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          Tuesday, March 27, 2001

Mystery Man
- 11:56:55 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
Doaal has released his first Thief 1 mission, Mystery Man. Here's what he has to say about it:
At last, after many months of hard work, my first FM for Thief 1: "The Mystery Man" is released! I hope everyone likes it. (I'm sick of it by now lol). I would like to thank everyone here at the TTLG forums for their great support and their help with my various Dromed problems.

The URL is: http://members.nbci.com/doaal/myster~1.zip

New T2 FM
- 9:26:27 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
There is a new Thief 2 fan mission, Gervasius' Archery Tournament by Constable Michael, available from The Keep of Metal and Gold.

          Friday, March 23, 2001

T.O.W v1.02 Update
- 3:17:41 PM - Oisin

  • Thief Objective Wizard v1.02 (Tow102.zip) - (169 K) - Readme.txt

    The purpose of Thief Objective Wizard is to simplify the process of creating objectives for your mission, both for Thief 1 and Thief 2. Instead of spending an hour typing your objectives into the Dromed Console, you can spend a minute hitting buttons and be done with it. Made by Avalon

  •           Wednesday, March 21, 2001

    Fanworks Update x2
    - 4:09:40 PM - Oisin
    There have been two new updates to the Fanworks area of the website:

    Novels in development
    "The Keeper" - by Kyle "Keeper" Mallinson

    "There are a few unique and unusual fonts used within this story. They are NOT NECESSARY to be able to read the story, but I feel they make it much more extravagant and enticing. If it is your wish, they can be downloaded here."

    "Thief II: The Mental Age" - by Seamus Sullivan

    A Thief II Parody currently in development.
    "There's more on the way."

    "The guard whirled around and nearly decapitated him with his sword. Gary ducked under the blade. He couldn't reach the man's head to knock him out now, so he did the next best thing and swung his blackjack upwards into the man's groin. The guard let out a faint whimper and crumpled up like a lawn chair."

              Monday, March 19, 2001

    Loot Carry Over Tutorial
    - 12:13:41 PM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    Apache has made a tutoial and demo mission showing how to make loot carry over from one mission to the next. Both tutorial and demo are for Thief 2 only. You can find them at NativeArt Design.

    CoSaS & T2X Interview
    - 12:07:11 AM - Dan
    In case you do not watch TTLG.com the third part of the CoSaS/T2X interview (featuring BackDoor's flying circus) has been posted here.

    Again, thank you James Webb for your hard work)

              Sunday, March 18, 2001

    Fanworks Update:
    - 7:47:20 PM - Oisin

    There have been a few updates to the Fanworks area of the website.

    Short Tales:

    "I heard the twig break and saw the guard turn and hack my side with his sword. I just turned and ran. He got me pretty good. I rounded a corner and much to my displeasure I find a dead end. I got back to the wall and readied my sword in a last ditch chance to see morning."

    "The trouble began immediately after the fall of Karras, after his untimely end at the hands of Garrett. Warned of his plans by a treacherous member of our Order, whose name shall ever remain unspoken, Garrett brought about the downfall of Karras, and the destruction of the plan for which we have laboured so long."

    Novels In Development:

    "The guard didn’t stop he grabbed Bafford by the throat and lifted him up high and slammed him against the wall. He lifted his helmet off so that Bafford could see the face of… ‘Garrett.’ Whispered Bafford, his voice shaking with terror."

    Fan Artwork:
  • "Garrett's Prize" - by Nick DiGirolamo

  •           Friday, March 16, 2001

    Brass Monkey, that Funky Monkey
    - 2:38:27 PM - Dan
    I am very sad to say that currently the only ads TTLG is getting any money for are the damn monkey things (punch, shock, kick the monkey, etc) and Click2Net.

    So please, beat the shit out of that monkey whenever you get the chance. Finances this month for Saam and I are grim.

              Thursday, March 15, 2001

    Fic: Shadows in the Night
    - 5:06:57 PM - Oisin
    Nathan Readett has finished the first chapter of an ongoing tale, which has been uploaded to the Short Tales area of the website. Feel free to take a look.

  • "Shadows in the Night" - by Nathan Readett

    "As the guard passed underneath him, Garret lowered the rope around his neck and jerked it up. The guard flew off the ground, kicking and jerking as he fought for breath. Garret jerked the rope again, this time producing a sickeningly audible crack from the guard's neck."

