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          Saturday, June 29, 2002

Thievery Interview
- 8:34:42 AM - Elenkis
HomeLan Fed have interviewed project lead Dalai about the recently released (and might I say extremely cool?) Thievery UT mod. Here's a snippet:
HomeLAN - How difficult was it to bring your ideas about the Thief games to the mod?

Dalai - Thief's slow, sneaky style of gameplay is very suited to singleplayer, no-one likes to wait in a multiplayer game. Imagine playing a guard and having to stand there for 10 minutes while a thief sits still in the shadows watching. It was tricky to emphasize stealth and still keep the game fun for everyone involved. I hope we've succeeded. ;)

Also, please note that the thieveryut.com site seems to be out cold at the moment and you'll need to head over to the www.ttlg.com/thievery URL for now.

Have fun!

          Thursday, June 27, 2002

Thievery UT Released!!!
- 11:13:48 PM - Hanse
And now, taffers, the moment you've all been waiting for...

Thievery UT has been released!!!

The Thievery Beta 1 file is currently available for download from FilePlanet and TTLG's gracious mirror host, Jason Tibbitts, III (Thanks Jason!), as well as a few others. The Thievery UT site has full details on how to install the mod, along with all the download links.

Go there now! Grab your friends and your UT and get thieving!

FM/DM: Run Thief...RUN!
- 7:12:24 AM - Elenkis
Run Thief...RUN is a fun new demo/fan mission from Gum Drop with objective of learning the route and running through in the fastest time possible. Good luck!

Thief 2 Fan Mission
Run Thief...RUN!

Filesize: 6.6 MB
Released: 6/27/2002

  • Author's Homepage

  • By: Gum Drop (Tim Murray)

    Plot Description: The idea is to complete this demo as fast as possible. Learn the route, keep a good pace, and don't look back. :-)

    FMs: Brainchild and Awaken!
    - 6:49:12 AM - Elenkis
    Two new Thief 1 fan missions have been added to the database; Thief Brainchild and Awaken! Both missions were created by Sperry but neither of them have a readme file or any kind of description. Awaken seems to have a pretty interesting concept however, where you start out with nothing and the objectives unfold as the mission plays out. So why not give them a go and post your thoughts? :)

    Thief 1 / Gold Fan Mission
    Thief: Brainchild

     Filesize: 4 MB
     Released: 6/27/2002
     no readme file

    By: Sperry

    Plot Description: No information given.

    Thief 1 / Gold Fan Mission

     Filesize: 3.4 MB
     Released: 6/27/2002
     no readme file

    By: Sperry

    Plot Description: No information given.

              Tuesday, June 25, 2002

    Quick Introduction
    - 9:52:34 PM - Darkwarrior
    I'll be helping out The Circle with posting news regarding TEG. There's always a lot going on so I'll be sure to keep an eye on the forum (especially because I plan on actually finishing my current Thief 2 FM).

    There's a bunch of news to look at below, so happy reading. :)

    Secret of the Craymen Announced
    - 9:38:39 PM - Darkwarrior
    Sharga and Yametha have announced their in-development Thief 2 Campaign, Secret of the Craymen. The second mission, Blue Moon, will hopefully come out soon. Why hopefully? Take a look at this eye candy:

    Incredible screenshots, guys! I can't wait to play it. (you can check out the rest of the shots at this thread)

    EDIT: Swamped was the first FM in the series and is already released. You can download it here.

    New Model Converter
    - 9:28:45 PM - Darkwarrior
    This is great news! Now instead of going from 3DS to .e to .bin using a DOS program (to import 3D models to Dark Engine games), you can now use an excellent graphical program to go right from .3ds to .bin! A big thanks goes out to Nameless_Voice for this program. To get it, go to this webpage and scroll down on the news. Also check out N_V's new silver models, which look fantastic. Keep it up, Nameless_Voice!

              Sunday, June 23, 2002

    Thievery UT Release Date Set
    - 8:44:53 AM - Dan
    Friday the 28th.

