"Making A Living"
by: T. Bland

It was an extremely cold night tonight and my empty stomach was making the most terrible noises. I closed the door behind me and walked out into the snow. I was on my way to the starlight tavern to meet a Mr Bryan Hamlett. cutty set me up with him he said hes got a job for me to do of the up most importance. I opened the door to the starwind tavern. A bartender yells shut the door yah savage".i shut the door and walked over to the table near the wall about ten minutes later mr bryan hamlet walked in his long coat he sits on my table "so you're the garret" "And you must be byran''.

"Two ales please " Bryan said "what do you want me for " "Well I want you to kill my father grand hamlet tonight " "Well that is 500 now and 500 after I've killed him alright" "ok I'll be waiting "I finished my ale and walked out the door.

I was running low on broadhead and rope arrows so I decided to drop by geoffrey.

I knock on Geoffreys door. The mail slot opens and I have arrow up against my chest Geoffrey asks "who is it" "garret"I said. He opens the door "well well what you been up to" "shut up geoffriey I need some rope arrows and broadheads" "ok how many 10 each " asked geoffries "yes that will do" "ok 230 dollars "

I gave him the money and I walked out his door and up the street.

Chapter 1

I'd been in lord hamlets castle its got a kitchen on the first floor so I thought id get a bite to eat. grabbing a rope arrow I luanched it over the wall and climb over sneaking in the shadows I get out side the kitchen window I hear a guard it was farily lighted around her so I climbed on to the roof and saw the guard wander by. Up on the roof there was a chimney perfect I grabbed one of my water arrows and put out the fire slowly I climbed down the chimney still hot from the fire. I reached the ashes and walked in behind a bench on it was a juice deers leg. Then I heard a maid come in and she started to do the cooking "Hmmmm two carrots,some herbs a deers leg brrrrrr!!!! Its getting cold" she walked over to the fire and began stoking it. "hey whos foot steps are these". She followed them around the bench. Thinking quickly I get up to run but slipped over.

"Guards over here quick he's got a sword" quickly I grab a deer leg and race out the door and into the cold storage room grabbing a water arrow I put out the torch and ran behind the door. As I peep through the door I saw two grand hamlet guards race into the kitchen and to the cold storage room. I quickly closed the door behind them and locked it.

"You wont get away with this garret" one of guards yelled "you may be right" I yelled back running to the courtyard

Suddenly I stopped and saw a guard drinking some coffee on watch at the gate quickly I grab my trusty black jack I hit him on the head and he was knocked out cold falling to the ground he spilled the extremely hot coffee on me I shrieked in pain. "what was that" a guard said running around the corner of the Manor. Hiding in the shadows I drag the body under some scrub. The guard was right next to me. Holding my breath and eating the deer leg I layed as still as I could. "ahh just rats" he said as he turned around to go back on his duty. "that was to close" I said to myself. Searching the knocked out guards pocket to my surprise I find 200 dollars a key to the grand hamlets room and a note from grand hamlets sons wife carrying the guard to the darker shadows I read the note

Dear William

My dear last night was wonderful The Wine The Roast and the company lets do it again on Wednesday in the cellar at Bryan's castle.

Love Edena Hamlet Deciding not to deny William his pleasure I leave the note in his pocket. Getting back to my job. I speared my rope arrow over the wall. I climbed up and on to the balcony. I started to move around the balcony and Suddenly I hear some footsteps grabbing my blackjack again. I stand against the wall blending in to the shadows and slowing my breath. The guard walked around the corner. Just then I smash his head he fell to the Ground. Searching his pocket I find 143 dollars and a note I read it. Edward

Your sevice is outstanding please take this money and move into the country you earned this

Lord hamlet

Hiding the body in the shadows I creep around to the front of the manor and unlocked the door to lord hamlets room hearing him snoring I Creeped in grabbing my bow and an arrow I shot lord hamlet and the only sound he made was a small gurgle. Grabing the bracelet on the bedside table I ran out the door andclimb down the wall into the streets and started walking down the street chewing on the deer leg as if nothing had happened.

Chapter 2

"So "says Bryan pauseing for a second "did you kill him" " yeah hears his bracelet as proof" "good I'm an honest man and I'm going to give you your money 500 dollars". Just then a guards run into the tavern. Thinking quick I grab the money and slide my chair to another table. "Bryan come quick your fathers dead" Bryan walks out pretending to cry. after about 1/2 an hour and two ales I walked out.

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