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          Friday, May 30, 2008

Holy Hammer for TG Released!
- 9:12:30 PM - pavlovscat
New Mission
Released May 26, 2008 - Holy Hammer a mission for TG by Dront

The Mission:
The Hammers have asked Garrett to recover their Holy Hammer. The hammer was left behind in their temple which has been taken over by the Trickster's beasts. Garrett needs to gather some gear and get that hammer.

This was a very tough mission. The ending was extremely hard as there were large numbers of beasts & few places to hide. It took me several attempts to make it all the way through the mission. If you are looking for a challenge, this mission is it.

I played on Normal and finished in 02:16:02 with 1953/2353 loot.


Post your comment at the Forum Discussion Thread.

Legend of the Four Elements in English Released!
- 4:30:46 PM - pavlovscat
New Mission
Released May 28, 2008 - Legend of the Four Elements a mission for T2 with German & English support by Theker
Original Release May 17, 2008 - Legende der Vier Elemente in German language only

The Mission:
Lord Xaldin has inherited the Plate of the Four Elements. The Keepers have instructed Garrett to go to Lord Xaldin's estate and steal the Plate. Also, Garrett needs to get Lord Xaldin's Horn and whatever else happens to fall into his pockets.

This mission is small but beautiful. Now that the English translation is ready, I was able to finish the mission without difficulty. There are clever clues to help you find the four elements which you will need to obtain the Plate. There is even a freakish new monster to deal with. I enjoyed this mission very much. If you are looking for a 30-45 minute mission, then play this one. Great job, Theker!

I finished on Normal in 36:34 with 2545/2660 loot and 1 secret.


Check out the original Forum Discussion Thread for hints & help. If you have comments to post, go to the English release Forum Discussion Thread.

          Thursday, May 29, 2008

Returning the Lockpicks for TG Released!
- 11:22:47 PM - pavlovscat
New Mission
Released May 25, 2008 - Returning the Lockpicks a mission for TG by Dront

The Mission:
As Garrett stolls along the street, he runs into Philip, a rival thief. After that, Garrett's lockpicks are missing. It's not hard for Garrett to figure out what happened to them. Now, he must get back his lockpicks.

This mission had me running back & forth a lot hunting for the right keys. Philip's place had some interesting areas including a secret passage to a Hammerite area. There was a bit of climbing with rope arrows and some interesting puzzles to solve. I like this mission. As usual, Dront has made a simple but believable story work in the dark, gritty TDP universe.

I chose to play on Expert difficulty because it was the only one that did not require that Philip be killed. My time for finishing this mission was 01:19:38 with 2971/2971 loot & 24/25 pickpockets.


For comments and questions, check out the Forum Discussion Thread.

          Saturday, May 24, 2008

Admiral's Compass for TG Released!
- 8:14:58 PM - pavlovscat
New Mission
Released May 24, 2008 - Admiral's Compass a mission for TG by Dront

The Mission:
Garrett robbed Captain Regalio during his visit to the Mage Towers. Now, he has been hired sneak on board the ship of Admiral Regalio, the Captain's brother. Garrett needs to retrieve the Admiral's compass.

In a similar style to Dront's previous missions, this is a plain-looking mission. It is a pleasant, but fairly short mission with basic gameplay. It is not a difficult mission to complete, especially compared to Dront's other missions.

My time for finishing this mission was 42:12 with 2012/2754 loot.


If you have questions or comments, head over to the Forum Discussion Thread to post them.

Carneval Demo & Bruder Snuck Released!
- 2:14:53 AM - pavlovscat
New Missions
Released May 22, 2008 - Carneval a demo in English and Bruder Snuck in German only for T2 by Silencium

This is a 10 minute demo mission set in a Carnival. You have to find a special mask & some loot. I like the setting and would love to see it expanded. It has great atmosphere for such a small mission.

Bruder Snuck:
This mission is in German only, but the objectives are basic: find a scroll and find some loot. This is another 10 minute mission but worth playing. It is surprisingly challenging.


Bruder Snuck:

Post your comments at the Forum Discussion Thread.

          Friday, May 23, 2008

Captured by Beasts for TG Released!
- 10:33:32 PM - pavlovscat
New Mission
Released May 22, 2008 - Captured by Beasts a mission for TG by Dront

The Mission:Though Garrett defeated the Trickster, some of his minions escaped. These beasts have captured Garrett. He is knocked over the head while purchasing some equipment. The next thing he knows, he awakens on the third floor of a strange building filled with the creatures of the Trickster. Garrett needs to find a way out of this place.

