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2007: The Thief-TheCircle.com 2007 FM Year in Review, by Pavlovscat
Last year was a good one for taffers. The break down of releases is as follows: 5 for TG, 66 for T2 (3 GER, 1 POL), 4 for T3 and 4 demos. That makes a grand total of 79 missions & demos released in 2007! This is a refresher of all these releases with the demos listed first in order of release dates followed by the missions, also in date order.
Warning: The comment sections may contain spoilers; however, the mission descriptions do not.

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The Demos

  • July 18 – Hammerite Mission Development Kit by Yandros for T2
    This Dromed demo is a collection of Hammerite resources for mission authors.
  • August 31 – Training Grounds by RavynousHunter for T2
    Need to practice archery or melee fighting? Then this is the Dromed demo for you.
  • December 02 – Breakable Lights Demo by Schwaa for T2
    This Dromed demo for authors shows breakable electric lights. It also includes various bugs, trees, shutters, a working perfume bottle, fancy screen wall and other assorted goodies.
  • December 09 – Unusual Conditions by Christine for T2
    This is a Darkloader/Garrettloader playable demo designed to showcase Greenhorn’s modified weapons.

    The Missions

  • 17 – The Secret Breaking of a Pyramid by Zmey for T2
    Description: Garrett’s got a girlfriend living in Egypt. She has told him stories of the treasures supposedly hidden in the Pyramids. Garrett has decided to brave the Pyramids and find those treasures for himself.
    Comments: If you have a problem with spiders, then you may not make it past the beginning of this mission. I admit it took me several tries to work up the courage. You are given ample gas arrows if you use them wisely. The pyramid is a dark and spooky place, but you do have an everlasting torch to help you find your way. I found this mission original and challenging with many interesting puzzles.
  • 17 – The Skygem Connection by Dyald for T2
    Description: This is the sequel to Damsel in Distress. Garrett is having trouble selling the Skygem as it is supposed to be cursed and his fence wants nothing to do with it. Meanwhile, strange beasts have been attacking the area. Garrett needs to go to the Keeper’s secret retreat to find a hidden book which may shed light on the situation and tell him if there is a Skygem Connection.
    Comments: The Keeper’s secret forest retreat is an interesting place. This is a training facility, so there is an exam course that you will need all your best sneaking skills to traverse. The Keepers are alert, but if you are careful, you can find your way to the hidden book and the secret of the Skygem.
  • 21 – Reflections v2.0 by ricebug for T2
    Description: Garrett’s aunt has done recon at Lord Denada’s mansion, and the place is ripe for the picking. The lord is fraternizing with unsavory people, so Garret feels free to steal whatever he can.
    Comments: Ricebug’s mirror reflections are beautiful. The lake at the beginning is just the start. Spend some time exploring the mansion because the marble floors are polished to a mirror shine. The mission is fairly easy, but it is an effective showcase for the reflections.
  • 21 – To Whom the Bell Tolls by DarthsLair for TG
    Description: Garrett stumbles over a dead body in a caretaker’s office. There is a diary near the body that tells a story about the Bell Keepers. Garrett decides to look around and find out what happened to these Bell Keepers.
    Comments: You find a Hammer Library where you must find information about the Bell Keepers and explore the place. This is a straightforward mission in the traditional Thief 1 style. It has much of the feeling of the original Thief 1 missions. I enjoyed playing it. If you miss Thief 1, then give this mission a try.
  • 22 – The Crypt v1.2 by Norbert Navratil for T3
    Description: Garrett’s fence Perry told Garrett that Rueben from the Downwinders Thieves’ Guild was supposed to meet with Perry. Rueben had some trouble with the Hammers and has gone into hiding. Find Rueben and find out why he wanted this meeting.
    Comments: This is the updated version of the winning entry, The Crypt v1.1, from FM Contest 6. This mission is very creepy. From the moment you enter the crypt, everything is dark and scary. The music adds greatly to the mood. If you are a fan of undead missions, then you must play this one.
  • 23 – A Debt Repaid v4.0 by Ottoj55 for T2
    Description: Garrett is in trouble. The City Watch has jailed him. Basso owes Garrett for the Cragscleft break-out and for saving Jenivere, so Basso is off to repay his debts by freeing Garrett.
    Comments: This is an updated release of a city/prison break mission with a twist. You are Basso trying to repay your debt to Garrett by breaking him out of the City Watch’s jail. You do not have all of Garrett’s stealth skills, so the light gem does not operate. This makes things a bit harder, but realistic. I recommend this mission.
  • 28 – The Night Watch by Fidcal for T2
    Description: This is a four mission pack that tells the Gold Magick Story. Long ago, Garrett helped a young boy, Jack, escape from the Hammer’s brainwashing. Now, Jack’s grown and he has a plan for looting Lord Drakon’s estate. He also wants to free his pregnant girlfriend. Garrett is going to help him because he heard that this estate will yield much loot. And, Garrett likes the kid!
    Comments: To play this one successfully, you must read all the readables. This series is very challenging and filled with puzzles. The readables will provide you with clues you will need to progress through the mission. I also recommend taking notes because you will find information early on that you will need in the later parts. There are many original objects which add interest to the story, including pretty dragons, some neat, but deadly, water lizards and a nasty demon witch. There is good variety in the settings of the various parts. The missions are well-constructed, well-planned and the story is excellent. This is a very original series which I highly recommend.
  • 31 – The Citadel of Douro by cardia1 for T2
    Description: Garrett haves decided to take a vacation trip to Douro in Portugal. While he is there, he wants to get the Hand of Dreams for a souvenir and any other loot he can find.
    Comments: The setting for this mission is a spacious city. The empty space can be a bit much, but the city is beautiful and the mission is entertaining. The mission has some good plot twists to keep your interest. I enjoyed this mission.