  • Demo Missions
    - 9:03:48 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    Shadowspawn recently took some time out from working on his current mission to create two demo missions. They are:
  • Scanning spotlights. Yeah, we know lights don't move. But...self lit things do. So I tried a little demo showing a security camera scanning back and forth, with a spotlight attached. Not too bad, but it could only be used in limited circumstances. TDP/TG only.
  • Rising Water. OK, we KNOW this isn't possible. Brushes don't move. But, I found a way to make it LOOK like the water is rising. (It's not really water!). For both TDP/TG and another for T2. Go over, look out the window, pull the switch (3 times, sorry), and watch the room flood!
  • Both of the missions are available from Thief Underground.

    The Pavilion of Accademia
    - 8:57:19 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    Eber Kain has released his first fan mission The Pavilion of Accademia. The mission plus screenshots are available from his homepage. The mission is for Thief 2 and based on details he found in a medieval art book.

              Wednesday, March 14, 2001

    - 10:42:09 PM - Dan
    Well well, our counter hit one million! I am going to ignore the fact that the darn thing was reset dozens of times, has been broken dozens of times, and was not in existance for the first six or so months of this site's operation, and pretend that this is a really special event! So..

    Yipeee for our 1,000,000th hit!

              Tuesday, March 13, 2001

    Care to Join in a Stress Test?
    - 12:59:20 AM - Saam
    Yep, you heard right. We (the TTLG staff) have been talking about switching from the UBB forum software to some sort of ASP forum, and we have a few choices in our hands. One of them, located here, is a free forum software that seems pretty decent. The task in hand now is to give this forum software a good kick and see if it can handle the stress load of all you readers, posting, replying, viewing, etc. So, what are you waiting for?

    Go there now!

    Note: If you notice any bugs, error messages, and so forth, please mention them on those forums, and not on our regular TTLG forums. Thanks!

              Monday, March 12, 2001

    Fic: Key of Inverse
    - 7:49:21 PM - Oisin
    Chapter One of a new fanfic by Jeremy Harper has been uploaded and can be accessed at the Short Tales area of the website, currently in development, Jeremy requests constructive feedback! :)

  • "Key of Inverse" - by Jeremy Harper
    "The back of Alaric's skull burst apart in a blast of fiery pain. Stars rushed towards his eyes as his vision tunneled, a sickening sense of vertigo making his legs buckle... sending him falling, falling, falling... a fall that seemed endless. A black veil fell over his sight. 'The other torches went out... gotta talk to Lord Manco about that...' he thought inanely before oblivion swallowed him."

  • Bug Fix For 'Kidnap' Mission
    - 1:24:36 PM - Oisin
    Kidnap (Thief2)
      (4.48 Megs)

    By BMX:

    This wonderful little (BIG!) file is the "Kidnap" mission for Thief 2.

    "The wonderful thing about it, is that I have fixed that damned annoying loot bug, which meant that you could only ever get 50 short of the maximum loot. But now you can!"

              Sunday, March 11, 2001

    Tutorial: Ambient Sound
    - 12:03:12 PM - Oisin
    A new tutorial which gives you step by step instructions on how to integrate ambient sound into your level has been contributed by Masterthief30.

  • Ambient Sound
    by Masterthief30

  • Short Tale: Thief
    - 11:49:19 AM - Oisin
    Nathan Readett has contributed his first short tale named: Thief. It can be accessed at the Short Tales area of the website or can be accessed right here:

  • Thief
    by Nathan Readett
    "Garret headed up the stairs and made his way to the targets room. He placed is ear against the door and listened for any signs of activity. He smiled as he heard the loud snoring. He took a key from one of the sleeping guards at the door and opened the door quietly and slowly."

  •           Friday, March 09, 2001

    New Thievery Screenshots from Ulukai
    - 4:05:22 PM - Dan
    Word held that Ulukai had posted some new Thievery UT screenshots up on his personal site. The word held true. Upon exploring the grounds of his establishment, I was pleasantly surprised at what progress had been made. Excellent... splendid even!

              Sunday, March 04, 2001

    Getting FMs From The Keep
    - 4:24:44 PM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    For those of you who have been having trouble getting fan missions to download from The Keep of Metal of Gold, Ben Ramsey has come up with this solution:
    If you get your own i-drive account, you can grab files directly from my i-drive to your i-drive, bypassing the download limit. Then you can simply download the file from your i-drive to you own computer, no problem. It's an extra step, but it works.

    T2X and CoSaS covered at DXM.com
    - 3:06:57 AM - Dan
    The messenger said he had urgent news. He explained that information had been leaked, and was now public. I just smiled and patted the lad on the head, asking him to run along after giving him enough coin for three square meals. All was going according to plan. The loyal subject residing over "Deus Ex Machina" were only maintaining their part of the bargain. I was sure that Lord Avalon was just as satisfied as I.

