Daemonite's Thief Model Patch v1.0
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This patch applies a facelift to nearly all of the characters in Thief. The replacements are modified Thief 2 meshes and skins with a strong focus on retaining the classic, gritty feeling of the original game. The Thief 2 arm meshes have also been converted with fixes to animations and the bow aiming reticule.


In addition to the patch itself, here's what you need to get this running:

- Video card that can do hardware mode in Thief.
- Clean copy of Thief or Thief Gold installed.
- Optimize your Thief installation with Darkloader.


Step 1: Extract patch

Extract the patch to your Thief folder, making sure to "use folder names". Your Thief folder should now have three new subfolders (mesh, motions, and obj) with various files within each one.

Step 2: Modify dark.cfg

In your Thief folder, open up dark.cfg with Notepad and add a line with the following text:
Save and close the file.

Step 3: Adjust options

Launch the game and make sure to set Hardware On and Character Detail: High in the options menu. You are now ready to play Thief with improved models.


Q: Why doesn't the patch work?
A: Verify that you did the following:

- Extracted the patch to your Thief folder with the "use folder names" option.
- Added ObjTextures16 to your dark.cfg.
- Set Hardware On and Character Detail: High in the Thief options menu.

If you are still having problems, especially graphics glitches, then download Darkloader and let it optimize your Thief installation.

Q: How do I get rid of a particular model?
A: Just delete or rename the specific files for it located in the mesh or obj folders. Example: the keeper model uses expkeep.bin, expkeep.cal, and expkeep.gif (or expkeep.tga).

Q: How do I completely revert back to the original models?
A: Simply delete or rename the mesh, motions, and obj folders.


Patch by Daemonite.

Special thanks:
- Shadowspawn for his toolkit and all the useful forum posts.
- schwaa for help with the zombie parts problem.
- oRGy for paving the way with his patch guide.

I have tested the patch on several computers without a problem. But I take no responsibility for any damages that may occur as a result of using it. Feel free to use the meshes and skins in your Thief fan missions, some credit would be nice though. Any other use of this patch is a no-no.


Version 1.0 [04.07.02]
- Initial Release