Flower Power Mage Tower
By - Xerczes

I entered the grounds expecting earthsie sounds,
the very ground shaking beneath my feet,
Instead I heard a foolsie word,
the word of a mage in gowns.
"I must set forth to increase my force,
the earth it holds within"

I smiled with glee as the mage hit a tree,
to which had been held in the dark.
To my surprise the mage shut his eyes and blew the tree apart.
"That curs'ed tree it didn't see me"
The mage strutted off to have tea.
I thought to myself what a wealth they have so much to steal,
me thinks this place will provide a meal.
I searches the four towers all they're contents I devours.
I thinks to myself, what a strange life,
these mages they use the power of life,
the wind, the water, the earth and the fire.
To which extent do these beliefs expire?
These mages they crack me up
they have all this power yet they stand in a tower protecting a key.
The mages, they might hold power,
they thinks it is the way,
but to what I spies through my eyes,
are a bunch of guy's in a tower practising "Flower Power".

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