A Peasants Views On Thievery
By - Xerxes

I awoke to a bright and cheery day. To such as all are. Though again I felt empty and cold as I have so many times before, as if I have to whim to go on about my daily duties, yet I get up, the sun proving a nuisance, hindering and impeding my cold aura. "Why am I hear"?

To dwindle away the hours of the day wiping the excrement from the city streets again, and cleaning up after all those fat taffers! There is such a large margin between the nobles and the peasants, we are made feel like filth, and assigned to the duties that make us that, just to make money for ourselves.

I feel life has a greater and deeper meaning than man thinks, more than our preaching on science, prophecy, sorcery and philosophy. Ironic that my views on these factors can be seen as philosophy, but I disagree, they are feelings that I have, not imagined premises or ramblings. I may be going mad I donít know, my mind is a jungle of confusion, I am disorientated in my own visions and thoughts. My human sense of mind being pulled from my brain and leaving a space open for such feelings on the greater meaning of life. As I grow older I feel I have a greater meaning here, well anyone would whoís job it was to clean the streets, but when I am able to comprehend my thoughts I will write them down here, the only source of my feelings that I can read and understand. But for now they are to be kept locked up inside my mind, I have no access to the deeper thoughts, they are entwined in a sea of memoryís and feelings, feelings and memoryís I want back.

As I sit here writing my thoughts down, I realise I can change what I am doing, that I can be more, progress in this lifetime, for life is precious and I must make the most of it whilst I can. If I donít then I am just another lost soul lost in time, not remembered.

I like to dream about what I want to be, and the thing I want to be is a thief, there are a lot of common thieves yes, but not much thieves who are noticed. Most thieves just loot houses of people just a bit wealthier than themselves. Thatís not the way, you have to risk your very life if you want to be a master thief, for example plunder ancient burial grounds, cathedrals, tombs, mansions the noble lords and ladies whoís guards are 5 to every door. Being a thief is exciting yes, but to be a thief you must do what a thief does and that is take risks to get money, then you will be remembered as a great thief and not some taffer that was a common thief.

In my dreams I am this, I feel great emotion and atmosphere running through me in my dreams, as if I were meant to be a what I dream of.

Let it come true, thatís what ill do.

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