  • 10 – Dracula Chapter IV: The Darkthrone by Sensut for T2
    Description: The fourth installment in Sensut’s Dracula saga. Gellert finds that he has the Dragon Amulet he dreamed he stole in the previous chapter, Traitors of Poienari. He is now charged with returning the amulet to Vlad Dracula’s crypt before he can settle down with his love, Eszter, and they can leave this place for London.
    Comments: Chapter IV continues the historic story of Dracula. Sensut has maintained the high standards of the previous missions. This mission begins with a climb through the cliffs to find the hidden location of Dracula’s crypt. The mission is very suspenseful and full of surprises. I highly recommend this series.
  • 14 – Broken Heart by cardia1 for T2
    Description: This is a unique mission because you are playing the ghost of a King whose wife & daughter were murdered. Now, years later, the murderer is back to take over the castle. This is the King’s chance to get his revenge. Since he is now a ghost, this presents some unique problems.
    Comments: I recommend this mission for those who want something different. Playing a ghost is a novel experience complete with walking through walls. This mission is a nice change of pace.


  • 01 – Dance With the Dead by Yandros for T2
    Description: The Hammers have hired Garrett to retrieve Asmodan’s Icon of Death, a long lost relic hidden in a crypt full of skeletal undead ruled by the Bone King. The Hammers are paying really well, so Garrett has agreed to do this.
    Comments: This is another original Yandros creation. You get many options for how you can play this maze-like crypt. You get the traditional 3 difficulty settings: Easy Peasy, Harder, Nightmare. Next, you get to choose from 3 different play styles: Garrett (weapons, potions & tools), Duke Nukem (lots of weapons, great music, & an attitude), Suicidal (no weapons, just you – the ultimate Ghost). My personal favorite is Duke Nukem for the pure pleasure of exploding skeletons, the music and the humorous monologue. And, the new weapons are a blast (literally!). You can play this one many ways, it’s all up to you.
  • 13 – The Librarian by nightshifter for T2
    Description: The new library is Garrett’s next target. The rare artifact exhibit sounds like just the place for him.
    Comments: The library is a large place with several stories and many secret passages. The plot is basic, but the library is a great setting for sneaking around. This is not a hard mission, but it is fun.


  • 01 – Dracula Chapter V: The Final Chapter & Bonus: Home Sweet Home by Sensut for T2
    Description: In this last installment of Sensut’s Dracula saga, Gellert has returned the amulet, but now Eszther has been kidnapped. He must track her with the help of a friend. Will he ever be able to leave this land?
    Comments: This mission was no less than expected as the last in the fantastical, epic saga. Sensut’s attention to detail and ability to create the right mood make the entire series something special. I highly recommend this series.
  • 01 – Thief: The Chain Project v1.1 by the Chain Project Team for T2
    Description: Garrett is on a quest in an unusual place. He needs to kill some guards, get some loot, find Ottoj55’s hammer, get into & out of jail, and return to his starting point.
    Comments: The Chain Project Team put together an interesting concept. Each author created one part of the mission. Then, the parts were all put together into one big, unpredictable mission. You never know what to expect next which adds to the fun of the mission.
  • 03 – Five Tigers: HBS Iron Butterfly by Catman for T2
    Description: Garrett needs to sneak through the port onto the Iron Butterfly and steal everything he can. Also, he needs to find a way to obtain four lords’ keys without letting anyone know he's got them. Once he’s done, he must get back to where he started.
    Comments: This mission has a good variety of settings: an office, a warehouse, a large ship, water, sewers and a large terminal building. As the mission progresses, objectives will be added. The Iron Butterfly is a large ship with a good lay-out. The mission progresses at a good pace and is of medium difficulty. Overall, a nice sea themed mission.
  • 09 – Oldstone Castle v1.2 by Tiens for T3
    Description: A mansion quest in a very unusual old castle.
    Comments: This is a keyhunt mission with a twist. The building is alive. There are many puzzles to solve to make it out of the Oldstone Castle. If you are a fan of keyhunts, this one is worth a try.
  • 11 – Eternal Candle v1.1 by Zontik for TG
    Description: This city mission is the final chapter in the fascinating Golden Book Campaign. The first two missions were Golden Book of the Keepers and The Last Page. Now, Garrett has the Golden Book, but things are still not right. He must find the Eternal Candle and extinguish it.
    Comments: This is an updated release of previously released mission. It is a classic Thief 1 city mission and one of my favorites for TG. If you never played the original, don’t miss the new version. The entire series is a great Thief 1 experience, so play them all.
  • 15 – La Mine AKA Underneath v4 by Charleybegood for T2
    Description: The Mechanists have opened a mine which is producing a lot of gold. Also, it seems there is a spice smuggling operation in the area. Garrett needs to find the mines and the spice and make it worth his time.
    Comments: Garrett’s guide has deserted him, so he must find his way alone. The beginning of the mission has some great climbing around through cliffs and caves. After that, you go Underneath into the sprawling mine tunnels. You will need to explore carefully to find everything you will need. This mission requires Darkloader; Garrettloader will not work.


