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This is a summery description of the Hammer rating system. Note that the descriptions are meant as a general summary of what the score means, and is not meant to describe any particular mission. TTLG uses a variant of the ten point rateing scale system.

Scores are determined in a number of ways. First and most importantly, the reviewer goes with his or her judgment, choosing the score that just feels right. Some reviewers may choose to do a numerical breakdown of the score, judging individual elements such as architecture and atmosphere, plus bonus points for special accomplishments in mission design and penalty points for gaping flaws, and then take the average. The latter method is the one encouraged by TTLG, but, as the former, is still based on the reviewers judgment.

Hammer Score Value - Description
- This is the coveted Gold Hammer award. The holy grail of mission design. Fan missions which prove themselves to be transendent experienses of Thiefy Goodness (tm) will be awarded this rateing.
10 - A five Silver Hammer mission has shown itself to be on-par with the best missions Thief 1 & 2 have to offer.
9 - A mission of four silver hammers or more is the creme of the crop, and should be downloaded by everyone.
8 - A three silver hammer mission is a great mission, but may not be everyone's cup of tea.
7 - A two silver hammer mission is very decent and playable
6 - Nothing spectacular here, but a good bit of theify fun
5 - A five Bronze Hammer mission has shown itself to be just under par with the official Thief 1 & 2 missions.
4 - Things go downhill from here.
1 - A one Bronze Hammer mission isn't worth your download time.
  - Some missions are not given a score. There is usually a very good reason for this.

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