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    Saturday - 05.15.1999
    Thief 2 - A Spy's Report - 9:00pm EST - Nightfall
One of my new agents, Undercover Atog, was successful in his mission. Here is what he found.
Greetings fellow thieves. I was one of the lucky people who managed to sneak into E3 disguised as a buyer. I went to the Eidos booth, and found the Thief 2 display. It was pretty basic - four computers, running an interactive Thief 2 demo. I would be lying if I didn't say I was a little disappointed. The demo was the Lost City level from the original Thief with the new 16-bit textures, colored lighting, and models.

Let me first say that the guards look MUCH less angular than before. I talked to Steve Pearsall, who was there at the booth fixing problems and answering questions. He confirmed that the new Thief models use 600 or so polys, as opposed to the 300 of the original Thief. They look MUCH better. I also asked him about "monster" levels, and he confirmed that most people didn't like the 'adventure' levels of the original Thief and that they were going to be cut. This is a real shame IMO, because it wasn't the adventure levels that people had problems with, it was that the zombies were so slooooow. Oh well. I didn't want to discuss game design theory with Mr. Pearsall, he looked busy.

The colored lighting looks pretty good. For those that remember, the Lost City had plenty of lava in it, and it was neat to see the lava pools fill the room with a ruddy red glow. The torches also threw more orange/yellowish light, which looked very nice.

Overall I wasn't impressed with the demo, BUT (and I have to stress this) I don't think it was indicative of the final product in any way. It was obviously a quickly thrown-together deal so that the staff could showcase the new engine. It didn't really show anything new, but it did do a good job of showing the improvements to the environment of Thief. Speaking of environments, I forgot to ask if they were going to include volumetric fog in Thief 2. Doh! I really hope they do.

This serves to reinforce things we have learned in the past. I suspect that they used the lost city mission to display the Thief 2 enhancements because of the abundance of opportunities to show them off in a big way, namely, the colored lighting with the lava.

    Thief 2 and Thief Gold Teams - 3:40pm EST - Nightfall
The question was asked in the Thief forum, and Tim Stellmach answered!
Glad you asked. Here's the rough equivalent of the Thief 1 "The Band" web page info, before anybody stops me.

You might remember a while ago we brought Emil Pagliarulo on as a designer. We couldn't say at the time that it was for Thief 2.

In addition, I'd like to welcome Terri Brosius, Rafael Brown, Rich Carlson, Mike Chrzanowski, and Iikka Keranen to the Thief design team(s). Terri (aka Viktoria) has done contract voice acting and screenplay writing work for us before. Rich and Iikka are Thief fans from ION Storm (we think we'll even have desks for you Monday, guys). Mike brings an impressive wealth of game knowledge from the retail sales business. Rafael comes from Reality Bytes, where he was part of the Dark Vengeance team.

Mike, Rich, and Iikka are joining Emil, Randy, and me on the Thief 2 design team, while Rafael and Terri join Sara Verrilli on Thief Gold. Sara's taken a promotion to Lead Designer on Thief Gold so I dont have to do it (not that I could). Thanks, Sara, and congratulations again.

Mark Lizotte, Lead Artist for Thief 1, is still on the program, as are Dan Thron (movie and particle system artist), Jen Hrabota (sorry for forgetting your new hyphenated name, Jen) and the Looking Glass A/V all-stars.

You'll note an absence of programmers from that list. It's not like we don't need any, but we're still in the initial design and prototyping stages and have a good editor to work with. Our programming team will be determined more exactly as we get to that stage of the project.

Our Project Director for the Thief line is Steve Pearsall, current star of E3 and former department manager of Quality Assurance and Customer Service. Take a virtual bow, Steve.

Thanks goes to Thumper for asking the question. Updated! - 3:30pm EST - Nightfall
I always enjoy seeing other people's Thief sites grow - and I like it even better when the actually tell me about it! Here's Jake from
I have updated my links page, screen shots, and downloads section. This time I didn't take anything from your site! :)
Thanks for keeping your site up to snuff, Jake!

    New Fansite Discovered - 'Thief World' - 3:25pm EST - Nightfall
While checking out the updates to (which I shall post about next), I noticed a new Thief fansite, based in the UK. It's called Thief World. It's an interesting little site, which has, among a loads of stuff everyone else has, a set of very interesting screenshots, and a sort of hall of fame type thing for people who want to send in impressive Thief stats, such as mission times, etc.

