I Dreamt I Was A Thief
( Is written to the rhythm of Daft Punk "Digital Love")
By - Xerczes

Last night I dreamed I was a sneaksie, in these dreams I snatched peoples jewellery, it looked like I was having fun, the kind of fun the day walkers donít belong.

But I didnít stop I snatched a little more, I couldnít resist the lootís rappor, as I snatched more and more, I didnít see the wrong, I was snatching all night long.

The time is right to snatch something larger and more expensive, im feeling right, I slip through the corridors passing each room, looting it as I move through.

Then suddenly, I feel the sharp sting, its a damn guard wielding an iron tipped sling.

Then before I know it this dream is all gone.

I awoke from the dark to the shining bright sun.

Oh, I donít no what to do, I wish I could be a sneaksie too,

Oh I know what to do, about this dreaming flu, ill make a good sneaksie too.

Why donít you steal my flame?

A flame from a sneaksie becoming ordain,

In these dreams I am this,

Lets not forget about the bliss and joy of stealing someoneís precious toy,

I want more in life than just a job,

I want to be a sneaksie and join the mob.

Why donít you hear me there?

Beneath the shadows I am there,

Without them I am but bare,

You will never see me until its too late,

Then youíll have to explain the absence of you mothers priceless plate,

Through slight of hand and stealth through shadow,

The dark covering my illegal trade,

Youíll never find a sneaksie unpaid or out of trade.

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