  • 01 – Dark Night by Jewel Thief for T2
    Description: A rich nobleman has hired Garrett to rescue his daughter. Lord Charles is suspected of doing the deed, so Garrett needs to find a way into the lord’s estate, rescue the girl and take something for himself. It sounds straightforward and the pay is good, but Garrett’s got a bad feeling about this one.
    Comments: This small mission shouldn’t take very long, but it has some cleverly hidden switches that may slow you down. If you’re looking for a 30 minute mission, then give this one a try.
  • 02 – Temple of Death by cardia1 for T2
    Description: Garrett was caught in the City Watch’s trap. Now they have sent him off-planet to the Temple of Death on Mars. Garrett has been given several tasks to complete. If he can accomplish these tasks and survive the experience, he will be pardoned.
    Comments: Your primary opponents in this mission are skeletons. You are given some weapons, but distraction is often a better way than direct combat. Noisemaker arrows are your friends as are broadheads & hard surfaces. You will need to find and dispose of 4 individuals while avoiding the skeletal guards. There are power-ups throughout the level which will be helpful in surviving. This is a totally different type of mission combining some stealth elements with direct combat.
  • 10 – Lord Alan’s Factory by Andrea Aleotti for T2
    Description: Garrett is out to save the world again, but first he has to put together the clues to figure out how.
    Comments: This series began with Lord Alan’s Basement & Lord Alan’s Fortress, both very good missions. However, Lord Alan’s Factory is an amazing place and truly unique. There is so much custom content that you can wander around just looking at things for hours. This is a massive mission with excellent game play. I highly recommend this mission, though slower systems may have difficulty with it. I also recommend that you read everything for clues.
  • 12 – Rebel by John-the-Beggar for T2
    Description: Garrett’s job is to break into the nearby manor and steal something of great value from the lord of the manor.
    Comments: This mission is a respectable return to Dromed despite the author’s opinion that it is a “cheap” practice mission. The game play is good, and there are many interesting parts that held my interest right until the end. Since this is just practice, we shouldn’t be surprised that John-the-Beggar’s later release, Defense Assassination, is quite good.
  • 14 – Dracula: The Full Story by Sensut for T2
    Description: Finally, the entire epic saga of Dracula is available in one large (110 MB) file including the movies, Sensut’s loot list program demo, the 5 complete missions and the bonus, all in the final updated versions.
    Comments: For those with limited speed downloads, a patch is available to upgrade the previous version, v1.3, to the final version, v1.4. There is also a smaller file (80 MB) with only the 5 missions, bonus and the loot list demo included. This series has elevated the standards for a series created outside the Thief universe. I highly recommend this series.

    May 31 – Thief 2 Masters of Horror Contest

  • The Dead of Winter by Ottoj55 - Winner
    Description: This one doesn’t seem too horrible at first, except that you are playing a Mechanist Brother. The Mechanists are building a Dimensional Portal from one of the late Father Karras’ designs. You have been called to help finalize the Portal. What could go wrong, right?
    Comments: You start off ordinarily enough as a Mechanist called to assist his brothers. However, things go horribly wrong. The Portal brings Haunts which start slaughtering all your brothers. You must survive and find a way to stop them.
  • The Island of Madness by nicked – Second Place
    Description: Garrett’s awoken on a mysterious island with no weapons and found the bodies of others who didn’t survive. He must find out where he is and get off the island.
    Comments: The music selection for this mission keeps you on edge, while being completely lost has a terror all its own. The creepy atmosphere makes this one perfect to play at night.
  • Last Caress by Telliamed – Third Place
    Description: Someone is killing off the people of Garrett’s town. He must find that person and stop the slaughter.
    Comments: This mission is done in black & white which really adds to the suspenseful atmosphere.
  • Torn Apart by Drysils Chosen – Fourth Place
    Description: Sounds are used effectively to heighten the suspense for this mission. Lord Roderick has been missing for some time. Garrett has heard of his Jade Scepter. Despite bad rumors about his mansion, Garrett decides to retrieve the Scepter.
    Comments: As you explore the mansion, you encounter many strange things: disappearing people, an invisible person strolling through the garden with a lantern, another thief and tons of creepy noises. This mission is creepy and highly startling rather than truly horrific but still well-done.