    Thief Preferences Survey Completed! - 3:00pm EST - Nightfall
A message from the good Lytha to you all,
I think it is time now to reveal the URL where the results of the survey can be found. Not that it was already finished, or that all pages would be there. But the main results (Means and STD of the maps), and the stuff about the people who joined the survey, are already there.

Results of the Survey

I am still working on the other stuff, and with my incredible slowness (because of the lack of the html-editor I was used to use) it will take a while until it is completed. If there should be horrible typos that make it impossible to understand what I mean, you can email them to me. But not too many, please. I am rightnow more busy to create the next odd pages than to care about typos in the existing ones.

I took a look at it, and I must say it is absolutely brilliant. Bravo Lytha for such a great job! You're getting creme de la creme for this one!

    Of Hammers and Haunts - Oh the Irony of it All! - 3:00pm EST - Nightfall
The following statement by Tim Stellmach, Thief 2 Designer, is causing a bit of unrest in the forum, and rightfully so.
The Hammers will not be entirely absent; they're too important in the Thief world for that.

There will also be some "monsters," but they'll be used somewhat differently, and there's no call in our current version of the plot for undead (but that's by no means final).

In my opinion, Thief just won't be Thief without at least one haunted level! The irony of it is, when Thief was new, most of the people begged for no more undead, and now they are upset becasue LGS is doing what they asked! I agree with them, of course. Return to the Cathedral is one of the best levels in the game - Thief 2 needs another level this terrifying! If they can do that without undead, then godspeed to them, and we should all quit whining... :)

If you want your opinion to be heard, contribute to this thread.

    Friday - 05.14.1999
    Thief Gold F.A.Q. - 1:30pm EST - Nightfall
Here is is, Taffers, as promised we have exclusive Thief Gold info, straight from the source.
Q: What are the three new levels?
A: What, you want I should spoil all the surprise? They are all intended to be core gameplay levels: human guards, sneaking, etc. One will be a thieves' guild, and one a mage tower; I don't want to give away the third.

Q: Are updates of Bonehoard and Lost City being considered?... planned?
A: They are being considered, but only as time and schedules allow. Please don't tell people we intend to do anything with them; we'd like to, but we're a small team on a tight schedule, and we have as our first priority making the new levels as spiffy as possible.

Q: Are any other general enhancements planned?
A: In general, no. Maybe some special effects, some tightening of gameplay in a few spots, but no programming improvements are planned.

Q: What is planned for Thief owners?... a downloadable patch?.. rebate?
A: I can in no way say anything about that. We're still debating that with each other, and with EIDOS: in the end, it'll be EIDOS's call. Thief Gold is intended to grab 'new purchasers' more than old. I think we're hoping to do something like a rebate, but, like I said... *disclaimers aplenty.*

Q: What is the planned release date?
A: It's a software product. We're aiming to ship for Christmas, hopefully early in the season.

Q: How much new voice/artwork will there be?
A: A reasonable amount, although concentrated in the new missions.

Q: Do you check the Thief forms for suggestions?
A: The wishlist is hit every other week or so. Unfortunately, we'll probably not get most of them, especially if they are looking for programming changes or drastic level reworkings.

Sounds promising to me. Remember, these three new missions happen during the main game, stuck between existing missions, not tacked onto the end. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that most of those 'enhancements' get done.

    Thief 2 Information - Both Official and Unofficial - 11:30am EST - Nightfall
Thanks to the prodding questions of one "Terminated", Tom L. of the Thief 2 dev team dished out some nice info Re: Thief 2.
I'm relieved to have the muzzle off the team. I hope the team is as forthcoming as possible without angering the publicists or revealing details of the games that might spoil your experiences.

I can't answer all of those questions, but...

Thief 2 is well along. We started sketching it out right after Thief shipped, and full development began not long after the patch was done.

The design team is fully staffed, and have spent the past few months developing some truly excellent mission designs. The attention to detail and the extent of critical peer review has been admirable.

Level construction has begun, and we're right on schedule.

If one phrase would be used to describe what I feel the goal of Thief 2 is, it's "sustained quality." We're not trying to rush this game to market or cram it full of irrelevant features. It has a focused game design, a selection of carefully chosen technology improvements, and a schedule that permits careful mission construction and an unabbreviated playtest period.

