im in the middle of these damn mechanists. he said if hes not back within 6 hours I am to go see what happened, well its been weeks since ive seen him and I hear rumors of the mechansists ready to raid the place for that thing.... now I have no choice but to go find it so I can be done with these mechanists once and for all."

    Additional Comments: "This happens after everything in Thief 2"

    FM: Saint of Redmound
    - 8:29:39 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    I would like to introduce to you the latest member of our fan mission archive, The Saint of Redmound, built by Morrgan.

    Thief 1 / Gold Fan Mission
    Saint of Redmound, The

     Filesize: 3.1 MB
     Released: 5/13/2001

    By: Maria Ström (Morrgan)

    Plot Description: I've been hired by an eccentric but wealthy man called Ranfield to retrieve something for him. The object in question is a holy relic, the skull of St. Lambert. The man claims to be a distant relative of St. Lambert and would like to place the skull in his family tomb. Personally I don't care if this is true or not, just as long as he pays well.

    According to Ranfield, the skull is kept in the reliquary of a hammerite monastery called Redmound. The monastery is situated to the west, in the outskirts of the City. Getting inside might prove to be difficult since the gates are guarded day and night. However, a few years back the Hammers bought a warehouse close to the monastery. The best way inside is probably through this warehouse, as there should be a passage connecting these two buildings.

              Saturday, May 12, 2001

    Call of the Shadows
    - 6:55:19 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    Michael Hopkins has been hard at work making a fictitious Thief 3 intro movie. This project was begun before Mike heard that Ion Storm took over the Thief reigns, and is no way meant to be in competition with it. Here are a few words from Mike himself:

    I've been studying 2nd year Multimedia Design at my uni, and for one of our projects we've had to construct a title sequence. Well, I decided to take it upon myself to create a ficticious third Thief intro.

    I tried to ignore as much of what I'd learned about Thief 3 as possible, and instead write my own imaginary script - so that my work would not conflict or interfere with Warren Spector's project's plot or whatever (-:

    Due to the requirement of DivX, unless there is a Mac version of the DivX;-) codec, it can only be viewed on a PC. (Just a forewarning)

    You can find the video, plus a proper introduction to it here, on his website.

    You can also get a copy from The Circle in zip form - "Thief - Call of the Shadows " (23 MB). Requires DivX;-) codec.

              Friday, May 11, 2001

    New DM: Craybug
    - 12:43:47 PM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    Our second DM, again for Thief 2 DromEd, comes coutesy of HunterByNite:

    Thief 2 Fan Mission

     Filesize: 1.7 MB
     Released: 4/12/2001

    By: HunterByNite

    Plot Description: This demo is for Thief 2 only and runs from Dromed 2 (patched version). The files allow you to utilise Craymen and Bugbeasts in your missions.

    Additional Comments: I hope that this file will become like a chain letter: I believe that from this gamesys, we can actually add additional creatures to extend the pool of selectable T1 critters for D2. Take this gamesys and try to add to it. Pass it along and encourage others to do the same. Hopefully, in the end, we'll end up with the entire T1 creatures imported into D2 all in one gamesys, rather than seperate gamesys for every creature. I think it will be more efficient this way...let's keep the Thief universe immortal and dynamic by constantly experimenting, implementing and sharing :)

    Thief Walkthrough Site
    - 11:46:29 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    Alex Fung Ho-san would like to let all you taffers out there know about his Thief walkthrough site. You can find it here.

    New DM: Frogmatic
    - 11:43:26 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    William the Taffer has released a new Thief 2 Demo Mission, Frogmatic, which shows off a frog making machine. NOTE Dromed required:

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Frogmatic 3000

     Filesize: 0.4 MB
     Released: 5/10/2001

    By: William the Taffer

    Plot Description: A Thief fan once wrote "I always thought there was a mommy frogbeast, but I then found out that there was just a big frogbeast making machine."

    Additional Comments: Run via DromEd.

    French Fan Missions
    - 11:14:02 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    Joëlle has asked me to give all you taffers out there a message reguarding the French versions of several FMs she is hosting. Take it away Joëlle:

    J'aime beaucoup votre site mais ne pourriez vous pas informer vos supporters que sur le site suivant : http://network54.com/Hide/Forum/63671 il y a 5 fan-missions de traduites en français.

    Je sais que j'habite en France, mais souligner l'effort que les traducteurs ont fait, mérite le détour.




    I like very much your site but could not you not inform your supporters(supports) that on the following site: http://network54.com/Hide/Forum/63671there are 5 fans - missions of translated into French.

    I know that I live in France, but to underline the effort which the translators made(did), deserve the bend.



    For those wondering which missions are available, they are:

    Les fan-missions traduites sont de David Coubronne pour les 4 premières et François Leclerc :

  • La prison de Bloodstone
  • Automne dans les collines de Lampfire
  • L'île du Saule
  • Saturio rentre chez lui
  • La maladie de Dame Whitman

    Et en cours :

  • Embracing the enemy et Equilibrium

  • New FM: LaFrenier
    - 11:03:36 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    We have a new Fan Mission up. LaFrenier, real criminal boss, was sent to us by Oldrich Nic. Thanks Oldrich!

