The Feeling's Of A Thief
2001 Xerczes

Tonight's going to be a hard job, I feel slightly anxious towards it. Something doesn't feel right! Anyway I need's the money, gotta go for it' even if it does get me killed. Stupid Taffer guards! Had a lil' scrape with one O em last night, bastard cut my leg, its still hurting, but I'm tough', il get through tonight.

O Imogen can't I see you again? Your my love, you thought I died, but I'm here. Alive. I saw you in my dreams, with another. Who is he? My tear fell as I missed you and you fell into the arms of another, then my tear fell to your face and absorbed in. That's my love, keep it well.

WIND WHISTLES PAST Daydreaming again! that'll get me killed! The icy wind awoke me from my heartache now I must go, a thief is called by the wind, the night and the dawning of the shadows.

jumps of a rooftop, lands in a alley The air is wet, the clouds have let go they're water, I look up and see the large white mansion, the moon glaring as bright as the sun behind it. The stars like little dots of white paint on black canvas, shining and applauding me. I feel brave and exited. The mystical chimes of the pagans can be heard from the nearby woods. This fills me with strength.

walks as swift as air to the hedge-opening "here it goes"

crouches and ducks under through the hole in the hedge "I'm in" Achoooooo!! " what's that!??, oh just a stupid cold ridden guard. I can see him from here, what a pathetic little scrotum.

jumps onto a wall that leads behind the guard he he he's mine.

runs across the top of the wall and jumps behind the guard in crouched position I'm too good.

rises up behind the guard, readies blackjack and "smack" URGHHHHHHH he he..... now why would a guard armed with a broadsword, bow, health potion and speed potion be doing guarding a compost heap? which brings me to the awful smell it giving off! ....I wonder. Checks guard and finds a label that reads :Muffy's hired Guards, Local Watch:Hmm hired?by who?

checks no-one is around or approaching, no windows open or guard posts. as I approach the compost heap, I see a glint of something shining. Its a padlock!! on a iron trapdoor....

flips backwards and lands 20 ft away from the compost heap ah ha! readies bow and arms a fire arrow, she's away!

BANG!! I'm in. checks hole and jumps down ......let's see. A large room stands before me, with two doors leading out straight ahead of me.

puts ear against one I hear nothing ...I'm going through.

opens door slightly and peer's into a dark room. No other exits. Only a big stack of something.

Snaps a glow stick and throws it in WHAT THE !!!!!!!!!?

Xerczes you've struck gold this time

"By the way I'm Xerczes a thief, and a good one at that, a little ruthless at times "fire arrow, compost heap ",............enough said! I come from.... I come from well anyway I'm 21 years old and .....that's enough about me"

The stack of something turns out to be a deposit of gems, gold, silver, copper, iron ore, spice, sculptures, art (most likely stolen)

looks at a tag on the frame of an art piece, it reads:- PROPERTY OF THE ARTS-COUNCIL AND SUPPORTING MUSEUM'S I come to the quick conclusion that it is in fact "stolen" he he. I'm chuckling to myself because this world is sooooo corrupt, but cool. I like it this way, that's what makes Dayport....the world... Shales Bridge....

"I no them so clearly yet I remember them so vividly, do I come ...from here? These places comfort my I come from here?

Nothing is ever clear to me anymore it started when I was 18, things started to look different, feel different, I wanted to go somewhere...but where?? Something was calling's vivid.. two red stars in the sky, I spied them from my bedroom window, I can remember because they glowed in my sword.......?????? sword? what sword? What madness fills my head now?

checks walls for poisonous gas ventilation shoot's Nope no narcotic influence he he... Sword?

Well this is too deep for me. Back to the loot, there are all these different types of loot in piles around the room each labelled. Why labelled? They seem to be preparing them for something. Well any way's I cant's carry em all. I get my loot bag out, its a nice shiny one made out of gorilla fur, it blends with the shadows and creates an invisible effect when the moon shines on it.

I scrape a heap of loot from each mineral deposit gold, silver e.t.c these should fetch a high price, the quality is good and the mineral is pure, oh and this spice is in high demand because of is sparseness after the "Mechanists" little reign of terror.

They're were stupid, at least the Hammerite's hold a little sense In their heads, the builder is not a figment to them, he is real to them, they worship him. They believe their leaders words. They worship not to gain material things, but to gain the meaning of life and to cherish they're very existence that they believe the builder gifted them with. The Mechanist's however sought refuge and substinence in a material world promised by Karras. He just wanted world domination and was driven by his delusions of a metal age, where he ruled supreme.

Well I'm not much for that crap about the builder or the metal age, they can do what they will, ill just be there to mop up they're loot after they fall, he he he... Wonder what happened to that chap Garret?

Well anyway back to the loot.

swing's bag over shoulder and attaches metal buckles to steady it. The insulation should quiet the jingle of my stash.

Now I must get one of these sculpture's and painting's, one of each should surfice.

Straps a painting to back with leather twine, and throws a small gold sculpture adorned with ruby's, emerald, sapphire, diamond and tapion, about 10 inches in height into a leather bag on his belt, Followed by a few more gems from the pile for good luck

He he he, that should cover my rent, food, usual thief's goodies from the armoury and a few extra lil' thing's for my pleasure

like a trip down to the local Brothel and an Ale at my local tavern, discussing business with my "sources".

turn's around and walks out the door, the glow stick fading in illumination

As I approach the trapdoor I remember the other door leading out from the large room. I look around over my shoulder and see the shiny stainless steel door, inscribed with the alphabet spanning the rim of the door.

The door also has a devil like figure on it, the devil poses wings, horn's, a tail, and a rather interesting armour suit consisting of gloves, shoulder plates, chest plate and boots. The devil has a forest behind him with a moon and two stars next to it. I assume they are stars and moon above a forest where the devil resides.