  • 02 – Radiant Garden by Theker for T2
    Description: Garrett needs to find out why the forest is turning toxic. This city mission is well-constructed and has several surprises.
    Comments: Theker has packed this medium-sized mission with a variety of settings and some surprises. It is well-constructed and well-paced. I recommend this mission.
  • 05 – SSDD1: Tipping the Scales by Garrett Wannabe & Apache for T2
    Description: Cutty’s older brother Stitch may have some jobs Garrett would be interested in taking. Garrett needs to cross the market to Stitch’s bar, The One-Eyed Drunk, and find out what Stitch needs.
    Comments: This is a small city mission with plenty to do. You find Stitch who sends you off on a mission that takes you through the city and into the Financial District. Your quest culminates in an exciting bank heist. This is a solid mission I enjoyed playing. I hope to see Part 2 in the future.
  • 06 – Shadows of Eidolon by MasterThief3 for T2
    Description: Metras, a would-be thief, is the main character in this mission. Metras has been seen while thieving and must make a run for it. He’s found a drain pipe. It’s his only chance of escape, so he must explore it to see if it leads anywhere useful. Metras has lost all his weapons and tools except for a never-dying flare.
    Comments: This mission is unique in that most of the map is absolutely dark. You must use your flare which is accessed as if it were a sword, not an inventory item. You will need the flare to find your way in the drain pipe and through the tunnels you will find beyond it. The mission has a simple story line, but MasterThief3 has made the most of it with the creative use of darkness and the flare. I recommend this mission for its originality.
  • 08 – Teddy Bear’s Curse by cardia1 for T2
    Description: Garrett’s been hired to investigate a man’s home to discover why Teddy Bears are flying. The man is concerned also about his wife because of reports of people missing in the area. Help solve the mystery of the flying Teddy Bears.
    Comments: This mission is basically a keyhunt, but the flying bears give it a whole new twist. I like the story surrounding the bears. I recommend this mission to anyone looking for something unusual and a little creepy.
  • 14 – Bestest FM 2: Fairground Attraction by Sluggs for T2
    Description: Garrett must find the haunts and kill them all.
    Comments: We thought we’d already played the Bestest FM, but now Sluggs is back in rare form with his new Bestest FM mission so expect more random silliness and fun!
  • 15 – Love Story III by john9818a for T2
    Description: Garrett needs to find out what happened to John. Garrett can’t fix John’s love life if John is missing.
    Comments: Continuing John’s tale from Love Story I & Love Story II, this next installment in the Love Story saga is set in a lovely city. There are many places to explore and lots to do. I recommend playing the whole series.
  • 22 – Schneesturm (Snowstorm) by Theker for T2
    Description: Garrett has a list of items to find in this small wintery town.
    Comments: This is a small winter mission with nice variety and some interesting surprises. If you like snow and are looking for a fairly short mission then play this one.
  • 27 – Kill Factory II: Escape from the Planet of Robots by Sliptip for T2
    Description: Garrett finds himself in a strange, futuristic place full of robots. The robots are rather nasty and programmed to kill. Garrett must escape before he is killed.
    Comments: This is not your mama’s Thief mission! In the tradition of the original Kill Factory, released as an entry for the Total Crap FM Contest, you won’t recognize this place. Everything looks completely different and the AI are high-tech, futuristic robots with really bad attitudes. If you haven’t played the Kill Factory missions, you should at least take a look at them. They are completely original and worthy of your attention.


  • 07 – Obligatory Prison Mission by stikboy for T2
    Description: The Mechanists have given Cragscleft Prison an extreme make-over, and Garrett is the latest guest. He must escape from Cragscleft, again!
    Comments: This is a challenging prison break mission. From your first steps out of your cell, you will realize that this time it isn’t going to be an easy escape. If you like prison breaks and you are looking for a challenge, then this mission is for you.
  • 30 – Bestest FM 3: In a Link of an Eye by Sluggs for T2
    Description: Bestest FM 3 “because two just wasn’t enough!” finds Garrett in a dream. This time Garrett is killing mechanists. And, there’s something about chains & eyeballs. Hmm…better check it out for yourself.
    Comments: If you liked the first two Bestest FMs, then don’t miss the third. It’s just as good (or bad?) as the others.