    Don't be left out. The second part of the CoSaS & T2X interview has been posted.

              Saturday, March 03, 2001

    Haunt Stadium DM
    - 6:32:19 PM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    Nameless_voice has produced a demo mission, Haunt Stadium, for Thief 1, which is available from his home site. Here's the info he posted about it on the Editor's Forum:
    How long could you survive in hand-to-hand combat with the deadliest opponents?
    Do you have what it takes to combat fearless undead warriors?
    If you think you do, come to Haunt Stadium, where the action never ends!

    Okay, here's a little demo mission I made for Thief 1.
    It consists of a large arena patrolled by a haunt. As soon as you kill one haunt, another appears to take his place.
    The game keeps track of how many haunts you've killed. Of course, saving isn't permitted, and the game will end if you attempt to do so.
    It's more of an arcade mission that a sneaker (because you're not supposed to sneak).
    Hmmm, now all I have to do is get the level to keep your highest score...

              Friday, March 02, 2001

    The Eye of Ruth
    - 6:49:42 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    A new fan mission is now available from the Keep of Metal and Gold. The Eye of Ruth, by William the Taffer, is a small mission for Thief 2.

    Password? Me no need no STEENKEEN Password!
    - 12:49:00 AM - Dan
    Those password requests you are seeing are in error.. it's not supposed to be happening. I am hoping that our Server Goddess Msledd will get it fixed when dawn hits the US west cost.... in about 10 hours from now. D'oh....

              Thursday, March 01, 2001

    Meshscale V2.0 Uploaded:
    - 1:53:01 PM - Oisín

    Randy Sybel, the developer of Meshscale, the program that lets you resize AIs in Thief has contributed Meshscale v2.0. It can be accessed at the Tools area of the website under Fan-Made Companion Tools, or right here. :)

  • Meshscale v2.0 (meshscale.zip) - (134 K)
    Made by Randy Sybel

  • Underground Mirrors FMs
    - 9:30:30 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    Thief Underground will now have a full mirrior of The Circle's FM archive available from their Fan Mission section. Here's a copy of the news posted there earlier today:

    Hokay, listen up ya'll. We've got some great news regarding the current FM darth, due to TTLG's bandwidth problems: the Underground has gotten the permission/blessing of TTLG's staff to a Mirror of their FM Archive. So, as of right now, any and all FMs are available to download via our FMs Archive. In theory, anyways, there's still a few files that are lacking, specifically:

  • Update patch, German Version, and German Add-on for Hush...Hush, Sweet Harlot.
  • Briefing Movie for The Final Crusade I.
  • Calendra's Cistern 1.0 patch.
  • Tower of Illusion, by Wrichards.
  • Oblivion beta.
  • Hi-Quality briefing for The Gem.

    If you have any of these files, or know where they can be obtained, please let me know. And yes, I am aware of the Keep of Metal and Gold...I've yet to be able to get more then two files off it, though.

    Beyond a shadow of a doubt, some files have gotten mixed up, some links broken, some FMs missed. If you notice any of these problems, be sure to drop me a line. To coin a phrase, "No one knows how to improve the site better than the visitor." Well, okay, maybe it isn't original after all, but you get the idea.

    You'll notice some of the links point to the main FilePlanet site instead of the subdirectory of 3D Action Planet's space. This is because of the new Thief Series section at FilePlanet, where all the files will end up eventually. This means that the FMs will be on the premium FTP1 server, and will be mirrored at several additional locations affiliated with FilePlanet. In addition, the files can now be sorted by name, filesize, etc.

    However, we do not have direct access to the FTP1 server, so getting the files onto it will take a more Time. That means the 3D AP subdirectory won't be disappearing anytime soon.

    Special thanks to: Saam for giving the permission to create the Mirror, UnderT0w for obtaining the permission, MsLedd, frobber, and Sledge for providing hard-to-find FMs, Gwog for setting up the Thief section on FilePlanet, and the webmaster of the Keep of Metal and Gold for providing a handy listing of FMs.



    - 8:42:22 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    TUDEDCSP - which stands for The Ultimate DromEd Data Collection and Sorting Project - is now in full swing. The project is being headed by Totality and a prelimmenary version is expected around easter time. However, Totality is still interested in recruiting helpers for this project. Anyone who feels they could spare some time should e-mail him. Here's a summary of the project's aim:
    The main idea is to go through the forum, copying/summarising/compressing EVERYTHING of relevance into a webpage/compiled help file system. This would then be cross-referenced and updated to allow editors to find the information that they needed.