This mission is made in Dront's typical style - dark & rough looking, but with good gameplay. It is not an easy mission. This mission is filled with the weird creatures spawned by the Trickster: ratmen, bugbeasts, crawmen, exploding frogs, green spiders & red spiders. There are a few humans around for variety, but most of your foes are beasts. Fans of the Maw of Chaos should definitely try this mission.

My time for finishing this mission was 01:47:54 with 1093/3343 loot.


Let Dront know what you thought of this mission and read other taffers' comments at the Forum Discussion Thread.

Legende der Vier Elemente (German) Released!
- 7:05:25 PM - pavlovscat
New Mission
Released May 17, 2008 - Legende der Vier Elemente a mission in German only for T2 by Theker
Updated version 1.1 with English language support released on May 28, 2008.

The Mission:
Garrett must steal the Table of the Four Elements from Lord Xaldin as well as Lord Xaldin's Horn. (I think...my German's not very good!)

This mission is in German only, so I'm not clear on the story or the objectives. However, the mission looks beautiful. I made my way as far as I could & got some nice screenshots for you all. There is an English translation in the works, so check back for it.


Need help? Go to the Forum Discussion Thread to ask questeions.

John Dosio's Compound Released!
- 5:48:58 PM - pavlovscat
New Mission
Released May 17, 2008 - John Dosio's Compound a mission for T2 by cardia1

The Mission:
Once again, Garrett has been caught in the act. This time the Mechanists caught him trying to steal a holy item from a Mechanist monastary. Now Garrett finds himself on the planet of Venus at John Dosio's Compound. He must survive if to have any hope of leaving this place.

This is the third arena-style combat mission from cardia1. This mission has two different playing stlyes. I like Original difficulty the best. You are part of a team of thieves fighting against Hammers, guards, cops, pagans and Dosio's guardians. You are trying to find a medallion & a rosary and make it back to the entrance. The team with the most loot wins. In Powerfull & Tough difficulties, you are looking for the same items, but all by yourself. In addition, you must kill Dosio's trophy guardian before returning to the entrance area. Sharpen your sword and dust off you melee skills. You will need them here.


Go to the Forum Discussion Thread to let cardia1 know what you think of his latest area mission. Liked this mission? Then try these cardia1 missions: Temple of Death, Playground of Doom and Vadrigar's Prison.

Ominous Bequest Gold Released!
- 5:17:57 PM - pavlovscat
Updated Mission
Released May 14, 2008 - Ominous Bequest Gold a mission for T2 by Eshaktaar

The Mission:
Garrett has been hired to obtain some items from the estate of Lord Farrington who recently died. Several items are mentioned in his will. Garrett needs to find this will and get all the items mentioned in it. Also, Garrett's employer wants to know if rumors of abandoned mages' quarters located beneath the manor are true.

You start this mission by falling off the estate wall when some loose bricks give way. Most of your gear is on the wrong side of the wall, including your blackjack! So the first priority is finding some replacement gear which can be found early in the mission. After that, you start your hunt for Farrington's will which will give you several items to find. You also find many mysterious things at this manor. There is plentiful loot and a variety of places to explore.

The original Ominous Bequest was released August 12, 2003. It has seen some improvements over the years. This time the mission recieves a facelift. Textures have been remade at higher resolution, the water looks much nicer, some objects were replaced with improved versions from Nameless Voice's EP pack, and hidden switches have been enhanced so they are easier to locate. A few issues have been fixed, but the gameplay and puzzles remain the same.

If you have never played this mission before or if it's been a while, then what are you waiting for, you taffer?! Download it now and play! This is a classic quest mission that I have replayed many times. This mission is always enjoyable with many fun and challenging puzzles. Enjoy!!


You can post comments on the new & improved mission at this Forum Discussion Thread. If you are looking for hints & tips, try the original mission release Forum Help Thread.

          Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Dark Mod Update
- 11:37:49 AM - pavlovscat
A quick note for those interested in The Dark Mod. The team is making some great progress as noted here from the website:

Work continues, as we're hoping to have a beta release within a year from now. Our AI have gained an impressive new ability, thanks to the work of greebo and Angua. They can now ride and operate elevators!

Check out The Dark Mod website for complete info and a videos of the new AI. Don't miss the rats video either! Read the discussion at the Forum Discussion Thread.

          Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Night in Rocksbourg 3: Ink & Dust by DrK
- 11:19:08 PM - pavlovscat
New Mission
Released May 13, 2008 - A Night in Rocksbourg 3: Ink & Dust in English and Une nuit à Rocksbourg 3: Encre et poussière in French, a mission for T2 by DrK

NOTE: You will need custom scripts from Telliamed and Gaylesaver installed to play this mission.

The Mission:
This is the third mission in the A Night in Rocksbourg Series. It continues the story where Discovery, the second mission ends. Garrett is in the Rocksbourg sewers trying to escape the city. Zombies are everywhere. As Garrett tries to find a way out, he comes to a dead end and is sure that this is it...when a portal suddenly appears and a voice invites him to step through to save his life. Garrett has no idea where the portal leads, but it's got to be better than the horde of zombies chasing him now. So, he steps through the portal...into a strange place much like a monastery. No one helps someone else without expecting something in return. Garrett's saviour is no different. He will show Garrett the way out, but first Garrett must find a certain object for him.

This is a wonderfully dark mission which feels much like A New Beginning, the first Rocksbourg mission. The graphics are unbelievable. You can wander around for hours just looking around. I will certainly play this one over many times. I missed so much my first time through. You start out undercover, so you are able to explore the South Star area thouroughly. Things get tougher as the mission progresses and you enter the North Star. It's no surprise that the mission objectives add on as you play. There are many puzzles to figure out as well as keys to find. The mission is also full of secrets.

This mission had excellent immersion for me. There are several places where my heart stopped and I shrieked or jumped. The Dark Zone is unquestionably the creepiest, scariest place I've ever seen. The Cradle in Thief Deadly Shadows really bothered me, but after playing this mission, I don't think it will bother me at all. Ink & Dust has all the creepy noises and all the creatures to go with the sounds. I hope I don't have nightmares!

Playing on Pickpocket Difficulty (Normal), I finished in 04:34:32 with 4605/6500 loot and 3/10 secrets.


I highly recommend playing ANIR1: A New Beginning/Un nouveau départ and ANIR2: Discovery/Découverte before you play Ink & Dust which is a direct continuation of the second mission. You can find help & hints at the Forum Discussion Thread. There are also links there for mission only and movie only files in English & French.

          Monday, May 19, 2008

HookShot Demo for T2 Released
- 4:08:16 PM - pavlovscat
New Demo Mission
May 15, 2008 - HookShot Demo for T2 by thief0

Modified Weapon Demo:
This weapons mod is based on a tool from Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It is a special arrow that, when shot into a wooden object, will propel the player across any terrain towards that object. This is a neat little demo mission to show you what the HookShot can do. I had a lot of fun fooling around with it. Screenshots are a little hard to catch when you are zipping through the air, but I managed to get a few.


Want to tell thief0 what you think? Having problems figuring out how to make the HookShot work? Post comments & questions at the Forum Discussion Thread.

Plot TG Campaign by Dront
- 3:44:43 PM - pavlovscat
New Mission Campaign
Released May 10, 2008 - Plot for TG by Dront

The Missions:
The Jewelled Sword:
Garrett must break into the mansion of Lord Fevler and steal his prized Jewelled Sword. The mansion is well-known as a quiet and forbidding place. Breaking into it may not be easy - both entrances into it are heavily guarded; but Garrett's heard about a secret way that he hopes to be able to find.

To the Meeting:
After Garrett retrieved the Jewelled Sword, he recieved a letter from his customer. The customer wants Garrett to meet him at his mansion - on the fourth floor. Strange! The letter explained how to get to the mansion, but no words about what could be inside. Garret's suspiscions have been raised. He expects that the guards won't be informed that there will be the 'special guest', so he'll have to sneak into the place and up to the forth floor.

The Kill for Life (Released May 08, 2008):
Garrett has discovered that Walter, his recent employer, intended to get him killed during his adventures and intentionally sent him into risky situations hoping for Garrett's death. Obviously, Garrett is tougher than Walter thought, so now Walter is actively seeking to kill Garrett. The best way for Garrett to stay alive is to find Walter first and kill him.