  • 01 – Dancing With the Dead Campaign by Gregorius for T2
    Description: This two-mission campaign, formerly known as "The Evil Beneath", contains A Rift in the Loot & Deep Analysis. A Rift in the Loot is a basic city mission with a nasty twist which brings Garrett to Deep Analysis where he has been imprisoned by the Hammers in a secret underground facility and must escape. The first thing Garrett needs to do is find his lock picks and weapons. As he explores, he finds out that the Hammers are in serious trouble. Haunts & zombies have taken over the entire facility. Garrett must make his way through the facility, find the surface and escape to the town.
    Comments: The method you must use to regain your lock picks is perhaps the most original I’ve seen – and certainly the most disgusting! Also, recovering your weapons is a challenge. If you don’t like undead, then this is not the mission for you. Deep Analysis has many horrifying moments and many undead to keep you busy. The mission is challenging, but you can escape readily with a little patience. If you like the undead, then you will enjoy this mission pack.
  • 01 – Elizabeth Bathory Chapter 1 by Sensut for T2
    Description: The character played in this mission is Gellert. He must find a way into the city and meet with actress Elizabeth Bathory. She needs his help to gain her inheritance.
    Comments: Sensut has made another winner with Elizabeth Bathory. The city is as beautiful as you would expect with many places to explore. The game play is challenging and the story compelling. I highly recommend this series.
  • 09 – Defense Assassination by John-the-Beggar for T2
    Description: Garrett has been selected to sneak into the Defense Minister’s Manor. Once there, he will need to find the enemy’s battle plans and kill the Defense Minister.
    Comments: This is a solid mission. The manor is well-mapped and brings many challenges. There were many places to explore. This was I fun mission that I really enjoyed playing.
  • 12 – Ultima Ratio by MH.TheFreak for T2
    Description: Garrett has escaped from Lord Duncan’s dungeons and has a score to settle with Cripplewood, Lord Duncan and the Hammer High Priest Nestor. He must find the Element of Three Powers before they do and take his revenge anyway he can.
    Comments: This is a beautiful city mission. There is some climbing and lots of puzzles. There are even a few undead. This is a large mission with many things to see and do. The game play is very good and new guards keep the city interesting as you make your way back and forth. I recommend this mission.
  • 14 – Bad Feeling by Serge for T3
    Description: A customer wants to meet with Garrett at The Burnel’s Hotel. Garrett’s checked the reputation of Burnel’s and has a map of the area. He decides to meet this mysterious person.
    Comments: This is a challenging city mission. You have been set up. You need to find out who did it without letting that person know that you know their identity. The mission has some good rooftop climbing and lots of sneaking around.
  • 15 – Bane I: Keep of Deceit by theImmortalThief for T2
    Description: Keeper Troy has called in a favor owed him by Garrett. Troy desperately needs help in the Daleville Keeper’s Compound where strange things are happening. Garrett goes to meet Troy, but the City Watch has beaten him to it. Now, he must find Troy and find out what is happening here.
    Comments: This mission is a very good city mission. There are many houses and buildings to explore and plenty of AI to avoid. The mission is well-paced and entertaining. I recommend this series.
  • 18 – Lord Bafford’s Manor Custom Edition by sNeaksieGarrett for T1/G
    Description: Garrett has decided to pay a visit to Lord Bafford and relieve him of his valuable jeweled scepter. Of course, Garrett will liberate any other valuables he can find as well as escaping back to the streets.
    Comments: This is a remake of the very first Thief 1 mission, Lord Bafford’s Manor. In this customized version of the original mansion mission, you will find added AI to make the mission more challenging. If you want to get all the loot, then be prepared to be very sneaky – or put on your running shoes. It is always fun to see one of the original missions given a twist, so give this one a try.
  • 18 – Ura by Turi Robert for T2
    Description: Hunor fled Haddur with Luca to escape the Keepers. They have found Ura, a pagan village, where they may be able to settle. That is, if Hunor can find and stop the killer lurking there.
    Comments: Ura is the third in the Haddur series, preceeded by Haddur and The Guardmen of Haddur. This mission is unique in its location. You are in a lovely pagan village. The houses seem at harmony with the land around them. There are walkways and dwellings among the trees. The village people are active, but the place has a feeling of peace and serenity despite the lurking killer. You will want to help these people.
  • 31 – Arac Attack by Theker for T2
    Description: Garrett needs to discover what killed all the humans at this facility and prevent more killing. There is a crack in the tower where he finds some tunnels. There, he begins his search.
    Comments: An underground spider mission – what could be creepier? There are spiders, spiders and more spiders. And, just in case you were wondering, there are lots of spiders. I hate spiders (did you guess?), so this mission really made my skin crawl. In spite of my passionate feelings about spiders, I did like this mission. It was a good story with a better resolution. (All spiders die!!) If you can handle the spiders, give this one a try.