    Thief 1 / Gold Fan Mission
    LaFrenier, real criminal boss

     Filesize: 0.8 MB
     Released: 3/1/2001

    By: Oldrich Nic

    Additional Comments: This mission is very dark, play it at night or adjust your brightness!

    know bugs: roof of main bulding isn't fine, but this cannot be fixed and the devil know why Please, report any other problems to email address above.

    Mechanist Times Update
    - 10:27:38 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    Tom Baynham has sent in his latest update to his ongoing noval, Mechanist Times. For convenience, I've now split the tale up into several pages. Those new to the tale should begin here. Otherwise, jump in where you left off:

  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter 6
  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 8
  • Chapter 9

  • Two New Poems
    - 9:17:03 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    The Potted Plant (Josh Engdahl) has provided us with two amusing poems of his creation. These are:

  • Bonehoard Blues
  • A Thief Came Down the Walk

    Many thanks to Josh for sharing his talents with the taffers.

  •           Wednesday, May 09, 2001

    Art: Woodsie Lord
    - 1:14:10 PM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    Dmitri Lazarev AKA voron has supplied us with yet another of his great artworks, Woodsie Lord.

    Thanks Voron!

    Walkthrough: Assasin at Sir Ganrish House
    - 11:35:19 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    Wolfgang Bujatti has a walkthrough for The Assasin at Sir Ganrish House. It comes in two varities:

  • English Version
  • German Version

  • 3 New Reviews
    - 11:15:38 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    There are 3 new reviews up - two from frobber and one from Marecki:

  • Embracing the enemy

    Hammer Score: 9.5 of 10
    Comments by Reviewer:
    Review by frobber:

  • Pros: A solid story-driven sneaker.
  • Cons: Nothing worth reporting
  • Bottom Line: A professional caliber FM with lots of re-play value.

    - Full Review & Screenshots

  • Hammer Score: 7.0 of 10
    Comments by Second Opinion Reviewer:
    Review by Marecki:

  • Pros: Good story, nice architecture, an interesting side objective
  • Cons: Strictly linear, lots of retracing one's steps, things that can be "tricked" into working improperly
  • Bottom Line: While this mission certainly is a piece of hard work, it looks rather unimpressive when compared to some of the others that have appeared lately. Furthermore, although it is quite rigid it doesn't impose it too well, possibly leading to non-fatal yet nonsense situations. Playing this mission is nothing one may regret later, but neverthless I perceive "Embracing the Enemy" as a step back from "Bloodstone Prison".

    - Full Review & Screenshots

  • Saturio Returns Home

    Hammer Score: 8.5 of 10
    Comments by Reviewer:
    Review by frobber:

  • Pros: Great setting and construction.
  • Cons: Perhaps a tad conventional in most other respects.
  • Bottom Line: A very satisfying mission. Very much worth the time to play.

    - Full Review & Screenshots

  • Congratulations to the authors of both missions!

  • Wanted: Reviews and Walkthroughs
    - 11:01:26 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    With the new FM Archive now open on The Circle we are able to start taking reviews, FAQ's and walkthroughs again. If you wish to submit such for any of the FMs within our archive, please e-mail it to me. Thank you!

              Tuesday, May 08, 2001

    Looking Glass Studios Memorial Chat Party
    - 11:39:54 PM - Dan
    May 25th of 2000 was the last day of operation for Looking Glass Studios.

    On May 25th, 2001, we celebrate the past, present, and future.

    I hereby declare that from 12:00am until 11:59pm on May 25th (EST) , the official TTLG chatroom, #thief on irc.starchat.net, will be hosting a celebration to commemorate how far we have come since that day. I implore all former member of Looking Glass Studios, and all friends of Looking Glass Studios, to show up at some time during that day and share memories of the past and aspirations for the future with your good friends and fans. There will also be a special thread opened on the forum for Glassers to post messages to eachother and the fans.

    I also implore everyone who sees this post to spread the word to the four winds. I want to make sure everyone who would be interested in being there has a chance to. Everyone who wants a chance to meet some of the makers of the Looking Glass games needs that chance, and every person who was part of Looking Glass Studios needs to know where to meet.

    Try to get into #thief now so that you know how when the time comes. :)

    Set your IRC Client to irc.starchat.net (or one of their other many servers you can select from at www.starchat.net) and /join #thief.

    If you have no IRC Client, please take advantage of our java chat client on The Circle.

              Sunday, May 06, 2001

    Art: Jolrael
    - 11:49:48 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    Tazio Bettin (aka KANEDA), has submitted his second piece of art, Jolrael the Young Keeper. Tazio has also become the latest member of COSAS's cinematics team.

              Friday, May 04, 2001

    Art: Viktoria's Wood
    - 4:18:36 PM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    Dmitri Lazarev AKA voron has been kind enough to submit a second example of his talent to us. The new piece is Viktoria's Wood:

              Thursday, May 03, 2001

    New Thief Desktop
    - 10:55:33 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    MysticMan has had a creavtive spin and supplied us with a 800x600 desktop background. A preview is available.

    Artwork: The Beginning....
    - 10:25:27 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    Dmitri Lazarev (voron) has submitted to us his thiefy artwork, "The Beginning of the Metal Age".

    In addition I found an old copy of the artwork list and revived several stray works which you may wish to check out.

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