This is a tough campaign, certainly one of the toughest for Thief Gold that I've played. Dront doesn't make fancy missions, but if you can overlook the plain graphics and very basic architecture, then I think that you will have a fine time playing this series. The Jewelled Sword is a bit reminiscent of Constantine's Manor with crazy colors, mismatched patterns and long tile halls. To the Meeting takes the resemblance even further and gives readables to let you know it was intentional. To the Meeting also has upside down and sideways rooms and plants & trees growing indoors. It adds a waterway network within the building as well. It can be very confusing at times, but I thoroughly enjoyed the level. I could easily remember how I felt exploring Constantine's manor for the first time to get his sword. If you liked the OM The Sword, then you really need to play this series. The Kill for Life is the visually plainest of the three missions, but, again, the gameplay makes up for it. The third mission is tough and requires careful attention to health level, or you will not defeat Walter. Overall, a great mission pack. I hope to see more from Dront.

The Jewelled Sword: 01:52:31, 6580/5822 loot, 32/38 pickpockets
To The Meeting: 02:41:49, 3026/3426 loot, 31/34 pickpockets
The Kill for Life: I did not finish this mission for my initial review, but after managing my health better, I managed to make it through this time in 01:28:45 with 4361/7057 loot & 6/15 pickpockets.

From The Jewelled Sword:

From To The Meeting:

From The Kill for Life:

Want to comment on these missions or have questions? Check out the Forum Discussion Thread. You can also find hints and help for the third mission in The Kill for Life help thread.

Your Last Breath & Island of Iron 1 & 2
- 2:49:03 PM - pavlovscat
Updated Missions
Released May 10, 2008 - Your Last Breath, Island of Iron 1: Fortress of Steel and Island of Iron 2: Confrontation for T2 by Dark Assassin

The Missions:
In Your Last Breath, Garrett is checking out a report of a strange "iron boat" in the area. He finds more than the boat. He finds an underwater facility staffed with Mechanists. He must explore the facility to find out what exactly is happening here.

Island of Iron 1: Fortress of Steel finds Garrett looking to stop Friend Arbez and his horrid experiments with the undead. He has found his way to the Island of Iron, but now he must find a way in, avoid being caught, and find Friend Arbez and kill him.

Arbez had moved on to the Old Sanctuary of the Hammerites by the time Garrett arrived, so in Island of Iron 2: Confrontation, Garrett has to follow Arbez to the Sanctuary. The place is well guarded, so Garrett will have to find a quiet way in, find Arbez and make sure he can't do any more experiments with the undead.

The entire Quick Cash series is a dark, forboding setting. The game play is good and the locales are different & interesting. I enjoyed the entire series. Your Last Breath is a short mission that takes place in an underwater setting which adds some difficulty to a fairly easy mission. The Island of Iron missions are deeply creepy and unsettling to me. Garrett discovers the undead have gotten a bit out of control due to Arbez's nasty experiments. Fortress of Steel is an interesting mission with some deadly new Mechanist bots. The layout is a bit maze-like, but it is not difficult to find your way. I found Confrontation to be much more difficult and hard to navigate. However, it is a fitting final mission for the series. If you haven't played these missions, start from the beginning of the series and play through them all. There are some very good missions here.

From Your Last Breath:

From Island of Iron 1: Fortress of Steel:

From Island of Iron 2: Confrontation:

Have comments about the re-released missions? Go to the Forum Announcement Thread. Need hints or help? Check these threads from the original releases of the missions: Your Last Breath, Island of Iron 1 and Island of Iron 2.

Re-release Note:
These are the last of John D's missions that Dark Assassin will be re-releasing. These 3 missions are the remaining missions to complete the Quick Cash series which includes the following missions: Dark Beginnings (Burglary in Blackbrook, Spooky Interlude, Quick Cash), Your Last Breath, A Brawl in the Tombs, and Island of Iron 1 & 2.

          Saturday, May 17, 2008

Last Week's New Releases
- 3:13:43 PM - pavlovscat
Apologies for being so far behind on the new releases! I was infected with a nasty Vundo bug. After a week of all out war, I managed to reclaim my computer without a full C: wipe. Big Thanks to Major Geeks for making that happen! Of course, a whole bunch of FMs were released while I unable to do anything about it. This is a list of what's been released since last weekend. I will be adding reviews & screenshots as I finish playing each one.