    Get your Unreal Tournament installations ready to go. Thievery UT is coming! From the official site:

    Thievery Beta 1.0 weighs in at 125 megs and is playable offline against the AI, or (much more recommended) online, taking on the role of either a thief or a guard. If you're using dial-up, don't be put off, due to clientside code and the nature of the gameplay, Thievery is still playable with high ping. We'll be holding something of a release party in our irc channel and a bunch of online games, so be sure to drop by (more details will be announced nearer the time).
    Their site features four new screenshots just to get you excited, too. :)

              Wednesday, June 19, 2002

    Winamp Skin and Goodies
    - 11:43:21 PM - Elenkis
    Andrea Marchi has again been busy creating some new Thief goodies for the media section! This time he has made a Winamp skin, desktop wallpaper and some icons that all follow a Hammerite theme. Thanks Andrea, nice stuff! :-)

  • thief_amp8.zip - (56 K) - preview
    by Andrea Marchi

  • thiefwall_holyhand.zip - (105 K) - preview
    By Andrea Marchi : Holy Hand of the Master Builder wallpaper.

  • thief_icon4.zip - (15 K)
    By Andrea Marchi: Two Hammerite Icons.

  • Fanfic: A Contest of Fools
    - 7:27:37 PM - Elenkis
    Seth Paul (greypatch3) has finished part two of his humorous fanfic, A Contest of Fools. If you're looking for a laugh then take a look at this Thief story done in the style of Douglas Adams. Here's a peek:
    As per the attempts at renovation, the Bonehoard now had a wall around it. It was originally designed to have a neatly laid brick outline, with fancy glassed doors allowing ingress or egress from it. However, many locals argued that cemeteries were supposed to have a dank look to it in order to scare off hooligans from ruining gravesites. So, the gate was built to look purposely aged, with a cast-iron gate missing some bars and flaky, unstable brickwork. The gate, to give it an even more authentic you can go in here, but probably shouldnt look, was held shut by a small piece of masking tape.

    Henry, Jack, and Pete stood in front of the gate, staring up at its immense fifteen-foot height. Lightning flashed, and a wolf howled somewhere in the distance.

    Henry looked around as things quieted down again. Its all rather clichd, isnt it? I mean, whats next, an owl hooting?

    An owl hooted from on top of the wall. Pete hefted a good-sized rock and flung it at the bird. It fell off and stopped making any noise whatsoever. Pete smiled, very pleased with himself.

    Thanks greypatch!

              Sunday, June 16, 2002

    Custom Thief 2 Trailer
    - 9:19:54 PM - Elenkis
    David Syas has created a new Thief 2 trailer by editing together various cutscenes from the game along with the pumping soundtrack. Pretty darned cool :-)

    The AVI file is a hefty 30MB in size and lasts for about two and a half minutes, you can find it along with the other finely made fan movies here.

  • "Thief 2 Custom Trailer", by David Syas.
  • Thanks Dave!

              Saturday, June 15, 2002

    FM Update: Estheridge
    - 6:09:42 PM - Elenkis
    Ben Hur has sent an updated version of his recently released fanmission, Sisterhood of Azura Pt 1: Estheridge. It brings the mission up to version 1.b and fixes some small flaws that were found since release. So if you were having any problems then you might wish to redownload (the file has been updated in our database).

    Thanks for the update Ben!

              Wednesday, June 12, 2002

    FM Mailing List
    - 7:17:33 PM - Elenkis
    Kurgan of the FPS Society has sent us the following news about a new fan mission mailing list:
    I wanted to let ya know that the First Person Shooter Society has spun off another new mailing list. Originally, the 1PS list was intended for both FM and general gaming discussions, but has now branched into two separate entities. The new list is FM-Central and, as the name implies, is entirely devoted to the Fan Mission community. Intended as a place primarily for FM designers and mappers to congregate and share ideas, get feedback on missions, showcase new projects, recruit help, and announce new releases, FM players are also most welcome to join in and ask questions, post reviews, and generally learn about the wonderful world of Fan Missions! Although Thief is the clear primary interest, discussions of other games' FMs are entirely acceptable and welcome. The details for subscribing can be found here:

    http://groups.yahoo.com/group/fm-central/ or simply send a blank email to: fm-central-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

    FPS Society will also soon be opening a new site for hosting fan missions, it will be announced on the mailing list once live.

    Thanks Kurgan!

    Alex Brandon Posts in the Forum
    - 6:47:26 PM - Elenkis
    Ion Storm audio director Alex Brandon has posted on our forums in response to a thread that voices some concerns that his usual music style may not be appriopriate for Thief 3 and may not live up to Eric Brosius' work in the previous Thief games. Here's what he had to say on the matter:
    Interesting thread :)

    I'm actually glad that I've read the concerns and hopes of the Thief fans. I'll be happy to clear a few things up that people may be wondering...