  • 01 – Scepter of Dor Am’al Part 1: Shipwreck by Jesps for T2
    Description: Garrett has been contracted to recover the Scepter of Dor Am’al. The scepter is located in an isolated town, so he will have to travel by ship. Unfortunately, a storm runs the ship aground, and Garrett is the only survivor. Now, he must survive alone in this unknown place.
    Comments: This is one of those missions where you keep finding new places, so it keeps getting bigger & bigger. A very impressive mission, especially for a first time release! You start off at your shipwreck, move on to some burrick caves with a few spiders thrown in for fun. You will meet thieves, guards, Hammers and undead as you progress through mines, a city, some crypts, some sewers and an almost deserted prison. This mission offers more variety than most and very good game play. Hopefully, we see many more missions from Jesps. I definitely recommend this misson.
  • 02 – Playground of Doom by cardia1 for T2
    Description: Garrett was caught again for stealing a valuable item. This time, they have sent him off-planet to the Playground of Doom on Saturn. Garrett’s only chance is to survive. If he lives, he will be freed, so he must make sure that he is the last one standing.
    Comments: Like its predecessor, Temple of Death, this mission isn’t about stealth. It’s kill or be killed. It’s that simple. Well, not really. Some of your enemies will fight each other and save you the trouble. There are also power-ups scattered around which make this feel even less like a typical Thief mission. Also, you get to loot the dead. It seems like they don’t take away all your valuables when they dump you off here, so steal what you can. This is a good mission to practice your melee fighting skills.
  • 05 – Bloodmist Tower by Kfort for T2
    Description: Garrett has an easy job lined up – loot Lord Milano’s mansion. It’s lightly guarded, and the lord is out of town. Just a simple job, no problems, right? Yeah, right.
    Comments: As you loot the mansion, you will get a nasty surprise and a change of scenery. The new location is a strange one with some very odd creatures, so be careful. You must search the tower to find information about where you are and how to return.
  • 06 – Mystery at the St. Anne Inn by eepcat for T2
    Description: Tricky Nick has gone missing and Garrett needs to find him. Nick was casing the St Anne Inn, so that’s the place he will begin his search. Garrett needs to find out what has happened at the inn and where Nick went.
    Comments: I highly recommend this mission. It has great variety and good attention to details. The game play is well paced and exciting with many surprises that keep the suspense level high.
  • 17 – Murder in Featherstone v1.1 by Sluggs for TG
    Description: Garrett has been hired to recover a skull. Another person was hired to steal it but has disappeared. Now, Garrett needs to find where that person took the skull and get it for his client.
    Comments: This is the upgraded version of previously released mission. It is a great Thief 1 city mission. It is enjoyable and has many humorous moments. I recommend playing it.


  • 01 – Doschtles Beginn (German) by Doschtle for T2
    Description: Garrett has lost his sword and needs rent money. He’s off to loot the city and steal a valuable diadem.
    Comments: This mission is German language only. This is a nice city mission. Even if you can’t read the objectives, the mission is fairly straight forward if you want to give it a try.
  • 15 – Thork by ricebug for T2
    Description: Garrett starts this mission at a house in a glade. He must explore the caves and cliffs around the house. He will find clues which will help him find many new treasures.
    Comments: This mission is a tribute to the defunct software company Infocom and its most important interactive fiction game, Zork. The original game layout has been preserved as much as possible, but the game has been adjusted to work in the Thief universe.
  • 17 – Silence Part 1 by CrackedGear for T3
    Description: Silence is the first part of a series. This mission occurs well after TDS, so you do not play Garrett – that means no blackjack! The character finds himself trapped in Audale. He needs to find the key and get out of the area.
    Comments: This is a modest mission which is much more difficult than I anticipated. There is no blackjack. You’ve got to sneak. With a blackjack, the mission could have been finished in maybe 45 minutes. As it is, play time ran well over 2 hours. I am not an experienced Ghoster, though, so some of you will likely finish more quickly. Even though I missed my blackjack, the mission was quite enjoyable.
  • 19 – Podroz do Krainy Biedakow (Polish) by Kapitan Smith for T2
    Description: Crazy Peter has a job for Garrett. First, Garrett must find Peter’s shop and get the equipment Peter has for the job. Then, Garrett has to find the items Peter wants.
    Comments: This mission is Polish language only. This is a small city mission with a couple extras: a little pagan area and some haunted underground tunnels. There are some clever secrets as well. Even though I couldn’t read anything, I checked the objectives in the Forum Discussion Thread and managed to puzzle things out. This was an enjoyable mission.
  • 27 – In the Loom of Doom by darthsLair for TG
    Description: Garrett wakes to find himself back in Cragscleft Prison. He must find a way out. Also, he needs to find out who did this to him.
    Comments: Based on the TDP original mission "Break from Cragscleft Prison", the objectives and some architecture have been changed, so this is a nice, fresh look at an old favorite. One thing that hasn’t changed is the original Thief feeling. I liked this mission a lot.
  • 30 – Bane II: Cult of the Damned by theImmortalThief for T2
    Description: In this sequel to Bane I: Keep of Deceit, Garrett has escaped the Keeper’s Compound with the Sea Bane. He must find Lord Hasaan’s notes about the Sea Bane to find a way to destroy it.
    Comments: I enjoyed this mission very much. For a small mission, there is plenty to keep you busy, and theImmortalThief has found many clever hiding places for loot and secrets. I recommend this series.