Then I notice the door is missing an X in the alphabet. On further inspection the devil has a X on his chest plate. "How unusual" I feel somewhat compelled to open the door, I reach for the handle, and pull, its locked....

reaches and takes out lock picks from accessory bag here we go this should do it.

clink-chuckle-clink-tap-rustle- click! done it the lock springs with a satisfying "click".!!!!!! as I take out the lock pick I see that the end has been melted off!! how could this be? Bewildered by the happening I reach to open the door anyhow.Still locked?

In an attempt to open the door and observe it more, I run my hand across the cold steel onto the devils chest plate. The X on it is slightly raised. As I touch the X it starts to glow red. I Feel strange, its calling my name, "xerczes-xerczes-xerczes-xerczes" what sorcery is this??

The door in turn fly's open a rush of warm wind flows into my face and a fragrant smell of forest rushes through my nose and into my lungs. "Its gone dark??...i I ...i cant see a thing. Where's the taffing light switch!? All of a sudden I hear a soothing voice in song. Lulling a melody to which I go weak at the knees.

I know what I must do, I must go on. This loot may be weighing me down but I feel safe, for some reason I feel that what ever this place is, it is somewhere that knows me. That knows who I am. "Then it dawns" how did I get this job?? Nobody told me about it, I havnt seen my source in over a week, thanks to that heavily polluted mechanist cathedral I plundered and wiped clean of its holy trinket's, I havnt needed the money.

walks through the door, a shaft of bright white light flashes vertically down from above and lights a stairwell. The shaft of light is about 5 ft in diameter

Hmmmm i... must go.. I am drawn here.

starts confidently up the stairs I see a opening shaped like a door, it is flush with the black walls and room that surround me. Its bright, but I must go through.

walks through the opening and a flash of white light absorbs me into it.......................

where am i...........YOUR HOME XERCZES............home?......i have no home....COME FORTH YOU WILL SEE SOON ENOUGH.....but who are you.........?....I AM YOU.

I open my eyes, its hazy from the bright lights that I have passed. Its a normal light and room that I see now.

looks up There is no roof, I can see the sky from here.

Imogen are you there.....? somewhere? it was so long ago, I didn't want to leave but I had to. Forgive me... please

tear rolls from cheek and blows through the open roof. It glints as it takes with the winds current up and up

My tear follows you Imogen...

What's that? that blue star....a planet maybe? Do I know it, ive seen it before......

been there before?....... XERCZES DO YOU REMEMBER?..........remember? FORTH XERCZES SEE THIS.

walks forward towards two glowing red orbs which stand upon gold pedestal's which are adorned with white gold inserts and inscriptions. A large golden statue stand between both pedestals looking up at the sky in a upright position. The statue has wings and a tail which flail out behind it, one arm held up clenching at the sky, the other holding a large sword, the sword is not straight. It curves in and out but stays true to a line. Straight but curvy.

This statue, its the one on the door, its the devil has the same X on its chest plate. But this sword, this sword is not part of the statue, its a real sword.....i want to take it..its calling me....

the sword can I have it..?.........YES IT IS YOURS AFTER ALL......mine? sword..?.......YES, CAN'T YOU HEAR IT?.............i..i can...

reaches for the sword, the devil's talons that grip it open out and the sword glows and floats into his hand I feel strange, I have gained something to which I had lost a long time ago....

slides the 6 ft sword slanted down the back of his leather stealth suit There we go, damn it's heavy....those two red orbs what are they?

THEY ARE WHAT YOU THINK THEY ARE........I .. I think they are....the red stars I saw when I lived IS YOUR can that be.??...i am here on...where am i?...isnt this earth??.....NO..THIS IS YOUR HOME....WHERE YOU WAS DESTINED TO ARRIVE.......i ...its all coming back, its vivid but I think I no what your talking was so long ago that I was last here....YES...THEN YOU....then i....?...hello??.....

Gone. The voice has gone. I must go..... wait a minute

walks up to the red orbs, on both pedestals there are plaques, the first one reads :- Xerczes the second one reads:- destiny

Oh man this is just too wierd....but I can remember things.....i must go.

a flash of white light I'm back in the big room with the door's.

climbs out the trapdoor entrance making sure no-one is around

This damn loot its way heavy, or maybe its this weird looking 6 ft sword on my back..?? Well I have enough loot to finish this job no need to go into the mansion......but the mansion is empty, I no it is... I feel it.

scouts around the mansion looking in every window and door, and listening for any voices or movement. There are none

Strange a big mansion like this and no-one lives here. Come to think of it there are no light's on. But I feel so much life here. But there is none.

Wait a minute..

See's a metal rail system flush with the grass surface, it leads from the trapdoor right around the mansion and ends at a shore to a large lake which the mansion overlooks

Hmmm nice place, this track must take and deliver mineral and merchandise to and from the mansion, this place is weird, by the looks of the rust on theses tracks this rail system hasn't been used In a long time.

walks to the shore, its small pebbled shore crunches underfoot the water gently swishing up on to the cobbles, the moon a large glowing orb which lights the front of the mansion and the lake, its glow silhouetting the mountain range that surrounds the lake's back half.

Now that I have been here, seen all these things, remembered a-lot of jumbled up memory's, I feel sad. Things which have happened, to me.......bad things...i hurt so much inside..can I go on? and what's this sword? that statue, those red orbs, this place what does it all mean?? did I come from this place, where is earth? O Imogen, Imogen......lived ...doesn't live here...she lives on...e.a.rth I didn't want to leave you, I didn't want to go away...i didn't want to die..but I had no choice..i died because I loved you....i...i still do. Remember Me Always.

A New Day Dawns A New Night Follows

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