I'm biased, but I really feel the combination of the Thief design team with several new arrivals and the time budgeted to really polish the game will make Thief 2 a far superior gameplay experience to Thief. While it doesn't break as much new ground as Thief, Thief 2 promises to be much more consistently enjoyable across all the missions.

Secondly, I received the following cryptic, garbled communication this morning, from one of my deep undercover agents.
Yo Nightfall, I managed to take a quick run through E3, and I saw the Thief 2 display! It looked awesome! It looked like a place sorta like the Lost City, but the graphics were much nicer (the red glow of the lava was sweet!). It looked like whoever was playing it was dealing with these mages looking people. Unfortunately I couldn't get a closer look - I had to run!
I'll be back soon with some nice Thief Gold info!

    Corresponence of Thieves - Chapter 6 Uploaded - 03:10am EST - Nightfall
With all this excitement about Thief 2, and Thief Gold, who can forget about Correspondence of Thieves? Well, for one, I did. I slacked and now it's two days late. Don't fret! We plan on putting out the next new chapter on Sunday, and after that, another new chapter every Wednesday and Sunday.

The current chapter, chapter 6, is actually rather long, compared to the others, and features the appearance of each major cast member. We hope you enjoy it!

    Thief 2 Facts / Rumors Updated - 02:00am EST - Nightfall
The Thief 2 Facts / Rumors section of The Footpad has been updated with a summary of what we know so far. Here it is.


  • Eidos is the publisher.
  • The subtite is "The Metal Age".
  • You will play Garrett, in the same city.
  • Enemies will more thoroughly investigate changes in the environment, possibly even re-lighting extinguished torches and so forth.
  • It will be using the Dark Engine.
  • There will be renderer enhancements, including 16-bit texturing, colored lighting and variable translucency.
  • It will be available in spring 2000.
  • Thief 2 will concentrate more on the stealth and thieving elements of the game, removing most of the monsters and more typical action elements.
  • A corrupt sheriff will play a large role.
  • It will be divided into three acts, similar to Thief 1: act one following Garrett's thieving, act two his investigation, and act three his attempt to put a stop to the larger plan he uncovers.
  • Sixteen missions are planned.
  • Each difficulty level will require you to complete the entire mission.
  • There will be a cooperative multiplayer mode that will function like another difficulty level, with co-op specific goals and objectives. There will be no competitive multiplayer.
  • Thief 3 will have a new engine.

  • Something about Viktoria?
  • The Story continues a few years later with the 'dark forces' being angry about the failure of the Trickster?
  • The poly count is much higher?
  • Release in Feb '00?
I'm working on getting some actual in-game footage of Thief 2 that I know is being displayed at E3. Not sure if I can or not.

    Extensive Thief 2 Information! - 01:50am EST - Nightfall
The following was grabbed from an article at Gamespot.
The announcement that a sequel to Looking Glass' Thief: The Dark Project came as a pleasant surprise. The second Thief game will only feature moderate technical improvement, but Thief project director Steve Pearsall made it clear that the gameplay will focus on the better aspects of the original.

According to Pearsall, Looking Glass is taking criticisms of the original to heart. Thief 2 will concentrate more onthe stealth and thieving elements of the game, removing most of the monsters and more typical action elements that many felt were of lesser quality. You will once again play the cynical Garrett. This time out, Garrett's thieving is being complicated by the work of a corrupt sheriff with sinister motives. Pearsall likens the story to a three act play with act one following Garrett's thieving, act two his investigation, and act three his attempt to put a stop to the larger plan he uncovers. Sixteen missions are planned.

Thief 2 will include some significant artificial intelligence tweaks. Enemies will more thoroughly investigate changes in the environment, possibly even re-lighting extinguished torches and so forth.

The difficulty levels will be tweaked as well. Each difficulty level will require you to complete the entire mission (as opposed to the original, where the easiest difficulty would always end at an earlier point than higher levels). The game will also feature a cooperative multiplayer mode that will function like another difficulty level, with co-op specific goals and objectives. There will be no competitive multiplayer.

Technically, Thief 2 will move to 16 bit color and include colored lighting. But the real technical advances will not happen until the third Thief game, the engine for which is reportedly already in the works.

This sounds brilliant! The lack of monsters, the down-to-earth yet still mysterious plot, the AI enhancements, the multiplayer concept! Not to mention that work on Thief 3 has already begun as well! This just keeps getting better and better!

