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  • Poems are listed by order of submission.

    "After Garrett Was There" - by Einherjer

    "Thief the Picked" - by Nauris Krause

    "Master Thief" - by Jon "Myynock" Jungwirth

    "We of The City" - Naartjie

    "THIEFSIE" - Andrei Dineev

    "Trickster's Song" - Jeni Gibbs

    "The Path" - Hypnos

    "Bonehoard Blues" - Tony

    "A Thief Came Down the Walk" - Tony

    "Flower Power Mage Tower" - Xerczes

    "Burgler's Paradise" - Stapler Thief

    "I Dreamt I Was A Thief" - Xerczes

    "A Peasants Views On Thievery" - Xerczes

    "Hymn of the Thief" - Makaroto

    "The Thief Newbie Song" - Burt

    "The Dark Man" - Lady Xila

    "The Bitter Truth" - Goodge Thief

    "Bafford's Blunder, Bafford's Plunder" - Lady Xila

    "Down In The Bonehoard" - Night Errant

    "The Night Before Buildermas" - CelticThief

    "Lucrative Vocation" - Monkeyzerg

    "Through the Halls of Echoes" - Deceptio

    "The Paths of The God and The Thief" - Haze

    "Thieves Army" - Thief Of Colours

    "Fast Food for Garrett" - Glen Grefe

    "Thief the Dark Project" - theBlackman

    "Lord of the Earth" - M. Braun

    "The Cynical Smile" - Runner