    1) Thief 3's audio is, in the end, the responsibility of me and the Thief 3 uppers like Randy and Lulu. However, I'm not the only one doing sound for the game. Our new sound designer, Todd Simmons, is also contributing material, in addition to as yet undisclosed others.

    2) Thief 3 will be my biggest challenge yet for game audio and we here at Ion Austin fully intend to make Mr. Brosius and the nitpicky fans as well not only proud but pleasantly surprised.

    3) I've been talking to Eric on occasion about the audio and had the chance to sit down with him last year before production began. He's an awesome guy who definitely doesn't give himself very much credit, but thanks to him and Randy and Lulu (in addition to hours at Thief 1, my favorite level still being "The Horn") as well as the other ex-LGers who're working here I have a very solid philosophy of the Thief universe, and trust me, I'm not going to soil it with my previous style of writing, which is most certainly pretty camp by comparison (different games, after all). But again, remember it isn't just me doing work on T3, but many.


    Thanks Alex, good to hear from you! We're looking forward to hearing your work in T3 :)

    FM: The Sisterhood of Azura
    - 5:16:13 PM - Elenkis
    Estheridge, part one of Ben Hur's new Sisterhood of Azura trilogy that Dan posted about below has now been added to our FM database. Enjoy!

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Sisterhood of Azura Pt 1: Estheridge

     Filesize: 3.7 MB
     Released: 6/12/2002

    By: Ben Hur

    Plot Description: "You are returning to the town of Estheridge to track down an old friend. The town itself is under the direct control of The Sisterhood of Azura. There is more going on than they would have you believe. The Guild have dispatched a mercinary named Joshua to the town to retrieve the Hammerite artifact The Eye unless you can stop him."

    FM Update: L'anniversaire
    - 4:50:24 PM - Elenkis
    Just noticed over at Jason's that recent french fanmission's L'anniversaire de Yan and L'anniversaire de Joelle have been updated with various fixes and improvements. What better time is there to give these missions a try? :)

              Monday, June 10, 2002

    Fanfic: A Thief in the 30's
    - 7:33:17 PM - Elenkis
    Antonio Salazar has sent us chapters twelve and thirteen of his ongoing novel A Thief in the 30's. As always Antonio has also updated the author's note, this time with the news that he has now finished the novel on paper and will be submitting the last chapters soon! Congrats Antonio and thanks for all the submissions! Here's a snip from the latest chapters:
    Mercury came to first, and, looking around, realized with a groan exactly where he was. Garrett stirred beside him, and Mercury searched with bleary eyes to see where he was tied down and what he was tied down to. Garrett awoke beside him, and a groan told him he had also realized where they were. Finally, Mercury saw the rope tying his hands to his feet, and the other rope tying the first one to some sort of metal bar.
    "Lock picks are pretty useless here," Mercury said.
    "Yeah," Garrett agreed, "but a good thief always carries a dagger with him." A blade came out of Garrett's sleeve, and he sawed the rope in half in the space of a few moments. Mercury murmured something jokingly about Garrett being a smart aleck, but Garrett only smiled. He stepped over to Mercury and untied his bonds, releasing the thief so he could rub his blood-deprived hands.
    "My primary weapon was the dagger until I came here. I left mine with Marco for safekeeping. I'll keep that in mind, though." They quickly slipped into the shadows, hoping Mordak wasn't going to look for them anytime soon.

              Sunday, June 09, 2002

    Fanfic: A Story of a Son
    - 10:49:27 PM - Elenkis
    A new short story has been added to the fanfic library for your reading pleasue. A Story of a Son by Dudie tells the tale of Dustin, child of two very familiar characters. Here's a peek:
    The mansion was more of a castle than anything it had twenty foot walls with a high guard tower in each corner. The wall was thick enough for guards to patrol and with a torch every five feet, it seemed almost impossible to get through. I sat and waited nearly three hours clocking every movement every breath each guard took until I had the timing right to breach the gap. This was the home of Sir Worthington a wealthy old man who had just recently moved into the city. He had obviously heard of the many thieves this city holds otherwise his security would not be so tight.

    I pulled out my bow and aimed ever so carefully at the neck of the guard in the first tower, I let slip the arrow and it pierced the mans neck dropping him to the ground...

    Thanks for the submission, Dudie!