  • 05 – The Wedding of Lady Dark (formerly Theker’s Castle) by Theker & SinisterShadow for T2
    Description: Lady Dark, a past accomplice of Garrett’s, is planning to marry, but her groom has been kidnapped. She needs Garrett’s help to find her groom and her bridal finery and get this wedding on track.
    Comments: This is a small mansion mission. The story is entertaining and believable. There are many humorous readables, so read everything. There are several unusual AI and a very interesting rat. I recommend this mission for originality.
  • 10 – The Lost Crusade by Spoonman for T2
    Description: Garrett is sailing for a new shore to investigate rumors of ruins and a sacred relic. Sacred relics usually fetch a good price, and there ought to be plenty more loot for the taking.
    Comments: This mission is a bit buggy. The staircases are often difficult to navigate, and be sure to keep your eyes down when you are high up in the buildings. Aside from that, this is a visually beautiful mission with a lot of variety in settings and a good story. I recommend this mission as the good points far outweigh the bad.
  • 11 – The Way of the Sword by ottoj55 for T2
    Description: Garrett got a tip about the Talisman of Death. It is under guard at one of the Hammer monasteries. These Hammers are excellent fighters, so he needs to find their instruction manual and the Builder’s Sword to make this raid worthwhile.
    Comments: This was the sole entrant to the cancelled Hammer Contest. The feel of the Orient and the custom objects make it a winner in my book. The location is a beautifully Oriental-styled monastery. The atmosphere made me feel like I was in the Orient. The feeling of submersion was excellent. Don’t miss this jewel.
  • 18 – Hammerite Deathmatch by Yandros for T2
    Description: Garrett’s objective is simple - kill or be killed.
    Comments: This is not the typical wholesale slaughter mission. Yandros has added custom weapons and two unique combat styles: Last Man Standing (my favorite) and Deathmatch. Many things were added to this mission, so try it at least once. You might be surprised. I was! I’ve actually gone back and played it again…twice so far!
  • 25 – The Box by ghost_in_the_shell for T2
    Description: Garrett has been hired to find a mysterious box. He must find the store where it is located and take it.
    Comments: This small mission is the opening chapter of a story, so expect an open ending. It is also ghost_in_the_shell’s first released mission. It is a well-made and impressive debut. I’m looking forward to the next part.
  • 29 – Unnecessary Risk by SlyFoxx for T2
    Description: This is the long-awaited sequel to A Friend in Need. Since Garrett has found the location of Lord Bafford’s summer residence, he has gone there to take away whatever he can carry.
    Comments: I found Bafford’s ivy covered summer house absolutely charming. This was a fun mission. Make sure you read and look at everything or you will miss some excellent humor. And, don’t forget to find Dewdrop. She’s there somewhere waiting for your help. My only complaint is that I wish the mission were bigger. I recommend this mission.