    Thursday - 05.13.1999
    More Information Re: Thief 2 & Thief Gold - 09:20pm EST - Nightfall
A faithful informat who was on-site at the display of Thief 2 and Thief Gold had the following to report.
I just got back from E3, Thief 2 was there, A little rough but it was aparent that there were significant changes. First the story continues a few years later with the dark forces pissed off about the failure of consantine, There will be 16 bit graphics and the poly count is much higher, From what I saw they are on the right track.. Oh for those who are wondering about multi play....

Steve said there will be co-op play, he described a level that needed 2 players to act takeing out guards at the same time, sounds great... about the Gold edition he said it would include the original games with the deleted levels added in thier original places,,, Oh about the editor... He showed it to me, lookes VERY nice, and said it would be released very shortly, it was a marketing glitch with Eidos, but dont worry, IT WILL be worth it, they speculate release of T2 in Feb 00.... So keep it on you hard drives people...

The news just keeps getting better and better: Thief 2 with multiplayer, Thief Gold with new missions, and dromed to be released soon! If you were lucky enough to be present during the IRC 'party' which was held this afternoon, then you got the chance to see 6 screenshots of the first totally new Thief level, created by a dromed beta tester. Exciting times are ahead, taffers. Thank you very much, Wrichards!

    THE BIG SURPRISE IS REVEALED!!! - 03:30pm EST - Nightfall
NEWS FLASH - A post on Yahoo news, reporting DIRECTLY from the E3 Showroom floor!
LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 13, 1999--Eidos Interactive, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of interactive entertainment, Thursday announced an agreement with Looking Glass Studios Inc. which will bring four new titles based on the popular Thief franchise to market, including ``Thief II: The Metal Age(tm),'' ``Thief Gold(tm),'' plus two other as yet unnamed products based on the Thief franchise.

``We are very pleased to further the very strong working relationship we have with Looking Glass Studios,'' said Mike McGarvey, COO of Eidos. ``They are one of the most consistent developers of quality titles in the entertainment software field.''

``Thief: The Dark Project'' revolutionized the first person genre by using a complex environmental simulation, coupled with a sophisticated artificial intelligence system to create a rich, immersive game world that provides for gameplay filled with stealth, strategy and suspense.

Eidos will be shipping ``Thief Gold: The Dark Project,'' a highly enhanced version of ``Thief: The Dark Project'' which features three all new missions, in fall 1999.

In ``Thief II: The Metal Age,'' players once again assume the role of Garrett, a cynical, world-weary master thief living in an ancient city where magic and primitive technology uneasily coexist.

This first person, 3-D action adventure will incorporate all the elements that made ``The Dark Project'' so successful, plus improved artificial intelligence and all new content to unveil more of the Thief backstory. Renderer enhancements, including 16-bit texturing, colored lighting and variable translucency, will make ``Thief II'' even more visually stunning than the original.

``We are excited about taking Thief to the next level with Eidos Interactive,'' said Paul Neurath, managing director of Looking Glass Studios. ``Eidos is one of the premier publishers today, and has a demonstrated talent for building strong franchises.''

``Thief II: The Metal Age'' will be available in spring 2000 and is making its debut this week in Los Angeles at the Electronic Entertainment Exhibition (E3 Expo) in the Eidos booth (No. 500 South Hall).

Looking Glass is a pre-eminent developer of critically acclaimed titles including ``System Shock,'' and the Flight Unlimited series. Looking Glass Studios Inc. is based in Cambridge, Mass. will continue to post any new news we hear. If anyone has links to any Thief 2 information on the web, please send it in! The party in the #thief IRC Channel is starting NOW.

    Tuesday - 05.11.1999
    Spies Come Up Negative - And Fixing a Misconception - 09:50pm EST - Nightfall
Unfortunately, due to my words many of you readers came to belive that I know much more about this big surprise, then you do. This is not the case. I am as desperately awaiting this news as all of you are, hoping and speculating. For this, and for getting all of your hopes up, only to have then fizzle, I am truly sorry. There will be a massive convention in the coming days, called the Electronic Entertainment Exposition (E3), and my spies will be there. Hopefully, and most likely, that will be the time when things will become known.

In the meantime, all of my spies and agents have reported no new information. It looks as if there has been a very unfortunate postponement. But do not worry, things will start to happen as soon as E3 begins, I hope.