    FM: The Sisterhood of Azura
    - 12:09:32 PM - Dan
    Ben Hur has produced part one of his T2 trilogy, and it's called The Sisterhood of Azura. This mission will be avaliable from our archive as soon as Jason puts it up on his server - but in the mean time, grab hold of it from the author's page, right here.
    The town of Estheridge, an old haunt of Garretts, was once a Hammerite stronghold but over the last few years the steel fist of the Mechanists has meant misery for the towns folk. The Sisterhood of Azura, an all female sub splintergroup of Mechanists have the whole town at their mercy. Mercy is one thing they're short of. The alchemy they practise is the darkest imagineable, not even Karras would go so far. Garretts old friend Sara, a rather powerful alchemist herself, has requested the help of Garrett in finding an ancient Hammerite book and artifact that holds the key to the Azura's power as she herself is on the hitlist of the Mechs. The Keepers are poking their nose in too, hmmmm ...........
    The screenshots look great as well!

    FM Review: Just For Show
    - 9:33:26 AM - Dave
    Tumbleweed's FM 'Just For Show' has been reviewed by OliG and scored an excellent 8.5 hammers!

    Review by OliG
  • Excellent medieval-style architecture.
  • A simple task, but challenging gameplay. Plenty of scope for individuality and skill.
  • Greatly varied atmospheres - the player feels tense throughout. Texturing, sound and design combine perfectly to create the desired atmosphere in each area.


  • A relatively short mission
  • Lack of a strong plot.

    Bottom Line:

    This mission is excellent in all respects, but its relative shortness and the lack of a strong plot just stops this one hitting the top. Tumbleweed - youve surpassed yourself.

  • You can read the whole review here!

              Wednesday, June 05, 2002

    Guards vs. Thieves Update
    - 7:19:57 PM - Dan
    I was sent notice that the Guards vs Thieves mod website has been updated. Here it is, from the horse's mouth:
    We have updated the GvT site, and added three more music samples from last weekend's recording session, as well as two photos of some GvT musicians. Click here to visit the site.

    We have also won Site of The Month with the G.S.T. site.

    Just to recap, Guards vs Thieves (GvT) is a Thief inspired team multiplayer half life mod, and Grenades, Snarks & Teleporters (G.S.T.) is a collection of really weird maps and weapons, currently in public beta 1.0 phases.

    Thank you, The Cheese Guy, for keeping us up to date. Good luck!

    Fan Mission Theater, 6/5/02
    - 7:17:02 PM - Dan
    In case you're just tuning in, I just updated the site with a ton (12) Fan Missions, including the latest from frobber (a huge mission some of you may already have heard of), and a complete trilogy. Scroll down to look at it all (there's much more than I mentioned). Special thanks to Jason Tibbitts and Komag for the reconnaissance. Enjoy!

    Two French Fan Missions
    - 7:05:07 PM - Dan
    Jason Tibbitts tracked these two down. They're two French missions which, as far as I know, have not been translated. One is by Charles and еKZ, and the other by Lady Jo and еKZ. Thanks to you all, and Jason as well!

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    L'anniversaire de Joelle

    Filesize: 0.4 MB
    Released: 6/5/2002
    no readme file

  • DukeZ's Homepage

  • By: Charles and DukeZ

    Additional Comments: French mission. No information given.

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    L'anniversaire de Yan

    Filesize: 0.2 MB
    Released: 6/5/2002

  • DukeZ's Homepage
  • By: Lady Jo / еKZ

    Additional Comments: Anniversary. French mission. No information given.

    The Hashishans, by Ben Hur
    - 6:59:43 PM - Dan
    Ben Hur has released what I belive to be his first mission. If so, congratulations, and thank you for the hard work & submission.

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    The Hashishans

    Filesize: 2 MB
    Released: 6/5/2002

  • Author's Homepage

  • By: Ben Hur

    Plot Description: "You've been banged up on trumped up charges. You face the noose tommorrow. With the help of the Hashishans you should be able to escape and claim almighty retribution. "

    Four Japanese Fan Missions
    - 6:52:12 PM - Dan
    Komag spotted these four missions. They all seem to be very small, but nevertheless worth a look. As always, thanks go out to the authors, and to Komag for finding them!

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Chon Migoroshi (v2.0)

     Filesize: 0.4 MB
     Released: 6/5/2002

    By: GORUGO 13

    Additional Comments: Japanese mission. No information given.

