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The following guides are marked to indicate which game(s) they pertain to.
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   Keeper's Chapel - T1/TG/T2 - Walkthroughs, Secrets, Loot Lists by Dave Johnson
   A Dark Project Walkthrough - T1 - Walkthrough by Jim Blanchard
   Art of Thieving: Tactics - T1 - Strategies by Dell Revenant
   Guide to the Strange and Unusual - T1 - Walkthroughs, Strategies, Fun-Facts, by Thumper

   Thief: Dark Project Diary - T1 - The official development diary for Thief 1
   Making of Thief 2 - TG/T2 - Transcript of the Making of Thief 2 video that came with Thief Gold. It's really more about Thief Gold. By jtr7
   Making of Thief 2, literal - TG/T2 - Literal transcript of the above video, with all ums, uhs, stutters, and so forth. By jtr7

   Thief Series FAQ - T1/TG/T2/FM - Troubleshooting and Other Information by Many Authors
   Directions for Fan Mission Installation and Operation - FM - by Peter Smith
   Fan Missions Forum FAQ - FM - by NickD
   Getting Thief to Run with Hyperthreading/Dual Processors - T1/TG/T2/FM - Originally by Salvage

   Novice Keeper's Lexicon - T1 - Glossary of People and Places, Author Unknown
   Thief Bestiary - T1/TG/T2 - Information on Creatures Encountered or Eluded to, by Diceman
   The Dark Files - T1/NC - The Dark Project in Story Form by Chuckles

   The Keeper Library - T1/TG/T2/NC - A Wealth of Canon and Non-Canon Information by Aaron Graham
   Cinema Transcripts - T1/TG/T2 - by sailoreagle

   Thief Enemy Hit Point, Immunity and Weakness List - T1/TG/T2 - by Munin the Raven
   The Computer Show TDP Walkthrough & Strategies - T1 - by Brian Smith
   Thief: The Dark Site Strategies - T1 - by David Hirtle
   GameSpot's TDP Walkthrough - T1 - by Alan Dunkin
   Gaming Haven TDP Walkthrough - T1 - Unattributed
   Garrett's Notebook - T1/TG/T2 - by Absynthe
   Lytha's Thief Collection - T1/TG - by Lytha
   Ginna's Domain Strategies - T1 - by Ginna
   Thief Gold Walkthrough - TG - by Alex Fung

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