    Sunday - 05.09.1999 - Mother's Day
    When the Wheels of Change Begin to Turn, it is Time to Switch Gears - 09:00pm EST - Nightfall
Keepers. They work in mysterious ways, ways that are often unclear, until the meaning is thrust upon you. I receaved a letter from one of them last night.
Master Nightfall,

For five long months, The Circle of Stone and Shadow has presented the world of Thief to the masses like no other establishment could. It has been a place where information, and media, both official and fanwork, have been gathered for all to share. However before The Circle, there was something else. You were a spy, and you held a post. In this post, you did your job well, spying on the creators, and reporting of their deeds. Now, as the wheels of change begin to turn once more, it is time for your Circle to switch gears. It is time to go back, in part, to the old ways. During these recent times, all was known, and all was shared. Soon, very soon, this shall not be. You shall continue to do with your Circle as you have done in the past, but there shall be more. A merging of the old ways and the new. Your days as a spy are not over - they are just beginning.

All shall soon become very clear.

- The Keepers

Something tells me that the big news we have been hinting at for months is finally at hand, and much bigger then previously imagined. Stay tuned.

    Thief Short Tale Double Feature - 04:50pm EST - Nightfall
I am pleased to announce that two new volumes are being added to The Circle library. Both are Thief Short Tales, and both are quite entertaining. The first, is a translation of "The Chronicles of the Smith in Exile". You may expect it to be very enlightening. The second is aptly named, "A Keeper's Tale," and is likewise enjoyable. Keep on sending your fan fiction, Thief fans!

    Friday - 05.07.1999
   The Economist Discusses Thief - 09:00pm EST - James
As part of a short article on the growth of stealth and tension in computer games, the May 8 issue of The Economist makes several mentions of Thief, and notes that Thief has sold over 250,000 copies! Bravo, Looking Glass!
Despite (or perhaps because of) this more cerebral approach, stealth games have proved popular. "Metal Gear Solid" has sold almost 4m copies worldwide, "Tenchu" has sold over 500,000 copies, and "Thief" more than 250,000. Josh Randal of Looking Glass Studios, one of the creators of "Thief", suggests that these games appeal to players who are looking for something more than mindless killing. "Stealth adds an extra layer of tension and drama," he says. When the game was tested late at night, he adds, the office rang with the shrieks of terrified testers.
In case any of you were wondering, like I was until a few moments ago, 250,000 copies is good, very good, very very "lets make Thief 2 right now" good! - Dan

    Thursday - 05.06.1999
    Correspondence of Thieves - Chapter 5 is Out! - 12:20am EST - Dan
See what happens when you procrastinate? I let all that stuff pile up since this weekend, and in the end, I was unable to release Chapter 5 of Correspondence of Thieves on time. (note the use of an underline rather then quotes to signify a book... : ) So what do I do? I let you all wait another week.

Just kidding! Technically, Chapter 5 has been online since about eleven o'clock pm, Wednesday, so I did, yes I did release it on time! However I wanted the post telling about it to be on the top of the Annals, so I left it to last. Well, I incorrectly estimated the number of posts I needed to make, and the amount of time I had. So now I'm late. I really don't think anyone minds. I just like to babble.

Okay, on with the story. This chapter bring us back to the POV of your typical Thief, carrying out a not so typical mission. You'll see as soon as you read it! Continues to Grow - 12:10am EST - Dan
This is a Thief fansite out there, which deserves attention not because of its awesome look, or some great new fan fiction, but Thief content, that is actually updated. This is, of course,

So what's new? Downloads, and lots of them. He pretty much stole everything from this site, but I don't mind at all. Scope it, Thief fans.

    Wednesday - 05.05.1999
    Three Types of Glyph Wait Cursors - 11:45pm EST - Dan
Several days ago, I noted that Matéo had made an animated wait cursor using the glyph from this site. Since then, two new ones have been submitted

The original, by Matéo, with a white glyph on a black background
A second by Matéo, this time transparent with a black and gray glyph
A thrid, this time by a person only identifiable as Ilia Malkovitch, which features a yellow gylph with a blue border.

All of course will take permanent residence in the Themes Chamber.