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    MainShock T2 (v2.0)

     Filesize: 4.6 MB
     Released: 6/5/2002

  • Author's Homepage

  • By: JIS

    Additional Comments: Japanese mission. The work period of this FM is three weeks. Although made from ThiefGOLD at first, work was abandoned at once, and it completed as an object for T2 now.

    Thief Gold Only Fan Mission

     Filesize: 0.1 MB
     Released: 6/5/2002

    By: MaitchinguMachikoSensei

    Additional Comments: Japanese mission. No information given.

    Thief Gold Only Fan Mission
    UndeadLand (vA)

     Filesize: 2.3 MB
     Released: 6/5/2002

    By: JIS

    Additional Comments: Japanese mission. No information given.

    Christine Schneider's FM Trilogy
    - 6:46:29 PM - Dan
    Christine Schneider has contributed a trilogy of German fan missions (translated into English by Kyloe). Thank you very much, Christine!

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    A Visit to Lord Ashton's

     Filesize: 4.8 MB
     Released: 6/5/2002

    By: Christine Schneider

    Plot Description: This is the 1st mission in Christine Schneider's series.

    Lord Ashton is one of the richest, most respected men of the City. It's about time you paid him a visit and plundered his treasury. Besides gold and silver, it is said to contain numerous artefacts from the Lost City. And there are many more lucrative opportunities on the premises. Lady Helena is a rich noblewoman and a collector of rare artefacts - you have been working for her a couple of times in the past. She wants you to lift a few things from Lord Ashton's: an antique navigator's globe, a golden skull, a certain Mask of the Elders, and the Hand of Glory. Once you have these, head for the family's cemetary where you will receive further instructions from Lady Helena. In the past, it's always been worthwhile working for her Ladyship...

    Additional Comments: This mission has been translated from German by Kyloe.

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    A Night's Stroll

     Filesize: 7.9 MB
     Released: 6/5/2002

    By: Christine Schneider

    Plot Description: This is the 2nd mission in Christine Schneider's series.

    After your successful break into Lord Ashton's, you're on your way to your 'patron', Lady Helena. She's waiting for you in the nearby village...

    Read the diary in your inventory and Lady Helena's letter!

    Additional Comments: This mission has been translated from German by Kyloe.

    Thief 2 Fan Mission

     Filesize: 6.2 MB
     Released: 6/5/2002

    By: Christine Schneider

    Plot Description: This is the 3rd mission in Christine Schneider's series.

    After your arrest, there's only one thing to do: escape!

    Additional Comments: This mission has been translated from German by Kyloe.

    Dread, by amievil?
    - 6:40:22 PM - Dan
    Dread seemed to slip through the cracks when it was released. But it recently was updated, and thankfully I noticed it. As always, thank you amievil? for the contribution. Here it is!

    Thief Gold Only Fan Mission

    Filesize: 3.6 MB
    Released: 6/5/2002

    By: amievil? (Mike Yyder)

    Plot Description: I was on my way tonight to rob another rich lord. Just a little job, pay would have been good. I had to take to the sewers, since the streets were red hot. An important official in the city has been murdered, and the Sheriff's men are out looking for the Murderer. So I was taking a unfamiliar route through the sewer, and in the darkness I stumbled. I fell through a hole in the sewer floor. I was hurt, but upon taking a healing potion, felt better... (more)

    Hallucinations, by Ken Ramsley (frobber)
    - 6:37:33 PM - Dan
    I'd like to start off with a mission that had gained quite a bit of attention before it's release. It's a huge mission, with a huge list of helpers. The main man behind it, Ken Ramsley (frobber), worked on this mission for well over a year. Congratuations on the release!

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    Keeper of the Prophesies Ep 1: Hallucinations

     Filesize: 45.6 MB
     Released: 6/5/2002

    By: frobber (Ken Ramsley)

    Plot Description: He was corrupted without his knowing
    for he failed to perceive his danger.
    But his folly was meant to be
    and his journey would be no accident.
    --From the Last Book of Amahus


    Overloaded and Behind
    - 6:32:44 PM - Dan
    I finally found a free moment to catch up on updates. As you should know, Elenkis is away for the week. As you may not have known, my 'real' job has been keeping me away for more and more extended periods. But I got a few moments, and am trying to catch things up. We have a ton of FMs piled up. I'd like to give a big thanks to Jason Tibbitts and Komag for their attention to detail and studious work. On to the missions!

    Travel to: Go Back / T-tc.com (home)