  • 01 – Thief Trinity by Theker for T2
    Description: Garrett has been coaxed out of retirement on this cold, snowy night to obtain the Old Trinity. He will also need the Plate of Power to protect him from the Trinity. While he’s there, he plans to find out what his old friends the Mechanists having been doing. Oh, and to find enough loot to make ending his retirement worthwhile.
    Comments: This quaint, quiet town turns out to be anything but quiet. This is a fairly small mission uses a good variety of locations and AI. There is a bit of everything from Mechanists to monsters. The game play is well-paced with some interesting obstacles to overcome. You shouldn’t have any problems finding loot because it is hidden around or behind just about anything stationary. I thoroughly enjoyed this mission.
  • 05 – Unknown Treasure by GORT for T2
    Description: Garrett gets a tip from a man about a rare gem crest from a cave-dwelling tribe near a distant city. It seems the exact location is unknown, but rumors have given him a place to start. Since the City Watch here is getting a little too close for comfort, this is the perfect time for Garrett to take a little vacation. He decides to seek out the rumored location of this valuable trinket and make it his own.
    Comments: There are some nasty new AI here, so be prepared. If you are looking for a quick, easy mission, this is NOT it! You will retrace your path several times as various areas cannot be accessed and some items can be seen but not frobbed until other objectives are completed which, although frustrating at times, makes the mission play larger than the size of its map. There are many puzzles to figure out and several hidden objectives, so explore everything carefully. This mission is visually pleasing and game play is challenging.
  • 07 – Three Crowns by BBB for T2
    Description: It's a simple job for the Keepers; steal 3 crowns from a warehouse in the city. And, they've even promised Garrett a generous reward for his time. So, why does Garrett have a feeling that the Keepers know more than they are telling him? Oh well, steal 3 crowns. What could possibly go wrong?
    Comments: At first glance, this appears to be another city mission with rooftop action. Don't let that fool you. Things will get interesting. A simple break in at a warehouse turns into a very complicated job. You will want to read all the readables, or you will miss important information. Explore everywhere carefully. In the city, you will find doors or gates which do not open until you have accessed other parts of the mission. I highly recommend this mission.
  • 08 – Elizabeth Bathory Part 2: Blood on Ice by Sensut for T2
    Description: You are Elizabeth Bathory telling Gellert the story of her imprisonment at Sarvar. She begins her story with her escape from her cell, tells of her actions in Sarvar, and concludes with her return to that cell.
    Comments: This mission lives up to the high standards we expect from Sensut. Sarvar is beautifully rendered and the story believable. Patience and attention to detail are the keys to completing this mission. This is a very challenging mission. I highly recommend this series.
  • 08 – Love Story IV by john9818a for T2
    Description: In this fourth mission of the Love Story saga, Garrett continues the search for John. This time the search takes him into the grimy, unfriendly slums.
    Comments: You will have no trouble believing you’ve found the slums. There is a ramshackle feeling to the whole town area. The ambience is great, and there are some challenging puzzles you must solve to rescue John. I recommend this series.
  • 17 – Bad Debts by Melan for T2
    Description: Garrett is short on funds and long on debts. His landlord has got him in a bad situation, so he needs some quick gold. Right now, he can't afford to be picky, so he is doing a job for Timms, an unreliable tipster. He's led Garrett wrong before, but this time Timms needs Garrett to acquire Timms’ letter of debt from his benefactor in Downlock. While he is out, Garrett also plans to collect enough money to pay off your own debts.
    Comments: The most important thing to remember when playing this missions is that this is a multi-level mission, so look up! You will need to climb and jump all around the city. The mission also takes you underground. The city is a beautiful place. I have to say that this mission is one of the most immersive experiences of the year. The story is believable and well executed. I highly recommend this mission.
  • 19 – ZombieKiller (German) by Neo for T2
    Description: The mission is simple; Garrett must kill the zombies and escape the room before they kill him.
    Comments: This mission is German language only; however, you really only need to know that you must escape the room before the zombies kill you.
  • 21 – The Suffer Catalyst by Asgaroth for T2
    Description: Gossip has it that several thieves have been searching for something called 'The Suffer Catalyst'. The Hammers want it so badly they have placed spies with the Mechanists! Garrett needs to find this item. It's obviously valuable, and he can always use the money. Garrett will track the other thieves to the cave where the adventure starts and find 'The Suffer Catalyst' before everyone else.
    Comments: This is a dark mission. It is best played in a dark room. I found this to be a very creepy and suspenseful mission. I recommend this mission if you’re looking for something from the dark side.
  • 24 – The Seven Sisters by Lady Rowena for T2
    Description: After helping Jenivere and Basso escape, Garrett has decided to visit the happy couple for a peaceful vacation. His visit comes during the Carnival, so he is sure to have some fun. That pesky little plague Basso mentioned in his note shouldn't put too much of a damper on his relaxation, right?
    Comments: Is this the perfect Thief mission? If not, it’s the closest I’ve seen. Look everywhere, climb where ever you can, and keep your rope arrows handy. Lady Rowena planned one big mission, but this works perfectly as a small campaign. Nights One & Two take place in the same city; however, on Night One you only have one lock pick, so there are many places you cannot enter. For the second night, you have both picks which makes Night Two feel fresh, not boring. On Night Three, you leave the city to encounter almost every locale you’ve ever seen. There are many new and dangerous creatures to elude. The suspense of these missions builds right up to the end. I think that you will not be disappointed at the resolution. Do not miss this experience! I give the highest recommendation to this campaign.
  • 24 – United Bank of Audale by mxleader for T2
    Description: It's Christmas time, and Garrett needs to get presents. He needs to obtain enough money to buy what he can't steal. He also has a list of things to pick up while he is there, including a copy of Thief Gold for his favorite boy, little Timmy!
    Comments: This mission really feels like Christmas from the holiday lights to the Christmas music. It is a small mission with a lot to do. Making the finding of Thief Gold an objective was great. I know a couple people who wouldn’t mind one of those triangular boxes under their tree for Christmas.
  • 28 – DooM by ricebug for T2
    Description: Garrett must find his weapons, make his way through the facility and find the way to leave.
    Comments: Ricebug has remade the first two levels of the original DooM. If you loved DooM, don’t miss this tribute. Textures from the original DooM have been used to create the DooM atmosphere.
  • 31 – The Book of Prophecy, Pt 1 (German) by Shattenglide for T2
    Description: During the accendancy of Karras, the Mechanists were determined to control the city. They have banned weapons & public assemblies to minimize chances for resistance. However, there are many who rebel. A mysterious organization is aiding the refugees. They have called on you to find the "Book of Prophecy" which could control the fate of the city.
    Comments: This mission is German language only. For those who are willing to give it a go, this is a gorgeous city. Game play starts at ground level but quickly moves to the upper floors, roof tops and ledges. Your progression through the mission is fairly linear, but the action is fast-paced and you travel through so many new locales, that it does not feel restrictive. This is another quality German mission that I would love to see get an English translation because I am sure that I missed out on parts of the total experience. The villains are a new breed of Mechanist, uglier and nastier than the original, and they are out for blood. I really liked this one.

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