    Covert Information from an Anonymous Operative - 11:35pm EST - Dan
Disclosure of this scrap of information may have repercussions, but I felt that we could no longer keep it under wraps. Note that the following should be considered a rumor, and one from a source that is only moderately dependable. Please do NOT try and spread this information as FACT.
Hey, I don't know how much inside info you got regarding Thief 2, but I read something very encouraging at work on Saturday. I work at _________, and I was reading a weekly update we get on things regarding the company. There was a section about upcoming _____ releases and games they were working on, and Thief 2 was on the list! This was no formal announcement at all, but a confirmation to me that the game has been approved is being worked on! I don't know if you want to post this piece of info at all, but go ahead if you think it's relevant. And I want to congradulate you and the others authoring your online story, it's a pretty good story you have there, keep it up!
Keep the faith, Taffers. Soon we shall all have something to celebrate. The names were removed to prevent identification of this agent.

    Thief - A Design Backlog - 11:30pm EST - Dan
It's always fun to look into the past of a project as big as Thief, a project which took about three years to complete, and see some of the decisions being made that would eventually come to pass. I have a small bit of that today, in the form of an e-mail from Tim Stellmach, whom many of you know as EvilSpirit.
>Thanks for your mail about the Dark Project. To answer your question,
>we're planning on video mission briefings and a cutscene between each of
>the three "acts" (of about 7 missions per act). We're sick of the glut
>of computer-generated movies and low-budget live-action movies, though,
>so we're going for hand-drawn art with limited use of processed CG,
>screenshots, and maybe rotoscoped actors to get more of an MTV
>Oddities/"The Maxx" kind of thing, we hope. We just finished up our
>first between-acts movie and first mission briefing, too, and I must say
>they look pretty sweet.
I'm quite glad the vision was realized!

    Sunday - 05.02.1999
    It is Right to Steal Back What is Stolen From You - 01:30pm EST - Dan
While taking a casual stroll through the general section of my Thieves Forum, I happened to notice that one Matéo had taken one of the animated glyphs from the bottom of a post in the Keepers' Annals, and created an animated cursor out of it! Seeing as it was only right to steal something which was stolen from me, ( and after all, I stole it from Looking Glass ) I grabbed the .ani, and placed it in the Themes chamber.

Now it is your turn to steal it from me. Go ahead, what goes around, comes around.

    A New Source of Wisdom Regarding Thief - 01:20pm EST - Dan
Keef, a slinky thief, handed me a scribbled note in passing. It pointed to a secret compound of vast illegal treasure. Upon searching the address he did give me, I discovered that this was indeed true, but most importantly, the treasure will be useful to novice thieves in need.

It is a walkthrough, a new one, penned by Brian Smith. It is long, quite, quite long. I did not have the patience to read through it, only skim, but my eyes did not detect any error or discreditability. If you are not put off by a very, very ugly color scheme (everyone knows that thieves only like black, dark blue, dark purple, dark green, dark red, and of course, gold), then you may find some great wisdom in this hall.

The path to this vault is an easy one. It begins here.

    Saturday - 05.01.1999
   Thief Chat Forum Up and Sneaking - 09:00am EST - James
Most of you experienced agents probably know this already from the Thief Webboard, but Dan recently announced that the Thief Chat Forum is up and running.... well, sneaking, given that it's Thief! It is another topic set on the Webboard.

   New Review of Thief at PC Paradox - 09:00am EST - James
Karin Spangberg apparently snuck up to my door a few nights ago, because I found a note thus signed discreetly wedged into a crack in the brickwork near the hinges. Karin informs us of a review of Theif written by the lads at PC Paradox. There are a few errors in the presentation (a paragraph or two appear to have gone missing), but their hearts are in the right place:
I found Thief to be one of the most heart thumping games I've played ever... when you open a door and a guard is standing RIGHT there, both myself and Garret jumped, he jumped behind the open door and I jumped out of my seat with my keyboard in tow. ;)

   Theif Runner-Up for Action Game of the Year at GameSpot - 09:00am EST - James
Glen Sawyer came in to report recently, and provided the news that GameSpot had voted Thief "Runner Up" for Action Game of the Year. While they note that Thief
shook up the shooter genre, replacing traditional run-'n'-gun gameplay with a brain-busting, tense, first-person game that emphasized stealth and thinking over reflexes

They awarded the top spot to Battlezone. During the debrief, Glen sighed, "Always the bridesmaid, never the bride". Sometimes, it kind of makes your hand involuntarily reach for that blackjack....