    This is a mammoth undertaking however and is going to take a while. That is why I need your help, I have already talked to G'len about helping out (who you can thank for the superb working title), and the more the merrier. If you wouldn't mind spending time trawling back through the depths of the forum summarising, categorising and indexing, please reply or email me.

    Anyone who is familiar with scripts on the web to speed up the process, or these .chm files would be welcome too....

    p.s For an idea of what I am talking about see here which is where I have began to translate the Thief 3 idea forum to a webpage. Please excuse the web banners, it will be moving to TTLG webspace soon.

    Latest FM Releases
    - 8:13:22 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    Whilst The Circle's Fm archive is unavailable, new FMs have still been released. I've put together a short list of recent FMs, along with a short description of each. Don't forget you can grab them from both The Keep of Metal and Gold and Thief Underground.

  • Bloodsport by Metalhead, for Thief 2.
    "In blood ye were born, and in blood so shall ye die, for blood is the way of the world. It is life, sprung forth from the Master's veins, so honor, ye, the blood above all else."
    -The Book of Dagusha

    It seems word of my new accommodations has been getting around. Someone was waiting for me there the other night, and the usual ace up my sleeve didn't have the desired effect. The other "guests" here at least had some useful information. It seems I've become a tenant of a new group of fanatics calling themselves the Brotherhood of the Raven, and if what I hear is true, I could end up liking these guys even less than the Mechanists. Word has it we'll all be thrown into a huge arena and made to fight to the death before a thousand spectators. Needless to say, I don't plan on being around for the opening ceremonies. I must be some distance from the city, since no one seems to know who I am around here, which is good. That guard with the key walks a little too close to the cell for his own good, I'd better relieve him of it before something evil befalls him, and make my exit while I'm at it. But given the circumstances, my task isn't as simple as merely escaping. The Hammerites only wanted me in prison, and the Mechanists only wanted me dead, but this "Brotherhood" wants to make sport out of me, and worse, wants to make money from it. I'll need to find out who did this to me, and then make them regret it. No one makes a patsy out of me.

  • The Spider Caves by Keeper of Metal and Gold, for Thief 1/G.
    On your way to grab some grub at a nearby tavern, a band of city guards transporting something spotted you as you tried to grab the contents of the crate for yourself! They didn't nab you, however, and you ran out of the city limits with a few of them hot on your trail. Charging into a nearby cave, you stumble over a sleeping body, and fall headlong down a steep hole, while the guards above can be heard discovering that there are a few other lowly thieves in the cave (including the one you stumbled over). Thinking they've caught up to and apprehended the thief they were trailing, they begin to mercilessly attack the other thieves, while you manage to scramble away deeper into the caves...
  • The Fiend by kompac, for Thief 1/G.
    This is the letter you've received from an unknown man:


    I don't like to do it, but circumstances made me to press you into service for me. Thanks to my informants, I know a lot about your 'activity' in our town and I have enough information to put you in jail for several years. However if you carry out what I'm going to ask you to do, I will burn all the proofs and forget about the whole matter.

    Several years ago, an evildoer named Virate has settled into the mansion behind the town. He used to be a Hammerite priest in the past, but later he got mixed up with the forces of darkness and was excommunicated from the order. Rumour has it that it's him to whom the army of the undead terrorizing the surrounding belongs. In the last weeks more and more undead could be seen and moreover people started to disappear under strange circumstances. In addition, I've received a message recently, that the Book of Forbiden Magic was stolen from secret Hammer library. There's no doubt that it was Virate who did it and I dare not think about all the evil he could commit with it.

    Therefore I ask you to do what's inevitable: find Virate and kill him. Also find the stolen Book of Forbiden Magic. It must be hidden again and protected against villains like Virate. As a reward, you can take all valuables that you find in his mansion."

  • Darkloader v3.07
    - 7:49:48 AM - Alex/Jyre/Dash
    Björn Henke has released the latest version of Darkloader, the fan mission loader for all versions of Thief. He lists the changes as:

  • DarkLoader will now show the name of an invalid archive.
  • mission titles with german umlauts (ä,ö,ü etc) will now be displayed correctly.
  • added swedish translation of the interface (thanks to Robin Karlsson).
  • some minor changes.
  • You can grab the latest version from Björn's Homepage or directly from us. Thanks to Björn for making such a useful tool!

    Thievery has some real talent.
    - 4:00:21 AM - Dan
    This is rather exciting. I noticed that Ulukai, a maker of fantastic maps for Unreal Tornament, is a part of the Thievery UT team. He's going to be doing mapping of course. Ultra-congrats to the TUT team for getting such a pro in their ranks.

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