New Releases

  • May 10, 2008 - Your Last Breath, Island of Iron 1: Fortress of Steel, and Island of Iron 2: Confrontation for T2 by Dark Assassin; Forum Announcement Thread; Original Release Help Threads for Your Last Breath, Island of Iron 1, Island of Iron 2
  • May 10, 2008 - Plot a 3 mission campaign for TG by Dront; Forum Discussion Thread; includes Kill for Life released on May 8, 2008
  • May 13, 2008 - A Night in Rocksbourg 3: Ink & Dust or Une nuit à Rocksbourg 3: Encre et poussière for T2 by DrK; mission only & movie only versions available in English and French in the Forum Discussion Thread
  • May 15, 2008 - Ominous Bequest Gold for T2 by Eshaktaar; Forum Discussion Thread; Original Release Help Thread
  • May 15, 2008 - HookShot Demo for T2 by thief0; Forum Discussion Thread
  • May 17, 2008 - John Dosio's Compound for T2 by cardia1; Forum Discussion Thread

  •           Friday, May 09, 2008

    Sir William's Keep by Wille for T2 Released
    - 2:10:28 AM - pavlovscat
    New Mission
    Released May 09, 2008 - Sir William's Keep a mission for T2 by Wille

    The Mission:
    Sir William is purchasing a Hammerite relic called the Golden Book of Stone. Garrett must sneak into Sir William's and steal the book, not to mention anything else of value he can find. Once Garrett has the Golden Book and some loot, he should leave through the Old City sewers.

    This is a fairly small mansion mission. Wille uses multiple levels to make the mission play larger than it is. It is a straightforward mission which uses original T2 textures and objects to make a fine looking keep all the way up to the beautiful moon lighting the night. I enjoyed playing the mission. It is a good 30 minute mission with a few vital keys to find, but no difficult puzzles. You should give this one a try.

    I finished the mission on Normal in 0:39:30 with 2082/2600 loot and 1/2 secrets.


    Stop by the Forum Discussion Thread and let Wille know what you think.

              Thursday, May 08, 2008

    The Kill for Life for TG by Dront Released
    - 10:37:55 PM - pavlovscat
    New Mission
    Released May 08, 2008 - The Kill for Life a mission for TG by Dront

    The Mission:
    Garrett has discovered that Walter, his frequent employer, intended to get him killed during his adventures and sent him into risky situations hoping for Garrett's death. Obviously, Garrett is tougher than Walter thought, so now Walter is actively seeking to kill Garrett. The best way for Garrett to stay alive is to find Walter first and kill him.

    The first word that came to my mind when I started this mission was primitive. The buildings and objects are very basic, and there are no frills in design. However, this did not distract me from enjoying the mission. In fact, the ruggedness and roughness was a good back drop for some good, old-fashioned undead slaying. Dront obviously put some thought into the layout of the mission and created a plausible story. I hope that Dront will make another mission with more visual polish because the actual gameplay was better than many pretty missions I've played. If you are a fan of Thief Gold, don't miss this one.

    I will have to restart & conserve health to finish this mission. I got near to what I think was the end, but I just didn't have the health. I played for around 90 minutes.


    Have a question? Want to tell Dront what you thought of the mission? Then head over to the Forum Discussion Thread and post your comments.

              Sunday, May 04, 2008

    T2X Developers' Package Released
    - 4:48:45 PM - pavlovscat
    T2X: Shadows of the Metal Age Developers' Package
    Released May 02, 2008 - The Making of T2X and Developer Commentaries

    The developers of T2X have put together two nice collections for fans of T2X. The first is the Making of T2X which includes many interesting things like a 30 minute T2X Soundtrack, drafts, demos, artwork and more. The second collection is a mission-by-mission video walkthrough of T2X with voice over commentaries from Raen and fett. This information will appeal to mission designers as well as to players. Check out the T2X Website for complete details. You can get more information, read the general discussion or post your own comments and questions in the Forum Discussion Thread.

    Chat Noir by Gambit Released
    - 3:52:21 PM - pavlovscat
    New Mission
    Released May 02, 2008 - Chat Noir a mission for T2 by Gambit

    The Mission:
    Chat Noir, the Black Cat, a small time criminal has come to Paris to make his mark in the City of Lights. He has been hired to liberate some goods from a local warehouse. His best way in lies through the House of Little Deaths.

    This is Gambit's second mission. You have recieved a tip from one of prostitutes from the House of Little Deaths. On hard and expert, this woman will expect you to exact revenge on her ex-lover in return for her information about sneaking into the warehouse.

    This mission has a mature theme. If you are easily offended, then I will warn you to avoid reading the literature scattered throughout the House of Little Deaths. This is a brothel, and the reading material is all business related. You will also find an abundance of cucumbers lying around which are understandable, but I'm still not sure about the fish. Overall, this is a nice little mission which shows improvement over Gambit's last release.


    Post your comments and questions in the Forum Discussion Thread.

    Travel to: Go Back / T-tc.com (home)